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We, do not sell banner advertisements on this site because we have found them to be ineffective for advertisers because of “reader banner ad blindness”.

We want you the advertiser to receive the best return on your advertising dollar so we have taken a different approach to advertising here other than through Mediavine (click here to find out more about that). Instead of banner advertising, we accept sponsored post advertising.

Sponsored post advertising is where your company or product link is posted at the beginning and end of one of our feature articles. See the example below…

This article was sponsored by (your company name and link to your site) please check out their (product description and link).

This will be posted in one article only (our choice) with the article in question being new content so it has the most effect. Your sponsored company and product blurb will be attached to the said article for the lifetime of the article and website (barring some unforeseen events such as hacker attack and loss of data – however, we do keep up to date off-site backups).

We also offer full sponsored product reviews and video reviews… meaning that you send me your product (must be related to my niche topic of this site) and a fee and I will write a full review of your product with a link back to your site (nofollow). Please keep in mind that no matter what I will always give my honest opinion of a product so be sure that your product is top-notch before sending it for review. 

The great thing about this form of advertising over traditional banner advertising is that you will not continue to be charged month after month to keep your banner active in the sidebar, and can continue to see clicks to your company and product for years to come.

We also allow for sponsored product reviews, however, do expect an honest review and evaluation of your product. If you don’t want an honest review then a sponsored product review isn’t for you.

Keep in mind that all products must be related to this site’s niche and I have the right to reject any potential advertisement that does not meet my requirements.

Please contact me for pricing and approval at md @ or use the contact form below…

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