After ‘Destroying And Degrading Rural America,’ Walmart Now Wants To Lecture Them About Guns

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Fox News host Tucker Carlson accused retail giant Walmart of “destroying and degrading rural America,” then turning around and lecturing them about “how immoral they are for daring to protect themselves with firearms.”

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  1. I think WalMart, like a lot of major retailers, has forgotten who put them where they are. Working men and women are who put WalMart where they are. The Elite don’t shop there. The over coddled “special people” don’t shop there. The people who are trying to make 26 days of money cover their families needs for 30 days shop there.

    I think they are worried about lawsuits and looking bad. I think they aught to worry more about remaining a viable business.

  2. As I believe in Capitalism and a free market, I won’t jump on the trash out Wal Mart, bus, as they have the right to offer their customers whatever suits their own beliefs. But. I resent their need to spout morality to a group that has made them rich. I know most serious aficionados of the shooting sports, order most of their supplies online, myself included, from longtime businesses in this market. After spending a week last summer in DC attending a political action conference, I was amazed at the corrupt lobbying that accompanies these mega corporations, such as Wal Mart. The lengths they are willing to go to, up to and including lobbying for laws that will inhibit your ability to purchase these products online, this also includes bulk food products from online vendors. Be informed people, this is a one act play, there will be no redoing of failures.

  3. Betcha won’t see Wally pulling those opioid drugs out of their pharmacies. Hmmm? Interesting. And, how many are killed as a result of beer and wine sold at Walmart? Come on Wally! Wa!k your talk! Clean up your act where you can really make a difference!!!
    Wait until the lawyers start advertising for clients who were injured or died because of some of the other goodies pandered for profit by good ol’ Wally.

  4. 90 people die in car crashes every day, yet Walmart STILL callously sells motor oil…

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