Become a Bulletproof Survivor 

If you are getting serious about becoming self-reliant then you must know these crucial homesteading and survival techniques!

Knowledge is a powerful tool when it comes to prepping, homesteading, survival, or anything that you want to succeed with. The Bulletproof Survivor gives you that knowledge!

In this massive CD program, you’ll receive thousands of pages of the best how-to-do-it homesteading, survival, and prepping information…  this is a massive treasure trove of knowledge that you must have…

Some of the many things you’ll learn

  • How to find and buy land for homesteading and survival
  • Ideas on relocation and location choices
  • Detailed vegetable gardening information
  • How to raise livestock
  • Preserving and keeping the harvest
  • Planting, pruning and growing fruit trees
  • Building a greenhouse and cold frames
  • Long-term food storage and cooking
  • DIY projects
  • Bugging out
  • Bugging in
  • Bushcraft and outdoor survival skills
  • Firearms and related information
  • Home, homestead and retreat security
  • Hunting and fishing skills
  • Trapping skills and sets
  • Camping tips, advice, and ideas
  • Meat processing
  • Kitchen tips
  • Investing
  • Making money
  • Saving money and so much more… the list could go on for several pages…

Cheap advice is easy to find, good advice is much more difficult. This is an investment that could save you and your family’s lives.  Stop and Imagine that a major crisis has happened.

The store shelves are empty and your pantry is bare. No water from your tap, no electricity at the flick of a switch, and no 911 emergency service. You’re on your own… are you ready?  

How would you provide for and protect your family and yourself?

Here’s What You’ll Get:

Get your copy for $29.99 – Click here to purchase.

A ten-year anthology from my first blog site – this is hundreds of pages of information written by various expert authors that will show you how to supercharge your preps and homesteading progress.

These articles have all been hand-picked by me for their usefulness, content coverage, writing style and then converted into beautiful PDF format to make it all easier for you to read and to print with your home printer for your personal use…

Professional photographs have been added where needed…

The end result is a truly awesome anthology that you’ll love…  

But wait! That’s not all…!

Order Now and Receive Over 200 Free Bonuses!  (Valued at over $100)

Yeah, there’s more… you’ll also receive over 200 bonus articles, reports, and books… these alone are worth far more than the price of this CD program but I’ve included them all free of charge!

Just a few of the bonuses included:

  • Backyard chicken keeping myths vs facts
  • A small greenhouse for the home vegetable grower
  • Butchering hogs
  • Field dressing deer and other game
  • Building a family fallout shelter
  • Ranger Handbook
  • Ambush and counter-ambush
  • Building a small root cellar
  • Vegetable gardening and building raised beds
  • Combat Skills
  • Growing cool-season vegetables
  • Building hotbeds and cold frames
  • Home nut trees
  • How to snare small game
  • Sheltering in place
  • Snaring feral hogs
  • Canning produce, drying, smoking, and preserving food
  • First-aid
  • Raising chickens, rabbits, ducks, and goats
  • Heating with wood
  • Shooting handguns and rifles
  • Plumbing
  • Camouflage techniques
  • Hand to hand fighting
  • Tanning Hides

Who is this CD for?

  • Those who have just started prepping but who don’t know what to do next
  • Those who have been prepping for a while but have stalled
  • Anyone wanting to collect information that will help them survive a disaster
  • People with little available space for books and other related materials
  • Those wanting to have information available if the internet goes down (or is shut down by TPTB)

Get Your Copy of This Mega Homesteading and Prepping Library While You Still Can!

Ten-year blog anthology and over 200 free bonus articles, reports, and books. This is a complete library that will take your self-reliance to the next level!

Don’t miss out – order your copy today for $29.99!

NOTE: The current pricing will definitely be increasing soon to cover my production costs and is subject to change without notice.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed and Secure Payment

You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee. If you’re not happy with The Bulletproof Survivor CD program, then simply return it with a note saying why you didn’t find it useful and how it can be made even better and I’ll send you a prompt refund.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I print these for personal use?

Yes, you have my permission to print any or all of the material for your personal non-profit use. Meaning that if you like an article then you can print that article off on your home printer and add it into your files or binding or whatever you’re using for your own reference.

How about shipping costs?

All purchases come with free shipping so there is no extra cost to you.

Do you ship outside the United States?

No, sorry. U.S. orders only at this time.

What is the biggest benefit for me?

Having all of this information that covers everything that you need to know about homesteading, prepping, and survival will save you a lot of valuable storage space as well as money because you don’t have to buy hundreds of books to get the same information.

Can you ship to a P.O. Box?

Yes! Just be sure to double-check your mailing address when you order to make sure that it’s correct.

How long will it take my order to arrive?

Normally five to seven business days.

P.S.: Don’t miss out on this awesome library of prepping and homesteading information. Price is subject to change depending on my production costs and other factors so order today to lock in your order at the super low price of only $29.99!

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