CIVIL WAR 2020: Home Defense Setup (Your War Pack)

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This kit is a lightweight kit that will allow you to be extremely mobile, yet well-armed when alerted to an intruder on your property, patrolling your property line, or while stationed at an LP/OP (listening post/observation post).

The carrier that I use for this pack is the “US PeaceKeeper Rapid Deployment Pack”, this pack is well made, light-weight, and is super quick to throw across your shoulder and go. It has two pockets that will each hold two AR-15 magazines, a pocket that will hold an extra pistol magazine, and another for your radio.

Keep in mind that the suggestions for bags, lights, radios, and knives are just that suggestions. You might find something else might work even better for you, but these are what I use, and have found to be of good quality and useful.

Check out the US Peacekeeper Rapid Deployment Pack at

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