Do You Know What I Hate About Cyber-Monday?

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Cyber Monday Sale at!

Do you know what I hate about Cyber-Monday? I hate the fact that Amazon has all of these great deals and I don’t have any money!
Oh, well, maybe next year… anyways, if you’re not broke and you’re looking for great deals on the stuff you need (or want) then click on the link below to check out the Cyber-Monday offers on Amazon.con…

Cyber-Monday Deals at

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  1. Truth be told I do my best to have Christmas shopping done by Thanksgiving. Don’t do Black Friday and don’t usually pay much attention to Cyber Monday either. I already have way too much “stuff”. House is “stuffed”.

  2. Already spent disposable income on prepping supplies so that curbs the spending for this month. Cash only. Cut up all credit cards a few years back. Feels great. No mortgage, no car payment, and no credit cards. Phone bill just cut in half. No water bill. 😎😎 Now I need to get rid of electric bill and add another 500-1000 gallon propane tank. BTW: I use Amazon subscribe and save for monthly staples; $175-$225 a month. My back no longer likes pushing carts through stores and definitely dislikes loading and unloading the car.

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