Don’t Skip On This Important Survival Prep!

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Don’t Skip On This Important Survival Prep! (Toilet Paper Alternatives). Storing toilet paper and several toilet paper alternatives for keeping clean and sanitary during a long-term SHTF grid-down situation.



  1. ๐Ÿ‘ Good vid MD! Butt, you left out corn cobs ๐Ÿ˜†. Anyway, nice to hear about alternatives to good ol’ TP. Hopin’ the day never comes that this will be an issue…
    God bless!

  2. A very tooshie situation. sorry. just wondering what can be used if you
    run out of bleach. Maybe a strong cleansing herb?
    All the best

  3. Like MD said… TP is going to be a great barter item. Think of what you can get for one roll.

    Often overlooked item …. however one I did not miss. My employer had changed tissue systems and disposed of those oversize rolls, about the size of a record album. I managed to snag 5/2000 foot rolls and sealed them away in airtight buckets to avoid rot.
    I’ve also made purchases from Sam’s club. $20 a bundle delivered…can’t be that, it’s a 60 mile round trip if I went to the store. Presently 6/45 roll bundles. At 1.3 rolls per week that’s 208 weeks (4 years).
    Is that a new meaning to CYA? Add the 5 rolls and that’s two years more.
    One of the comforts I really don’t want to be without. Living alone I’m pretty well set on this one.
    I figure the washcloth will work for #1 and the TP for #2
    In regards to bleach, there’s 12 gallons on the shelves. At Goodwill I bought 4 bags, $3 each of what they called “pet towels”. They were in pretty good shape. I kept the larger ones for bathing and lesser ones became wash cloths, cut squares, then sew the edges to keep from unraveling.
    I have stored up several bundles of newspaper just in case. Better safe than sorry.
    And not a waste of space… newspaper rolled tight enough can be logs for a fire. Use to roll them when I had a woodstove.
    MD… Your loyals have followed and listened. You’ve got us thinking like you… Imagine the commune we could make. LOL
    Thanks for all the awareness you put forward for us.

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