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M.D. Creekmore

I've been interested in self-reliance topics for over 25 years. I’m the author of four books that you can find here. Over the years, I’ve learned a lot about prepping, homesteading, and self-reliance topics through first-hand experience and now I want to share what I’ve learned with you.

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  1. Prepared Grammy says:

    I miss seeing photos of what you’ve done each week.

    The Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg area have really changed since we were there last. I seem to be having trouble sleeping in and adjusting to being on my time zone after a few days camping in the Smoky Mountains. (That’s why I’m up so early this morning.) This trip has motivated me to be more active. I did ok on our short hikes, even though there were some steep inclines. But I want to be able to hike long distances next year on our trip to the western part of the country.

    -My zucchini really produced while I was gone. Does anyone have any good ideas for canning it?

    Be prepared. Stay safe. He’s in charge.

    • Gloria says:

      Ditto on missing photos of MD’s progress.

    • Jean says:

      Good morning PG. Gatlinburg (and Pegion Forge also) have always been favorites for our family. I have camped at Elkmont and several other places near Townsend. My favorite place is Cade’s Cove Campground, so where did your family stay? Get your sea legs back and take your family for a stay at Mt. Leconte Lodge. I hate that the towns have tried to become a Branson type place with everything for everyone. I miss the smallness of the area.

      • Prepared Grammy says:

        We’re going to camp at Elkmont next year, but we’re going to bring the camper.

        • Babycatcher says:

          Next time you are out this way (yes, I live in the area) give me a holler and we can meet up. By any chance did you visit the Three Bears General Store?

          • Prepared Grammy says:

            We didn’t make it there. We left early each morning and didn’t return until late. That was one place I did want to go to. I will be sure to stop by next year.

    • Fixit says:

      We just shread it and can it like any squash . Then open drain and make zucchini bread.

    • Evergreen says:

      My mom makes a mean zucchini relish. I don’t know if that’s something you’d like?

    • AustinElaine says:

      I like bread and butter pickles made with zucchini and yellow summer squash.

    • Jesse Mathewson says:

      PG. I’ve not canned zucchini though was wondering the same thing we have some coming in and I dont want to pickle but…

      And good to see you!

    • patientmomma says:

      PG, I can zucchini spears (from small zukes) in wide mouth pint jars adding a 1/4 to 1/2 tsp of Pickle Crisp granules. It keeps them from getting soggy. If you let your zukes grow large you will need to seed them before canning.

    • Anonamo Also says:

      I would dehydrate the zucchini, makes wonderful veggie chips to use with dip. just wash, drain ,slice and dehydrate no blanching required. should snap when you take them out of dehdrator. they are sweet hubby loves the things.can eat a pint. easily. alsoBe sure to store in glass jar with oxy absorber and moisture absorber…when rehydrated , can cook in any recipe that calls for fresh.

    • JP in MT says:

      While we were out for a drive today, we stopped at a farmer’s market. One gal there had chocolate zucchini bread. Tastes like brownies!

    • Billy T says:

      You might also consider dehydrating some. It is mostly water, so takes up way less space after dehydrating. One thing I like to do is pulverize dried zucchini and add it to soups and stews as a thickening. I add more moisture because the zucchini absorbs it. I haven’t tried to reconstitute it any other way.

    • Jack says:

      I am happy to see folks are finding more and more ways to use up the “dreaded” zucchini since I moved off-shore. I have a fond memory of my little Italian neighbour in our city home asking if I could grow some “a little larger for stuffing.” I surprised her with baseball bat size fruit during every growing season. Each time she made baked stuffed zuchini, We received half of one fruit which fed us well

  2. Thor1 says:

    I guess I’m #2 this week…..LOL

    Puppy almost did a back flip trying to catch a ball from the ball gun. I mix it up for him, in the air,on the ground and bounce it on the ground real close. Bouncing it makes him look like he is just floating in the air…… LOL

    Made sure everything was charged up with these storms coming in. I expect power to go off.

    Bought water
    Bought spam
    Bought extra chew bones for puppy. He loves those things and usually eats them in an hour or two…..LOL

    Bought lots of meat…bacon has gone up……..BC must be hoarding again….LOL

    Took the Glocks to the range and punched holes in paper…..LOL

    Picked more tomatoes and started more celery. Now if I can just fnd a vodka plant……

    Be safe in these storms

    • Thor1 says:

      Did a test with the inergy Kodiak solar generator and the living solutions single electric burner to boil 2 cups of water. It past the test with flying colors.

      Now I know I can cook Ramen noodles and boil water to drink if necessary. Woohoo…..

  3. Miss Patti says:

    I am new to this site but not to prepping. I have a container garden of herbs and we have a haybale garden for some of our vegetables. My cousin nearby farms commercially so we get vegetables from them. We used to have chickens but I had to get rid of them due to respiratory issues (same with pets – no new pets after the dogs expired). I keep a stocked pantry and a full freezer – we do have a generator for short-term power outages. My DH and I do colonial reenacting so we camp and are prepared to live without power for a while. We have battery-powered fans, a propane heater for when it is too cold in a tent (rarely, but it does happen), propane stoves, and even a propane camp oven. I live in the country so septic tank and well is the norm for us. No power? No water! So I keep water stored, too.
    My concern is that I live in a hot and humid subtropical climate – south Georgia. Many preps I read about, especially for cold weather, don’t apply to me. Our water table is too high for a basement. We are hot more than cold.
    SO, The main thing that gets us is the heat and humidity. We do have a lot of trees around our home, which helps with shade. i do not plan to leave my home – family settled this area a long time ago. Of my three grown daughters, the one with our only grandchild is in St. Augustine, so she is even farther south. The other two live 20 miles away.
    I would like to see preps about the climate in which I live. Hurricanes and tornadoes are a concern (we are not on the coast, though) as well as the intense heat and humidity. Evaporative coolers are useless here. I do not have a backyard pool, which would help. Preps that I can adapt, I do.
    Thanks for letting me vent, and maybe somebody has some new and useful ideas for people in my situation.

    • Labgirl says:

      Miss Patti, welcome and I feel your heat pain as I live on the Alabama coast. Having a generator and a battery operated fan is definitely good. I bought my portable generator to keep my two freezers going during a hurricane but I have been looking on-line at portable window air conditioner units. I wonder if my generator is strong enough to run one in my bedroom window.. Just being able to sleep at night would go a long way towards keeping your health and sanity. I also am trying to dehydrate more vegetables rather than freezing.

      • Miss Patti says:

        Labgirl, we are members of a blackpowder club just north of Dothan in Ariton, AL. We were camping there Memorial Day weekend – oh, my gosh was it hot and humid! A storm was going to go through that Sunday so we went home a day early.

        I understand about the dehydrating. I have been toying with the idea of canning all my beef and chicken instead of freezing it. So far, I have done that twice and I like it, but usually I just use the
        Foodsaver and freeze it. I have got to be more industrious!!!

    • Jack says:

      Hello Miss Patti, Read you 5X5. I moved to the Philippines five and a half years ago. It is a whole new set of challenges here in my tropical paradise than back home in my northern (central New Hampshire) habitat. Still, we work from the basic universal needs and build on that.

      • Miss Patti says:

        Jack, that is about what I do. I just have to adapt. Cold weather preps are almost unnecessary for me. We do have a little cold weather in January and February for a few days – we actually had five straight days of it this past January and it killed some of my outdoor plants. I can almost imagine what a full winter would be!

        Thanks for the education on the radio language, by the way!

    • Midnight1st says:

      I am also in the great humid melting south. I have just recently seen a small battery operated swamp cooler that just uses water, no ice, to operate. It can be plugged into a socket or it can use a USB port as well. A member of my group has bought one called the Arctic Air. He has been testing it and found it to work really well. I have ordered a different one and will be trying it. They are under $40. I don’t think that they would cool a large space, but it seems that they would work well as a personal air conditioner. I don’t know about you, but for the price, I would think it would be worth it to get some relief from this heat. I think that the Arctic Air can be purchased at Walgreens.

    • GA Red says:

      Miss Patti – my mom grew up in the Terrell/Randolph county areas, so I have spent a great deal of time in South Georgia, including an entire summer. Staying hydrated is always the number one priority. My mom taught us to do all outdoor work in the early morning or late evening, but preferably morning. Without AC, fans are your best friend and second stories are used for helping the heat escape the house. I’m pretty sure we prayed for a breeze most days too, while doing our best to keep rooms dark to maintain any cooling gained over night. I remember going to the local “swimming hole” a lot too. Funny thing about the heat though – the child I was at the time didn’t think it was hot. I mostly remember playing outside and maintaining our rattlesnake awareness.

  4. Gloria says:

    Bought 27 quart mason jars for $8 on sale at a thrift store and stocked up on more ketchup on sale.

    I wasn’t feeling well this week so not much got done, just picked 5 quarts of black currants, pulled my garlic and onions. The onions weren’t large but had bent over during a rain. My leeks have a virus that’s knocked them down so I don’t know how well I’ll do with that crop. Kept watering all the veg as we’ve had very little rain the past few weeks..

    ODS had to put more supers on the hives as they’re really making and capping honey thanks to a local field of clover going to seed.

  5. JP in MT says:

    We got the ATV trailer repaired. Not annually greasing the axel cost us just short of $300. Now every April is “Grease the Axles” Month!

    Our house was grounded with 2 8’ copper rods in front of the house. I want to plant fruit bushes in that spot, so we finally got the rods and ground moved to the back of the house; now I can use the small power tiller in the bed. The southern exposure of the front of th house is perfect for berries. I was shown some native wild strawberries so those will got on the “summy” west side of the front yard. Decorative fruit gardening; anything to get something to grow on our little plot!

    It pays to check your bills periodically. We have Verizon cellular service (because it works out here in the sticks). I was reviewing my bill as we just started a new month. I changed to a new plan with more data for less money (?). We don’t use much data (my DW is the only one with a “smart” phone, so our 4Gb plan with roll-over works. But they offered me 5 GB for $8 less per month. Okay, more money/more options for me!

  6. Fixit says:

    Well this week was mostly free books . Still going through them but quite a few on plant of and used . A few o n essential oil and homeopathy . There was one so far on animal husbandry. That’s it this week .

    • Anonamo Also says:

      Thanks for your “new think” on straw/hay.. Have begun putting up grass hay for chickens for needs /winter. We don’t spray any weed and feed things.. just let the moveable coop/chickens feed the grass . so this is working for us too.!.

  7. Jean says:

    Morning everyone. As I am sitting here and enjoying my morning coffee I am assessing my preps and have decided Coffee is a must to have. I think it would be as valuable as tobacco and alcohol as trade items.
    It’s been so very hot at my place the last couple of months and outside of my garden growing, the poison ivy and oak apparently love this hot weather as well. In ridding this stuff I contracted it (even while I worked with long sleeves and pants). I apparently should have had my gloves on while weedeating. I got breakouts on one hand, entire neck area, one side of my face and forehead a don the back of my neck (all the places I wiped off the sweat with my hand). I bit the bullet after 3-4 days and got doc to give me a steroid shot. In looking at natural ways of treatment, several things did help greatly to stop the itch and desire to itch….Plantain (which grows naturally), salt rub in warm water (helped to dry up the oozing) and, are you ready…..toothpaste. It was immediately and gave me a fresh smell of peppermint.
    All my homesteading this week outside of above has been Garden, garden garden.

    • Prepared Grammy says:

      I got poison ivy last month, and tea tree oil worked well for me.

    • Owl Creek says:

      Jean, we keep at least six months worth of coffee beans and regularly rotate them just like our food items. I have an electric grinder that I use every day and another one still in the box. I also bought a fairly decent hand grinder in case power is gone. With several heat sources available, making a fresh pot of coffee each morning should be no problem in good times or bad, and I agree that it could be a valuable barter item.

    • Billy T says:

      I agree with you regarding coffee. I decided freeze dried coffee is better than no coffee! It’s inexpensive and has a 20 year shelf life. I have many jars stored in the root cellar.

    • SDinTX says:

      I am so allergic to poison ivy, see it get it! My doctor too! He told me about a wash called Tec- Nu. Awesome stuff, haven’t had a breakout in couple of years. You use it after being out (even if you don’t think you were exposed) removes the oil from your skin. Can find at Walmart among other places.

  8. Goatlover says:

    Scored a LOT of free flannel fabric this week for making rag quilts. Canned 50 bananas; harvesting grape tomatoes and okra, which go great together, roasted in an iron skillet with olive oil, garlic and onion!

    Battling with rat snakes in the hen house….five so far this week, but the one this morning I think is a return appearance, based on an injury near the time of his tail…..gotta take him farther away I suppose before we release him this time!

    Thanks it for me!

  9. Greg M. says:

    Picked some grapes and a few blackberries this week. Ate them all as there weren’t enough for canning. Also some more tomatoes. Good stuff. We’re getting our summer monsoon rains, it has cooled things down here significantly, from upper 90’s down to low to mid 80’s. Going to the store soon to re-stock our rotating food stocks. Going to add some sardines by using some “free” coupons. It is amazing how much you can save by asking companies to provide you coupons. Try it. Email companies that you purchase your foods from and see how easy it is to get money off and freebie coupons.

  10. Jesse Mathewson says:

    Completed another camping expedition, found that a 10×10 pop up canopy with drop down sides will in fact work well as a tent!

    Was rained on with gusts of wind upwards of 30mph and higher and ours was only tent to stand!

    Swam across lake and back several times, almost 2 km swimming which is for me quite a bit of exercise in a short amount of time!

    Tested a new to me shower type. And have review going up monday.

    Kids were happy. Caught fish. Overall good week!

    • Prepared Grammy says:

      I’m looking forward to the review.

    • JP in MT says:


      Glad your camping trip turned out better than mine!

      We have a 12×12 that we use for shade and cooking under. We park 2 trailers at a 90 degree and put the pop-up in the corner. Works pretty good for us.

      • Jesse Mathewson says:

        It does, and yes I am glad it went well!

        Sorry you had the troubles you did, but at least you wrung out issues right?

        • JP in MT says:


          Yep, still waiting on the fuel pump for DW’s ATV, but at least I have the money to fix it set aside.

    • Greg M. says:

      Where did you fish Jesse? I’ve not had much luck fishing here in SE AZ in the summer, have caught a few trout in the winter.

      • Jesse Mathewson says:

        Greg, we ran worms off the dock at Patagonia and grabbed a few hand sized pan fish *I have quite large hands* also picked up some flathead cats by dropping a hotdog in the channels –

        • Greg M. says:

          Jesse, thanks for the tips. Most of my fishing around here has been at Parker Canyon. Didn’t know Patagonia had flatheads.

  11. Always Forward says:

    Wow, the weather is really active in most parts of the country. Our garden is really struggling this year. We will can some farmers’ market stuff. Some good buys on the Amazon sale like Life Straws for $9.99. Still cleaning and culling and replacing old stuff with new such as a hose and a small blender. Getting the shower tiled in the next few weeks. We want to be snug and up-to-date on everything before the next winter sets in. It is crazy out there. Prayers for The Pack, our nation, our president, our schools.

  12. Owl Creek says:

    With the extreme heat here in NW Arkansas, I did very little outside this week except throw some water on some plants that really needed it. Also replenished my battery supply and sharpened some knives.

    I had a medical concern this week that eventually had me in the ER with talk of transporting me elsewhere for hospitalization. Thankfully, it turned out to be far less serious than they initially thought but it did cause us to think about our preps in terms of what either of us would have to do if the other was suddenly hospitalized, incapacitated or worse. I think most of us consider such things in an abstract sort of way but it suddenly became real to us as we started checking off all the things in our lives that would have to be addressed in short order. It turned out to be an excellent dry run for us.

  13. Labgirl says:

    Well, the index is going to be record breaking here on the coast this weekend. I went out early and took care of chicken and garden chores.
    This past week, I took a couple of days off and it just happened to be Amazon Prime deals. I bought a battery operated fan, an umbrella with an LED light on the handle, an insulated curtain for the kitchen window and 2 Instant Pots. I got an 8 quart for myself and will try it out tomorrow and a 6 quart for my son for Christmas.
    I re-joined Sam’s Club and got a $10 gift card and some coupon deals so I bought a box of 400 stevia packets, 2 24oz jars of Jif, a pack of 204 paper plates, 10 lbs of cane sugar, 4 pounds of small dry red beans and a box of 48 gallon size Luzianne tea bags.
    That’s going to be it for spending for awhile.
    I cleaned out another garden bed and planted more okra. I dumped out my potato buckets and my crop may have doubled my investment, so not real impressed. I probably planted too late for a good crop. It got really hot quickly this year and everything has been about a half month early for ripening.
    Some critter ate one of my small melons so I picked the other big one. Don’t even know if its ripe but will cut it tomorrow.

  14. Daytona Dave says:

    Does anybody out there know if the harbor freight generators are any good?

    • JP in MT says:

      D Dave:

      I have bought 2 Champion generators and one of the small (1K) harbor freight generators. Won’t go there again.

      I have 2 Honda’s, a 1000 and a 3000. Start withing 3 pulls (for the 1000) (the 3000 has a battery operated starter). Well worth saving up for.

      Buying a cheap generator buys you a job. They are hard to start, and breakdown frequently. In this case you really get what you pay for.

      Then, if you are buying one for an emergency….

      • JP in MT,

        The same advice that I gave him via email – except I have a Honda EU2000 that I bought several years ago.

      • Daytona Davr says:

        Thanks, I just wanted something I could afford, but sounds like you get what you pay for will save up some more for a good one then, or buy on credit in a emergency but hate doing that

        • Daddio7 says:

          The engines on cheap generators can not stand ethanol. I had to replace the carburetors on my Colman generator and my Ryobi weed-eater. Now I buy ethanol free gas for them. It also stores better.

    • Salem says:

      What size generator?

      For Ham Radio Field Day 2017, We ran one of the $90 with coupon 700-watt two-strokes for about 8-10 hours straight to keep the two 100 AH batteries we run off of charged with no problems.
      On of the other hams in our group had one first, and it made ignition noise on short wave. But I don’t think the one we were using had that problem. To be sure, one of the hams built a mesh cage and put chokes on the AC power cord just in case.

      I bought a third one still in the box to run the freezer or fridge here if the power goes out for long, or to power the propane central furnace if power goes out in the dead of winter.

    • Salem says:

      I.’ve been AWOL a couple of months.

      The first big project was planting apple trees at the retreat. Being an engineer with a brown thumb, I followed the nursery instructions closely. The problem was that the field where they were going is apparently built up with rocks covered by soil. What a pro would have done in a day took me almost a month of weekends to finish. For example, the biggest rock in a hole was “bigger than a breadbox” (dorm microwave for the kids). Once I had it exposed, it took me an entire hour to engineer it out of the hole working by myself. I do know how to water, and must have done OK, because all of the trees now have branches and leaves.

      June was Ham Radio month.

      The first weekend we lugged a replacement 2-meter repeater up the mountain to cover the two villages in the middle of the county. It also has a UHF linking repeater so the other repeaters around the county can eventually create an on-demand wide-area net.

      The second weekend was safety communications for a 40-mile bicycle race. The third weekend was safety for a bicycle race and run. As the local deputy wasn’t stopping traffic where two state highways meet as expected, and the water volunteer quit before the stragglers finished, by the end I was communicating, stopping traffic and handing out water there by myself.

      The fourth weekend was the annual ARRL Field Day, and our group was trying out the antennas installed for the new EOC at the county.

      • Babycatcher says:

        I think I have permanently spoiled our local Ham Clubs. We do a joint Field Day, and as part of my preps, I am learning to cook off grid. I made Chicken stir fry with rice, for 20 people, and got rave reviews. It’s worth coming to Ft. Dickerson Park in Knoxville on Field Day. Just saying!

  15. Babycatcher says:

    This has been “make hay while the sun shines” time. I’ve been filling the piggy bank from odd jobs, keeping our smaller than usual garden growing, and trapping and relocating squirrels, possums and skunks. The skunk got dispatched, no muss, no stink. Great youtubevids showing how to do it. You can also release them, but I have chickens and skunks are not my friend. There are a lot of them out here, too. Prayers for the Pack, hugs to all, and a wave for those visiting the Great Smokies.

    • Prepared Grammy says:

      While we were camping, we had a skunk get inside the mesh electric fence around our garden. He wasn’t full grown, and a neighbor eliminated him for us. There are so many critters who try to eat my garden and animals.

  16. mom of three says:

    We are at our place, down at the beach just enjoying the last of the sun. We have been chopping, up our old deck, to use as camping wood, this place at so much rotten decking and since it was never treated we can burn it. Went to a church yard sale oh my gosh they had so much stuff left over a little of beautiful glass wear, I found a few canning jars, and candles, a couple of glass Pyrex pans for our camper. Saved a few peas for next year crop, my Elderberries, are doing great but I’ll need to plant them in the ground soon. I did transplant two tomatoes, into bigger container’s, I’m hoping to get some tomatoes soon. Lots of herbs, I picked up three more herbs, on clearance, replanted them into bigger container’s. We’ll have a blessed rest of your weekend cheeres:)

  17. Jack says:

    Hello to all. Rainy season is well underway here in the Philippines. Some spots along the roads where you would see a small puddle after a rain shower are now deep enough that tricycles and small cars may no longer pass. Yours truly will learn new routes around these obstacles. We have some upgrades from Tactical Asia and a local store to the kids EDC kits stored at their school for an emergency. Today (Sunday morning) will be a training day for the mini-people. Pouring rain so it is a great day to practice skills inside. Dad (me) has a nice fresh jug of water from the toilet tank waiting for them. The kid’s “mission” will be to filter the water “I found” through a brown paper coffee filter to remove particles. Thye will cook three small meals for each “team member” over the day in their new kits and boil enough drinking water to last until tomorrow AM. I hope they enjoy the Ovaltine sachets and snacks include with the day’s rations? We will do an evaluation as a family tonight of what worked, where we need improvement and especially how well the older two watched over and protected our youngest. Good to run these training sessions under controlled conditions and with the watchful eye of parents. Have a wonderful and safe week.

    • Izzy says:

      Jack; I am impressed with your practice runs. It is something everyone needs to be doing. I tried to convince a few people here of the need when the whole town lost power for 7 days. Nope! They drove over 50 miles every other day for take away food and gas for their generators and/or more candles. Stupid people in my opinion. When a real SHTF comes, these people will starve.

    • Jesse Mathewson says:

      Jack. solid skills!

  18. Izzy says:

    It has been an interesting few weeks. Heat was pretty bad for a couple of weeks, but I stayed quiet during day and worked at night. My favorite fan finally gave out, but I had a good replacement in the basement. And, I have reduced my utility bill over 50% using my “prepper ways”. From the few storms we’ve had, I collected enough water to wash my hair and a rub of clothes. Oh my gosh, my clothes smell so fresh. My aluminum walker works well as a drying rack.

    Still trying to replenish my water supply. Amazing how fast it goes. I am thinking of going to 3 gal containers…at least for every day use. It is a bit cheaper.

    Bought some cans of honeyed carrots on sale…delicious. More Spam. Canned chicken tamales. Packets of gravy mix. More rice. And that’s about it.

    Prayers for our Wolf Pack (yes I still call it that). Prayers for our nation.

    • Terra says:

      I’m impressed with your 50% reduction in your energy cost. That’s great! Maybe you can give us some of your tips and tricks?

      • Izzy says:

        Thanks Terra. I unplugged every single lamp I wasn’t using. Even if off they still draw some power. Normally, my concentrator stayed on 24/7…now when I am not using it, I unplug it. I quit using my washer and dryer for the summer. I heat my water in buckets in the sun and hand wash. Same for my bathing which cuts down on hot water heater kicking on. Same for any dishes I get dirty. Our last storm gave me a little over 10 gals of water in the various containers. Enough for a nice warm bath. 🙂 Gray water is used for flushing toilet.

        I also eat more cold foods in the summer as I don’t like hot foods when it is hot. I prepare several things at once to last a couple of days. Now this coming week, I will need my oven for maybe 40 minutes to cook up some chicken breasts and fish. I will make them into salads.

        I think my biggest savings was not using my A/C. It was a little rough for a few days, but just switched days and nights. You can do that when you live alone. And, our days have cooled off and the nights are really pleasant for now, so no fan at night.

        A lot of extra work, but I’ve actually lost weight (some) and the savings is worth it, plus the exercise.

  19. ShirlGirl says:

    Jack, what a great idea preparing the kids. You have jnspired me to try this with our pod of adults. We met Friday night to discuss our progress and play the card game, “Conflicted”. Trust me, its not a very fun game, but a good reality check.
    This past week I’ve spent dehydrating mushrooms, making plum leather, spreading more straw in the garden to keep the weeds down, and wrote up an inventory of my shelving unit of preps in the cool room my DH just finished to store food and personal products like hand dream that would spoil in a warm/Arizona room.
    I too, got a few things from Amazon prime day, 2 life straws and a battery fan, got some bulk supplies in of cocoa butter and cinnamon. If I have a good stash of garlic powder, cinnamon, vanilla, and smoked paprika, I think I can make the most boring food palatable.
    Have a great week everyone.

  20. Crazy Joe says:

    Greetings All ! ! ! ………. Researching FREE CATEGORY ON CRAIGSLIST almost every day . So so much any prepper would want is free for the taking . The only thing that beats 27 one quart mason jars for 8 bucks about 10 posts above ……… is 10 for free . Sometimes even young pet rabbits and chickens are free ( a vet can check & approve what you get ) . Since I have most of what I need my research info goes to family and friends . Back to Ebay now for profit .

  21. Cliff in Douglasville says:

    Different kind of prep this week for me. My mom who is 86 is deep in Alzheimer and hasn’t known me or my sister, her primary care giver, for quite a while. She is going down hill fast and the hospice nurse says 2 to 3 weeks max. I had to meet with the funeral director at the cemetery we are going to use and check all my paperwork to make sure everything I need to pay is already paid. Funeral cost before need is much cheaper than at need so that has to be taken care of. Sister and I will meet with the funeral home where she lives next week and based on what insurance mom has we will tailor the services to the money. All mom’s friends and most of the family are already gone so it’ll be a small service. While I was with mine I went ahead and made arrangements and am starting to pay from my cremation and disposition of ashes. I think being prepared if the end comes before the SHTF and having all that taken care of takes the pressure off the people staying behind so I’m counting that as a prep for this week.

    • Owl Creek says:

      Really sorry about your mom, Cliff. We had a similar situation with my wife’s mom and it is surely a hard thing to work through.

      I totally agree that being prepared for as many major events as possible is all part of prepping. We both plan to be cremated and we bought two burial plots and a grave marker, engraved with everything but our “expiration” dates. But a few years later we moved to another state, a few hundred miles away. We’ve left instructions for contacting the monument company to have our dates of death on the stone, but I doubt that either of our remains will be there. Just something to think about when paying in advance for such things.

    • Izzy says:

      Cliff; I am sorry your mom is suffering through a horrible disease. I agree, planning for the eventual is a prep. I have done the same thing. No funeral, no casket, just cremation and take my ashes to wolf country in ID when feasible.

      • Sirius says:

        That is exactly the way my dad did it. When I can, I’m taking his, my step-mother’s, and their two dogs ashes back to the Deschutes river in Oregon.

    • Prepared Grammy says:

      I’m so sorry. It’s not easy watching Alzheimer’s take someone you know and love. I’ve been there. May God give you strength, peace, and comfort during this time.

    • Anonamo Also says:

      Cliff, It definitely is a prep to take care of those details now.
      . I am so sorry for the condition of your Mom, and do understand how bad this is.
      We lost my Dad to alzheimers, it is not a pleasnat experience for either the care giver or the one with this progressive disease. Not long after Dad died I watched the Movie about Glenn Cambell and his family/alzheimers.. It was hard to watch but well worthwhile.
      Be sure to tell your sissy to take care of herself and take time to rest properly after this event has occurred. Tell her to get labwork done to verify she has not compromised her heatlh in taking care of others.Continue to discuss all things with her and give her the support. Having a sibling give such support is vital.

  22. Mustang says:

    Summer is moving along and the garden is doing well. Lots of produce so I need to distribute to the neighbors. Still haven’t been to the produce auction this year to pick up bulk veggies for canning. Sounds like a contradiction, but I don’t grow enough of any one veggie to make canning worthwhile.

    Installed a new dual-bander in the truck (FTM-400DR) and a new antenna with better gain ( Diamond SG 7900). Now I can use the cross-band function to extend my HT range when out hunting. The radio also has all sorts of digital features I’ll eventually check out, but in the interim I’m satisfied with the basics. Also pulled the FT-897D out of the truck and will be installing a basic HF radio. I’ll be using the 897 IN A “GO-BOX” I’m putting together.

    Still waiting for the SIG AR-10 to ship. Matched with a thermal scope it will be the ultimate Hog Hammer for night hunts!

  23. Daytona Dave says:

    I put ethanol free in all my small engines, had the same push mower for 7 years now

  24. Izzy says:

    Here is a link to a most interesting book. You can download it for free.

    There are several others below the one above.

    • Daddio7 says:

      This is a very interesting book, I downloaded both the PDF and Kindle version. The PDF is high quality photos of an actual book, stains and all. The Kindle is standard text. It was written by a very knowledgeable person concerning the preservation and cooking of food before refrigeration and electricity. I highly recommend getting a copy and putting it on an archive thumb drive.

  25. Izzy says:


    Asking for prayers for my son, brother and a dear friend who are now helping in the CA fires. Son is trained in firefighting and my brother and friend will be helping in animal rescue. Also pray for the 1,ooo’s fighters already there of whom many are beyond exhaustion.

    Anyone have Axelsteve email addy? As I recall he is in the vicinity of at least one of the fires. Prayers him and his family as well.

  26. Izzy says:

    M.D. Do we use this same thread for our weekly prep posts?