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This Week on The Homestead: Homesteading Progress and Preps For The Week / June 2, 2018

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Lot’s of new stuff going on with the blog this week…

First off, I no longer own or have anything to do with the content or operation of my old site the survivalist blog – it is under new ownership. Please note that I did not sell the content that was published on the site I only sold the domain.

If you want an archive of the best-handpicked articles from that site then please order a copy of the Bullet Proof Survivor CD. It’s pretty awesome!

After having so much frustration trying to sell my (repeatedly making me prove that I own the copyrights to my book and funny reporting of sales etc.) I decided once again to remove my books from their marketplace and to make them available directly to the consumer via this site.

If you want a few new copies are still listed on Amazon from third-party vendors at some ridiculous prices – for example, my book The Prepper’s Guide To Surviving The End of The World As We Know It is now being listed for over $620.00!

The good news is that you can get it from me for only $12.97 just click on this link and download it instantly!

I’ve also made my other books available as instant downloads for $12.97 each… just click on the corresponding link to the book that you’re interested in below…

Other new stuff this week includes some brand new T-Shirt designs that are available in my store – please check those out (and buy a few) at MDCreekmore Designs.

A couple more blog related updates before we get into this weeks segment.

Since moving to this new site, I’ve had several people ask about where they can make a donation to help support this site okay, I set up a page for that here. You can also, find a link to the page in the top navigation menu where it reads “Support Us“.

And others who want to help support the site when they order from (at no extra cost to them) have asked about my Amazon affiliate link so I set one of those up for you all. You can find it in the right sidebar… see it?

If not then here it is again – Amazon Affiliate Link – please bookmark that link and use it every time as your entry point when you shop at Amazon.

Okay, now what about homesteading and preps for the week…

Squash is starting to grow… finally…

The chicks are growing up fast and should start laying in a couple more months… Yea!

This week I started cleaning out this fence-line…

Added this top to my workbench in my shop…

Bought more seed to add to the stockpile.

Well, folks, that’s it for me this week… What about you… what were your preps and homesteading progress? Looking forward to reading your comments below.


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