I Am An Addict (A Mora Knife Addict)

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YouTube video

In this video, I talk about my Mora Knife addiction. It’s bad, it’s a disease, been working on beating my addiction but so for no such luck. Hopefully, someday, soon, I can be cured… but until then I’m looking for my next Mora Knife Fix… Mora Knives at Amazon


  1. Thank you for your ongoing enthusiasm. The information I’ve picked up along the way has been has been invaluable. I hope that you’ve had a good Christmas and 🎅 has brought you loads of prepping surprises. I’ve had some two way radios for Wales.

  2. I saw the title and sure am glad I wasn’t eating something I would have choked. ! It’s your fault then I have at least 4 with 3 more in my Amazon shopping cart . I think I’m attracted to the ones with 2 tone colors but am not sure .
    Is someone going to have some sort of addiction program ? Wait I think I better go look at what I may have missed . Lol
    Merry Christmas to everyone !

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