My Predictions for Civil War in 2020

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As you’ve probably noticed I’ve slowed way down on the number of videos I’ve been uploading to youtube. For me, YouTube has been a lot of work and time invested for very little return. I’ve been on it for almost one-full year and uploaded over 100-videos and earned just over $500 in ad revenue… however, I spent more than that on my camera and related gear to get started so I’m actually in the negative when calculating my YouTube “earnings”.

So I’m not sure if I will make and upload any more videos to that platform in the future… maybe if YouTube decides to stop suppressing my videos and actually show them in suggested videos then I might give it another try, but as it is it’s not worth the effort and my time is better spent doing something else.

One thing that I’ve learned about YouTube that may help you if you’re interested in giving it a try is that YouTube will show your video to a small portion of your subscribers. From what I can tell they will show newly uploaded videos to about 25 of your subscribers per 1,000 subscribers.

For example, in my case, I have just over 4,000 subscribers on my YouTube and I can upload a new video, and NOT send it out to my personal email list or do any other promotion, just let YouTube do it’s thing (whatever that is) and I will get about 100 views on a video. 

I looked at other YouTube channels and did the math and it’s about the same for those channels too. For example, say a channel has 100,000 subscribes that amounts to approximately 2,500 views on a new video from subscribers to that channel. 

Another thing that I’ve learned is that YouTube video creators earn around $1-$2 per 1,000 video views… it’s peanuts considering that they will show two or more ads on each video. So a larger channel with 100,000 subscribers would earn approximately…  $3-$6 for a video that they uploaded to the platform. 

That’s why a lot of people have stopped posting videos… lack of return for the amount of work it takes to shoot and edit a video. For example, I noticed that one of my favorite prepper YouTube channels… Southern Prepper1 stopped consistently uploading over a year ago with only a couple of uploads during that time.

From his last video, it looks like he has decided to spend his time earning an income from demolition as in tearing down old homes and building for pay and what he can scavenge. 

So, anyway, I might upload a new video if I have an idea that would be better for video than text, but more likely I will only make and upload a new “prepper” type video if I’m writing a product review or something for this blog and I need to make a short video showing the product in use to complement the article/written review. 

Another thing that you might be asking is why I started another blog/website i.e. Making Sense of Manliness. Well, since there isn’t all that much interest in the “prepping” topic right now I decided to branch out and try something new and it seems to be working well. 

Making Sense of Manliness (MSoM) is about health, fitness, money tips live-saving and side-hustles, dating and relationships, and skills like home security, and other topics.  

The new site is less than a year old and has around 40 articles so far and is getting just as many page-view per day as this site that’s over two years old with almost 400 articles… and that’s because of two things… one the current lack of interest in prepping and the fact that there are so many prepping type sites out there competing for the eyes of the small number of people still interested in prepping…

For example, I’m number one on Google for the search term “preppers food storage checklist” now you would think that that would get searched a lot and result in a lot of traffic back to my site… but nope. My stats show that I get no search traffic to that post… none. Here is a link to the post if you want to read it.

Most of my search traffic to this site comes from people looking and searching for information on knife laws

My Predictions for Civil War 2020

Okay, now that is all of that is out of the way what do I think is coming in 2020?

In my opinion, no matter if Trump wins or the Democrats win there is going to be large scale social upheaval. If Trump wins I look for rioting in the cities and martial law or a state of emergency to be declared in those areas. I’m not sure how long this will last or the ending result but it could cause the country to split into separate nation-states or at least attempting to do so.

And the federal government isn’t going to like that at all… remember the hearing about the first civil war? No, it wasn’t about freeing the slaves as we were taught in school… it was about gaining back the territory, and the resources of the southern states.

And on the other hand… if the Democrats manage to rig the election enough to “win” then they will go on a legislative rampage with gun bans, attempted gun confiscation, and the whole socialist agenda that they will shove down our throat… and that will result in pushback from Christians and conservatives. 

And that pushback might be violent in nature which will give the newly “elected” president a reason to declare martial law and attempt to crack down on dissidents who are opposed to their socialist agenda which would result in more violence and pushback. 

So either way, it’s not going to be good in my opinion and I feel sorry for those who have stopped prepping or who are only pretending and maybe thinking about doing something… they will suffer for that but that is their decision…

And let’s not forget about the U.S. government’s public debt that is now at more than $22 trillion and growing. It’s grown over $2 trillion since 2017. And then there is the guaranteed viral pandemic that WILL happen… natural disasters, earth changes, etc.  

I’ve tried and I’m sick of trying to convince people that they need to be working hard prepping for what’s coming. Prep if you want and don’t if you don’t want to. I’ve tried and my conscious is non-burdened because of their decision not to prep and their eventual suffering because of their inaction.

I hope that you got something out of this post… I’d love to read your thoughts in the comments below. 

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