My Predictions for Civil War in 2020

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As you’ve probably noticed I’ve slowed way down on the number of videos I’ve been uploading to youtube. For me, YouTube has been a lot of work and time invested for very little return. I’ve been on it for almost one-full year and uploaded over 100-videos and earned just over $500 in ad revenue… however, I spent more than that on my camera and related gear to get started so I’m actually in the negative when calculating my YouTube “earnings”.

So I’m not sure if I will make and upload any more videos to that platform in the future… maybe if YouTube decides to stop suppressing my videos and actually show them in suggested videos then I might give it another try, but as it is it’s not worth the effort and my time is better spent doing something else.

One thing that I’ve learned about YouTube that may help you if you’re interested in giving it a try is that YouTube will show your video to a small portion of your subscribers. From what I can tell they will show newly uploaded videos to about 25 of your subscribers per 1,000 subscribers.

For example, in my case, I have just over 4,000 subscribers on my YouTube and I can upload a new video, and NOT send it out to my personal email list or do any other promotion, just let YouTube do it’s thing (whatever that is) and I will get about 100 views on a video. 

I looked at other YouTube channels and did the math and it’s about the same for those channels too. For example, say a channel has 100,000 subscribes that amounts to approximately 2,500 views on a new video from subscribers to that channel. 

Another thing that I’ve learned is that YouTube video creators earn around $1-$2 per 1,000 video views… it’s peanuts considering that they will show two or more ads on each video. So a larger channel with 100,000 subscribers would earn approximately…  $3-$6 for a video that they uploaded to the platform. 

That’s why a lot of people have stopped posting videos… lack of return for the amount of work it takes to shoot and edit a video. For example, I noticed that one of my favorite prepper YouTube channels… Southern Prepper1 stopped consistently uploading over a year ago with only a couple of uploads during that time.

From his last video, it looks like he has decided to spend his time earning an income from demolition as in tearing down old homes and building for pay and what he can scavenge. 

So, anyway, I might upload a new video if I have an idea that would be better for video than text, but more likely I will only make and upload a new “prepper” type video if I’m writing a product review or something for this blog and I need to make a short video showing the product in use to complement the article/written review. 

Another thing that you might be asking is why I started another blog/website i.e. Making Sense of Manliness. Well, since there isn’t all that much interest in the “prepping” topic right now I decided to branch out and try something new and it seems to be working well. 

Making Sense of Manliness (MSoM) is about health, fitness, money tips live-saving and side-hustles, dating and relationships, and skills like home security, and other topics.  

The new site is less than a year old and has around 40 articles so far and is getting just as many page-view per day as this site that’s over two years old with almost 400 articles… and that’s because of two things… one the current lack of interest in prepping and the fact that there are so many prepping type sites out there competing for the eyes of the small number of people still interested in prepping…

For example, I’m number one on Google for the search term “preppers food storage checklist” now you would think that that would get searched a lot and result in a lot of traffic back to my site… but nope. My stats show that I get no search traffic to that post… none. Here is a link to the post if you want to read it.

Most of my search traffic to this site comes from people looking and searching for information on knife laws

My Predictions for Civil War 2020

Okay, now that is all of that is out of the way what do I think is coming in 2020?

In my opinion, no matter if Trump wins or the Democrats win there is going to be large scale social upheaval. If Trump wins I look for rioting in the cities and martial law or a state of emergency to be declared in those areas. I’m not sure how long this will last or the ending result but it could cause the country to split into separate nation-states or at least attempting to do so.

And the federal government isn’t going to like that at all… remember the hearing about the first civil war? No, it wasn’t about freeing the slaves as we were taught in school… it was about gaining back the territory, and the resources of the southern states.

And on the other hand… if the Democrats manage to rig the election enough to “win” then they will go on a legislative rampage with gun bans, attempted gun confiscation, and the whole socialist agenda that they will shove down our throat… and that will result in pushback from Christians and conservatives. 

And that pushback might be violent in nature which will give the newly “elected” president a reason to declare martial law and attempt to crack down on dissidents who are opposed to their socialist agenda which would result in more violence and pushback. 

So either way, it’s not going to be good in my opinion and I feel sorry for those who have stopped prepping or who are only pretending and maybe thinking about doing something… they will suffer for that but that is their decision…

And let’s not forget about the U.S. government’s public debt that is now at more than $22 trillion and growing. It’s grown over $2 trillion since 2017. And then there is the guaranteed viral pandemic that WILL happen… natural disasters, earth changes, etc.  

I’ve tried and I’m sick of trying to convince people that they need to be working hard prepping for what’s coming. Prep if you want and don’t if you don’t want to. I’ve tried and my conscious is non-burdened because of their decision not to prep and their eventual suffering because of their inaction.

I hope that you got something out of this post… I’d love to read your thoughts in the comments below. 


  1. Sad to see the drop off in prepping. That’s something I’m always doing and passing on to my son, who is now an adult. Doing what I can within my means. Have less time than ever with more time spent with my mom who is suffering from memory issues (not Alzheimers yet according to neurologist) but leaves less time to prep and be outdoors. Girlfriend seems on board but not fully like me. Love your prepping articles and videos. You will always have a follower here.

    1. MD.

      Yep I agree youtube is suppressing anything right of Mao …

      Ok 2020….scary times are ahead. What I suspect the left will do is have the CIA/FBI under deep state control shut down the 2020 elections saying that Trump is cheating when his landslide of voters crush the worthless competition …that’s going to start armed rebellion.
      Now the scary part Cuba has 250,000 troops and our COG (continuity of government ) types are deep state will be calling them in to confiscate guns under emergency powers …
      In 2010 when census takers took GPS locations on every rural home, its likely so the UN could in the future use artillery on gun owners rather then fight them directly.

      Ive been saying online for months 4th turning , 2020 is the apex event and Trump is the catalyst …I don’t think it matters who wins 2020, the 80 year cycle is war…civil and world – if Russia is blamed for rigging and shutting down 2020 elections by their own doctrine if they believe they are about to be attacked (remember 2016 HRC said she would consider hacking elections an act of war) Russia would attack before being attacked. So expect nukes and a world war…sick to your stomach yet?

    2. Hey j Scott,

      I am in the same boat taking care of mom. May the Good Lord bless you with strength and guidance!

      Yes it cuts into my prepping as well. I can’t get to our retreat as often as I used to, and that was never enough either.

      MD, sorry to say, but glad videos are gone. I haven’t the time to watch. But I can read an article a lot quicker, save /print important stuff for my binder.

      Regarding a civil war, IMHO, Trump will win again “Bigly” continue putting us on the right track, drain the swamp and expose more swamp creatures for many more to see.

      Still trying to prep, but it is tough.

      God help us all and bless these United States!
      Stay safe

      1. Author

        R in Ny,

        Yes, Trump will win the vote… however, it’s who counts the votes that matter and the democrats don’t hesitate to lie and cheat to win. As for draining the swamp that’s not going to happen. Has not happened yet, and the swap has just gotten deeper. And if Trump does get back in the office that does not mean that everything is going to be all peaches and cream. Far from it.

  2. I think that Nov, 2020, will be the last election for the American Republic. Based on what I’m seeing over the last 3 years, compared to what I lived through as a kid in the 50’s and 60’s, we as a country have run over the edge of the cliff and are only waiting (like Wile E Coyote) for gravity to make its presence known. There won’t be any coming back from the impact. Whatever happens will be permanent. Too much hatred and too much animosity, and too little talking and tolerance.

    I’m as prepped as I can be, but I also understand that I don’t know everything that I need to know, so I still haunt the prepper sites that I have followed in the past. MD’s site is one of them, although I don’t always open the article if it looks to be a repeat of something I already have covered.

    I may be delusional, but I think I am ready for whatever is coming. I sleep well at night. That may change once SHTF, but for now, I think I’m in a safe place.

  3. Been following you from 2014 and before and have saved many of your articles in case they will/when are needed in the future. Your videos are good but I have always like to save things mostly in hard coverformat as they might be needed when the internet has been turned off and/or there is no electricity. Please keep up your efforts as so many of the peppers sites have turned into pushing cheap items and give no true information about prepping. Again please keep up with your prepping info as there are still many of us you what to keep our skills active.

  4. I know I’m not in a good place yet, but am working on it. I’m not too bad off. I just need to get that water filtration system. I do have some food – may be 3 months worth for 3 people, not including rice. We have rice that will out last the beans. I don’t have a good FIFO system yet, but we are working on that. I have a very good idea what needs to be ate up. And, sealing bags to make our own buckets – 100% failure! We can’t get it to seal properly without all those air gaps. 😛 I’m buying premade off of Amazon next year. I’ve got them all on my wish list. Rice is easy to come by so far. We always have 6 monhts to a years worth of rice on hand. Cooking is covered. Its just basically the water and getting some veggies.

    I thank you for the maths on the Youtube ad revenue. I, too, noticed that many channels quit posting videos. The problem is that Youtube went subscription for no ads which means, less money all around. Plus, we all know how greedy google is – extremely! Plus, just because someone subscribed, does not mean they will watch all the videos.

    I’ve been snooping around with what works for income and what doesn’t. My take is that 100% of all ways of making money without working for mister rich greedy guy doesn’t work very well any more. The market is either too satuated, or people won’t buy because they don’t know you and are afraid of being scammed. Writers aren’t making it either. 😛

    I gave up basically, in getting off of disability. Instead, I’ll keep doing what I’m doing and learn what I can, but without thinking “This is going to be my golden ticket”. Oh, I’ll keep trying to write and get published, but I’m not expecting to get off of dissedability. I’ll try and get better at maths so that I can post how-to maths videos. I’ll try to get better at cooking for those with food allergies and get some better recipes up. I’ll try over the next year to get my act in gear. I feel I’m still backwards. Well, at least I can’t get any worse. 🙂 I am working out. My brain still functions too slowly, but I’m working on getting it to move faster and stay “engaged” more. As soon as I get my food diet sorted, and get money from my sister, I should be able to eat healthier.

    I’m working on a realistic schedule for me so that I can keep all my websites up and sorted well. Its the whole https thing that is my issue. I can’t afford to pay for that every month. And, I forget to redo the thingy for self-signed. Plus, there are rules about that too. 😛 I’m still getting that all sorted.

  5. I have recently read several books ( fiction ) about how life would be after the split between red and blue states.

    These books, while fiction are all too real and are written to warn citizens as to where our country is headed and what it will be like in the future if we allow the current trend to continue. The two books that I am referencing are ” Indian Country ” and ” Wildfire ” both by Kurt Schlichter.

    I have no financial interest nor have I ever met or communicated with the author. These books have rekindled my prepping and will do so in others that read these books. It seems that when we believe that things are beginning to get better that we slack off prepping when we should double down and never let up being prepared.

    The theory of an upcoming civil war or extreme civil strife are too real to ignore. Mr. Creedmore, I understand your frustration and wanted to let you know that some of us are listening and do not have our head in the sand. I hope we are wrong but am afraid we are not. Thank you for your help.

    1. Author

      Ed Schrade,

      Yes, some are still listening and that makes me happy. The ones who are still prepping will be far better off than those who think Trump or someone from the government will save them, or that nothing is going to happen.

  6. I’m not one for watching videos but I do enjoy reading you articles! After prepping hard for nearly a decade, it is less common to find something “new” on the subject. You have taught me much. Don’t get discouraged. I do agree that civil unrest is a certainty in 2020. From what I read, it will be a global affair….

    1. Goatlover,

      I’m glad to hear from you. I have a goat question. I reduced my “herd” and only bred one doe. (One is none. I should have listened. ) Well, she miscarried one kid. This is a first for me. Is it possible for her to miscarry one and still be pregnant with others? If not, when is it safe for her to be bred?

  7. Have been and always will be a person that tries to look ahead and prep. Thanks for all you do. I still get the funny looks, of oh another nut who has guns and food… But that is ok.”When the Wolf is at the door”… they will figure it out. Live in a rural area, but still have the mix of Sex offenders and xcons like any other area. I can only imagine what they will do when SHTF.

  8. You are discouraged, and I’m sorry for that. Your work has been incredibly useful.

    We never know how much the good we do impacts others.

    Thank you.

      1. We’re prepping and hitting the range here in the woods (Ozarks).

        Discussions regarding when/ if the next Civil War occurs are common. Many are ready to stand in the breach.

        Many are also continually improving their position in regards to survival.

        Building local relations is key. Keeping a positive outlook is also key.

        So keep up your good work.

    1. We’re prepping and hitting the range here in the woods (Ozarks).

      Discussions regarding when/ if the next Civil War occurs are common. Many are ready to stand in the breach.

      Many are also continually improving their position in regards to survival.

      Building local relations is key. Keeping a positive outlook is also key.

      So keep up your good work.

  9. Not sure there is less interest in preparation. I still see people taking small steps.

    There is however a targeted effort to eliminate preper information, as well as a co-ordinated effort to eliminate vaccine choice and medical freedom in general.

  10. Want to read some scary books on what could happen with a dem win? Try any of Ira Tabankin’s books on Amazon Kindle. He is one of my favorite authors and pulls no punches. None of his books are PC.
    If they don’t scare you into getting prepared, nothing will.

    God Bless all!

  11. I have followed you blogs and videos for several years. Have saved a lot of your writing. Bought some of your books too.

    Hang in there, but I realize you can’t commit to much time and resources without some income.

    You have helped me a lot. Prefer your articles to the videos.
    Howard L.

  12. MD, I don’t think YouTube is being unfair to you, they just simply understand how important it is to push as much advertising revenue as possible toward informative, uplifting videos about Drag Queen Story Hour, or Bill Nye the “science” guy as he shows us “scientifically” written on a glass wall the “proof” that ALL human beings are bisexual because all have at least one x chromosome.

    Get with the program, guy…(LOL)

  13. MD,

    Have written you before with encouragement! I hope you know how much your writings have helped me and many other preppers! As I had previously written, it was hard for me to keep up with videos as there were so many in such a short period, and being older and retired, as much as I would like videos, I keep having numerous interruptions of my time that cause me to have to keep starting the video over (age getting to me I guess) because I don’t fully remember things on the

    Please forgive me for the following being harsh, but reading the “manliness” website, you have overcome many obstacles in life that I frusratedly have suffered with, and as old as I am, find you to be my inspiration! Accordingly I must say “buckle up and face it”. You can and WILL succeed!

  14. You know how I feel about this site. I hope you keep it up. You’ve taught me so much, and you’ve motivated me to step up my game. I’m nowhere near as prepared as I need to be, but I’m better off than most people. You continue to help me fill in the gaps on my lifetime of preparedness.

    I have been reading Bobby Akart’s books lately. I’m finishing the last book of The Doomsday Series now. I don’t know if our next civil war will look like his interpretation, but I agree with you that one is coming.

  15. Long time reader including your book.

    My personal take is alot of people are awake but are being quiet about it. I know my family is and a point as an example: The FBI ran the second-highest number of gun background checks on Black Friday 2019, which is an 11 percent increase from the previous year and an indication that firearm sales are on the rise .

    We read your advice, take it to heart, learn something and stay quiet. Don’t loose hope on helping the people that are out here. Just realize, as I have, the lines are already drawn and no point even trying to convince people of facts. Their too busy watching the mainstream media or wasting time on F**KBook or other social media.

    Keep the faith.


  16. Even after all the years of trying to get prepped, I don’t think I have done enough.
    Will keep storing, reading, learning, trying…… . Somehow we will manage.

    May God help us all.

  17. I think the problem besides saturation of prepper videos and a few sites that tend to post incomplete articles that are poorly researched and lack real substance, is also the move by certain individuals and organizations that are against prepping and self reliance to discredit those who prepare and desire to homestead or even live off grid.

    Such a profound move towards self reliance and citizens desire to own firearms and not be dependent and at the mercy of rich elitist who are nothing more than a bunch of power hungry, greedy pansies who use political and financial means to seize control, is contrary to the liberal socialist agenda to use the people to provide them with a rich and lavish lifestyle while offering us less than we have earned and deserve. The liberals want stupid followers, not able bodied thinkers that can oppose their efforts. They want our money to put in their own pockets or to pay off their friends.

    Just promoting emergency preparedness has been a struggle as too many people just don’t see the need until they’re in trouble and then they whine and cry and often suffer unnecessarily. And they blame everyone but themselves. The Obama era created resentment towards preppers with this notion that they could be terrorists and they are hoarding supplies and thus depriving other people. That is of course ridiculous as stores resupply weekly and it’s a first come, first serve system. If the store runs out you go to another one or wait 2-3 days and they’ll have more. But liberalism relies on lies and misdirection. And now we must add censorship.

    I want you to have an audience and to flourish, but now I understand YouTube is against the people who post videos. More contradictory liberal thinking I guess. In any case your videos are helpful to us who follow you and who prepare daily in mind, body and spirit.

    When the crap hits the fan, those of us who prepare (Learn skills, store knowledge, are well supplied and teach others) will quite literally probably be the ones who save the country if it can be saved.

  18. Hi Again,
    MD, you know your followers and that we’ve been there for quite a while… many longer than I. I/we take serious views and approaches to what you teach and we are all grateful. I/we would not be as prepared for what’s coming had you not done all that you have done. Hugs and Kudos.

    There’s nothing I can add right now that hasn’t been said in all of these replies. We continue to prep and we will be targeted when it all unfolds. I don’t discuss prepping with anyone anymore as there isn’t an interest and I don’t want to attract attention or awareness to what I have.

    As I quietly remodel within my home, I am creating “hide-aways” to keep my “post crash” goods. Also I have what looks like useless clutter and decor with hidden caches. When they come crashing through my door I want them to think I’m an eccentric with nothing of value for them to take.

    Regardless, they are coming and we are going to be targets…. and again, we are better prepared thanks to your efforts MD.

    1. Chloe In Maine. I just sold my land in Freeport and glad I did. With all the refugees (Illegal Aliens) flooding the state and the large number of leeches living in Maine, i’d prefer not to deal with them, especially when the EBT / SNAP dollars stop flowing.

      1. James… You’ve got that right.
        the governor has spent the billion dollar surplus is less than a year on important things, like the illegals, drug addicts and those that make their living on collecting welfare. She welcomes them all with open arms and now an empty purse. The flow of dollars stops in 2020.

  19. I will keep prepping and homesteading till about 6 weeks after I am dead. Keep up the fight , it is worth it. Thanks.

  20. After years of prepping, and building my stocks, I’m finally on the move to Northern Idaho. But, in order to make the move I had to give up most of my food stocks and just take the radio, equipment, tools, and weapons. After all sorts of false starts I picked up a 23′ Toy Hauler that can store all my stuff while providing me with a decent living space. The plan is to make the relocation and get setup sufficiently to ride out the elections and ensuing chaos. Already have some family members asking about accommodations if things go south. (Most family members live in or near cities like Boston and New York).

    Keep on prepping!!!

  21. Dear mdcreekmore I have followed you for years. I support your efforts to encourage me to prep. I am a cash strapped 75 year old. I worked hard all my life and am retired on social security with meager savings. I just thought you should know that there probably more like me who rely appreciate your work. I wont to encourage you to keep going because it helps me to stay connected.
    God bless you,

  22. Well…I think the 2020 split is likely…the crazy left is just that. Nothing less than a total win of all their policies and ideas will do. Oh well, I am prepped pretty well but will always have more to do. Just need more money and more time.

    MD, your work and communication is a godsend. Like some other commenters I prefer to read versus watch the videos. I predict prepping will come back in style billy just after the 2020 election.

    Get ready.

  23. If there is a civil war, it wont start in November 2020. I predict it will start in January 2020, and will start in Virginia. Our state (starting in January) will be controlled by democrats. They have already introduced 8 bills to make gun ownership with anything over 10 rounds illegal. Also if you read the bills, you are not allowed to teach firearms to your children. Karate is will be outlawed, due to you can hurt/kill someone. No more VFW’s or American legions carrying guns when they parade the colors in local parades. The list goes on and on.

  24. Yes, It’s coming !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Thanks MD for all you have done !!!!!

  25. MD, I’ve read your books & many, many of your articles & have learned so much from you about prepping. Do you have any new books in the pipeline at this point?
    I/we moved to start a new job this year. Part of why we decided to move, was that we were living in a very democratic area & had the chance to move to a gop area where ppl are more independent & less dependent on the govt to take care of them. But we are far from settled. So I hope the civil war will hold off a few more years. But I hope you & your loved ones have a wonderful Christmas & New Year’s!

  26. i keep prepping the best i can. i agree that come next election its not going to be pretty.

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