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K-Tor hand crank generator

K-Tor hand crank generator (pocket socket 1 amp usb) : Weekly Product Review

I can honestly say that this is one of the few products for which I have no real reservations in recommending fully to all of you!

Modern electronic devices have come quite a long way in a few decades, from filling a room to literally size of a wristwatch. This means that while we oldsters still have our books and writing implements, the reality is that not only is written information more easily available via the internet it is being replaced by it.

Homesteading Progress and Preps For The Week

Hello everyone, I hope that you’ve all had a good week and managed to get some stuff done this week… we’ll get into homesteading progress and prep in a moment but first I want to ask you all a couple of questions…

First, what type of content and subjects would you like to see more of here at As you’ve probably noticed I’ve been writing and posting a lot of different ways to make extra money and or become totally self-employed.

I’ve been doing this because “a lack of money” has always been the number one response to the question “what is your biggest obstacle to prepping or setting up a homestead” so I’ve been doing everything that I can to give you ideas and ways to solve the problem that you told me that you had.

How to start a blog in under 15 minutes!

How to Start a WordPress Blog on Bluehost

Let’s face it being self-employed beats the heck out of working for someone else and one of the first things that you should consider when you think about homesteading is how you’re going to make a living once you move to a rural homestead. No matter how food self-sufficient on […]

Medicinal Plants of the American Southwest (Herbal Medicine of the American Southwest)

Herbal Medicine: Trends and Traditions, Et Al: weekly product review

Books are among the most important tools that I can invest in when it comes to my children and the future through them. Specifically, literature that allows them to be better prepared where they live and outside these areas as well. One of the most important books I have in my extensive collection is, Herbal Medicine: Trends and Traditions. Additional works from this author include but are not limited too, Medicinal Plants of the American Southwest by Charles W. Kane as well as several others.

Books learning homesteading

Ten Amazing Book Related Life Hacks for the Modern Homesteader!

Some of the following hacks will be familiar to many of you. While they will not all work for everyone they are all tested and work amazingly well. Things like these are often a balance of desire, need, and monetary ability.

For myself, I have time while I do not have excess monies which is why these hacks are used in some cases. For legal purposes, this is only an educational article and all hacks have been done by experienced professionals.

garden tiller

This Week On The Homestead

I have a new and FREE homesteading course for those of you who are interested you can get that here – Free Homesteading Course. Also, two other free courses that you might be interested in – Free Prepper Course and my Free Blogging Course. Yes, they are 100% free with […]