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For legal purposes, I did not receive any of the mentioned products for a reduced cost or in exchange for a review of any kind. I purchased all of the above with my own funds and review them for your benefit alone!

Palmetto State Armory is definitely a well-known name, gun snobs hate them and gun users love them. For close to a decade they have been selling AR15 parts and builds for prices that are often far below the cutoff line for many of the big names in gun writing and using. Currently, they manufacture much of what they produce in-house using a variety of companies acquired over the past decade to do so.

Recently, PSA had a sale on their premium bolt carrier group, a bolt carrier group houses the firing pin, extractor, gas rings and is designed to be easily replaceable allowing for quick fixes in the field or at home. Now for $69 shipped I was able to pick up this amazing piece of craftsmanship! Here is how this product was built and what is included in it.

  • Milspec Carpenter No. 158® steel bolt
  • Shot peened bolt
  • High Pressure Tested
  • Mag Particle Inspected
  • Chrome lined carrier (the external portion)
  • Chrome lined gas key
  • Gas key hardened to USGI specifications
  • Gas Key Grade 8 Hardened Fasteners
  • Gas Key Staked per Mil-Spec requirements
  • Tool Steel Extractor

This BCG is as good or better in build quality than any other mil-spec BCG out there today. Upon receiving this part I proceeded to take it apart and clean the excess oil used for storing and shipping the part. I then dropped it into my test rifle and ran two magazines through it, flawless function as expected. After doing this I removed the BCG and proceeded to clean it thoroughly and lubricate for storage in my vehicle kit. I use ziplock bags or vacuum seal bags to store parts, for parts like this one storing it in a vacuum sealed bag after lubricating is essential to longevity.

Every go bag or gun kit should have spare parts when it comes to AR-15 rifles, carbines and pistols having a spare BCG is extremely important. This is a great deal on a very solid product, whether you are buying a BCG for a new build project or need a backup one, look to Palmetto State Armory for your next BCG, I should mention they do sell the nickel boron coated ones as well. I have not tested their version yet so cannot offer any evidence regarding it. I can say that with the results I have had with their other products it should be a winner!

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