This article was published here with permission from the author Joel Skousen World Affairs Brief ( He is also the author of the excellent book – Strategic Relocation, North American Guide to Safe Places and The Secure Home.

The establishment is clearly preparing America for another lockdown this fall and winter. There is a coordinated wave of propaganda hitting television audiences everywhere, claiming: “Covid cases are on the rise, and 99% of those affected are unvaccinated.” Nothing could be further from the truth. “Cases” are still based on the bogus PCR test, and hardly anyone testing positive has any symptoms, including the poor, uninformed Olympic athletes in Tokyo that have now lost their chance to compete over this evil test, even when they have no symptoms and were all vaccinated.

While it’s irrelevant if those tested positive are unvaxxed or vaxxed (because the test isn’t valid), the actual hospitalizations and deaths attributed to Covid are still at least half from vaccinated people—proving the “vaccine” isn’t effective. And perhaps worse, many are dying not from Covid but from the vaccine itself, which proves it isn’t safe either. All are being labeled “Covid” deaths.

The world has been living under the false idea that by abiding by all these restrictions, we can achieve “Zero Covid” results and get back to normal, but as Jordan Schachtel points out, this is an impossible standard.

You might not read about it in western corporate press agencies, but Zero Covid nations are seeing explosions in Covid-19 cases across the board. The widely praised “success story” countries that followed the radical ideology that is Zero Covid have not only failed to contain a virus, but are now witnessing the uncontrolled spread of that virus in their population centers. The governments committed to this pseudoscientific, totalitarian adventure are scrambling for options, and responding by locking down their nations and further violating the rights of their citizens. The lid has flown off the Zero Covid pressure cooker, revealing the shortcomings of such a reckless ideological endeavor.

The surging numbers are mostly false positive testing, mainly, so take all these dramatic claims with a grain of salt.

Australia is arguably the most dedicated large nation to a Zero Covid strategy. The country has been closed off from the vast majority of the world since the beginning of COVID Mania. Even many Australian citizens have been unable to enter or leave the country. Australia has pursued so many lockdowns that it’s pretty much impossible to keep track of what number we’re currently at. Zero Covid has been an unmitigated disaster, as Canberra’s elimination strategy has unsurprisingly failed to permanently move cases to zero.

The promise of Zero Covid was just an excuse, a false inducement to “get back to normal.” While that is now exposed as a cruel lie, what Mr. Schachtel may not realize is that this blowback and failure was being planned and fomented with false numbers in order to push more vaccines on the hesitant.

Even though the creation of the enhanced Sars 2 virus was engineered in a lab via Fauci’s NIH funding, either before or after it was given to China where it would escape due to the sloppy protocols at the Wuhan lab, the virus wasn’t the main weapon. It isn’t deadly enough to qualify as a true bioweapon.

The virus merely provided the excuse to drive the world into an exaggerated pandemic so that a very bad gene therapy “vaccine” could be created as the “solution” to this crisis. It’s the vaccine that is the real bio weapon.

The vaccine won’t kill everyone as some like Mike Adams are predicting —that would turn people off to all vaccines, which the Deep State doesn’t want. But it will continue to kill and weaken a steady stream of people over time, and the many types of permanent damage to health will never be traced to the vaccine—mainly because no one in the establishment wants you to know there is a connection so they don’t even try to research the issue.

In short, all of the hype about variants resurging is aimed at getting more people to take the vaccine. Keep this in mind as all the restrictions slowly come back, as well as the increased hassles imposed on those who refuse the vaccine. Be prepared to resist and not comply.

Sam Feist, CNN’s Washington bureau chief and the network’s senior vice president, said this week in a leaked internal email that was also mistakenly sent to conservative activist Charlie Kirk, that the “carrots” to entice people to take the vaccine are no longer working… “authorities need to start using the ‘stick.’” He didn’t specify what that meant, but “the stick” will likely start with more hassles like frequent testing for anyone and banning entry to venues unless you have a vaccine passport, starting with sports events, businesses and flights.

All of the usual government shills are pushing for increased use of masks again as a prelude to this new push for vaccine mandates. For example, Dr. Fauci was promoting the new recommendations from the American Academy of Pediatrics that ALL children above age 2 should wear masks in school even if they have been vaccinated because it is the “reasonable thing to do.” Why above 2 years? Covid has rarely been a problem with children of any age. This is not going over well with parents of children still in public schools and school boards are getting an earful of complaints about proposals to reinstate masks for school kids.

Los Angeles reimposed their indoor mask mandate, once again over the fear mongering of a claimed sharp increase in positive Covid tests. The LA County Supervisor said of the new mandate, “It’s Not Punishment, It’s Prevention” but people in LA aren’t buying it or complying to any great extent. And Trump’s Surgeon General says the CDC should make vaccinated Americans cover up again.

Nevada issued a new mask mandate for Las Vegas Casinos, which will again start to hurt convention business, just as it was starting to recover. A Las Vegas cafe owner says he and his employees are ‘shocked’ by the renewed indoor mask recommendation

Joe Pierro, owner of Market Grille Cafe in Las Vegas, Nevada told “Fox & Friends Weekend” that “I thought the whole idea of getting vaccinated is it prevents us from having to wear a mask. All the signs out there tell me it’s not heading in the right direction… All the struggles that we made to get to where we are today, and knowing there’s a possibility that we might have to revert back.”

Clearly, there is going to be more pushback this time around to the mask mandates, but the frustration will be channeled toward the unvaccinated and pressure more people into taking the vaccine. The mask requirement is especially annoying to those who took the vaccine, and it will drive up frustration for some in this group about taking more shots. As I have long said, they never intend to let us be free from this medical tyranny.

Hopefully the return of mask mandates will cause many formerly compliant people to question the validity of what they are hearing and not be so compliant this time around. The establishment told people all last year that taking the vaccine was their ticket to getting back to normal—“get your life back,” they said. This big lie should now be obvious, and people foolish enough to comply the first time are feeling betrayed–some even angry.

Washington state, a bastion of Democrat “wokeness,” is solidifying covid restrictions in labor and industry policy—which apply to ALL employees, not just of the state. Here are the requirements for all employers:

-Ensure unvaccinated employees wear a mask while working indoors.

-Verifying worker vaccination status

-Verify vaccination status before lifting employee mask requirements and be able to show the process used for verification.

And here is a list of industries where masks or respirators are still required for all workers: Health care (long-term care, doctor’s offices, hospitals), Public transportation (aircraft, trains, buses, road vehicles), K-12 schools, childcare facilities and day camps in locations where children are present or expected to be present; Correctional facilities; and Homeless shelters.

Moreover, all the universities in WA are requiring these rules for all of their students—even for their online students who never set foot on campus. A significant number of these online students are not even in WA State and some are even outside of the US. Students of every sort are unable to register until they have either received the vaccine or registered their exemption. Either way, they and their vaccine status will now be in a state database.

The only two examples that appear to counter the trend are the UK and NYC, hotbeds of radical Covid restrictions. Globalist puppet Boris Johnson lifted all Covid restrictions this week, and NYC’s Mayor DeBlasio said he would not impose a mask mandate based on fears of the Delta variant. I predict this is only a ploy to gain back good will with all those who hated the excessive restrictions from before. As the hype builds for a new surge, they will fall in line.

The scare tactics in the media are getting worse by the day. Colleen Marshall, lawyer and top female news anchor at a Columbus, Ohio NBC station told listeners two nights ago, “You’ve got two choices—take the vaccine or die!” As one of my researchers said, “It would have been more correct had she said, ‘take the vaccine and die!’”

Despite this push by the mainstream media, it’s going to be very difficult to convince the anti-vax crowd to take the jab. This growing group of people is increasingly well informed and/or have already experienced vaccine damage and won’t ever be talked into taking a jab again. We are quickly reaching a permanent divide in this country about vaccines and the more they push this jab, the more victims it will create—many of whom will become convinced vaccines are not safe.

Vaccine mandates will start as soon as the FDA certifies these experimental vaccines as fully approved. There are many public and private entities just waiting for this approval in order to move up from the “emergency use” to full certification so they can begin vaccine mandates. And the military will be one of the first to do so.

Sadly, FDA approval will make it even easier for the establishment to block lawsuits against vaccine mandates which, until now, have focused on the experimental nature of the Emergency Use Approval (EUA). Some judges are already ruling existing mandates are legal for universities—because students supposedly still have the choice to continue in school or not.

This past week a federal judge affirmed Indiana University’s student vaccination requirement, a ruling that will undoubtedly be used as a precedent in other lawsuits challenging college mandates. Naturally, the judge never ruled on the constitutionality of vaccine mandates, only that the plaintiff didn’t have to continue in college, so the requirement was not being “forced.”

The battle is just beginning. America’s Frontline Doctors (AFLD) filed a motion to stop the use of Emergency Use Authorization COVID vaccines for anyone under 18, anyone with natural immunity or anyone who hasn’t received informed consent. The Defender publication of Children’s Health Defense has the story on this comprehensive lawsuit. At its heart, it’s a challenge to the emergency authorization of the false vaccine.

The 67-page motion requests the judge issue a preliminary injunction for the following reasons:

There is no emergency, which is a prerequisite to issuing EUA and EUA renewals for COVID vaccines.

-There is “no serious or life-threatening disease or condition.”

-Vaccines do not diagnose, treat or prevent SARS-CoV-2 or COVID.

-Known and potential risks of the vaccine outweigh their known and potential benefits.

-There are adequate, approved and available alternatives to vaccines.

-Healthcare professionals and vaccine candidates are not adequately informed.

The authors of the motion attached a declaration by a whistleblower who came forward alleging deaths occurring within 72 hours of receiving a COVID vaccine are significantly under-reported in the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS) maintained by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

The whistleblower — a computer programmer who developed more than 100 distinct healthcare fraud algorithms, and who has expertise in healthcare data analytics that allows her to access Medicare and Medicaid data obtained by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Systems (CMS) — filed a sworn statement under penalty of perjury alleging the actual number of COVID vaccine-related deaths is closer to 45,000.

The whistleblower alleged that VAERS, while extremely useful, is under-reported by a conservative factor of at least five… In her statement, she said: “On July 9, 2021, there were 9,048 deaths reported in VAERS. I verified these numbers by collating all of the data from VAERS myself, not relying on a third party to report them. In tandem, I queried data from CMS medical claims with regard to vaccines and patient deaths, and have assessed that the deaths occurring within 3 days of vaccination are higher than those reported in VAERS by a factor of at least 5. This would indicate the true number of vaccine-related deaths was at least 45,000. Put in perspective, the swine flu vaccine was taken off the market which only resulted in 53 deaths.”

AFLDS said the findings were shocking, and informed consent is impossible when safety data is not accurate.

“It is unlawful and unconstitutional to administer experimental agents to individuals who cannot make an informed decision as to the true benefits and risks to the vaccine on an independent basis. They must be of an age or a capacity to make informed decisions and have been provided with all of the risk/benefit information necessary to make an informed decision.”

This initial emergency declaration has been renewed repeatedly and remains in force today — a necessary legal prerequisite for the issuance of vaccine EUAs, the complaint states… Plaintiffs allege the emergency declaration and its multiple renewals are illegal because there is no underlying emergency. Using HHS COVID death data, SARS CoV-2 has an overall survivability rate of 99.8% globally, which increases to 99.97% for persons under the age of 70. This is consistent with the seasonal flu, the complaint states.

Plaintiffs argue HHS deliberately inflated COVID case data

Plaintiffs allege HHS’ data is deliberately inflated. On March 24, 2020, HHS changed the rules applicable to coroners and others responsible for producing death certificates and making “cause of death” determinations exclusively for COVID. The rule change states: “COVID-19 should be reported on the death certificate for all decedents where the disease caused or is assumed to have caused or contributed to death.”

According to the complaint, HHS statistics showed 95% of deaths classified as “COVID-19 deaths” involved an average of four additional comorbidities. Plaintiffs claim the CDC knew the rules for coding and selection of the underlying cause of death would result in COVID being the underlying cause more often than not.

Plaintiffs said the actual number of COVID cases is also far lower than the reported number due to emergency use of polymerase chain reaction (PCR) tests, which are used as a diagnostic tool for COVID. The PCR tests are themselves experimental products, authorized by the FDA under separate EUAs. The package inserts state PCR tests should not be used to diagnose COVID.

The complaint alleges the way in which the PCR tests are being administered knowingly guarantees an unacceptably high number of false positive results.

AFLDS medico-legal researchers analyzed the accumulated COVID vaccine risk data and found migration of the pathogenic SARS-CoV-2 spike protein in the body. Yet vaccines were authorized without any studies demonstrating where the spike proteins traveled in the body following vaccination, how long they remain active and what effect they have, the complaint states.

AFLDS researchers analyzed VAERS and discovered an increased risk of death from COVID vaccines. The database indicated vaccine deaths in the first quarter of 2021 represented a 12,000% to 25,000% increase in vaccine deaths, year-on-year.

From 2009 to 2019, there were 1529 reported deaths associated with all vaccines reported to VAERS, according to the motion. In the first quarter of 2021, there were more than 4,000 reported deaths with 99% of all reported vaccine deaths in 2021 attributed to the COVID vaccine. Only 1% were attributed to other vaccines in the system.

Plaintiffs also disclosed evidence of reproductive harm, vascular disease, autoimmune disease, neurological damage and they highlighted an increased risk of harm for children with COVID vaccines to support their position.

The complaint called attention to the secrecy of the CDC’s V-Safe system — a parallel system used to track reported adverse events via a smartphone app controlled exclusively by the CDC.

This is a very important case which goes to the heart of the falsified pandemic. I’m sure the CDC is hiding the results from the V-safe database because it too shows a lot more vaccine damage and deaths than the VAERS data. The AFLDS case was filed in Alabama, thought to be more conservative than other jurisdictions. We will soon see if these courts are as controlled as the others in the nation.

The key to promulgating this surge in Covid cases is not just the use of the PCR test which improperly uses amplification of any corona remnant RNA in order to get a positive result, but it is the false notion that asymptomatic people (as most are who test positive) are dangerous carriers of the disease and need to be quarantined. In an interview this week, former Pfizer VP Michael Yeadon condemned that notion as false, along with other arguments of the biased “fact checkers” who are attacking him. has the story. The article begins with,

“When it comes to the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19), there is no such thing as asymptomatic transmission or variants. These are completely made-up concepts that have no basis in reality, and yet anyone who tries to tell the truth about it is chided by the mainstream media for spreading ‘misinformation.’”

The claim of no variants is not really true, but it’s a matter of degree of variation. All viruses mutate constantly, so there are variants, but the media’s claim that they are somehow more dangerous is false. Mutant forms are generally less dangerous, even though they may be more easily spread.

A “fact checker” article by Reuters, analyzing Yeadon’s claims says that he has created “a mixture of straw men and sheer invention” by revealing that asymptomatic transmission is a lie, and that the idea of variants is just “idiotic.”

“There’s also a terrific peer-reviewed journal article showing that domestic transmission in asymptomatic cases was effectively zero,” Yeadon is quoted as saying about symptomless transmission of the Fauci Flu.

“We have VAERS, Yellow Card, and EMA [Emergency Management Administration] monitoring,” Yeadon says. “We have mechanisms of toxicity. We have multiple open letters to EMA (warning of blood clots) which were immediately followed by vaccine withdrawals (for blood clots).” The fact that the government is pushing these things on pregnant women is even more heinous, Yeadon says.

“No one in their right mind thinks giving experimental treatments to pregnant women is other than reckless. Especially when reproductive toxicity testing is incomplete.”

Two recent public disclosures show that in mice models, Chinese Virus injections create “a very disturbing concentration” of vaccine chemicals in the ovaries. This is major news, and yet the mainstream media is nowhere to be found in reporting on it.

“No one has followed it up, so the assumption has to be this is happening in humans too, and our concern expressed in the December 2020 petition to EMA about immune cross-reactivity between spike protein and human syncytin-1 has been confirmed,” Yeadon says. “A paper was very recently published showing young women making antibodies to syncytin-1 within days of vaccination.”

Syncytin-1 is a cell-to-cell fusion protein present in placental development and essential for embryo attachment to the uterus and establishment of a nutrient supply. Yeadon is talking about the similarity between syncytin-1 and the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein that may induce immune cross reactivity resulting in female sterility, and/or explain the number of miscarriages in pregnant women taking the vaccine, or exposed to vaccinated people.

The entire thing is “fraud,” Yeadon says, suggesting that thousands have already died from the injections. And yet where are the people protesting the scam – and perhaps more importantly, where are they in protesting the government entities that are pushing it on us all?

Too many people are content to trust the medical establishment, especially now that the mainstream media continues to promote medical “experts” and opinion in every broadcast.

“If these figures are of the same order of magnitude for other countries as well, and there is no reason to assume otherwise, then the plague is a deception of unprecedented proportions, and crimes committed against humanity on a huge scale have been committed here,” Yeadon says.

Indeed it is. This is a major conspiracy. But rather than own up to the increasing vaccine deaths, the media and even the White House are taking up the bizarre claim that those who spread “misinformation” about vaccines are killing people!

Biden started it by calling on Facebook to do more vaccine censorship, saying “Facebook is killing people.” Facebook responded by calling on the administration to stop “finger pointing,” and reaffirmed its commitment to censor vaccine “lies.” Aides, realizing that Biden had mistakenly attacked the establishment prime ally of censorship immediately got Biden to reverse himself saying, “Facebook isn’t killing people,” — vaccine skeptics are.

“These 12 people are out there giving misinformation. Anyone listening to it is getting hurt by it. It’s killing people. It’s bad information.” He appeared to be referring to a study from earlier this year showing that 12 online personalities, with a combined following of 59 million people, were responsible for the vast majority of Covid-19 anti-vaccine misinformation and conspiracy theories, and that Facebook provided the most consequential platform.

The White House has gone even further and is now even openly helping Facebook censor content as the WH admits, “We are flagging posts on Facebook” they want censored.

Tucker Carlson has to figure prominently on this Biden blacklist, as he’s got the largest audience in the country and continually questions the government’s tactics pushing vaccines and refusing to air evidence of vaccine dangers. Tucker has been so effective that Fox had its second most popular host, Sean Hannity come out and promote vaccines.

“Please take COVID seriously,” begged Hannity. “I can’t say it enough. Enough people have died. We don’t need anymore death. Research like crazy. Talk to your doctor, your doctors, medical professionals you trust based on your unique medical history.

Hannity’s not stupid, but he is slick. He knows “do your own research” about vaccine damage is nearly impossible with worldwide censorship. That’s why he points people to your doctors and “trusted professionals.” Smart people never trust the establishment “experts” anymore.

Hannity’s push for the vaccine Monday is in stark contrast to other Fox News primetime hosts like Tucker Carlson, who, in the hour right before Hannity, told his viewers, “There are a lot of those people giving you medical advice on television, and you should ignore them. The advice they’re giving you isn’t designed to help, it’s designed to make you comply. And you shouldn’t comply mindlessly.”

While Carlson continues to question the vaccine, Hannity made it clear he trusts it. “It absolutely makes sense for many Americans to get vaccinated. I believe in science, I believe in the science of vaccination,” Hannity said.

I’ve long told my readers not to trust Hannity, who is a conspiracy denier. His position on vaccines is one more proof. Then the AOL article promotes the biggest lie of all to denigrate those who are against vaccines:

Preliminary data from several states has shown that over the past few months, 99.5% of the people who have died from COVID were unvaccinated.

This idea comes from skewed, selective data designed to reach a pre-determined conclusion labeling the unvaxxed as vulnerable. They are not. As the say in statistics, “Garbage in, garbage out.” Those that take the jab are the ones having health problems. Notice how Hannity builds on the lie by misconstruing and downplaying the issue of vaccine damage:

There are people too, very rare cases, but they are out there, where people have serious underlying health conditions that can be aggravated by the vaccine.”

That’s a clear case of distortion and disinformation—to imply that vaccines only damage people with serious underlying conditions. No sir… the record shows vaccines are killing normal people with no underlying health issues—thousands of them.

Here a 30 minute video catalog of documented stories of people dying from vaccines. None are old and chronically ill. This is valuable to show friends and family (if they are at all open) about how dangerous these vaccines are.

Nearly all of the UK’s pandemic restrictions were lifted on Monday, with a notable exception of travelers to England from France by air or rail that must still continue to quarantine upon their arrival, even if they are fully vaccinated. But the Brit’s return to freedom won’t last for long before the “new variants” shut things down again. In the EU, it’s all about the Beta variant from S. Africa, not the Delta variant being foisted on Americans.

France is going the opposite way of England with huge restrictions and the threat of stiff fines. President Macron imposed a health pass will be required in venues including cinemas, bars, restaurants, hospitals and long-distance train and planes, a decision that led to massive protests. Thousands of riot police have put down their riot shields and joined the demonstrations demanding an end to restrictions.

But globalist president Macron is immune to demonstrations—except that he drastically reduced the threatened fines to $1500 Euros from $45,000 for businesses refusing to enforce the restrictions on clients, and declared a non-specific grace period. Sadly, only a small percentage of French people are protesting—a little more than 100k. The rest of the uninformed have rushed to get vaccinated, over 880,000 in one day, lost in the false hope that if they comply, their lives will continue as normal. They won’t, especially if they get hit with permanent vaccine damage.

These are the 12 US states and all US territories that still maintain mask mandates—all but one led by Democrats: California, Connecticut, Hawaii, Illinois, Nevada, New Mexico, New York, Oregon, Rhode Island, Virginia, Washington, and West Virginia (Republican Gov).


Dave Martin, Phd, CEO of M-Cam, and an expert on patent investigations continued to release dramatic information this week on the Stew Peters show. The first 10 min contain the essentials and here is my summary:

In reviewing all 4000 Covid related patent filings, he said, In March 2020, 4 failed patent applications were amended to include discussion of “accidental or deliberate release.” to begin the process of a Covid vaccine development.

When you inject a known toxin you are actually injecting an agent of death. They KNOW this. Pfizer even admits they have an “acceptable death rate.”

This is where the RNA story falls apart: People think that a piece of the Sars Covid2 virus has been turned into a vaccine. -Not true. It was a computer generated viral code they worked with, uploaded by the Chinese in January 2020, and given to Moderna. The mRNA produces the S-spike protein synthesis (a pathogen stimulant), not the actual virus, to stimulate an immune response. It’s the spike protein created by the mRNA that is causing all the damage.

Stew Peters then talked with Dr. Ruby again, who showed microscopic scans of blood samples taking from vaccinated and compared with unvaccinated. The blood from vaxxed show blood clumping and tubular like structures. Health writer Bill Sardi writes this week about “Jab Remorse” and the damage Spike proteins created by the vaccine cause relative to blood clots—not the big ones which are visible but the microscopic ones which combine to eventually form larger clots.

Immediately following vaccination trillions of gene packages will be released from the deltoid muscle where the vaccine needle entered your arm, and will end up wreaking havoc in your blood vessels.

Canadian cardiologist Dr. Charles Hoffe explains the blood clotting threat these vaccines pose: “The blood clots we hear about which the media claim are very rare are the big blood clots which are the ones that cause strokes and show up on CT scans, MRI, etc. The clots I’m talking about are microscopic and too small to find on any scan. They can thus only be detected using the D-dimer test.”

More than half of Dr. Hoffe’s patients had abnormal D-dimer tests after an COVID-19 RNA shot. A D-dimer test measures the amount of degraded fibrin in the blood, that along with blood platelets, seals wounds.

Dr. Hoffe warns these micro-clots harm tissues in the brain, lungs, spinal cord and heart, tissues and organs that cannot not regenerate. Permanent damage results.

Dr. Hoffe (paraphrased): “When the COVID-vaccine is injected into your arm, we now know that only 25% stays in your arm (deltoid muscle) and the other 75% is literally collected by the lymphatic system and fed into the blood circulation. These packages of messenger RNA, in a single dose of Moderna vaccine, for example, there are 40 trillion of these messenger RNA packages injected into your system. These particles absorb into blood capillaries. (Capillaries are the connectors between the arteries and the veins….)

The body detects these gene packages which enter the cells and each gene can generate spike proteins. Your blood vessel system is abnormally turned into a spike protein-making factory. Your body recognizes these spike proteins as foreign and makes antibodies against them. Spike protein then permanently becomes part of the cell wall that lines your blood vessels (called the vascular endothelium).

These spiky proteins stick out, white blood cells (lymphocytes) and antibodies arrive which then attracts blood platelets to form a clot around them.

These spike proteins can be revealed by a D—dimer test which will reveal these micro-clots. The D-dimer test only reveals recently-formed micro-clots.

Critics say clots are rare among post-vaccine patients, but those are the large clots that result in strokes and heart attacks. According to Dr. Hoffe, a D-dimer test within 4-7 days of vaccination shows 62% of RNA-vaccine immunized patients have an abnormal D-dimer test. These patients become breathless easily.

This is of terrifying concern. The worst is yet to come says Dr. Hoffe. The damage will be cumulative with each shot. Revaccination becomes potentially life threatening.

This may explain why so many people feel nervous about going back for the second shot. Conscience is warning them not to with subtle nervous feelings.

Covid News Shorts

There is a European Study out that has calculated that the blood clot risk to 18-39 year olds from the AstraZeneca vaccine is twice as high as the risk of dying from Covid.

How to respond to Covid “Strike Forces” at your door. You have to be careful not to engage these volunteers in any meaningful conversation. If they can justify it, they will report your house address to government health departments as “unvaxxed” if you tell them that, or if they suspect it. As soon as they announce who they are, without letting them get to any questions, just say, “I’m sorry but I’m too busy right now to talk,” and close the door. Don’t make any statements about vaccines or appear hostile to them. Don’t lie and say you’ve had the vaccination—that will invite them to respond with more questions about where or when. If they ring again, don’t answer. The will just leave a tag on your doorknob inviting you to get vaccinated.

EU Vaccine Deaths May be Higher than in USA. [Natural News] The EU reported 17,503 DEAD, and 1.7 million injured (50% seriously) as reported in European Union’s database of adverse drug reactions for all of the COVID-19 shots.

22 Responses

  1. William C says:

    I am not trying to state a conspiracy theory, but in order for the leftist to maintain control of election in 2022 there has to be a rise in Covid. Otherwise, the people will be allowed to vote at the booth. With a rise in Covid this allows mail in ballots as in 2020.

    Also I never received the injection and I never will. I practice diligent hygiene by washing my hands and using IPA to disinfect before and after I enter a public place. I don’t eat out in public restaurants and I always wear my mask in public places. My reasoning for refusing the injection is that there is not significant or long term data that shows what impact this vaccine has on the body? Also if those who are vaccinated and still get sick, I have to assume that they also are able to transmit the virus? So what’s the point in being vaccinated? Other than the media informs us that the vaccinated person will have less symptoms. I will stay with taking Vitamin K, D3 and zinc along with turmeric and vitamin C.

    • It’s not really about an election at this point. As we saw elections, at least at the federal level don’t really mean anything other than to give people the illusion of having a choice. You might have noticed that Trump and the republicans are all for the “vaccine” jab… Trump and his operation warp speed was what allowed this “vaccine” to be rolled out in four months and he was talking about getting the military ready to give it to everyone.

      • lance spencer says:

        Great article M.D. You’re so right, heard Mitch say this week that everyone should get the shot to avoid a lockdown

      • Suzanna says:

        TY for this compilation of data and links.
        I agree that federal level elections are but a ritual exercise,
        and the house and senate leaders are career politicians, that are in
        position year after year/term after term and there is no forward progress.
        Indeed, Trump spoke of the brilliant vaccine producers working tirelessly
        to save us and our wonderful freedoms by defeating the killer rona plague. We had high confidence in Trump, and his patriotic speeches inspired us to trust the man,
        but it was for naught. mRNA formulas and DNA formulas creating change and causing
        irreparable harm to humans is a threat and a curse. And now those that refuse the jab
        will become enemies of the state. Christians will be punished because the proposed
        restrictions on basic rights rest on compliance. Yet, it resembles “mark of the beast”
        compliance, and many will be restricted from basic commerce. Oh well. Some will
        refuse, no matter what the restrictions, and cope somehow. Trust God. If we are killed, or starved and tortured, so be it. Not fun, very sad, but so it goes. The greed for endless $ and power over others (more $) strikes me as pathological and the casual ease of killing people is just evil.

  2. Oren says:

    Sorry folks. This is one household that will not suck it’s head in like a turtle, lock the doors and only go out if I have a mask on. I typically stay close to home anyway considering I have a large garden to tend and a flock of chickens and guineas. I will be seen going to the feed and seed store. I will be seen going to both Lowe’s and the grocery store not to mention the filling station. If I decide to go to church, you can bet I will go. I will never succumb to carrying a vax passport. If for some unknown reason I do catch a virus, I’ll treat it at home and if my God decides it’s my time, I’ll die at home. So the federal Nazis can just kiss it.

  3. Dennis De Long says:

    A giant THANK YOU M.D. for this article. It gives me facts to underscore my bad feelings about this jab. My wife has had many of the mentioned symptoms mentioned, including shortness of breath and other “something’s not right” feelings since getting both Pfizer jabs . We have a pact, that one of us will survive, as long as I don’t take the jab.I’ll be gentlemanly about it, everyone can take it before me, I will be the LAST US citizen to take it. that’s not going to happen, is it?
    Keep up the good work, M.D. from your near neighbor in north Alabama.

  4. Don M says:

    My wife and I are just coming through a delta variant infection we got from an asymptotic (fully vaccinated) friend. We are not vaxd. Watch taking this delta variant lightly. It was two weeks of hell. The sickest we’ve ever been. We’re both very healthy people, but it was a sledgehammer. Our primary Dr would not prescribe ANY therapeutics even though there’s lots of evidence for their effectiveness. We had to find an online Dr and got the appropriate drugs. Traditional medicine is pretty much “if you didn’t get vaccinated, you’re screwed”. He’s not my doctor anymore. I think getting therapeutics early on may have been a lifesaver. We’ll enjoy our natural immunity now, but it was NOT something to mess with.

    • Everyone who I’ve been in contact with has said it was nothing. Like a cold or allergies. Sorry that you had a rough time. Do they have a test for a “delta variant”? How do they determine what “variant” it is because a PCR test isn’t going to do that.

      • Don M says:

        We were in a hot spot for delta (St Louis area) and with delta you don’t (usually) lose your taste and smell and you add in gastrointestinal issues which is not as common with the original Covid. So from location and symptom list, the Dr said delta. You do a good job MD. Love your updates on YT. Keep it up…

        • There isn’t any delta or covid-19 in my opinion. It’s all bullshit media and political hype to convince people to roll up their sleeves. And the doctors are going along with it because it’s profitable, and for the fact that if they go against it or tell the truth they will lose their medical license.

    • You can buy ivermectin online or in stores as Duramectin Horse Paste. But first you need to learn how to use it properly for your intended purpose. The supplements NAC, zinc, iodine, vitamin D, vitamin C, quercetin, panax ginseng, elderberry, vitamin K2 MK-7 and others can help a lot with infections from these type of viruses. For example, in peer reviewed studies with NAC at least 75% of those exposed to the FLU virus had no symptoms. But you need to research how to use these properly and be sure they don`t interact negatively with your medications. Some may be allergic to or sensitive to certain supplements like iodine or ginseng. Get your doctor to check your vitamin D level.

  5. Sue W. says:

    Thanks for posting this excellent article. The author jam packed it with great information that I’ll be using as I try to wake people up. It boggles the mind at how few people understand how they’re being lied to to promote “The Great Reset.” Everybody I talk to has no clue who Klaus Schwab is or what he and his cabal are trying to do. People need to know so they can put the puzzle pieces together. Without that info, nothing makes sense. Thanks for spreading the truth. I know it’s hard to do with all of the censorship on YouTube. I appreciate your videos and subscribe to your channel.

  6. Chloe in Maine says:

    I’m living with a younger couple (that I brought together) and their adolescent children, 5yrs, 3yrs and 18 months. This family treats me like I was of their blood insisting I move in with them last years after a third time of health issues in 4 years.
    We turned the year with a push to get vaccinated. This couple does not want the shot and will hold out until the Gov forces it to happen.
    I work in a healthcare setting and although we are not required to get vaccinated, those that haven’t are forced to wear double masks, goggles and get tested weekly. If you can’t get fitted into an N95 mask you have to wear what resembles a HazMat hood and breathing apparatus.
    Anyway, with all the talk 5/6 months ago about they were going to segregate the nation by creating a vaccine passport in order for people to get everyday necessities, I made a decision. If a passport was to come through, somebody here on the farm had to have one. I’m 20 years older than this couple so, I got the shot, the J&J shot. At the time they said it was the safest with no adverse side effects.
    That same week I got sick and they reported how people started having complications.
    Now since having the shot, when I cough, I hack up thick dense white phlegm every time, and I do mean EVERY TIME. I feel pressure on my chest often throughout the day like someone pushing against me. It got so bad I went the the hospital.
    The doctor said they can’t find anything on the xrays or CT Scan.

    In 1986 I got a flu shot and was sick the whole winter, said never again. This year was the first shot since and I feel like CRAP.
    8 weeks ago my older sister got her second shot of the pfizer vaccine. 2 weeks ago I found her dead in her home. I believe the second shot is what did her in.

    The family is safe for now … and there will be no shots for anyone of them, and if I live through this winter, me neither, NOT EVER as long as we can fight.

    • Chloe in Maine says:

      Wow… somehow my thoughts and fingers didn’t connect. To be clear the paragraph should have read;
      This family treats me like I was of their blood. They were insisting I move in with them last year after a third time of health issues in 4 years. (hernia, misdiagnosis of IBS and gallbladder surgery). I sold my house and moved in last August.

    • I’m not a doctor but it sounds like blood clots in the small arteries.

  7. KeithB says:

    One cause of the common cold is a variant of coronavirus. I expect that the Covid19 variant will eventually cause symptoms like the common cold. All viruses that have caused pandemics throughout history are still with us, viruses mutate to become less lethal and our immune systems adapt to combat the viruses. If a virus is really lethal it cannot last long, as a virus requires a living host. If the virus kills the host it dies.

    The Delta variant appears to be less lethal than the original variant. Positive tests are up, but deaths haven’t proportionally increased. The info at Worldometers shows 151 covid deaths in the US yesterday. The numbers don’t warrant the overreactions from Fauci and his political acolytes.

    There hasn’t been a single death of a healthy child under 12 since the pandemic began, according to some sources. It’s hard to justify masking a two year old with those kind of numbers.

    • The “positive tests” mean nothing. The PCR isn’t a test and was never meant to be used as a test and that “test” however, it is what this whole “pandemic” has been based on. As for the so called Delta variant… do they have a test for that? Of course not. It’s all manipulated numbers, tests that aren’t really tests, media hype and fear mongering, and government overreach. All to transfer wealth, shutdown small business, inject a bio-weapon for depopulation, and to bring in a global government. As for the deaths… anyone who takes a “test” and it comes back “positive” and then if that person dies from anything within 30 days of taking said “test” is counted as a covid death and added to the number. NO MATTER WHAT THE ACTUAL CAUSE OF DEATH WAS!

      • KeithB says:

        MD, news coming out in the last 24-48 hours is that the CDC is withdrawing the emergency use authorization request for the PCR real time test. They cite false positives, false negatives and the test not being able to differentiate influenza and covid. Most of the mainstream media isn’t reporting this info, but it is on the CDC site.

        Interesting thing I came across today is the CDC only listed the numbers of vaccinated people who got covid from January to April. They aren’t making numbers from May 1 and beyond public. Something to hide?

        • KeithB,

          Yes, they stopped counting the “vaccinated” who “test” positive and those who are hospitalized or dead because they want it to appear that the shots are working and that the problem is the “un-vaccinated”. Like from day one it’s all manipulation and lies.

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