What did you do to prep this week

Good morning (or evening, or whenever you’re reading this), I hope that you all have had a great week and used the time for good instead of evil, I say that because, well no doubt at least a couple of you are probably planning on taking over the world and enslaving the human population or something like that…

Anyway, all joking aside I hope that everyone got something done this week and yes, even small things count. The key to moving forward in any endeavor is to be taking steps in the right direction and not sitting still or even worse than that… going backward…

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Okay, now let me see… what did I do to prep this week… well, besides the usual stuff that no one wants to hear about like feeding animals, mowing the grass and other mundane chores, read a book… Prepper’s Total Grid Failure Handbook: Alternative Power, Energy Storage, Low Voltage Appliances and Other Lifesaving Strategies for Self-Sufficient Living.

It’s a good book, however, it’s already becoming outdated because of all the new products that are becoming available, but then most books that recommends certain products will quickly become outdated as new products come on the market.

I also took the Ruger PC 9 shooting and I have to say IT IS AWESOME! If you own a Glock 9mm (17, 19, 19X, 34) then you need the Ruger PC9! It’s an excellent companion to your handgun because it uses the same ammo and magazines.

Well, that’s it for me this week… what about you? What did you do to prep this week?

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  1. Bought 4 replacement Presto canner rings with pop valves, just in case items like this become scarce. We’re looking for a 2nd used one, not that I think they’re so wonderful but when full they’re definitely lighter to shift around than the All American.

    Rented a big carpet cleaner unit and did all our rugs. With pets around and good hardwood floors, it’s healthier to keep rugs clean. Bought mortar caulk and did some minor repairs to outdoor stairs, porches, and garage doorways to prevent further damage by rain. But I somehow trapped a resident garden snake inside so we’re on the search so snakey can find new accomodations outside.

    Our garden rat problem seems to be solved by a feral cat that’s taken up temporary residence. My cats are strictly indoor moggies so it’s not a problem. Finished laying patio slabs and set up a 4th compost bin.

    One of our new hives is doing gung ho and is stuffed with honey and brood so we bought a new queen Friday and will split that hive a little. We also got the mite strips and various meds for the bees to ensure good health, and I bought myself a pair of long bee gloves. I’ve borrowed my friend’s 2 frame spinner and we’ll be doing honey very soon.

    Canned 9 more pints of carrots, 12 qts of peaches and 18-1/2 qts of sweet potato-carrot soup.

    At the stores, I got two half gallon Mason jars, a dozen pint honey jars, another dozen quart Mason jars, 5 lbs pickling salt, 5 lbs cornstarch, mac cheese powder, bay leaves and more spices to vac seal.

  2. Hi, we are about 5 hours in front of you here in UK. I always like to read how your work on homestead is going, what you’ve brought, made or prepared. It gives me a bit more of an impetus. Our weather has taken a change from the hot dry spell to windy with quite heavy showers of rain. Work on allotment has slowed due to weather, winter crops of cabbage, sprouts, leeks, late onions doing ok. Prep work for next year on going

  3. Please pray for another family who lost an unborn baby. I can also use your prayers. I am seeing a specialist for my eye, and I’m at risk of a retinal tear. The doctor is monitoring me frequently in hopes of repairing it before the damage is so bad that it requires surgery.

    When times are good, God is good. When times are challenging, God is still good.

    Be prepared. Stay safe. He’s in charge.

    • Prepared Grammy, We certainly empathise with the family you mentioned. My first beautiful bride miscarried at an early stage. We had our brood of three to comfort us and Susan handled it well. It was not long after that Susan had her first breast cancer diagnosis. I often wonder all these years later how I would have done if she had not beaten cancer and we had the gift of 16 more years together. Yes, we will hold you up before the throne for your eyes. Good eyesight is a gift we should all protect.

    • I hope your eye gets better – eye problems are very painful. My heart hurts over the news of the baby. I have said a payer for the family. You take care of yourself.

  4. No real progress this week as I am pushing some work related deadlines . The class we taught Tuesday night went well . It was on making teas from wild herbs.

  5. PG,Prayers going up for you and the family that lost a baby.

    Funny how God and good are almost spelled the same and demons and democratics are almost spelled the same……

    • Thank you. They’re the fourth family in less than two months who’ve lost a baby. Two of these families lost babies at about 21-22 weeks along. It’s sad to see how their hearts are broken. I’ve been fixing food for them. I’m glad that today’s meal that I’m fixing is going to a family who just gave birth to a healthy baby boy.

  6. Puppy can run really fast. I taught him a new command and all I have to do is point. Good boy…….Caught Frisbee yesterday and had a cookout with puppy. He loves Nathan hotdogs.

    Bought water
    Bought a propane tank
    Bought a new battery for the tractor.

    Cut a half cord of firewood.
    Filled up the BOV

    Wife and son both had doctor appointments.

    Asking for prayers for my dear wife as she could have cancer.

    • Hoping that it’s just a misdiagnosis, but prayers done anyway.

    • Praying for a good report at the doctor and for peace and comfort as you wait for test results.

    • Thanks all for prayers.

      Now for a weekly rant….

      1) How can any company make a policy that violates the Constitution ?

      This would be like saying its OK to rape or kill someone at my company because we have a policy saying its OK. Nope its breaking the law !!!
      Banning someone from you tube, Twitter, ect. For exercising their first amendment is illegal.

      2) I’m buying a bunch of plastic straws…..they want to ban these….why ?
      Are people littering ? Are they toxic ? With all the problems in the world this takes priority ??? LOL

      Sorry but I feel a little better now. LOL

      • MasterSergeantUASF

        Just FYI. The Constitution is only protection from Government entities, Federal, State, Local….not from private corporations. Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, etc. have no requirement to allow you to say anything you want. When people sign on to these social medias, they agree to a EULA, and End User License Agreement which basically says ‘these are rules of this media, you don’t get to say anything you want, and any thing you do say becomes property of ours’. Also, the U.S. Constitution only applies to people inside U.S. borders. Does not protect you in other countries.

    • Thor1 Yes, for sure we will hold up your bride in prayer. I know all too well the devastation cancer will cause to all members of the family. I mentioned in a post above how my first wonderful bride Susan was first diagnosed with breast cancer. She was very young then and we had a toddler in addition to our two older children. She beat cancer with a superior diet and with excellent care we were blessed with 16 more years together. Still, there is no denying the toll the disease took on the family. Today, I am blessed with a beautiful young wife who brought three great kids to our marriage two years ago. It is good for me here in the Philippines and yet I will never be over or forget my first bride Susan.

    • Prayers for your wife. Hope this is a false positive for her. My prayers are with her regardless.

    • Praying for your wife.

  7. Continued moving preps to a different location in the “basement”. Cleared the last 7 pallets of stuff from the “build” area. It will be 3+ weeks before we can get the work actually done, but I at least have the area cleared and the funds ready.

    DW did up the free apples. 3 sets of apples into the crock pots for apple butter, then into ½ pint jars (13)!

    Financial: Got my S&W rebate. Submitted on the 9th (on line), got in the mail on the 20th! Fastest I’ve ever gotten a manufacturer’s rebate.

    Gun Stuff: 9mm practice fodder (Federal brass 100 round box currently cheaper than aluminum), parts for 22 WMR rifle arrived.

    • JP sounds like fun! Do the neighbours hear any noise while that area is built or notice extra soil being deposited outside ?

      I have a crawl space only (field stone and backfilled gravel / sand underneath a part of our house (14×26) that I would like to excavate and insulate/heat better but habe mo practical way to move the fill out.

      Is there another way to do it except with buckets and passing out the window ?

      • we used to use a corncob elevator to move the dirt out of the area being dug out. The kind of elevator that was used when farmers picked and stored corn on the cob. We would wear it out after about 2 basements but they were all over the country not being used then.

      • Cadnate:

        We really didn;t do any digging (yet). It’s “full sized” just smaller than the foundation. We had a bunch of stuff that we have been putting on pallets to keep if off the dirt. Now we will have a slightly raised floor and some better shelving. Hopefully once we get everything moved back in, we will have some room to add some more items that we are lacking now; just no place left to put stuff.

      • When we sand blasted a 42ft diameter aboveground gasoline storage tank, it only had a 24″ manhole for access. After the sand blasting we had to remove the black sand. We bought a childs wagon and tied ropes to both ends. Fill the wagon, signal outside person to pull out wagon and empty it. We would then pull wagon back to our position and fill again. Repeat, repeat.repeat. If you have a walkout basement and a helper, this may help. At least saving walking back and forth and carrying heavy buckets.

        • captainK:

          Just to be clear, the digginh, except for some minor clean up, was already done when we moved in. We are covering the dirt walls and adding some raised flooring. It will keep down the dust and dirt, and provide a safer, stabler so storage space.

  8. Prayers for PG and Thor1’s wife.
    MD, doing the mundane maintenance around the homestead may be the hardest past.
    I dehydrated okra and cayenne peppers and have more to dehydrate this weekend. Bought another pack of mushrooms to dehydrate.
    Bought a gallon of vinegar to replace an empty.
    I harvested 9 Seminole pumpkins because something has eaten about 6 of them. Some of the stems were still not brown but it was the critters or me. They just won’t store as long but that’s ok. I will just keep an eye on them and cook, run through the processor and freeze. There are still some setting fruit so I may get more before frost which is usually not until mid-November.
    I raked up mowed Bahia grass (hay) from the yard and have been mulching garden beds. It rained for a week and finally had a couple of dry days.
    I have lost 40 pounds and finally went to the uniform store and ordered a couple of new uniforms before my old ones fell off of me. LOL I have 15 pounds to go before I reach my Weight Watcher target weight.

    • Weight loss can be a life long struggle. About 20 years ago I loss 80 pounds with Weight Watchers. Then over the course of about 15 years managed to put most of it back on. For the last 5 years I have managed to take off about a 3rd of the weight with cutting back on sugars and going to the “Y” 5 times a week. Hard work and good luck to you.

  9. Canning and dehydrating is ongoing. Bought more fur baby food and sugar along with regular rotations. DH has been doing a good bit of yard work that’s been adding extra mulch to the garden – great for weed reduction and next year’s soil. Gotta bake him some more cookies. Planning to plant some fall garden items next weekend. Did some side work this week so will have a little extra cash flow next week and made a good connection for possible additional work.

    Prayers for all in need – especially Mrs Thor and those requests from PG.

    • Also was gifted 13 boxes of mason jars and found 27 more jars at the flea market for 50 cents each.

      • Very nice gift.

        • Agreed. One box is 1-1/2 pint wide mouth jars that I will pass along to my pickle making daughter.

          • GA Red-
            Those 1 and 1/2 pints are hard to find but perfect for pickles. Need to hit the yard sales because I am about out of jars.

            • Moe – I told my daughter that those are the kind of jars that you put things in that you DON’T give away. LOL As far as I can see, they don’t even make that size anymore.

              • Walmart has them on line for about $11.

                • Larry – I looked after I saw your reply. They have pints, quarts, half gallons and half pints, but I did not see any pint & a half sized jars in wide mouth. Will you post a link for that specific size?

  10. Physical Therapy is going great. Best thing I could have done to improve my physical mobility, strength, endurance, and balance. I highly recommend PT done in a pool. I tried PT following the rear end accident 5 years ago to no avail. Permanent injuries and constant headache from whiplash. Less than 20% mobility in head movement. Head movement is now 75-80%!!!

    I signed a contract with a fitness group that has a pool and a Jacuzzi so I can maintain and increase the changes made. The therapist has introduced me to weights in the pool. Fantastic improvements!

    Now for house prepping. Still canning and dehydrating. Storage space is an issue. That will be less of an issue when DGD moves into her renovated mobile home. Should be in a month.

    God bless all in need.

    • Docj:

      Glad the PT is going well. I have heard a pool is key for some types of rehab. Glad you have access.

  11. I think I was a slacker this week! Thinking back over it, I only dehydrated some sliced figs, and worked on a quilt. Sales of soap and milk were pretty good though, and I got a large wholesale soap order from a friend who will be selling it in the north part of our state in October. Works for me!

  12. I will have to say nothing no shopping for foods, I did start doing deep cleaning in my house, going room by room, purging stuff from each room I have three bags of extras that will go to donations this next week. I did shop on line for my son school starts, next week so mainly I’ve been getting everyone back to bed on time… Now that fall is in the air the yardwork, is getting done mowed the yellow flowers, that pop up everywhere, cut down my butterfly bush, this plant is going to get taken out it’s to much of a chore for me. Saving coffee and tea grounds to make another food plant tea… Time to dump all my pots of dead and dying plants, just getting ready for winter, it will be here very soon the rain is coming back to the PNW, I am hoping we still get a few more days of sun and warmth. Our neighbor finally caught all the cats and kittens, and had them all snipped and shots given they returned the mom, not sure about the dad, yet the kittens they need more social time with humans but at least no more babies. I still want to work on our other property, we had to stop LIFE, is getting in the way some weeks we are way to busy then others. So lots of doing just not spending right now which is great for my pocketbook.

  13. M.B.
    Have you heard from Penrod? I know the weather hit on the Islands. just worrying
    Canned 100 quarts of beans, lots of carrots, and beets. I know that’s alot for one person, but have family close that might need it. I hope by the end of October I will have every thing full and feel safe. Freezers are full too.

  14. Failure forces improvement

    During our week of local flooding here on Luzon, we had time with the kids as they were off from school. In addition to the mini-people cooking the same meals that are in their EDC school bags, we also practised various skill sets. We had a failure. I purchased a few magnesium bars from Tactical Asia. These are, I am sure, the same knock-offs of a DOAN that may be purchased at places like Tractor Supply and Wally World back in the states. Some of these bars are known to be worthless (more aluminium, little magnesium) and a few will get you by. What we learned was our 10-year-old, Icay (Veronica Wrain) could NOT scrape any magnesium off the bar nor could she make a spark with the ferrocerium rod. Her tiny hands simply did not have the strength needed. I tried it and without question, I had a difficult time using the included striker (short length of hacksaw blade). Veronica had better results with the back of an old pair of scissors. Andoy Our 12 Y/O) says “he prefers matches or butane lighter”, no surprise there!!! I will be making a good tool steel striker with wood grip and be purchasing much larger ferrocerium rods and again, adding good handles. That should solve the problem for both of the elder siblings.

    This part of the kit was ONLY intended as a back-up for use when everything is soaking wet. We have plenty of matches in waterproof cases and a couple butane lighters with the trigger locked by use of a small zip tie. If the school admin does see the lighters in the kids EDCs, they can not complain about it as they are secured with the zip ties until needed. We also packed small candles and cotton pads soaked in wax as fire-starting aids. Eldest son Andoy has a collapsible stainless steel wood gasifier and an ALOCS stove and pot stand in his bag with plenty of alcohol fuel. Veronica has a butane powered camp stove in her bag with fuel canisters Our little guy (five years old) carries only food, snacks and some bottled water. Christian also has a few small magnetic games and playing cards to entertain him through an event. At five, we feel he is too young to use fire or knives without very close adult supervision and should not be purifying his own water for safety reasons. He is learning fast, however! We feel our gang is now well prepared to cook emergency meals, gather and purify additional emergency water and rest comfortably with the gear they have in their individualized EDCs.

    May I say thank you to all of you on this forum for the many wonderful posts each week. We have to work with what is available here, not always exactly what we want. This group has been a help and an inspiration for us here in the Philippines. Hope you all stay safe and stay well.

    Maria and Jack in the Phils

  15. We’ve got the dehydator running again – tomatoes and herbs. We weed ate the yard for the final time and got rid of two ground bee nests, plus a few stings this week. Still waiting on door for new shower, hopefully Monday. Purging books slowly. Want to keep what is useful only as we have a community library that all could use in times of trouble. Just getting ready to make fig jam. Bought a few silver eagles from the site someone suggested here recently. Good price and fast service too. Reading a woman’s diary from 1901-1913. Ouch, life was hard. There was always so much work to do by hand – sewing, washing, cooking! All day every day.
    Prayers for the Pack, our country, schools, parents and our president. God help us all.

    • AF, I read somewhere that if we had to work as hard as the people from the 1800’s and early 1900’s did, that we’d never make it. They knew the true meaning of hard work and loss, which is why in pictures they almost never smiled because there wasn’t time to enjoy anything. PTL we have it so much easier even though we think we’re working very hard.

      • My mom, found a picture of her grandmother and grandfather, they lived into their late 80’s they both looked so tired. Even though most of us are tired we have it way easier then our grandparents and great grandparents. We have dishwasher, washer, dryer’s, stoves that just turn on and oh my refrigerator, to keep our food. Plus grocery store, oh goodness we have it very good…

    • What is the name of that book? I love reading about that era. It is actually a prep for me in mindset and using natural resources. I just finished a 3 book series starting with “The Diary of Sarah Agnes Prine”. It takes place in southern Arizona and surely makes me grateful for running water and my auto washing machine. These books will stay in my prepper library along with a marvelous series by Lauraine Snelling beginning with “An untamed land”. That one starts in Norway and ends up in North Dakota.

  16. Hi MD that bench is looking mighty tidy! Nicely done, I find after organizing and tidying like that I get much more done and investing in your productivity and capacity ends up leaving you feeling more peaceful as various projects are not sitting around.

    Now I need to go do the same!

    I did get the concrete in garage replaced and the foundation repaired so I can roll my projects in and out better.

    Doing lots of research on improving our rural property (got back issues of back home magazine and I Mother Earth).

    Had argument with someone I respect that wet stacking in diesel motors DOES exist (they didn’t understand why I had done a top-end refurbish to decarbonize) they had never heard of it.

  17. It’s been a while since I checked in. All is OK here after the hurricane scare.

    I had a heart attack in early July, which ended up as a best case scenario: no damage to the heart. A blood clot got loose and landed in a small artery at the bottom of my heart. I was feeling funny and chewed an aspirin, then, when I had multiple symptoms, odd feeling under the sternum, sweats, light headed, we went to the ER where I had absolutely great treatment. So now I’m on heavy duty blood thinners for a year, but all docs involved say another is highly unlikely. So everything is good on that front.

    Then the hurricane approached and got everybody’s attention.

    We reviewed our preps as it got closer, topped off bottled water and batteries, added a few Bics, picked up the yard stuff so it wouldn’t blow around, but basically could have gotten through OK without the topping off.

    EXCEPT: as with so very many of the houses in Hawaii, ours would have blown away ina direct hit. Poorly constructed under the pre-1970s code, huge south facing roof over the lanai and carport. We added Simpson StrongTies years ago, but nothing wood holds up to Cat 5 winds.

    Long story short: we prepared to evacuate to a friend’s concrete condo, but didn’t need to. It was a big sweat until last night -Friday- when wind shear took the top off the storm and it collapsed.

    The Big Island got nailed,especially with flooding, some other areas as well, but all together the state lucked out in a big way. We could have had the rain, but 150 mph winds to boot.

    • Sorry to hear you had a health scare. Glad to hear you are back kicking butts.

    • Good to hear from you Penrod. Several folks have been wondering about you and yours, myself included.

    • I’m glad to hear that you’ve come through your health problems and the storm.

    • Penrod:

      Glad you are okay. Somethings can just be a warning order that you need to change something.

      I commented earlier that I was on Oahu for Iniki (sp?) in the 90’s. I worried about some of those older houses close to us if things had gone bad.

      • These old houses would fly away in a direct hit, JP. According to the architecture people we talked with, there just wouldn’t be anything left but driveways and snapped off water laterals.

        That is the biggest single reason we don’t prep even more: whatever one leaves behind when bugging out to a concrete shelter will likely be lost to the storm. Even our 55 gallon water barrel would likely either be crushed, or fly away. Or both. Otherwise we’d have three of them as they aren’t all that expensive.

        Instead we have some five gallon jugs we can take with us, and water filters and bleach to disinfect our neighbor’s pool water. Anyway, we figure we are adequately prepared for well over a month, and if things are neither back to an adequate supply line nor can evacuate to the Mainland by then…well, that is just in the Not Likely Enough To Worry About Category. We are satisfied that we have achieved adequacy for our purposes. We can have fun tinkering around the edges, but the big stuff is done.

    • Penrod, good to hear you made it through everything. You need to get out of there ASAP…….

    • Penrod,
      Glad you are doing better. Had not heard in a very long time and you were one MIA that had been named on the boards recently.
      Did the Dr determine what caused your bloodclot? Hoping it can be mitigated. The blood thinners add a whole new area to prepping for us. DH has a rare clotting disorder we found when his A- fib caused clots to pass thru lungs… a really scarey thing for clots to be forming. Vitamin K2 is the form of K that moves minerals in the body…( it does not cause thickening of the blood)

      • Hi Anonamo Also, I have been laying pretty low of late. What’s the term…ghosting? Just disappear. I’ve been pulling out of a lot of online forums as some were stressing more than I wanted. This is one of the good sites, tho.

        Clot: cause was not stated. Cardiologist did say my heart is actually in good shape for my age, with little obstruction. I just got ‘lucky’. And really lucky that I chewed an aspirin as soon as I had a weird feeling behind my sternum, and then got to the ER within a half hour of multiple symptoms. A lot of people wait around for hours not wanting to think it is a heart attack, and end up dying or having a lot of damage which wasn’t necessary. We have great health coverage through my DW, so knew it wouldn’t cost enough to worry about, but people without insurance, or have big deductibles….as I had before we married…well, I can understand why they might wait way too long.

    • Penrod:
      Adding prayers for your recovery to continued prayers for Mrs. Penrod’s recovery. When it rains it pours. Glad Lane was not worse case.

      • Thanks, Moe. Mrs. P is doing quite well after the rotator cuff surgery. She has full motion already and just needs to work on strength. Doc has been very happy with her progress.

    • Glad to know you got through both the weather and the health scare in good shape, Penrod. I checked in with a friend in Hilo (he owns the local radio stations) who said there were no fatalities on the Big Island, but a ridiculous amount of rain, 54″ or something like that. Crazy.

  18. Tryng to purge items that have no use to me as I may have to move much sooner than I had expected. Lots going on on that front and most of it not good.
    Delivered a bunch of school supplies to our local library to pay a small fine. Turned out it was only a $7 fine but got credit for $14 and paid less than $5 for that group of items. A win for everyone.

  19. We purchased another 3KW inverter generator.
    The chickens are now giving us about 7-8 eggs a day out of a flock of 11 hens
    Pears and apples are about ready to pick
    Got our 4 wheeler operational
    All the squash has come in and we are picking it
    Split some wood also that was about it for this week

  20. John McCain 111 has passed…….

  21. Preps are coming slowly and steadidly.
    Windows in to shop for repair before can be installed, to be ready this coming week.
    Canning of some meats and bone broth done with 100% seal rate, so trouble shooting issue was effective.
    Checked out a new to us store in larger city, away from our home base…an Aldi’s. was really impressed with the organic chips, eggs and milk prices. Bought a selection of their items to test for our family.
    Have developed plan to get fencing and other necessary work completed on house/property… .w/ our reduced capacity for doing the hard and heavier things.
    Got a puppy, border collie mix.
    Continue to work on family responsibilities project, at least one more week of heavy load..until I get a break. Physical limitations means more and lighter trips, which require more time.
    Prayers for the ones who ask and for those who have need but, do not ask.
    Keep on Keeping on, taking care of the thing you need -for your families…They depend on you and your independent thinking. Continue to teach them by your example.

  22. Gloria, we have mains water which is included in yearly cost of allotment. We don’t have electricity on the plots as it’s not needed

    • Nice to have the mains as some folk I know don’t have any and must cart water from home.

      • Gloria, forgot to mention size of allotment – 35 ft by 100ft very modest by American standards. The size does allow to grow a good range of vegetables all year round for wife and myself, any extra go to my son or neighbours. Most allotments here have water, as quite a few date from 1900s it was piped in at the same time water and sanitation was plumbed into local houses

  23. I joined a local gym and gun club. I installed my bow target and practiced a little this week. I organized my food stores and work bench. I also cleared a couple of paths through my property, cleared a few areas for hunting blinds and tree stands. I also found bear scat about 50 yards behind my house. Archery deer season starts in Michigan in about a month and small game starts in 2 weeks. I now carry a handgun when I take my walks through the woods. While moving from southern Michigan to central Michigan I lost 11 pounds and I trying to keep the weight off.

  24. Hi Everyone,

    I watching Medicine Woman/Man videos that Marjorie Wildcraft has on becoming your own medicine woman/man. Here’s the link to sign up. Today is the last day.


    • Also made an order for apples, pears, plums and garlic

      from https://bnf.iorderform.com/ a TN coop. Their stuff is really good, minimally spread, if sprayed at all.

      Worked yesterday, so will post after I finish watching Marjorie’s videos.

  25. Puppy likes helping me do lawn work…….LOL


  26. Had a wonderful time in Montana, sadly due to circumstances outside of my control I was unable to meet with some from here up there.

    I found out that I can swim! (capsized while kayaking a snow melt with fun rapids! and LOTS of nasty tree jams) body hurts but I feel great! Facing death always brings things back into VERY sharp focus!

    Preps- more fire extinguishers and water containers…all topped off and solid

    Kids are great I am sore wife is amazing

    • Jesse:

      Glad you made it home safe. Of course, the smoke is starting to dissipate with some light rain.

      • JP. Whew that is good. Apologies again regarding meeting, next time *next summer* I plan on driving up, may be buying a travel trailer so… I’ll make time for sure@ and I’ll have family with me@

        I am glad smoke is clearing though it made for some amazing sunsets!

    • What an exciting adventure! I’m glad it turned out well.

    • “Found out that I can swim” – Been there – Went backwards out of a raft on the Kennebec River in Maine when we hit some rapids. So damn glad I didn’t clunk my noggin on a rock!! Had to have some help getting back into the raft. For some odd reason, they tell you to sit on the edge of the raft, rather than down on the seat. DH was in Baghdad at the time. Not sure how I’d have explained it to him if I’d hit my head and croaked. (Well, I guess I wouldn’t have explained it to him, but my BFF would have had some ‘splainin’ to do, Lucy!). My advice – if you’re going whitewater rafting, sit on the seat!

      • Maine. Hahaha yes exactly I am a strong swimmer and do not panic – it changes nothing rivers do not follow our will!

    • Almost, John Mccain and his pals created the fantasy of iran/Persia being our enemy…they broke treaties and screwed them…most persians are not our enemy- of all the muslim nations it is actually the most stable and least likely to harm us…in fact all modern terrorism events have included saudi! *our ally* lmao

      I’m glad he is dead.

      That said. We have been in at war for 18 years now !

  27. MasterSergeantUASF

    Pulled a lower back/high butt muscle using improper lifting technique and now have has pressure on my sciatic nerve from the inflamed muscle. Spent 3 days on the sofa before I could walk again however, that gave me plenty of time for Amazon shopping. Put together a first-aid kit to accommodate 30 or more patients, including basic surgical and dental. Ordered/received a new weapon mounted light for the Kel-Tec PMR-30 I bought last week. I know it’s only a .22 magnum but the magazine holds 30 rounds of .22 magnum, and light as a feather. Found it brand new in the box with all tags still on it at a pawn shop.
    Saddens me that someone was forced to pawn it. Also picked up 400 rounds to go with it. Ordered a heavy duty inversion table hoping it will help out with my sciatic, I’m mobile now but still moving slow and am afraid to lift anything heavier than a pencil. Ordered/received another folding saw, two Cold Steel knives, Cold Steel chinese sword machete, 12,000 feet of commercial toilet paper (12x1000ft), the dvd 10 CLOVERFIELD LANE (it’s a disaster/prepper movie), two jumbo Texas fly swatters, Three 80# Vittles Vaults (awesome for airtight/watertight underground storage but I haven’t buried them yet), V-yoke rest mount for a $1 tripod I found at a garage sale (it’s a rifle rest now), also brought home from same garage sale a 1979 Ford pick-up long bed trailer conversion. I have always wanted a truck bed trailer but do not have the skill set to make my own. I have an extra truck bed that I’ll find some other use for now. And finally, because I can’t remember if I mentioned it before, I added two 330 gallon IBC totes to my water catchment to bring my total of available bathing/cooking water to 2640 gallons. Drinking water is separate. Everyone take care and keep your head on a swivel.

  28. Bought a Hi-Point (want to experiment with a truly affordable HG), got a new bike for my kid, did a lot of heavy thinking about why my garden didn’t work out so great this year.

  29. finally got a camp chef 2 burner camp stove to take our canning outside!! and it will be good for power outages this winter!!

  30. Apropos of absolutely nothing — We just had this for dinner:

    Original recipe: Wrap chicken breasts in bacon. Place in casserole dish. Mix a can of cream of something soup (I use celery because hubby doesn’t like mushroom) and a fairly equal amount of sour cream, and a good glug of dry sherry. Pour over chicken. Bake at 350 for 45 minutes. Serve with egg noodles and a veg.

    How I did it tonight: Cook noodles. Spray casserole dish with non-stick and put noodles in it. Top with pre-cooked Perdue chicken. Mix up sauce as above and put on top. Bake 30 min at 350. Serve topped with pre-cooked bacon and a side veg. Can’t really eat the bacon from the original recipe, which is just for flavor, so this give it a better bacon chew. You’re welcome. Sorry to be vague about proportions but “some” is how I cook a dish like this. About 3 handfuls of dry noodles, 1 package chicken, 1 can soup, a couple of good spoonfuls of sour cream (like maybe half of a pint container), a good glug of sherry (maybe 1/4 to 1/2 cup, depending on taste, enough to loosen the soup and sour cream so it gets saucy)

    Don’t get saucy with me, Bearnaise!

    • MaineBrain – I grew up eating baked chicken smothered in a can of Campbell’s Condensed Cream of _____(your choice) Soup. All we ever did was pour the soup over the chicken and bake it, then serve it with rice and peas, typically. We never added anything else. Comfort food.

  31. I have been off for a long while. But I’ve learned a very wise lesson. First everyday I walk a half mile to the mail box and back. My barn is 150 yards away from the house. So I do get exercise. Being a retired RN I know signs and symptoms but the last week of July I finally paid attention. While my husband is still recovering from a broken neck and back he spent some time with one of my horses, I was sweeping the car port. Was having jaw pain like a bad tooth ache. My left arm was numb and it felt like a elephant was sitting on my chest. Not really pain like we think a heart attack would feel like. How husband handled it shocked me. When I asked him to put horse back and dial 911. He called my daughter the trauma nurse after she screamed at him he called 911. Hour later since we are 48 miles from nearest hospital I was in a cath lab having stents put in my heart, then in my leg. All my preps now 2 years of food, access to water and self controlled electric plus 8 years of feeding wild life so access to deer meat would be easy. It’s all for my kids now. If they’d even make it to our place. With out the blood thinning medication I will die. With herbal medications I may keep living for a while but it’s a scary thought at best. My kids are out in the world and don’t have time to learn the skills I’ve learned. Now I’m nothing special but as a person who grew up on a farm and having a father who was a veterinarian I picked up a few things. At 14 I made a saddle in 4-H and tanned a deer hide by hand, not counting the years of medical training. Since a some of this training was during the Gulf wars I know I learned a lot of bullet recovery skills. Not counting the womanly skills food and food keeping and storage skills. Cleaning and drawing a turkey or a ow or pig.. making cottage cheese,butter, sauerkraut, beer, yes beer always a pitcher on the table good German family home made.heck when I was a teen I bring home different types of beer for my dad to try from the party I went to. My shift now is to put it down on paper. I had my post SHTF to being able to barter plowing a field with my horses or using a wagon to haul. While planning keep a secondary plan. A what if plan. Keep a book of out of the square ideas example using a paper or plastic cup to keep cut worms from killing your seedlings plants. Then if you can’t teach in person you knowledge can go forward.

    • Jeanne,
      Sorry for late comment, have been off line for almost 2 weeks. For your info and for others who may have similar issues.
      Newer research shows Vitamin K2 moves magnesium and other minerals that form deposits to their proper places..back to bones and out of arteries and blood vessels. Almost every person in our nation is deficient unless they supplement independent of diet. available at wal mart… cost=5$ a month. There is a whole group of K vitamins numbered one thru 8 last article i read on it. . ( K1 is the one that thickens the blood). Have a special interest in this. blood clots in lungs, a fib and Rare clotting disorder, and prior eye bleeds., dictate use of “rat poison” (as we commonly call his medication,) in our family.
      There are back ups to warfarin., and it has an antidote.
      Newer blood thinners have no antidote in this country. My Uncle had a bleed , was on “newer generation of thinners” ..had to have 6 units of PRBC’s..and gastric medications… never fully recovered. A few of new”thinner” meds have antidotes in Europe..but not approved for use here.
      There are natural blood thinners…ginger, garlic, hawthorn,ginko, cod liver oil, with vitamin E are among them. We use several of hese concurrently with aforementoned medication, Just keep the amount used constant so meds can be titrated to your use….
      Natural things like alpha lipoic acid(ALA) {relaxes blood vessels, and drops blood pressure.taken one time a day./also economical.} , and Serrapeptase:(scavenges old cells much like cordycepts) may help .
      go to site by holistic online health for info… to start own research.

  32. I do not get ANY notifications of posts or new weeks in prepping. Is there a new week for 1 Sept?

  33. What happen to this site, prepping for the week? I don’t see any new post after Sept. 3 rd.
    I’m missing everyone.

  34. I am too.

  35. I am too. I’ve gone to your website, MD, looking for the forum and have not found any new posts.