what is the most likely shtf even

What Did You Do To Prep This Week?

M.D. Creekmore Prep Week 33 Comments

what is the most likely shtf even

What’s going on guys (and ladies)? I hope you all had a great prepping week because of the fact that we will be needing those preps very soon. The shit will likely hit the fan next November after the presidential election results are in.

If Donald Trump wins then I see the Democrats going completely off the rales. Yes, they are already crazy, however, if they lose and know that they have four more years of Donald Trump as their president I see many taking to the streets and massive riots taking place in urban areas in blue states.  

And the democrats manage to rig the election enough to win I see them trying what they are trying right now in Virginia on a nationwide scale. Either way, it won’t be good and could have a domino effect that leads all of the way to a breakup of the United States.

And there are all of those international tensions, and then there is the 100% chance that we will be hit by a deadly pandemic that could kill hundreds of millions. And, let’s not forget about that little bitty $22.5 trillion U.S. national debt and the other $13.86 trillion in personal debt. That’s a lot of debt! I don’t know the exact date that it will POP but it will pop. 

And even though we don’t hear as much about it as we once did there is still the possibility of an EMP attack that could knock out the power grid for months or even years. And then there are cyberattacks that could shut-down the world as we know it.

Things are not looking good. The people who stopped prepping after Donald Trump was sworn into office are stupid and deserve what they get. I’m sick of worrying about the people who stopped prepping. That was their decision and what happens then and their families is on their shoulders, not mine.

I’m still here providing free information to anyone who will take my advice and I’ve even expanded to making YouTube videos. If you haven’t subscribed to my YouTube channel then click here to do that now and don’t forget to turn on notifications so you will be notified when I upload a new video.

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Okay, now let’s get to it… what did I do to prep this week…

I mentioned last week that I had ordered new tires for my truck (General Grabber), and those came in and I now have those on my truck. Nice tire and if you have a truck or SUV and need new tires then these are hard to beat at the price. I posted a video yesterday of the tires on my truck and also show the other modifications that I’ve made to my Toyota Tacoma.

Other preps this week included adding more canned fruit (mixed fruit), and canned meats to my food storage. Always eating, replacing, and adding to my food storage. You have to eat right? Stocking up is only buying in advance and then using and replacing to keep the supplies fresh and at full nutritional value.

I also bought another 1,000 rounds of 5.56 ammo. Check out Luckygunner ammo for the best bulk ammo prices and don’t forget to tell them that M.D. Creekmore sent you…

Well, that’s it for me this week… what about you… what did you do to prep this week?

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  1. This week:

    -Treated dairy goat for a severe infection. I don’t want anyone to ever say that farmers/homesteaders don’t care for their farm animals. I have been giving her electrolytes and rubbing her muscles every hour. When she got a little better, lifting her up to a standing position to limit muscle loss and keep her strength up. (DH had to help when Goat was at her weakest.) I’m now doing goat PT, walking her every hour. On day five, she finally drank on her own. B Complex injections are helping her to get her appetite back. She’s not fond of the calf chow the vet recommended. She nibbles on it, and I hid some in her regular feed, when she was finally eating.
    -I’m thankful I have animal meds/supplies on hand, and it’s amazing how quickly one sick animal can go through them.

    -Getting seed catalogs in the mail is the adult equivalent of the Sears Christmas catalog in my childhood.

    *Prepping purchases/added a little to the stockpile:
    -Animal supplies: vet wrap, hypodermics and syringes, injectable penicillin, injectable iron, injectable B Complex, lots of animal electrolyte powder, goat wormer, meds to stop scours in animals,
    -General supplies: lots of gauze and bandages, silver gel, wound closures, exam gloves, baking soda, oats, bar soap, shaving cream, beans, rice, juice, canned soup, peanut butter, pain reliever/anti-inflammatory, tea, herbal teas,

    -Received the four 72-hour food kits I ordered.

    -Treating a sick animal increases my skills.
    -Learned to make my own animal electrolytes, and Goat liked it better than the store-bought stuff.

    Be prepared. Stay safe. He’s in charge.

  2. Did a Costco stock up. Their prices are good on some items I use a lot of, but even better on months when they have $ off. So TP; protein drinks; soap, shampoo, vitamins, few other things.

    Also did a Walmart Stock Up, delivered to the door as I hate the local Walmart Store. Canned soups were a decent price. 70 cents a can vs $1.25 everywhere else in my area. Got some other food items, but that was the biggest saver.

    Signed up for a CCW class.

    Had the gutters cleaned, some trim on the outside of the house repaired and my solar panels scrubbed. They are two stories up, I don’t climb up there anymore.

    Fixed the plumbing under the kitchen sink. Cleaned up around the outside of the house. Found dear tracks right next to one side of my house.

    Watching the train wreck that is American Politics in sick, horrid fascination. And agree, this is not the time to lose focus on prepping. Still working on a list of a few things I would miss should it also shut down.

    Practiced with a sling shot, some archery and a pellet gun.

  3. I cut, split and stacked 6 full-sized truck and 10′ trailer loads of wood. I am working on another garbage can Faraday cage. The kitchen is being reorganized… or is that organized?… with all 8 of the buckets off the floor and on a wire rack. Upper cabinets were found for free on craigslistkc for free and installed in the kitchen. Now all of the cupboards are being reorganized and stocked. Another 100 lbs of Wheat.

  4. I have a bait and tackle shop for my living. And here in NY we all have to have cert. bait. But when the SHTF they are not going to be checking for that so for catching bigger fish I stocked 2 old farm ponds . 1 with fat heads and the other with shiners and stashed a minnow trap near them. More food and more ammo. That’s it for me this week.

  5. Just finished squeezing the juice out of 2 five-gallon buckets of oranges I harvested from my tree. It’s the first year with a good crop as it is a young tree. DH bought me a manual ROVSUN citrus fruit juicer, and I can’t brag on it enough. It is cast iron and steel and made short work of the task. Great little prepping tool since I live in the Deep South. I’m freezing some of the juice in plastic quart bottles I got from a friend who is in the citrus business.
    I made one batch of elderberry syrup yesterday, and will put on another pot to simmer here shortly. I’m using elderberries I harvested last summer and then dehydrated for later use. While that is simmering, I will also process my latest batch of bananas by pureeing, adding a bit of lemon juice, and then water-bath canning it. So it’s FRUIT day for me!
    I pulled the random weeds out of one of my raised beds where I will be planting potatoes later this week. My carrots and lettuce patch is looking nice–it will be a while before the carrots are ready, but I can start using the lettuce now. The mustard greens are starting to show their age, so I’ll have to bite the bullet and pull all of that up soon and spend a day canning the last of it. I dislike canning greens. It’s quite the mess because you have to blanch it first, then stuff it in the jars to can. Hot Water Everywhere!
    Keep prepping folks. We’re gonna need it.

  6. nothing this week other than filling my propane bottles and doing some reading. Checking my food supplies as we are due for snow in a day or so . Have to do a follow up on the mora knives I had ordered, of 3 only 2 came the other I was told had been cancelled due to a problem with the order . Second time I have had that issue with Amazon making that mistake on their side with an order , anyone else have that happen ?

    1. Shohnson,

      I’ve not had that problem with Amazon, but my problem with them is that they don’t pack things well and things get damaged in transit. It’s a hassle to call them to complain. They need to train those packaging folks and use thicker boxes and the right size box so everything doesn’t move around during travel. How simple would it be? Then they wouldn’t have to replace as many things.

      1. 2times I have had part of ny order cancelled, and the last one with the mora knives …they were packed if you could say that lose in the box minus 1 . Glad the 2 came in 1piece .

  7. Getting ready for the low temperatures, and snow and rain starting tomorrow, brought home some wood, will get some more tomorrow just in case the weather changes again Monday and Tuesday night’s are supposed to be in the high teens low 20’s, then going back uo to the 40’s so a yo yo of weather going on. Going to grab a few more cans of can food, and got a jug of litter, 4 packages of noodles,2 jars of Marinara sauce, my daughtersfavorite was on sale. Refrigerator foods, I need some creamer, that’s about it and some good bread, I’ve been staying on top and topping food off speaking of topping, I’ll get gas at Costco, I’m not driving in this weather, to many horrible drivers, can’t even drive correctly when it’s dry but hubby, might have to because of job’s, he has a van and hopefully he won’t get stuck vans are awful in the snow:) . Have a safe and great weekend.

  8. Well MD I have had a busy week I pulled some carrots out of my garden and canned them also started some seedlings in my greenhouse, my tomatoes are doing good there as well, I harvested some lemons from my tree and made lemon juice and canned that, I have been dehydrating some fruit leather from fruits that were’t being eaten timely, I spent time in my pantry going over the dates and rearrainging things and have added a few items to my preps such as a pocket axe that has several things attached to it and it is in a sheath it’s made by sheffield seems like something I can use for defense and other things (if you get my drift) I have been getting ready for gardening and looking over my seed catalogs. Still have hot peppers going on and have been putting them in vinegartoo. Thats it for me.

  9. MD, thank you for what you do. Helps keep people focused.
    Knee collapsed on me while going down deck steps. Nothing broken. Slammed right shoulder into 4” by 4” post. Start PT again next Wednesday. So my prepping has been online purchases delivered to the house.
    Have another case of soup, 10 pounds popcorn for cornmeal, another 25 pounds whole kernel GMO free corn, 3 more pairs reading glasses, and about 6 pieces of PT equipment. Medicare only covers so much yearly in physical therapy but I need to keep a regular program going at home. Any more, I do exercises at home but use PT time and money on specialized equipment and massage of muscles I cannot reach that have tightened up making movements painful and limited. Just part of the fun of being a senior citizen who has worked hard and physically abused the body over a lifetime. My DD took me to Harbor Freight where we both spent too much money but really added to our equipment inventory. Felt like Christmas!

    Decisions made:
    Start prepping shelf stable almond milk and dried milk for great grandson. We have cloth diapers do not putting back pull-ups. Adding more canned veggies and fruit in small cans. Do not plan on having refrigeration for left overs. Have begun educational books and will continue along with academic material for homeschooling.
    Gardening due to grand solar minimum:
    Framework for plastic cover to protect tomatoes from excessive rain that has caused viruses and killed tomatoes the last two years.
    Start constructing hoop houses 14’ by 26’ for growing year around and to rotate chickens over winter in one. Look seriously into a sunken greenhouse to capture ground heat that will keep inside temperature about 55 degrees. (Future project after the tomato framework and at least one hoop house is completed.

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      1. Not slot here, still busy at work.just not enough daylight to get much done.Did manage to rotate out two of my gas hugs and refill them.Ordered two of the one week food supplies to rotate out the rations in our vehicles,got them from camping supply.getting ready to add compost to the pipes I use for raised beds, if the rain will stop for a couple of days.

  10. Most of my prepping in the last two weeks have been replacements and small additions to the food stores. I have replaced Augason Farm sliced potatoes and added two more as well as the potato gems. I added more rice and after a couple of days in the freezer, I will put them in mylar bags and store them. I have noticed that I am not using some of the items that I have stored as much as I thought I would so that saves my having to replace them right away. Most of the things I need to replace are soaps, dish detergent, and shampoos. Our local dollar store has these items really cheap and I have my daughter picking these up since she goes to the dollar store about twice a week.

    Mostly I am working on learning to do a proper job at hydroponics. I am going slow with it, and this is one thing that my husband can help with. I soak the rock wool and with my help and the help of his aide, he plants the seeds. I have one tomato ready for a move, since I can’t move the light any higher. I have chard and lettuce and more tomatoes started. I have turned my back bedroom into my greenhouse. It has windows that face the south and the east which is not always an advantage with our weather, but I supplement it with grow lights. I also plan on planting in soil in one corner of the room. I needed to come up with an alternative, since the growing season in our area is shorter by at least 6 days on either side. I have had 2 years worth of plants fail, and I do not want a third year of failure.

    Blessings to the Creekmore Crew.

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    2. csbascom
      It has been awhile since I caught your posting. Good to see you and your dh are working on the garden.

  11. Wife bought a backup conceal carry 2 shot from Bond Arms. We bought a few extra canned meat products, picked up a Remington.177 Break barrel for small game and received a solar panel we ordered. Read a bunch of blogs and watched videos too. Oh last month had all of my fishing reels tuned up and restrung.

  12. M.D., glad to have you back doing this type blog again. Curious as to whether you purchased 5 new tires, or 4? As expensive as tires are, I just took the best one of my previous tires and have it as my spare, if and when a need occurs. It is always good to have good tires.
    Regarding your mention of this weeks happenings in Iraq, I feel that there are most certainly lone wolf individuals and cells in this country already. We can thank Obama for turning a blind eye to our border safety. Usually after such incidents like the one that just happened, you can almost expect something on our soil. As far as the Dems going off the rails in the next election (with Trumps landscape win), they are already there!
    Have you found that new place to relocate yet?

  13. Creekmore Crew,
    ordered and received my small recon type medical supplies for my on the road bag. Mostly to replace some items used. I am also in the market for tires for my old truck that I am restoring, the tires I have now have zip for mileage, just used to move the old girl around while doing a complete overhaul, will donate those to someone with the need. Doing our Costco run later this next week.

  14. I mainly prepped Costco stuff. I intend to do more serious prepping next month. I mainly just have to prep water purification as I’m set otherwise. Oh yeah, I’m getting more matches too.

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  15. This week we restocked our food pantry and all the shelves. We recycled canned goods to be consumed over the next two weeks and bought several pounds of flour and sugar. I recycled my gasoline containers and refilled them. I test ran my generator and made sure the fuel and oil levels were full. I made a visit to my chiropractor and eye doctor to make sure everything is going as well as it can be. I bought a 100rds of rifle ammo and bought several pairs of camo pants, and jackets. Walmart had huge sales on left over camo clothes. Right now we are hunkered down for the ice storm and winter storm that is hitting most of Michigan right now. And MD I believe you are right about the demonrats pulling some BS over the next election.

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  16. Hi MD.
    I bought General Grabbers for my truck. Excellent tire for much less.
    I have nothing nice to say about the Dems and their hatred for the President so I won’t say anything.
    Not to undercut in any way, but I’ve found some great deals on ammo from Natchez. When they put the free shipping on the bulk sales it’s a great bargain living way up here in the northeast. 5.56 is on sale right now. I shoot 62 grain, Green Tip, LAP as it is what the barrel is rifled for. Though it will fire all grain… Have a BSA Sweet 223 scope with multi grain keys…
    On to the preps… found a sale on some of what I stock for canned and dry goods. Rotated the cans and will be sealing the dry goods in mylar with O2 packs… then seal them in buckets with O2 packs.
    Short lived on prepping this week… having to working on college class to keep my job. Have to have a degree in order to do what I’ve been doing for 42 years.
    That’s all for now… back to the books…

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  17. A bit late in posting but just got back home after a quick trip to see our youngest.
    The latest storm system went south of us so we missed out on any moisture. It is starting to get a little dry in these parts.
    Main preps bought this week were first aid related. Keeping a good supply of bandages, vitamin supplements, antibiotic creams etc. is costly even when stocking up at discount stores.
    The other prep was finishing the stored food rotation. Even though I do this several times a year, I found a jar of ghee past it’s best by date. Does anyone no how long an unopened jar will keep in a cool dark space? I hate to throw it out.
    Stay safe everyone.

  18. Hi Everyone,

    Worked OT yesterday, so late posting today.

    Ordered some more seeds to keep a fresh supply. Received a bucket of rice and #10 can of pancake mix. Found a camo “shirt” at GW, along with a brand new camo hat.

    Bought some brown Ball canning jars to store bulk herbs, like Comfrey, in.

    Storm passed thru while I was at work. Found a few things turned over, that I recovered.

    Dems will certainly be in extreme snowflake mode. It’s a sad time for our country.

    Have a great week everyone.

  19. I’m taking my father to the airport in a few hours before the sun comes up. While he’s gone to check on family, I have plans to get things in order at home. I mentioned cleaning up my kennel which will allow me to setup a business and create a “ready room” or “survival emergency headquarters” where I can have some tools that I can use in the back (I don’t want then inside to get messy) and have survival or emergency supplies stored, organized and readily accessible. I can also fix, modify or repair things and make a few weapons from supplies I have.
    I also want to make room in our pantry and then convince my father to stock up before crap hits the fan. I may have to use our oven, but I want to begin dehydrating food to put up. And we need to increase production of the few things we have growing on our property.
    My father went through a gardening phase, but has just a few things in pots. Luckily, there are still a bunch of empty unused plastic pots that can be growing more food.
    My one goal would be to have dogs for security. Currently a new friend is teaching me self defense and martial art techniques which I could otherwise never afford. He gets right to it and I learn fast. No time to screw around earning a belt or certificate.
    Luckily, while my father may feel differently, my older brother has become more interested in prepping and he understands my concerns.
    I found a Little Buddy heater at the thrift store… $20 but it sparked but did not heat up. I don’t know if it’s just out of propane or defective. Tomorrow, if it’s still there would be even cheaper as Monday is a discount day for seniors. Wish someone could advise me to buy it or pass. I live in Florida, but when it gets cold, heat is necessary to survival.

    1. Frank,
      I wouldn’t buy a heater that sparks. You have to be careful with electrical things at thrift stores. I always check all settings, plug in everything. Sometimes people are just getting rid of their junk. I have found some good things there too. If it were me, I would pass on it. I find many, many things on Facebook Marketplace.

      Sounds like you have a good plan. Hope it works out for you.

  20. Received my package from HSA store. Ordered 2 first aid kits for FH vehicles, one large kit for camping/backpacking trips. Ordered extra rehydration salts, a nebulizer, thermometer, trauma bandages, extra splints, wound wash, and gel insoles for my work shoes. Started a second job to help pay off debts, and saving everything we can as we plan to buy a house by summer. Storms this weekend did some damage here in MS. I really want a storm shelter.
    Also found a voucher on Groupon for 2 for MS and TN conceal carry. We reside in MS but work in TN. Also found a great outdoor range that we are going to visit and check out membership fees.

    Hope everyone has a great week!

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