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What Did You Do To Prep This Week?

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Good morning, or afternoon, depending on where you are and when you read this. I was going to post this yesterday but to be honest, I forgot about it. Yeah, I know those brain farts start happening more often the older we get it seems, I’m 46 and it seems like they are becoming a more common occurrence with each passing year. I can only imagine what it will be like when I turn 86, 96, and then 106. Yes, I plan on living that long… I just hope that my body cooperates… 

Before we get started I’d like to thank everyone who orders through my amzon.com link. It’s appreciated and helps me pay for hosting this site and a few dollars for all of the time that I put into this. I’d also like to thank you all who have subscribed to my YouTube channel

According to what I’ve read most online content will be video content in just a couple of years and my goal is to grow my subscribes on YouTube to 10,000 so if you have not subscribed yet then please go do that now and also forward my videos to anyone who you think would be interested.

And, yes, I know a few like two or three, have said that you don’t have time to watch a video and that’s fine. That’s your choice and I’m good with that, I just hope that you also don’t have the time to sit in front of a TV for 4-hours watching a football game or watching 4-hours of sitcoms every day. 

But even if you do that’s your choice and your life but there isn’t any need to send me an email telling me how you don’t have ten or fifteen minutes to watch one of my videos, save the time it would take to write all of that up and go do something constructive.

On another note, I’d like to congratulate James S for being the first one to mention the surprise ending (meaning he watched all the way through to the end) of my video – Off-Grid Cooking Solution – EcoZoom Versa Rocket Stove Review. He won a free copy of my book – The Prepper’s Guide to Surviving the End of the World, as We Know It: Gear, Skills, and Related Know-How.

Okay, now what did I do to prep this week…

Besides the normal yard work and things around the homestead, I ordered a Survival Garden 15,000 Non-GMO Heirloom Vegetable Seeds Survival Garden 32 Variety Pack by Open Seed Vault I plan on doing a full review of these in a future video so be sure to subscribe and turn on those bell notifications.

I also ordered NuManna INT-NMFP 144 Meals, Emergency Survival Food Storage Kit, Separate Rations, in a Bucket, 25 Plus Year Shelf Life, GMO-Free and also plan on doing a full video review of this product soon. And yes, I’m having to buy this stuff out of pocket so I can do those reviews for you.

I also ordered this T-shirt for my girlfriend… what do you think? Do you think she will like it?

Okay, guys, that’s it for me this week… what about you? What did you do to prep this week? One thing that you can do to prep right now is to subscribe to my YouTube channel and turn on notifications.  

And if you missed it – 15 Items New Preppers Should Buy/Stockpile First

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  1. The garage got painted! The DW commented that the final coat went on much smoother than she thought, based upon priming the rough wood. Since I can’t really do ladders, I have been running the errands and some work from the ground. Looks good, it could use a little touch up; maybe later.

    Got in my Olight Seaker 2 flashlight, rechargeable, 3000 Lumen, 3 LED/brightness settings, w/magnetic charger attachment. I will be getting the wall mount charging station and replacing 2 other quality lights. I may even get another for the camp trailer w/the charging mount. Great size and features. The 13T is like a AAA Streamlight flashlight my DW really likes (but has lost 2).

    With the theft of 3 guns off tables at the last show, I ordered and got in a second 34”x23”x3” display case. It cost $111 delivered vs. the cost of a stolen gun or scope; seemed like a no brainer to me.

    Brought in all the 2-gallon buckets from storage, replacing lids that are not secure.

    Although WalMart is no longer a “go-to” destination for us (with their change in policy), I did stop in because they have the cheapest price on my preferred 22 Mag ammo. While I was there, I noticed they had Winchester 22 LR ammo marked down. It is my preferred type, Power Point 40 gr HP’s. They were closing them out at $5/100! (Normally $9 – $12 per 100) They now have one case less to worry about moving.

    Getting started with a group of LMI’s “near here” (it is Montana, close is relative). Just a “meet and greet”, so we’ll see where it goes.

    Supply Run: Mag-Pul AR foregrip; beans, Low Salt SPAM, dehydrated hash browns; canned chicken; rice; pasta; ammo;

    Received: Movie; Olight Flashlight set (13T + Seaker 2 w/clip); display case (for gun shows), acrylic rods for display cases;

    1. JP – Have a good friend in Absarokee, trying to get up there for a visit. Long way from South Texas.

    2. I ordered one of your books on Amazon. Every week I do or buy one item. I also watched 2 of your videos.

      1. Author


        Thank you… it’s appreciated. Please let me know what you think after reading the book.

  2. just wondering why i know longer can read any comments or replys here. enjoy reading what others post here about there weekly preps yet nothing is listed is that becasue no one has posted or is there a block i have to remove, never had this issue before

    1. word press was monitoring this, so maybe try adding a new comment and rechecking “notify me of follow-up comments” box and see if that helps. If not, then reply to a post on this website that you have NOT replied to yet and then tick that box to get a email from word press. Also, your email might be auto-putting it in spam, so check your spam folder. Best Wishes! (Says the person who does not expect you to see this. lol)

  3. Well here it is Sunday morning and more packing moving out of my house of 40 years ! Bought a house in Eastern Washington A very little town Population Of less than 1,000 ! I am so tired of “Seattle Liberals BS” there you can fly my “ American flag “and my Christian flag and my Trump flag and nobody will say a thing ! It so much cleaner over there ! This is my prepping this week

    1. So happy for you Sara, I still have lots of family on the Eastern side, of the state wish we could move too but hubby, has his business here and lots of connections, at least we’re at the top of the state we still have quite a few non liberal towns, so even if the big city, is we have a lot that aren’t.

      1. Thank you for your support what I well not miss is Seatac Airport plains taking off and landing every 5 mins.

        1. “WOW” here is 9-11 18 years later and i go sign the papers on this house and get payed for this house so I can get my “ new” house in Eastern Washington on the Columbia river ! Yes I think it well be a lot safer to be away from Seattle

  4. We started collecting eggs from our ducks! Yay! We also added nesting beds to our chicken coop as they’re getting old enough to start laying eggs too. Harvested figs and will be making some jam. Got two new waterers and some mulch. Need to put up fencing around garden beds as rabbits have been munching on our fall garden for the first time.

  5. Planted and have begun harvesting from our fall garden. Already eaten some cool weather greens and basil. Planted some strawberries too, those should be ready to produce early next spring. Can tell the seasons are about to change, shorter days and cooler nights are here. M.D., if your girlfriend really truly likes canning, she should like the shirt. Prayers to all.

  6. My 17 year old and I made a red brick rocket stove out of roughly 25 bricks. Our first build was not getting enough air so we added an extra layer at the bottom (basically restacked it) with another gap. Works great and it was free. The first build made our potatoes and green beans and the second build made our Bush’s baked beans all from the stocked canned goods.

    1. Forgot to add I got a new set of game processing knives and while visiting a well known tractor supply style store my wife and I saw they stocked a dozen or so prepper style books including first aid, canning, homesteading, etc. Not any authors I was immediately familiar with but still very cool. It was very refreshing to see that in a store and not burried in the back corner of the
      box style book store for TWICE as much

  7. I took advantage of a sale and stocked the pantry back up. Still need to pick up a few items and rotate the baking items…

    Also took advantage of a local sale at the hardware store to back up some repair parts, a few hand tools I needed, some extra rake and shovel handles, screen to repair sliders and garden seeds. Picked up a couple of gas cans, another propane tank, a fire extinguisher, and some leather gloves.

    Ordered fall garlic and onion bulbs.

    Did some target practicing.

    Started my regular fall projects. Cleaning screens, pulling appliances out and cleaning behind them, cleaning and repairing patio and outdoor kitchen covers…repairing things in order to save some cash towards MD’s rocket stove…and on that note, I am looking for sturdy folding shovels for the cars…recommendations anybody?

    Went to a book sale at a local library. Picked up a couple of books of raising farm animals…25 cents each.

    Kind of a random week, but I feel like all of it was needful.

    Have a great upcoming week everyone.

    1. What kind of garlic do you raise, and where do you get it? I’m new to raising garlic.

    2. I have 2 Glock (yep, made b y the same Glock) folding shovels. Brute strong although a bit expensive. Worth it in my opinion.

  8. I was traveling all week for work, so precious little was accomplished beyond doing some reading and list making.

    We are preparing to retire and that means going through everything, deciding what to keep and move, and what to let go and sell. Since I am the prepping pack rat, this is proving to be harder than expected. We’ve lived in the South for 25 years and accumulated more than we can move on our own dimes.

  9. Morning M.D. and Pack, Finished up my 🌲 and brush cutting project around the pond. Heck of a way to spend a week of vacation! Glad it’s done! Hope to get it cleaned out soon so it can be another water source just in case. Bought the lumber to build a 🦌 feeder. May start it today. Did repairs to two chain saws before I started my clearing project. They both worked great. Visited Sam’s Friday and restocked. First time since last fall. Should be good for winter now on 🧻 and such. Can’t have too much. Lol Received a small solar charger/ battery from my dear mother. Bless her heart, she is still prepping at 76 and has for over 10 years. I would like to ask everyone’s opinion on some extra BOB items I have accumulated over the years because of upgrades and redefining what is needed. How should I handle this, sale, keep for barter, give to family that’s probably not open to the whole prepping thing? Have several items due this week as in food and battery chargers. Found one that will charger the 2025/2032 batteries. Hope they work as advertised. Well, that’s about it from the BlueGrass. Been a long week. Hope everyone is doing well and prayers for all.
    Surviving in Ky

    1. Surviving in Ky,

      On your extra BOB items, I would definitely not give them to anyone who’s not going to appreciate them. I am trying to sell anything and everything that I don’t need to want to store. I keep a few barter items, but I want the money so I can buy more of what I need. Never know when an economic crisis is going to hit. I would buy more FD food.

  10. Working on drying herbs, and I’m going to pick our grapes soon I need to put a few on the dehydrator, to see if they will do anything because they are small. Picked some hops, this year I’m going to make some sleep pillows with them. I also dehydrated onions, I need to do a few more to fill up my container. I don’t know how many more sunny day’s I will get to finish up painting the trim on the house I have 3 more windows,to finish and 3 windows, that I need a ladder to finish the top, and then next spring start working on the main part of the house repainting a deeper green, a friend is going to let us borrow a paint sprayer and hubby will get it done how fun:) .

  11. Hello all.
    With my recovering from back surgery and necessarily adapting my diet for a single kidney, my preps for the week included doing an inventory and cross-referencing my food storage to make sure I am able to consume the food that I have been storing. Finishing up the week today with an inventory of my tools and library. I intend to clean and start my two Aerogardens with herbs today. I have some ginger starts and some luscious sweet-potato starts I am also starting for an indoor garden.
    Have a great week everyone.

  12. MD, I had a Christmas week. Received LDS Manual and Backyard Homestead. Also received the Coleman oven, the 12 foot propane adapter, and a 46,000ah solar station. I have mentioned several times that I lose power in winter storms for weeks at a time. My Granddaughter and I use a CPAP and running a generator all night eats up fuel I cannot leave mountain to resupply. I will test the power station and if it works, will buy one for her.

    I also received more #10 cans from Auguson; freeze dried peas and stew vegetables. Have and order in for three #10 cans of powdered butter. Picked up 4 more cases of veggies, spaghetti sauce, salsa plus other staples at Aldi’s.

    Question: Do I see something coming???? You bet!

    Putting fabric, out of season clothes, and linens/quilts in vacuum bags (then into tubs) to make more room for supplies. Made quite a difference. Still have more to do but need more bags. When temperatures break, I need to clean area in shop for non edible supplies. Filling up the area. Plus been picking up more hand tools for the shop. My DD agrees with me. This next week we need to make a run to Harbor Freight for side cutters and I need more rope and paracord.

  13. Started a new job this week. Hours get me home a little later but it’s so much less stress. Found a prepper at work that is my age! We were both excited to find someone like-minded in their 30’s. Still saving for a house. FH came up with a good budget system and we are saving every penny we can. Set my pepper seeds out to dry. Wanting to get a dehydrator, I’ve never dehydrated anything before so if anyone can recommend a cheap starter one that’s easy to work?

    1. my wife and I received a Sunbeam brand dehyrater for a gift and it was super easy to use and clean and works just as expected. We priced it at kmart and the dollar general around $30

    2. Evergreen, my first dehydrator was a Ronco 5-tray that was a gift from a friend. I used it happily for many years and only gave it to the thrift shop when my husband bought me a very nice 12-tray dehydrator from Cabela’s one Christmas. A few years back a woman from our nearest Ag Extension office demonstrated dehydrating using and recommending a NESCO 5-tray dehydrator. My point is that they all work. My suggestion based on my experience is to first check local thrift shops for a unit; you could get lucky! Second, if you do buy one, look for a unit where you can control both time and temperature. A simple unit like the Ronco will do the job for you, but without the temperature and time control you will have to do a lot more checking of the food, rotating trays, and each time you open the unit to do that you lengthen the overall drying time. Good luck!

    3. Evergreen,

      If you have a Facebook account, there is the FB Marketplace. I’ve found the 9-tray Excalibur dehydrators on there for 1/2 the price they cost new, sometimes they are even under $100. They have the fan in the back. The Nesco’s work well too, but the Excalibur’s are the go to for dehydrators. If you don’t have a FB account, you can also try Craigslist. Occasionally, I would find one on Ebay, but it’s rare that I find them there these days. Good luck. It’s a good thing to have.

  14. We are homeschooling our 15 year old grand son, he has moved in with us and will be here until he’s ready to move out. We are attempting to teach him a more conservative life style. We will be having home economic classes, for scratch cooking, home canning, food preservation, sewing, and general house keeping. N will also be studying the standard English, Math, Science, History, along with first aid, welding, carpentry, as he’s building a chicken coop, with water catchment, and solar power lights, and welding from his grandfather. Our fall and winter are going to be busy. We did can 10 quarts of smoked pulled pork, and 8 qts of beef stew meat. Thanks for all you do M.D. we appreciate you.

  15. I got the Coleman Camp Oven you recommended in your video, Mr. Creekmore and am saving for more of the products you endorsed.

    1. Author

      Quietly Learning,

      It’s a great stove. Very good for a backup cooking source. Be sure to get extra fuel for cooking…

  16. Pretty much zilch this week as DW and I were vacationing in the Berkshires with my sister and BIL. DW and I visited a family member I hadn’t seen in many years, who showed us around her extremely isolated (for the Berkshires) organic hobby farm and allowed as how she had realized she was a ‘survivalist’ after getting the place renewed with fruit trees, food gardens, and a variety of small animals from chickens to sheep. It provides a place for all her children and grandchildren to retreat to if things fall apart.

    While the place is absolutely idyllic in good times -it really is wonderful- and probably fine in most sub-Apocalypse scenarios, in the real thing I’m afraid it would be a death trap.

    While they could ramp up food production, the place would be a looter magnet. Being a good FLAMING liberal, she has no guns nor any other means of defense, so once discovered by the bad guys, that would be it.

    The place reminded me of all the pitfalls of the isolated farm house. Beautiful, multiple water sources, a variety of food sources which could be increased, isolated…and utterly open to one person in the woods with a scoped rifle.

    I love her dearly, but the disconnect between everything she so passionately believes and the real world effects of her preferred policies/laws is remarkable, and there is really no reason to debate the issues with her.

    I just hope we never suffer a full blown apocalyptic breakdown, as I suspect no one at that truly glorious prepper farm bordered with LMI would survive the first assault.

    Until then she has a glorious getaway farm.

    1. man do I have good memories of the berkshires! Rode my motorcycle over around up and down most of those mountains. good times.

      1. Hi BC, good to hear from you! I hope all is well with you. I’ve pretty much given up social media but do stop in here from time to time. No complaints at our house: life is good. Worried a bit about what look like coming economic issues, but we’ve gotten into reasonably good place to weather them.

        The Berkshires really are a lovely area. If one were living there when hard times hit…well, one could do a lot worse.

  17. -I love the T-shirt! I have one with a picture of a Mason jar that reads “I eat local because I can.”

    -I finally remembered to use your Amazon link when I ordered some things today. I hope I did it correctly.

    This week:

    -Gave two does to a couple of girls. They’re going to use them for 4-H projects and want the milk.
    -Chickens are molting, so I’m not getting many eggs.

    -Prepped three raised beds for winter, and planted the winter crop in the garden.
    -Planted a food plot and pasture seed where cattle had been fed on farm ground.

    *Added a little to the stockpile: Canned tomato products, pasta

    -Been clearing overgrown areas. Bush Hog works well.
    -Ordered some hydroponics supplies, CC ‘belly band,’ and food products from Amazon. (I hope I used the link correctly.}

    -Unfortunately, I got some practice keeping newborn animals alive. Son and DIL’s bloodhound had a litter of puppies. We’re having to help raise them.

    Be prepared. Stay safe. He’s in charge.

    1. took my bil plinking Sunday. I put a coat of linseed oil on the stock last night. It needed it ,it looks better and smells good now. Nothing like the smell of a freshly oiled stock. did not shoot allot since I need a permit to buy ammo now. I refuse to get a ammo permit.

  18. Worked on my go bag and bought a home defense shotgun. Signed up for a shooting class.

  19. Cute tee.. she’s love it! How sweet!

    My focus was on organizing what I have a bit more & installing another outdoor camera.. one is none and two are one 😉

  20. Bought some 22 ammo at Walmart on close out Winchester 22LR 555 rounds 17.99 got last 2 boxes

    Worked on my wood storage and split more fire wood
    Cleaned chicken coop
    Going to order large propane tank hose adapter to Coleman stove I will use your Amazon link

  21. I cleaned my chicken coop yesterday and discovered I need to get a new floor for it when I took a step and my foot broke through the wood. Drat! I found an old 2″ x 8″ and temporarily covered the hole. I have some running around to do this week so it will be a few days before I can sit down and figure out how to fix the problem right. I’ve never replaced the floor on a shed and unfortunately I don’t have a heck of a lot of time to do it.

    DH and I put up 10 gallons of sauerkraut to ferment in crocks. I canned catsup, salsa, and cranberry mustard.

    Picked ground cherries and started bringing in the tomatoes to ripen in brown grocery bags that I put under the buffet in my kitchen. Will make one more trip to the farmers market this year as a vendor.

    Chelsea Green Publishers has a sale going on through tomorrow and I bought a book of herbal formularies that I’ve been looking at for a while. I’m trying to get a nice medicinal garden going and studying a good formulary will give me a better idea of what varieties of herbs to grow.

  22. Hi Gang,

    It was really hot yesterday morning outside when I finally dragged my butt out of bed at 10am. Dog tired because I worked OT for 12 hours Friday… It was very busy, and didn’t get to eat lunch until 3pm… My feet needed a brake, and yesterday morning, they got one. My days are all messed up… Many errands to run…

    Allergies have flared up again this week. I have been having to take the Zytec generic every nite for the last 5 nights. It really helps.

    Went to a seminar to learn about saving energy by using a NASA developed attic “blanket”, solar attic vent, and a product that will clean out the inside of the coils on a a/c and heating unit, making it last double the time the newer ones last. Unfortunately, the people didn’t show up the following nite to go over their product prices for my house, and pretty disappointed that they didn’t call the next day to tell me what happened.. Waste of 2 hours Wednesday evening waiting for them to show up… Did get a good ribeye meal out of the deal though.

    Mailed something that someone had bought off ebay. Then went to the local produce stand and bought some small yellow squash, zucchini, 1 tomato and 1 watermelon. Going to fix up some more refrigerator pickles using the squash, zucchini and the rest of my onions. The watermelon I got last time from the guy was so good. Seedless and very sweet. Yummy!

    Stopped by Goodwill, after I went to the local meat and 3 for lunch, and found some more winter type clothes for my BIL and SIL. Also, found some glass jars that have the metal clamp, something that looks like it opens bottles, a tote, couple of baskets, a couple of nice towels, and a couple of rags. Everything was 1/2 price.

    Then I went to the local Belk’s to buy me another pair of tennis shoes for work, and the only color they had was white. Not into white, so came home and found some on Amazon (used your link MD).

    On Amazon, I also bought some solar lights and some raw, unfiltered creamed honey. I want to make up some lemon honey to spread on biscuits and such.

    The organic elderberries I ordered came in and I ordered another 2 lbs since it will be hard to find for a few months once the cold season starts.

    Prayers for the pack, for those unspoken requests, for The President and for America.

    Have a great week everyone.

  23. Third weekend of working on the patio and outdoor kitchen. Its of course for entertainment and relaxing, but the kitchen is designed to operate without electrical power. We’re going to put in a generator and additional propane tanks, but this will always serves as a backup. Besides, its good exercise and fun. Its designed to look like a traditional Mexican taco stand. Talking to others who have built patio or outdoor kitchens, I’m surprised that many neglect fire extinguishers.

  24. Not much here this week I do have a great grandson born this Sunday morning and I planted some more seeds for fall. But Dorian took out my squash plants and I picked more Datil peppers. I also inventoried my stock pile and am good to go just need to restock on a few items.

  25. I got the pallet pig pen built around what will be my extended garden next year. 40 x 60 . I was getting the pigs to fatten up any ways so I got them early and they are ripping it up. Got 1/4 of the metal roof on my garage. And we got 20 quarts of tomato sauce in and 40 quarts of b and b pickle’s.I also found another 561 ball canning jars for 150.$ I don’t have it yet but made a barter deal with another shop. His truck for 600 pounds of bait. He wanted 5000 and the bait cost me 2400.

  26. Canned tons of salsa… Different degrees of heat…DH loves it crazy hot, while I am fine with mild. Also canned plum sauce from my plum tree. Sewed blankets for my granddaughters, and working on a three layer flannel quilt for my grandson. Stocked up on clothes on a ridiculously good sale at walmart for grandkids for next year. Made some paracord bracelets too. More canning next week! Love harvest time!

  27. Love your updates & YouTube prep tips & instructions on prepping-keep on going as I greatly appreciate all of your knowledge & it all is a great help to me. I do have 1 question but I may have missed this one: What book do you recommend on natural medicines, to replace prescriptions when the the stuff hits the fan? I take several things due to pain from illnesses & would like to be able to keep things going & keep on keeping on! Thanks for your help & I look forward to hearing from you.:-)

  28. What did I prep this week? We got more soy mlk, rice, toilet paper, and kleenex. I buy a little extra when we can. I also figured out more of what I can eat and how to make meals exciting. I am doing the Bento craze with a twist.

    I’m not into “charabento” making food look like different characters or scenes, etc. However, I do like sushi and sashimi. I can’t have the vineger, alcohol, pickled anything, etc. Thus, I did get some molds and cutters (60% off!) and under $10 so that I can cut my veggies into different shapes as a consolation prize for not being able to have my beloved Punjabi and Italian. Its also going to be a moral spirits booster.

    In Shtf, I might have canned food and rice, but at least I can shape that rice to make it look like we are in better times. I also bought bento containers so that I have food I can bring with me to events I have to go to. What I was doing before, wasn’t really working as I would need a microwave, or the food was gelled together. Doing the Bento method means I can separate the food into columns, keep raw veggies raw and dry in its own spot and have a better taste for everything. And, less mess. I used to have plastic containers separately for everything. I would bump something, and it fall to the floor – more than once! lol

    I spend hours watching videos and looking at Bento pictures for ideas for what I can do. None of my Bento creations are going to be “fancy” and I don’t waste money on shellfish. (Can’t eat it.) And in Shtf, I’m not going to be dirtying up stuff we don’t need to be dirtying up. Instead, I can cut veggies into the shapes, put them through the dehydrator and then store them in mylar bags with oxygen absorbers. I can also can them in broth. Once in a while, for a treat, I can dirty up a veggie cutter and make a cute shape if we really need it.

    Oh yeah, we did fill some more water containers. Thats it.

  29. It was a whole different kind of prep this week. It was about dealing with my humanity. When I took on the responsibility to be a pet owner I knew that I would likely out live my pet. Honestly I didn’t really deep down think about it. Finding that cute, adorable puppy just knocked me upside the head and I didn’t give it a second thought.
    Not saying this was the first one, I’ve had to be responsible when my Shepard had a stroke and the Husky developed cancer. Both ailments brought out a different kind of compassion for what had to be done.
    This past saturday I had to put down my Collie that I got when he was 8 weeks old. He was 6 weeks shy of being 14 years old. It was the most painful event I’ve had to deal with. He truly was my best friend. We lived and aged together. That made it harder to see it coming. This time was simply old age breakdown.

    Sorry for the ramble but I got to thinking about all I do to prep and put stuff on the shelf. The tighter grip on what I call mine. When it all hits the fan what about being emotionally prepared? The losses suffered will have a greater impact.
    I may be criticized for this so be it…. but my dog and I had each other covered.

    1. Chloe, I’m very sorry for your loss. It’s so hard to lose a pet, because they are so much more than that. They are family, and the pain isn’t any less than losing your own brother.
      I agree that being emotionally prepared is important. I often think that only the strong with survive.

      1. SARAH FROM SEATTLE ! “PETS” are family WHEN you take your “PET’ to the “PET DR.” they put the pets name down and your last name that makes them your family member ! MY self I am a cat lover I have a “BENGAL” CAT!

        1. Sarah, not only the last name at the Animal Hospital, but on his prescriptions filled at the pharmacy. He even got one of those discount prescription cards in the mail.

          Grammy, thanks hon.
          Evergreen, thank you

        1. I have to say GETTING a cat LIKE I have watch what BREADDER you get your pet at MY cat has a lot of health problems the vet says he sees this all the time they bread for looks not thinking of the pets health ! the first was his heart it is in the wrong place AND the bad part is I have “NO” recourse ! BUT he is still FAMILY!

  30. All pickles are done!!!!!! Now a week of rest, then beets.Shelves are getting full and I’m getting tired,
    Glad I don’t live near the ocean, couldn’t take those storms. Bless the people that were in it.Just saw there is snow in the western mountains. It’s coming.Lots of books to read, and rest. Soups , cornbread, and beans.Good living.

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