Which do you like best for my YouTube header?

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Which do you like best for my YouTube Header? First or second image?


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  1. Of the two I like the first one. I think you should change the wording to read: Living in Dangerous Times.

  2. The first one, it is cleaner shows your book and logo. The purpose is clear.

  3. Both are but I think the bottom one will give better reference because it shows your books. Hope this helps!

  4. Red one is eyecatching. Are the 2 bars that are greyed out darkly part of the header or just the middle one. in the upper red one Either of those greyed out ones with the larger images would be better if the header is just ONE bar and not all 3. Wolfpack preppers is interesting, but I don’t know what it means. I have been following you for about 3 years and may seen that but still ?? to me.

    1. Author

      Just the middle part. That’s the way headers for YouTube are designed… Not sure why. WolfPack Preppers is what readers of my blog used to be called…

  5. Second one there is more info on what you are about but not to busy to look at

  6. I like the first one better it catches the eye better then the second one. The second one looks to busy.

  7. The first one , the wolf logo needs to stay and it is eye catching. A lirrle bit like the divers logo look with the red .and there is reference to your books

  8. I prefer the first one. It is eye catching and to the point. And because I am a proud member of the wolf pack, I like that the wolf is a part of this header.

    1. Author

      Sadly, I noticed that the blog I sold and where some ran off to is now calling themselves the wolf pack.

  9. I like the white on red of the first one, plus simpler, straightforward design.

  10. I like the 2nd one M.D. It gives a quick global view of subject, published sources and if you were to take that eye catching red banner from the 1st view, I think you got a winner.

  11. The 2nd one — the red comes off as “fear mongering” vs. the blue which makes me think it’s more informative. Could you do the image of the 1st with the color of the 2nd?

  12. 2nd one wins. The Red in the first one is eye-catching, but the 2nd one is more informative.

  13. I like coloring of the first one and always liked the wolf pack too!!

  14. Well, I liked the second one at first glance. It looked a little more slick and professional. However I think the red one will stand out better. Especially down the side bar on YouTube where they list recommended videos. So the red one gets my vote.

    My suggestion would be to put the Wolfpack Preppers logo on the left side to re-establish that name brand, then place your picture with the three books and credentials (from the second one) on the right side.

  15. I don’t get to watch many of your YouTube videos, but I watched the one about your health. Try to ignore the trolls. They’re just jealous of all that you do.

  16. The first banner is less busy. It provides the most information with less graphics.

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