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This review is for an amazing small business Wolfhawk Mercantile Soaps & Sundries made in USA and run by fellow homesteaders based in Montana! Please check out the links on each soap type, it will bring you directly to their page, make sure to let them know I sent you, pricing starts at $5 and goes up based on what you decide to purchase of their amazing oils and soaps.

Knowing how to make good soaps is important, however, it is not a skill we all have. Personally, I prefer to get solid, well-made items that I do not have great skill in from those who do! It is my attempt to promote a solid tribal approach, which means embracing others talents and incorporating them into the whole in a mutually beneficial way.

What really sold me with this company was their Freedom Soap/ B.O.B. the bug out bar of soap. A soap that is free of scents and dyes, perfect for camping, hunting or fishing. As most of us who spend substantial time in the woods know, less scents means less bugs and less overall problems. This soap bar goes for $5 a bar and one bar easily lasts me and my family through several camping trips. A month or so of use for 4 of us washing twice a day.

Of course, if you are a real back to the earth and basics person there is the bear fat/grease approach taken by several indigenous Indian tribes and copied to great effect by trappers/ hunters and woodsman. While smelly, it really prevented bug issues and even helped with sun damage as well. Personally, though, I prefer being clean, feeling clean and using Freedom Soap/ B.O.B. for my trips. I have several bars of this soap and plan on purchasing enough for several years worth.

For your kitchen they have an amazing duo of cleaning products. First up is my favorite de-greaser and hand soap. The Pomander Coffee Kitchen Soap bar, this one is made using coffee, colloidal oats, cinnamon, clove and orange juices. The result is a very solid soap that negates most smells including gasoline and oils and easily cuts through the grime. For really deep cleaning needs, the Grease Release Gardeners and Mechanics bars are perfection!

Using colloidal oats and pine tars along with coconut oil, shea butter and a few other choice ingredients you will find this soap helps keep your hands from cracking like some of the other marketed products may do. As many of us who work with our hands have discovered, cracking skin on the hands, especially during the winter months is a problem. While they make no claims, I can tell you personally that it has really helped. I wash my hands regularly given the many tasks and chores I do that require sanitary working environments. This soap cleans and keeps my hands feeling good!

Moving on we get into the other varieties I, my wife and children enjoy and use regularly. Lemon Calendula, Silky Mane Shampoo soap and Citrus Sage Goat’s Milk Soaps. They have several others, however, we use these the most which is why they are being reviewed. The Lemon Candula smells and feels amazing, the scent from this soap creates a beautiful after effect and it really does feel good on the skin. Silk Mane Shampoo bars have a wonderful mixture of essential oils, citrus and coconut milk, horsetail infusion and silk.

You may still need conditioners, however, it lathers well and washes better! My wife, myself and our children have all enjoyed using this. Our ancestry is a mixture of Latina, Norse and much more. This means our skin and hair can be difficult to buy in bulk for. These soaps work well for all of us, and this alone is very rare. Lastly, the Goats Milk and Honey bar which is a smooth, and like all the others has a muted yet delicious smell is probably the most skin friendly soap I have used from WolfHawk and others. They use goats milk, raw honey and several other amazing ingredients to ensure a smooth and clean feel.

I want to take a minute to let the owners tell us about their products, in their words, “We use quality natural ingredients, plant-based oils, essential oils, local raw honey, alcohol-free witch hazel and other high-quality materials. We use sustainability conscious RSPO certified palm oil in the recipes that call for it.

Our soap formulas have been refined over the years to create soaps that are conditioning to the skin, without leaving oily or waxy residue behind that might cause drying, itchiness, or breakouts. We offer a variety of specialty items with unique properties, using ingredients known to benefit the user in a variety of ways.” They have more information available on the sales page and are very good about responding in a timely manner.

The final product I have enjoyed is their unique beard oil, I choose the 0.5 ounce By Odin’s Beard Norse Blend Beard Oil to test and have enjoyed it very much. I have not tried the other scents they offer yet, however, I can recommend these without hesitation and will be buying more in the near future. While I have no issues purchasing some product types from overseas I do prefer to support amazing small businesses and people who work hard to ensure solid products can be had for reasonable prices.

WolfHawk Mercantile is one of my favorite companies to support and I highly recommend checking out their amazing array of wonderful soaps and oils. This is the perfect time to purchase gifts for your family and friends. I personally will continue using their soaps and hope that you also find the value in these amazing products!

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