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This article was published here with permission from the author Joel Skousen World Affairs Brief ( He is also the author of the excellent book – Strategic Relocation, North American Guide to Safe Places and The Secure Home. The establishment is clearly preparing America for another lockdown this fall and […]

Door-to-Door Mandatory Injections

I talked about this in my video yesterday. First they try to scare, pressure, and guilt you into taking the jab, then they offer bribes and incentives, and now that the numbers of people willing to be “vaccinate” has slowed dramatically. Now they are moving to the next phase of […]

Long-Term Food Storage Staples That Last Forever – 20 Foods to Stockpile for Long-Term Survival

There is a surprising variety of foods that can last for years, or even forever, at room temperature when stored correctly. For all of these foods, the storage method is paramount. To protect your food supplies, store them in airtight containers in cool, dry locations away from light. Containers might be bins, jars or cans with lids or even plastic bags that close securely.

Defeating Drones: How To Build A Thermal Evasion Suit

There is no such thing as fool proof combat technology. There is a way to trick or defeat or survive ANY weapon and any enemy. Period. Drones and thermal vision have been held up to the common citizenry for years as the end-all-be-all of combat and surveillance technology. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard the claim that no one can hide from thermal imaging and that predator drones herald the end of free resistance to tyranny.

survival lessons Ukraine

Real (No B.S.) Survival Lessons from Ukraine

There are several articles explaining what people have gone through in eastern Ukraine. This article over at Daily Mail provides a good visual image of what people are going through. There’s also a thread in survivalist boards where a Dunbass resident that goes by the name of George1980 has been posting, sharing his experiences. I highly recommend reading it if you have the time. Using this information, here are twelve important lessons based on what has happened so far in Ukraine…