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Judo Techniques for Beginners: Judo and Self-Defense from 1964

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I just posted a new article on my other site that you all who read this site might be interested in – Judo Techniques for Beginners: Judo and Self-Defense from 1964.  Click on the link to go check it out now. And don’t forget to subscribe to that blog so you don’t miss anything that I post there. 

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My Predictions for Civil War in 2020

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As you’ve probably noticed I’ve slowed way down on the number of videos I’ve been uploading to youtube. For me, YouTube has been a lot of work and time invested for very little return. I’ve been on it for almost one-full year and uploaded over 100-videos and earned just over $500 in ad revenue… however, I spent more than that …

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Do Ramen Noodles Expire? (What You Need To Know!)

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The packaging of the instant Ramen noodles encourages consumers to believe that the food is similar to survival food storage. Survival food storage is packaged in a way so that the food can last up to a decade or even more. Survival food that lasts more than a decade is usually wrapped in air-tight sealed plastic similar to instant Ramen noodles. The same packaging does have different expiration dates.

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How To Survive Being Homeless and Broke

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These days, “survivalism” has come to mean preparing for great events like nuclear holocaust or total government collapse. But disaster may come on a much more personal level. Individuals can suffer catastrophe as surely as nations can.

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What is The Shelf Life of Bottled Water in Plastic Bottles?

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What is the shelf life of bottled water? That’s a great question and one that everyone who stores more than a case of bottled water has probably asked at some point.

From what I’ve read online and from the emails that I’ve gotten from my readers it seems that many think that drinking bottled water that’s over a few weeks old will result in sickness or instant death and this simply isn’t the case.

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How Long Does Canned Food Last?

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As a general rule store-bought canned foods can remain edible for several years past the listed expiration date on the can, however, canned foods that are eaten past the listed expiration date may not have the full nutritional value as the same foods that are eaten before the given expiration date on the can.

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Heating and Cooking Off-The-Grid With A Wood Stove

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We live about as far north as you can go and still be in the continental U.S. It is about 60 miles to the Canadian border by road and 35 miles or so as the crow flies. Winter is the dominant season here! If it’s winter we’re coping with it and if it’s warm outside we’re thinking about the next winter.

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What’s The Best Pocket Knife for Every Day Carry?

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Swiss Army Knives are arguably one of the most underrated and overlooked knives there is. They are great for everyday carry (EDC), camping, and wilderness survival but which is the best pocket knife for 2019. One of the most important pieces of advice you can follow when putting together your everyday carry, or EDC is to not just get the …

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What Does Don’t Tread on Me Mean? (It’s Shocking!)

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What Does Don’t Tread on Me Mean Today? Of the many slogans that have been socially adopted by some as a banner, and others as the new evil to kill, the line, “Don’t tread on me” is easily among the top ten over the past few years. To find out what the Don’t Tread on Me Flags Meaning today we need first take a look at where it came from, and why.