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Limited Supply (23 left) of my Bulletproof Survivor CD available

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I just wanted to post to let you all know that I have a very limited supply (23 left) of my Bulletproof Survivor CD available. After these are gone I’ve got to find another company to print those for me and if I can get that done at a decent price then I will have to discontinue it. 

So if you want it and don’t have it then you need to get it now. You can click here to see what’s it all about. It’s an awesome load of information. Get it now while you still can because tomorrow might be too late! 

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Those Wonderful Red Flag Laws at Work

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* Who would have thought – Turkish President Erdogan “Dumped Trump’s Letter In The Trash”, Launched Syria Invasion In Response. There will never be peace in the middle east, it’s really that simple. They have been at war and killing each other in the middle east for thousands of years and always will. There is no changing it or long-term …

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Blood Pressure Health Rant

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If you still think everyone in the world should have a blood pressure reading of 120/80 then you have to watch this. For a detailed explanation and the research to back everything, I’ve said in this video check out the full-length health talk on blood pressure.

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Pepper Spray Laws by State: A Simple Cheat Sheet With All You Need To Know

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Pepper spray is a non-lethal chemical compound that works by causing temporary blindness and is primarily used in self-defense (including animals) and for crowd or riot control. Pepper spray is a great self-defense tool when a firearm, or lethal weapon, is not needed, not allowed, or if you just don’t like to use firearms. Whether you are jogging in the …

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Long-Term Storage : Know your Enemy The Moth

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by Bandurasbox – AKA Salena. Not too long ago, my husband took a three-week-long business trip to the West coast. Although he has traveled often domestically and abroad for his job in the past, this trip was particularly difficult for me and our special needs son. Our son was out of school for the summer, and because he has special …

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The Lights Went Out in Texas

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by Texican Last week our small area of the world experienced a power outage which lasted just an hour and 55 minutes. The power went out at 5:55 pm. Not a big deal, right? I’m prepared, I have batteries, I have flashlights, I have candles, I have lanterns, I have kerosene, I have…….! Yep, I pretty much have it all. …

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Earthquake Log Splitter Review (read before you buy)

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By BCTruck – rebuild, repair, repurpose Strange things are occurring all over the world. One of those strange things is that​ wood has grown tougher and far less tolerant to being split, as I’ve grown older. To combat this ever-increasing hardness, I decided to use my head and not my back. I did a lot of research concerning log splitters. Mostly …