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More Evidence Great Trouble Is Brewing: With The Seeds Of Chaos Being Sown, ‘Government’ Is Preparing To ‘Reap The Harvest’

This new story over at the website of John W. Whitehead is a must-read.  Titled “American Apocalypse: The Government’s Plot to Destabilize the Nation Is Working“, their story began with the quote below by author H.L. Mencken before confirming a warning that has long been called ‘conspiracy theory‘, there are forces […]

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Hong Kong protests turn violent again as police in riot gear brandishing batons fire tear gas and charge huge crowd of protesters who respond with barrage of stones, bottles and bamboo poles

Hong Kong protests took a violent turn on Saturday following the stand-off in a working-class neighborhood Police fired tear gas and baton-charged protesters who retaliated with stones, bottles and bamboo poles Protesters are now calling for the removal of ‘smart lampposts’ over fears of increased surveillance  Union head at Cathay […]

Radioactive nuke attack survival
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Leading Nuclear Researcher Issues Grave Fukushima Warning – an Ongoing Global Radiological Catastrophe’ and & Huge Cover Up

Physician and anti-nuclear activist and author of the book On the Effects of Nuclear Radiation, Dr. Helen Caldicott made an interview appearance with Global Research earlier this year to give the world a dire warning: if this mess continues, already increased cancer rates in Japan are likely to get even worse and spread throughout the […]

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Global worry as wildfires escalates across the lungs of the world: Thousands of wildfires are ravaging the Amazon rain forest along with Indonesia and Siberia

Credit NASA As thousands of wildfires are ravaging the Amazon rain forest, the global concern is rising as the lungs of our world, which produce almost a quarter of the planet’s oxygen has caused the French President Emmanuel Macron to claim the wildfires are an international crisis. The U.N. Secretary-General […]