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Help me choose a final logo design for this site… Please leave your thoughts in the comments below…

Logo 1

Logo 2

Logo 3

Logo 4


    1. #4, all the way. I don’t care for the crossed axes, especially #2 & 3 with the fire between them. Who in their right mind would build a fire on their axes?

      1. Build a fire on your axes are you serious?
        Drinking early for the weekend already

  1. 4 is washed out…the words fade into background…no
    I think the words should be below your nice picture….
    I’m sending something, or going to try

    1. I agree. Sorry but I don’t like any of them. I think you can do much better.

    1. I agree #3 is what your logo should be but with the underline going all the way to the .com …. This depicts the the outdoor life with the Log cabin and the survivalism with the hatches and what looks to be a campfire, all with the stream… True Survivalism

  2. #2 #1 & #3 are cluttered with the crossed axes under the picture. #4 does not have the axes and the font and font color are not as distinctive.

    So, I vote for #2.

  3. #3comes together good like the birds in the back ground. Clean lines.

  4. #3 red edging draws your eye to the logo. Draws attention and looks upbeat.

  5. #3 also After reading your blog for may years it reminds me of the blog, simple, not pretentious, it tells you what it is about and lovely. Reminds me of home.

  6. I think that #1 is the best. The fire on the hatchets logo on #2 and #3 looks to me like a strange cartoon character when it is small. #4 is very clean, but the MDCreekmore lettering IMHO looks weaker than the other three. I prefer the stronger look for your brand. I do like the brown arc over the picture in #3. You might want to experiment with that on logo #1.

    1. #1 shows your connection with the mountains and the cabin living. I agree with above comment that “strange character” is produced, and that you may want to explore variations a bit more. Outlined letters are defined better than #4. Image should always state what you value.

  7. #3 picture, no axes or fire, black line from the left edge of the picture to the middle of the name, the .com and then continue the black line to the end of the name.

    I would also change the font. It is better than #4, but is just a bit too busy with effects to make it easy to read at a glance. You have to look at it to see the MD. More like the one at the top of this page.

    Just my opinion.

    1. I like the picture in 3, the Black line & axes without the fire in 1 and placed under your name like in 2. I think that blend would look best.

  8. 3 is best of the 4 options. Clean is better than cluttered. A logo should be clean and stylistic. Don’t try to put too much info into it.

  9. this seems too hard… I don’t like any of them… why not try just the bolded text with the crossed hatchets on the left?

    one thing that would really stand out is use the existing logo, but put the text up -red with a white background on black…some times less is more.

  10. #3 is strong, BUT the .con effect of #4 is the best handling of the .con Good luck!

  11. #4 looks clean and modern. But #3 pops out at you. But hey thats just my opinion. Good luuck and keep up the good work.

  12. I love the graphics of #3. However, living where we have a problem with forest fires, I would prefer the power of fire as smoke from the chimney and not a fire outside the cabin. Thank you for all you do for us.


  14. #2 It draws the eye. As a former advertising copywriter I know tht drawing the eye is the first thing. I would make the house bigger and center it over your

  15. ** The # 4 speaks to me with the ” .COM ” centered below and the fading arrows brings the log cabin focal point to attention. The all directional arrow ways in nature.
    ** Also in addition, adding the Fire and AX would express lessons taught in daily survival living skills, prepping homesteading. Living off the grid, respecting nature.
    ( Nice Logo ) Congrads ! ! Terry Spears

  16. At first, they all looked the same, then I realized that they all had tiny differences. I don’t like any of them. I think you can do much better.

  17. Of these, #2 is cleanest, easiest to read, and works OK when reduced in size. Unfortunately all look amateurish. They appear as if someone in Jr. High selected fonts and stuck a clip art cabin beside them. A logo should say more about the entity and, ideally become integrated with it in such a way that the font, the color, and the shape all become separate parts that each reminds the viewer of the theme or mission of the entity. A cheap, but very effective tool I have used is IF you can articulate your company ethos to them, they can do the artistic and heavy lifting design work for you that will give you something you can really be proud of. Good Luck!

  18. I don’t like any of them but # 4 is the one that catches my eye .
    I have to say I really miss the wolf and the mountains in the back ground really look like the Tacoma dome here in Washington state, go look it up . That caught my eye right away.pretty funny.
    The cabin I think should look more rustic and who is going to have a fire right in front seems out of place.

  19. I don’t like any of them. But if I had to choose, I’d choose #4. It’s not glaring like the others. It also gives a feeling of welcome vs the others make me feel like you’re a blaring car salesman going to try and sell me something.

  20. #3 is my choice. It is a simple cabin. The others look like a multi million dollar resort.

  21. I like #1. #3 looks like the axes are on fire (at least from what I can see on my seriously old laptop)

  22. #3 – The lighter green of the trees and more white in the house scene are more attractive to the eye. The other tree color is too dark and blends in with the background.

  23. #4 seems the most open and inviting to me. Not sure if that’s the look you were going for, but I like it the best. 🙂

  24. Logos 3 very clear concise balanced nice colors love the cross axes go for that… it’s a winner 👍

  25. I like 1 the best, if you’re using the little crossed hatchets there should not be a duplication of the little fire since it’s already in front of the cabin.
    It seems to look the cleanest to me

  26. I this #2 looks best. The fire in the cabin picture carries over to the fire under the name making the entire image look as one instead of two separate images. That being said, I think you should ditch the cabin picture altogether for a simpler design.

  27. Hi MD,

    I like #3 because the picture is outlined and stands out. But I like the trees in #1 and #2.

  28. #3. It’s clearer, lighter, and appears to be a little larger than the other pictures.

  29. I’m a list maker. When making lists, I underline things that are more important than others.
    #2, with your name underlined, sticks out for me.

    BTW, keep up the great work!


  30. none of the above as the art depicts the a cool climate environment,
    your subscribers are across all regions and international,
    and may be disconnected from the woodsman image,
    the graphics need to not depict a specific region

  31. NO to: #4 – Homesteading is about getting back to the old ways, so why go for a modern looking logo? #3 – The artwork is unappealing with fake looking tree color and the red border. #1 – This is a close second, but the large axes distract too much from the artwork.

    YES to #2 – The artwork, background shadowing on the lettering, and
    the black line that ties it all together make this a winner IMO.

  32. Something missing in #3 or for that matter in all, this is about homesteading were the flintlock rifle was king with the ax.

  33. #3, It catches the eye, and makes me wonder “What good info can I find here today”?

  34. I like your current one best. The fires in front of the cabins make me think it is too close to the trees or cabin. Good luck deciding as the comments are all over the place. I don’t think you will lose any followers with whatever you decide.

  35. I like 4. Only thing I would change would be to add the Axes & Fire above MDCreekmore. It’s a very crisp clean look.

  36. First choice: 3, no axes, dark trees. Retain red semi-circle.

    Second choice: 4

  37. Looks like # 3 has more votes but I prefer #2. They’re all pretty good though

  38. I like number 1.
    Has a good balance to it. I like the trees & cabin better than 3.
    I will say, there is something I don’t care for in the red and the background color. It seems fuzzy or hard to focus on. Maybe just me.
    I still say #1.

  39. #3 – looks like a rainbow – and there may be a pot of gold at the end of your rainbow!

  40. #2 is best, however, I also like #3.
    The fire on the axes refers to that fact that we should be ready in all seasons with wood for fire and axes to cut the wood with. It is the literal thinking person who might miss this, but the person who can think in abstract terms and think outside of the box is more likely to get this.

    So then, why 3? It refers to being ready for winter. Why 2? It is much more peaceful looking. Thanks!

  41. Definitely number #3 because the black line is flush with the picture.

    I don’t like #2 with the line under your name and the axes in the middle. It doesn’t flow right. And #4 is hard to read.

    I would consider removing some of that black or darkened coloring from CREEKMORE and just leaving it red. It could be a shade lighter as well.

  42. #3 overall. I do like the graphic on #4,but I find the lettering more difficult to read.

  43. #3 is the best but I would take out the frog (if that’s what it is).

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