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The Parameter Patrol / Guard Duty Kit

The Authors Patrol / Guard Duty Kit

This kit is a light weight kit that will allow you to be extremely mobile, yet well-armed when patrolling your property line, or while stationed at an LP/OP (listening post / observation post).

This is also the kit that you would “grab and go with” when you know that a threat is approaching… Take this kit and your weapons and move into position at your predetermined defensive position.

This kit will include water, binoculars, flashlight, night-vision if you can afford it (I can’t), Quikclot, high energy food, cable ties or zip ties in case you have to secure a prisoner, folding lock-back knife, two way radio to communicate with others in your group, rifle and 4+ extra magazines, handgun and 2 extra magazines.

The carrier that I use for this pack is the “US PeaceKeeper Rapid Deployment Pack”, this pack is well made, light-weight, and is super quick to throw across your shoulder and go. It has two pockets that will each hold two AR-15 magazines, a pocket that will hold an extra pistol magazine, and another for your radio.

The light that I keep with this kit is the “Pelican ProGear 2360 LED Flashlight”, this light has an output of 250 Lumens and a run time of just over two-hours on two AA batteries, (don’t forget to add an extra set in your kit), the radio is the “Wouxun KG-UV6D Two Way Programmable Radio”,  and the knife, that I carry with this kit is the “Blackhawk Crucible II Folding Knife”, I carry this knife with me anytime that I’m dressed, so technically it isn’t in the kit – I need to order another one and dedicate it to the kit.

I also like the Glock Knives and Mora Fire-Knife, both would work and serve their purpose well, but I prefer a folding knife with this kit.

Keep in mind that the suggestions for bags, lights, radios and knifes are just that suggestions. You might find something else might works even better for you, but these are what I use, and have found to be of good quality and useful.

Do you have a Guard Duty / patrol type Kit? If so what do you have in it?