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Here you will find articles on knives, and other bladed tools and techniques for their use and well as state knife laws that all knife owners need to know.

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Wisconsin Knife Laws: A Simple Cheat Sheet With All You Need To Know

Even for a legal expert trained in understanding weapon laws, Wisconsin knife laws are often difficult to understand. The primary reason for the confusion stems from the ambiguous wording of statutes that lead to protracted legal battles inside civil and criminal courts. Legislative leaders in Wisconsin have made an effort […]


Missouri Knife Laws: A Simple Cheat Sheet With All You Need To Know

As one of the leaders in preserving constitutionally guaranteed rights, the Show-Me State not only recognizes the right of residents and visitors to bear arms, but the state also preserves the rights of residents and citizens to own and bear all types of knives. The Missouri Constitution closely resembles the […]

survival knife

Les Stroud SK Mountain Ultimate Survival Knife Review

by Randw My recent gift/purchase of a Les Stroud SK Mountain, Ultimate Survival Knife by Camillus, gave me an opportunity to do a review on a product that at first glance seems rather contrived and panders to the “Survival/Prepper community” by its very design and nature.  These types of fluff/specialty […]

BEST Multitool knife

What’s The Best Multi-Tool to Buy For EDC

When it comes to multi-tools there are dozens, hundreds of available choices. The best part is, they can all be very useful for a variety of reasons and in a variety of situations. However, for survival, prepping and or simply having, is there one that can work as the go-to, […]

State Knife Laws

I’ve been working diligently for months on producing pages with up to date knife laws for every U.S. State – below are the ones that I have so far. I will try to keep these up to date for each new year when new laws are enacted, however, keep in […]