Homestead Finances and Self-Employment

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How to Make and Save Money Living in the Country

Homesteading is also about earning a living! by D. in Kansas My husband and I were freaking out about the economy in 1978, so moved from a metro lifestyle in another state to rural Kansas where we fenced and planted a half-acre garden. I learned to can, soon filling the basement […]

How New Bloggers Make Money Via Affiliate Marketing

Turning a successful blog into substantial income can be surprisingly easy. Yet countless website owners, even people who receive millions of monthly visitors, are failing to take advantage of the opportunity that is staring them right in the face. That opportunity? Affiliate marketing. In today’s lesson, we will discuss three […]

Setting a Blogging Schedule for Your New Blog

Regular visitors come back to your site because they are excited to see new content. Stop putting out new content, and your visitors will stop coming back. It’s a simple as that. Unfortunately, writing on a consistent schedule and producing new content regularly is far from simple. As easy as […]

How to Get Subscribers for Your New Blog

You’ve probably heard the old saying “give a man a fish and he’ll eat for a day; teach a man to fish and he’ll eat for a lifetime.” The online version of this saying would probably go something like this: “give a website owner a visitor and he’ll gain one-page […]

How to Choose The Best Web Host For New Bloggers

Note: I’ve had several readers ask me about blogging – how to start, how to get traffic, and how to make some money from it, so I decided to write and publish a seven part series here at to help anyone who is interested get started. After all one […]

SEO and Creating Good Content for Your Blog

This is part two of our how to start a blog series – making a living from a small homestead is difficult, however, if you have information to share (see this article for ideas on picking a niche topic) and an internet connection then blogging might be perfect for you. […]

Getting Readers and Traffic To Your New Blog

You have a host, a domain name, a WordPress theme, and some good content written with both human visitors and SEO algorithms in mind. But without actual readers, your site will be like a pristine highway with no vehicles traversing it. In other words, it will be totally useless. Getting […]