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Should a Faraday Cage Be Grounded

Should a Faraday Cage Be Grounded?

by blogRot. Yes, a Faraday cage should be properly grounded to be more effective at preventing damage to electronics as grounding provides a discharge path for EMP. I’ll cover the why and how below so read on… Electromagnetic Pulse (aka EMP) or a Coronal Mass Ejection (CME) from our sun […]

Bug Out Bike – Building a Bug Out Bicycle

by Barry B Bikes in a TEOTWAWKI situation may be the standard form of transportation and highly valued.  I’m speaking more about mountain bikes (MB) than the traditional multi-speed road bike. Mountain bikes are a great utility vehicle. They can traverse rough terrain, are rugged, and geared to make pulling […]

Ham Radio

The Complete Guide to Ham Radio for Beginners

by Old Hillbilly Prepper (Several weeks ago the topic of the “Eastern Redoubt” came up and during that discussion, someone asked how Wolf Pack members might communicate with each other both within and outside of the “Redoubt”.  I responded briefly about my experiences using a simple HAM radio setup that […]

homemade cleaning products

Simple Homemade Cleaning Products That Work

by Lynn T My first prepping goal was to stock a year’s worth of everything we normally use that has a year plus shelf life. This took a few months but we were able to accomplish the goal.  (We did allow for freezer storage for this interim goal, so we’re really […]