Inexpensive Bows for Hunting, Bushcraft, and Survival

Jesse Mathewson

Arizona since 86', lifetime prepper, camper - criminal justice advanced degrees, numerous certifications, 1+ million rounds (shooting for decades), prior contractor, instructor, current volunteer, disabled, honest, father of two husband of one - all budget and prepared. Jesse Mathewson reviews because regular people need someone in their corner as well!

3 Responses

  1. JP in MT says:

    I am not much of an archer. I do have a fiberglass 45# recurve bow. I pick up arrows and arrow heads after archery season, when they are 1/2 price of less. (This time is coming up again.) I would like to pick up a 35# for starting and light practice.

  2. lraude says:

    One of our Horse 4-H groups approached my Archery group about mounted archery. Their leader said they could try this, but MUST learn proper archery first. So when researching we found that mounted archery also uses Thumb Relases as well. Just another way of handling the string. And actually for me is a bit more acurate for all my shooting. Guess you can teach an old horse new tricks.

    • M.D. Creekmore says:

      True, learning is great, always something new to learn and I try to learn something new everyday… I just wish that I could remember it all.