10 Must Use/Read Prepper Food Storage Resources

1. Food storage calculator: Use this calculator to determine the minimum food storage requirements for your family for one year. While not an exact science it is a good starting point – you’ll still need to make the final list based on each family members needs.

2. Start your food storage on $10 a week: Good article written by Alan T. Hagan for Backwoods Home Magazine. He states “Depending on what you decide is important to you, everything you will need for a complete food storage program can be had from your local grocer and, perhaps, some other local businesses.”

3. Family Home Storage: Some good information by LDS, even if you’re not religious or a member you’ll find the information useful.

4. Food Storage Videos: Results from a search on YouTube for the term “Mormon Food Storage” – while I didn’t watch them all the ones I did watch looked and good offered sound advice.

5. Prudent Food Storage: More survival food storage information presented by Alan T. Hagan via his free online book Food Storage FAQ. Worth printing and putting in a binder.

6. Food Storage Guide: Good information and chart listing the estimated shelf life of various foods…

7. My Free Food Storage List Printable (click to download the PDF).

8.  And a follow-up more complete printable checklist for stocking up at Walmart (click to download the PDF)

9. And my article “The Prepper’s Food Storage Checklist (click here to read it now.)

10. And my best selling book which is in itself a complete prepping course (click here to read the reviews of my book at Amazon).

Please share your best food storage resources in the comments below.1 8 Must Read Food Storage Resources


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