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Do Ramen Noodles Expire? (What You Need To Know!)

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The packaging of the instant Ramen noodles encourages consumers to believe that the food is similar to survival food storage. Survival food storage is packaged in a way so that the food can last up to a decade or even more. Survival food that lasts more than a decade is usually wrapped in air-tight sealed plastic similar to instant Ramen noodles. The same packaging does have different expiration dates.

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What is The Shelf Life of Bottled Water in Plastic Bottles?

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What is the shelf life of bottled water? That’s a great question and one that everyone who stores more than a case of bottled water has probably asked at some point.

From what I’ve read online and from the emails that I’ve gotten from my readers it seems that many think that drinking bottled water that’s over a few weeks old will result in sickness or instant death and this simply isn’t the case.

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How Long Does Canned Food Last?

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As a general rule store-bought canned foods can remain edible for several years past the listed expiration date on the can, however, canned foods that are eaten past the listed expiration date may not have the full nutritional value as the same foods that are eaten before the given expiration date on the can.

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Safe Indoor Emergency Cooking Solutions

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by Robert H If you live or camp off the grid or plan to then you’ll need to figure out and plan how you’re going to cook off the grid. There are several ways and fuel choices and I’ll talk about those below. If you have any other suggestions or ideas then please leave those in the comments section below. Propane …

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What Happens to Nuclear Power Plants After Global Disaster?

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by Dr. Arthur T. Bradley According to the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, there are sixty-one active commercial nuclear plants spread across the United States. A question on the minds of many is what would happen to those plants if the nation experienced a widespread, long-lasting power outage? Let me start by saying that there is a quite a bit of misinformation …

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Surviving a Winter Power Outage – How to Stay Warm

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Let’s face it, heating your home during a long-term power outage is probably one of the biggest challenges that a homeowner facing the cold winter has to overcome. You have to keep your body temperature in the normal range i.e. above 95 F (35 C) or hypothermia will start to set in. When your body temperature drops, your heart, nervous …