17 Things For Pandemic Survival that You Probably Forgot to Include in Your Medical Kit

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The following list is for items that most people forget to include in their basic first aid kits and supplies. If you’re worried about an outbreak like the current Ebola outbreak hitting the U.S. in the near future (you probably should be) then adding the products on this list should be your top priority right now.

Keep in mind that I’m not including basic first-aid items or meds in this list, because most of you already have a stockpile of those necessities on hand.

  1. Plenty of Hand sanitizer and soap – wash hands thoroughly with hot water and regular or anti-bacterial soap, then use hand sanitizer.
  2. Disposable thermometers
  3. N95 HEPA (High-efficiency particulate air filter) masks
  4. Heavy 4 – 6 mill clear plastic for building quarantine areas
  5. Duct Tape (for putting plastic up)
  6. Staple Gun and Staples (for putting plastic up)
  7. Vent fan for negative airflow into the quarantine areas –  an air filtering system would be great but probably not possible for most. Ducting can be installed to route contaminated air to someplace safe.
  8. Medical Grade Gloves
  9. Lysol Professional Quaternary Disinfectant Cleaner Concentrate
  10. Plenty of Bleach
  11. Spray bottles for bleach and/or other disinfectant solutions
  12. Large washbasins for washing and disinfection
  13. Bed coverings (Fluid Protective)
  14. Biohazard Waste Disposable Bags
  15. Body Bags
  16. Hydrated lime
  17. Large trash bags

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  1. Thank you MD.
    Short and to the point. I forgot about the venting system. Thanks again for the list.

    1. Same here. I hadn’t thought about the venting system. Great list!

  2. Tyvex suits with overshoes and Kitchen rubber gloves and duct tape all in a kit.
    Someone’s gotta move them bodies.

  3. A lot of folks don’t think about some things such as hydrated lime. Maybe an article about it’s uses would be helpful.

  4. It appears that our shopping list has expanded. Most of these items we have but we would certainly need to have much more in stock for a large scale event. Body Bags? Well, maybe we need those also.

  5. Had not thought about venting. Have some supplies. Need more. Like I said before, we are never done prepping. We always fine items to add to our supplies.

  6. MD
    Rob mentioned ‘hydrated lime’. Apparently there are two different types of lime. One for construction usage and one for gardening.

    In the case of removing the bio hazard from decaying bodies. Would one use the construction type of lime? If someone could give the correct answer would appreciate it. We have the hydrated lime for gardening on hand about 5lbs.

  7. The heavy plastic was not in my stash. Surgical drapes yes but not heavy plastic. Will up date that.

  8. Body Bags, Dehydrated Lime, more sheet plastic. Got the rest plus! Including filtration x2. But need to designate a burn and bury area.

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