A-zoom Snap Caps and Wall Anchors: weekly product review

In Gear Reviews by Jesse Mathewson


Legally I have to write a disclosure here, I PURCHASED THE Snap Caps and Wall Anchors BEING REVIEWED HERE WITH MY MONEY and did not receive anything in exchange for a review of any type…

A-Zoom snap caps are an important part of anyone’s shooting supply. They run between $8-$15 for 6 or 10 on average depending on caliber. For your .22lr needs, there is another option. Hillman wall anchors 4-6-8 x 7/8” are what I use for all of my .22lr needs. Hillman wall anchors run $6 for a box of 100 on Amazon or around that from local hardware stores. Now before you laugh, remember the entire purpose of a snap cap is for testing triggers, repairs and dry firing your firearms. The wall anchors work for this purpose and work well for less than 0.05 cents apiece. The best part is, you can reuse them a few times for dry firing purposes and if you need it recycle them afterward for their intended purpose!

When you are training for self-defense and even hunting there are a few things that are essential to remember. Obviously, as with all firearms follow the rules of safety.

  1. Loaded or not, keep the finger OFF the trigger!
  2. Loaded or not, ALWAYS ensure the muzzle is pointed in a safe direction!

This includes but is not limited to firearms that are loaded with snap caps, I have witnessed negligent discharges by extremely well-versed individuals when they believed they had unloaded their firearms or had reloaded with snap caps. So, in the line of being safe ALWAYS, remove all ammunition from the location around the firearm you are planning to use snap caps in. I use the three check system to ensure no live ammunition is in the firearm as well.

  1. Remove the magazine or cylinder
  2. Check the chamber visually
  3. Check the chamber manually with a finger while ALWAYS keeping the muzzle pointed away from any places you do not want to be destroyed.

Now, once you do this, insert the snap caps into the cylinder or magazine. Re-check again to ensure only snap caps are inserted. Some people do not understand why I check so many times, of course, these same people likely have never been shot by “accident” or on purpose either! Taking a few minutes to ensure a completely safe experience is better than days or even weeks in a hospital and tens of thousands of dollars in bills!

Now ensuring your muzzle is pointed in a safe direction you can engage in dry fire practice or testing as needed! Doing a few minutes of this every day can easily transform your personal ability with a firearm into a much better approach. Especially when you practice maintaining your PROPER grip, correct trigger press and or gentle squeeze and sight alignment. I use these times to check my ability to maintain a level firearm and keep it stable while squeezing the trigger. Place a nickel or dime on the frame or front sight post if you can and squeeze the trigger until the firing pin is released, do this until you never lose the dime from the front sight or frame and you will notice a much-improved group at the range.


Some other things I like using snap caps for are failure drills, they replicate a round not going off when placed randomly in the magazine or even cylinder and you have to safely “Tap, Rack and Go” to continue shooting. I often ask shooting buddies to place snap caps at random in my range magazines, (ALWAYS KEEP YOUR RANGE MAGAZINES SEPARATE FROM ALL OTHER MAGAZINES).

Overall there is simply no reason not to have snap caps or wall anchors for your firearms training and use. I am well aware that 50 years ago snap caps were not used regularly, however, there have been many major improvements in training, firearms and more over that same time. Additionally, older firearms are more likely to not be dry fire capable and need snap caps! It is my recommendation as a very active longtime shooter that using snap caps in all firearms for dry fire practice and other purposes can only prolong the lifespan of the firing pin and more.

Stay safe and train how you carry!

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