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Your Gas Mask is Obsolete – Time To Step It Up To The Next Level

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Combining premium features with superior mil-spec construction, MIRA Safety’s CM-6M CBRN tactical gas mask / full-face respirator protects your face, internal organs and respiratory system against a full spectrum of toxic industrial chemicals (TIC) and chemical warfare agents (CWA) including chemical, biological and nuclear threats such as radioactive dust, noxious gas, vaporized pollutants and more.


Book Review: The Prepper’s Guide to Surviving The End of the World as We Know It – review by Joel Skousen

M.D. Creekmore Gear Reviews

The latest book offered by M. D. Creekmore is called The Prepper’s Guide to Surviving The End of the World as We Know. This useful guide quickly and easily covers the full range of essentials in stockpiling and equipment from water, food, and tools to medicine, communications, and weapons. It’s a 176-page book that is chock full of really good …

Earthquake Log Splitter Review (read before you buy)

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By BCTruck – rebuild, repair, repurpose Strange things are occurring all over the world. One of those strange things is that​ wood has grown tougher and far less tolerant to being split, as I’ve grown older. To combat this ever-increasing hardness, I decided to use my head and not my back. I did a lot of research concerning log splitters. Mostly …

Book List

Below are my favorite books in several different categories. I own hundreds of books and could have made a huge list of good books, but instead, I decided to put together a shorter list of GREAT books. I hope that you find this list useful. Top Ten Prepper Books (Number 7 You’ve Probably Never Heard Of) My Books The Prepper’s …

mountain house foods review

Mountain House Classic Assortment Bucket Review

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Over the last few decades, I have been more invested in long-term supplies for survival and prepping. After all the evidence shows that it is not a matter of if an event will occur but rather when. By event I mean; flooding, wildfire, home fire, windstorms, hurricanes, earthquakes, mudslides and even the dreaded fabled collapse of our current society. ¹ …

earthquake-survival tips

7 Ways to Prepare for and Survive an Earthquake

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by Janet Spencer, Catastropharian Extraordinaire In 1994 a friend of mine was in the Northridge earthquake. She was awakened in the middle of the night by her apartment collapsing around her. She crawled out of the wreckage wearing nothing but her nighty. She met her neighbors in the street. Most were cut, like she was, from scrambling through broken glass on …

Halftrack Back

Buyer’s Guide: Eberlestock Halftrack Pack Review

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by The Angry Prepper Eberlestock’s Halftrack is a great bag (check the current price and availability at  This bag is made of tough stuff  & is very dependable.  The Halftrack is a 50 Liter bag that weighs about 6lbs. & 12oz.  For starters, this bag has every feature I have ever looked for in a bag.  The first thing …

best water filter

Best Survival/Hiking Water Filter

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by Dean C A few months back, I had sold a few things of value and used that money to buy a Katadyn Vario water filter (click here to check availability and the current price at  Since water is so important, and the items I sold had no real value to prepping, it was an easy decision. I had been …

Wolfhawk Mercantile Soaps & Sundries: product review

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This review is for an amazing small business Wolfhawk Mercantile Soaps & Sundries made in USA and run by fellow homesteaders based in Montana! Please check out the links on each soap type, it will bring you directly to their page, make sure to let them know I sent you, pricing starts at $5 and goes up based on what …

Best Solar Powered / Hand Crank Flashlights

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January 2016, a purchase was made of over 20 solar powered, crank powered and alternative powered handheld lights. These flashlights all underwent extensive testing. This testing included the following steps for my personal use. 1. Drop testing (from 4 feet and 6 feet using different angles and surfaces) – I live in the high desert, if they can’t handle being …