Review: Alive After the Fall™ by Alexander Cain

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Electromagnetic Pulse’s have been apart of the subculture of doomsday prepping since the 1970’s. The specter of ultimate doom causing humans to revert to their pre-industrialized days scares many of us. There have been dozens of books written by professionals regarding a man-made EMP or natural similar event occurring. Alive After the Fall™ was written approximately two years ago by Alexander Cain, which is the pen name for someone who supposedly has a Doctorate in Theology and Archeology.

My research has turned up over 4000 different doomsday prophecies dating back as far as 400 B.C., none of these has come true and most of them including Nostradamus and others are at best vague “prophetic” ramblings by individuals more interested in personal fame and fortune at the moment. ¹ So it with apprehension that I read this E-Book. It is my goal, however, to provide you with reviews of applicable literature. So here goes the review!

I agree with the authors premise, an EMP event is quite possible and in fact likely whether it be natural or man-made. Unfortunately, this is where my agreement ends. The author adds just enough “science/math” to support their continued statements as being fact. Sadly, this could not be further from the truth and why I personally adjusted from being a “doomsday” prepper to an everyday prepper years ago. The statement, “we’ve established that an EMP incident will fry all electronics regardless whether they are plugged in or not…” unfortunately is not correct.

While some electronics will, in fact, become disabled, with modern electronics this is actually less of a long-term issue than an immediate issue while the disruption is occurring. Testing completed and evidence available shows that modern electronics due to the use of non-metallic components are less likely to have issues. Additionally, the reality is that North Korea does not have the potential and Russia simply has no reason to attack us.²

Now I should mention, I agree that there is a potential for these types of events, I disagree with the “facts” the author presents and his approach in using your fear to sell a book. Given the lack of principles evidenced by the author in refusing to use their real name or provide any validation as to their purported credentials, I find it difficult to believe anyone willingly believed and even acted on the message in the book. Additionally, the author promotes preparing in ways that are unsustainable and impossible for anyone making under 125,000 dollars a year.

Additional critiques are the author’s insistence on conflating Decibels and MHz with the following science sounding line. “Rooms built in this way have been shown to offer at least 80 db of shielding, but up too several hundred Mhz.” This line shows the ignorance of the author. The real science here is more difficult, 1,000,000 h or hertz makes up a Mhz. The measurement of 0 db is equal to 1000 h, additionally, it is a measure of sound specifically. ³ Given how sound is measure from what I gather, the author’s statement effectively invalidates itself and was likely taken without any real research from another crackpots website versus actually researched with any desire to impart truth. (it is important to note that unlike the author I am not using fake credentials in a different field to convince my readers of somethings existence, rather I as someone who has no formal experience or education in electromagnetic theory and its relation to electromagnetic pulses generated by man or nature on the earth, is simply attempting to introduce what little truth I have in this area)

I will say that the author was correct in at least two areas in the book, the information on the necessity of clean water and the authors desire to have more than one plan. These alone, however, do not make the book worth purchasing. In fact given the premise that the book was marketed with a date of destruction ending in January of 2017 I believe, it failed in every other way. I could go on to explain any number of reasons why this is a terrible purchase, however, I will simply leave you all with this warning.

If it seems to good to be true, or if as a religious person another religious person claims to “know the time”, RUN AWAY, do not give that person or persons your money and absolutely avoid disseminating the included information. I firmly believe if living a prepared life, however, after 41 years on this earth and having weathered dozens of natural disasters and personal major life-changing events I can honestly say, “if you need to believe that the world is about to end to be prepared in your life…you have not lived.”

This book is absolutely a DO NOT BUY!

Free the mind and the body will follow…

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  1. Good review, Jesse. Definitely not my kind of book.

    • The only “One” who knows the end is the Lord himself. Jesus even refused to give a date but gave evidence of the end. The authority of a prophet, one who gives prophecies, is the fact they are always correct. That is an indication the prophecy is actually from the Lord himself, the one who knows. I doubt very seriously the Lord will charge for the information! Write your own book, indicate it is your personal opinion. Think about this also: In the 1940-1950’s, most rural areas in the southeast had no electricity, no running water, no indoor toilets, no phone service, no batteries and no malls. No one converted to cannibalism to survive.

    • Jesse Mathewson

      Docj, Ronald Beal-

      Yes and agreed-

      Sorry was out of coms for a bit- went camping again!

  2. Thanks for writing this, Jesse! I don’t know anything about EMPs, just that they’re going to have SOME effect closer to ground zero than at points farther away. I DON’T read “prepper fiction” anymore. Too, any book about EMPs, if written by a credible author would be well over my head, anyway.

    I HAVE known periods of unemployment that spanned nearly 6 months. I DID resort to using rat traps to catch birds–mostly pigeons–to supplement my diet as I scrambled to keep the rent and utilities paid. I do take advantage of case-lot sales at grocery chain stores, and buy fresh meat in bulk from a local restaurant wholesaler that will sell to the public–my storage room and freezers are well stocked against unemployment disasters–the likeliest ones to affect my life…

    • Jesse Mathewson

      Leonard. Sounds like a similar situation in some respects, my doggo and I would go get rabbits behind the town I worked in when I was 20-22 it kept us fed and no one knew –

  3. Jesse, great review on a subject few actually understand. When we lived out in the sticks in a log cabin, I believe we were better prepared for an event like this than at least 95% of the population. We grew almost everything we consumed with a few exceptions like coffee, bananas and tropical fruits that are a no-go in the great white north. We harvested our winter heating fuel onsite. Our collection of items like kerosene lamps and old tools kept us “prepared” by default without even trying. Add in the fact that we had two years worth of petroleum fuels to run the hobby farm in storage, we really felt ready for anything. For those who want in-depth actionable information, find Dr Aurthur Bradley on youtube. He did a series where he tests out various materials and methods of EMP protection. He cuts through the Bull Excrement with his instruments and shows how much protection you may expect from readily available materials. Yes, even here in the Philippines I do have some spare parts and electronics in shielded protection for that “just in case” event. What I will NOT do is go crazy over an EMP and worry myself into an early death.

    • Jesse Mathewson

      Jack, somewhat jealous of your amazing situation and definitely agree that going nuts over what cannot be helped helps no one!

  4. We have done, and continue to do what we can to protect against grid power loss, regardless of the source. I prefer to be as independent as I can.

    • Jesse Mathewson

      JP. Same. Absolutely- I have backups of what I can afford specifically hard drives and DVD roms- in quasi faraday cages

  5. Good review. Sounds like a Y2K yarn. There is always that 1% that would like to try an EMP strike but, yep, OK, awww. Would believe more of a Carrington Event before anything else. Am prepared for lights out old school style. Would like some sort of solar one day though.

    • Jesse Mathewson

      OCB – it is absolutely a scare book meant to drum up sales and profits while scaring you

  6. Thanks Jesse. I had to study NBC warfare in my 20+ year military career and EMP was not one of the areas that was particularly concerning to the military. I’m not completely sure of the “lack” of concern causes, but often we were told that (like your assessment) modern electronics and equipment are not as susceptible to EMP as a lot of fear mongers would have you believe. Additionally, the farther from the source of the EMP blast, the less effect it would have to a proportional degree (the further away, the less effect, much further and it would be much much less). Good review and good science and study. Thank you again.

    • Jesse Mathewson

      Greg, thank you figured you would understand better than I, I honestly messed up the math a bit but I understand the basics of it to some extent