Building A Mobile Solar Power Station

M.D. Creekmore

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9 Responses

  1. Docj says:

    Excellent article. Even I can follow your directions! 😎😎😎😎😎

  2. Jack says:

    Excellent article and well thought out plan. The only part I would change would be to substitute lithium Iron (LiFePO4) batteries and the proper controller if one had the funds to do so. They are safe, have a high energy density and should offer a superior lifetime performance. In a really bad situation, replacement batteries may well be very difficult to obtain so I see and advantage in installing the very best a person can afford to begin with.

  3. Ed Krucenski says:

    I second the lithium batteries as the best way to go.


  4. MIKE says:


  5. Andy Mann says:

    Fair question to ask….
    Perhaps I missed it
    What is your total cost of your mobile package as mentioned in the above article
    Thank you for your reply

  6. Connie says:

    I wonder if a set up like this would work for my well and the heater I use for the well house.

    • Horse says:

      Answer is no.
      unless your well runs off 12v and no heater use at all.

      Most wells are 240v ac
      most heaters ate 1000watts to 1,500 watts

      That little setup couldn’t power either.

      What the shown setup can do is power small things like led lighting, radio’s and small ac items under 400 watts with a pure sinewave inverter attached.
      Any inverter use will have to be limited use to minutes only if you go that route so you don’t over discharge and or ruin the battery.

      That solar panel will take a full day or more to recharge with significant use however
      you can attach other solar panels with the right connections.

      I think I went too far/
      NO well pump
      NO heater
      Limited use as is and stick to 12 items only.

      But it’s very simple to put in a usb jack that reduces 12v to 5v so you can charge all your ubs devices/ cheap on ebay

  7. Horse says:

    Uh, yea,
    was supposed to say at the end..
    “limited use and stick to 12volt items only”

  8. Horse says:

    I put together a small stationary solar set.
    4 100watt solar panels
    4 deep cycle marine led acid batteries
    1 400 watt inverter
    1 outlet for a led light equivalent to 60 watts.
    2 usb jacks

    I had fun putting it all together but that’s me, I may expand but monies..
    It is simple if you know basic wiring and dc/ac principles.

    Even with 4 12v batteries it has serious limitations.
    The longest use I put on it is the shop stereo, that works for 2 to 3 hours before the inverter gives the low voltage alarm.

    (my unit)
    It would be great for:
    charging any usb devices
    Small appliances, preferably under 400 watts (limited)
    charging other 12volt batteries- could take days
    charging any small batteries aa/aaa/d/9/18650’s with the proper charger- mine run off
    120 volt ac or or 12 volt dc.

    dc -direct current
    ac -alternating current

    think i’ll but out now
    with the mention in the past I built 2 separate inverter generators on old
    gas run pressure sprayers.
    one still works great the other needs parts.
    Link to pictures requires a subscription to a basically dead yahoo groups, it’s free
    and there are other prepper groups there to find.