Off-The-Grid Alternative Power

Here you will find information on living off the grid including solar power and detailed information on other alternative and off-the-grid power alternatives.

How to make a rocket stove

How to Make a Rocket Stove

by Randy As a frugal and self, sufficient individual, you may be interested in an alternative to the earthen block, tin can or commercially made, version of a rocket stove.  Here is another effective alternative to those found in articles that are circulating on the internet, YouTube or in “Prepper Blogs” […]

Homemade Solar Food Dehydrator That Works

Homemade Solar Food Dehydrator That Works!

by Carol B You will be building three (3) different box-like units, all of which will fit together and work to dry your food in the sun. The finished dimensions of your solar dryer will be two (2) feet by four (4) feet. You will not be building legs from these […]

off grid refrigerator

How To Build A Solar Powered Off-The-Grid Refrigerator

This fridge is meant to be run on solar power – just one sixty Watt panel (direct connected) will provide all its power during the day.  At night – one can use a battery or plastic “ice blocks” to help keep the cold temperature.  A 100 Watt solar panel would provide enough power for the fridge and a battery.

Can You Use Diesel Fuel In Kerosene Appliances

Can You Use Diesel Fuel In a Kerosene Heater?

by Jeff in Ohio It is well-known that diesel engines are capable of using other fuels besides diesel. This includes kerosene (with added lubrication). But how well does diesel work in items designed for kerosene? Theoretically, they should be almost interchangeable. But are they? I decided to find out for […]

DIY Backup Power System for Home or Off-Grid Cabin

by Papa Bear The Dallas Observer published a report[i] recently that Texas has the worst electric grid in the nation. This was based on a North American Electric Reliability Corp report[ii]. That’s not very encouraging. They are also reporting that there is the possibility of rolling blackouts in 2013. For […]

solar power station

Building A Mobile Solar Power Station

by Dan W One of the more important things we’ve wanted to include with our other prepping supplies is a communication system. Something beyond two cans and a string! Should a catastrophic event occur we don’t expect help in the form of government assistance will be readily available. Besides, we are leery […]