EDC and Bugging Out

packing a bug out bag

How to Pack a Bug Out Bag

by Everyday Prepper Bug Out Bags (BOBs) have been hotly debated on the internet for some time and while I don’t expect my post on how to pack a bug out bag to put an end to the discussion I thought I would throw in my two cents for those readers […]

bug out bag checklist

Bug-Out Bag Guide and Checklist

by Mike If you are like me, you may find prepping for everything to be a little overwhelming. It can seem that no matter how much you have, there just is never enough. I have read hundreds of articles and watched endless videos on what to carry for EDC and […]

What Should I Put In My Child's Bug Out Bag?

What Should I Put In My Child’s Bug Out Bag?

by Beckie B As many of us are working on our bug out location, stocking food and water, which we all know takes both time and money.  You might be working on living off the grid, solar, wind and water which again is time-consuming and costly, securing guns in case martial […]

Building a Get-Home Bag and Action Plan

Building a Get-Home Bag and Action Plan

by John R (AKA SickSkilz) There have been multiple discussions on getting home during a disaster and the contents of a GHB (get home bag).  In the 11/18 weekly preps, I mentioned that I decided to test out my get home plan with the assumption that I would not have my […]