Small Acreage Homesteading

Here you will find articles on small acreage homesteading and farming topics such as homestead setup and how to buy a cheap homestead. You’ll also find articles on topics such as gardening, DIY projects, raising livestock etc.

How to Cure Fungus Problems on Fruit Trees

How to Cure Fungus Problems on Fruit Trees

By Kate in GA While this technique will work with all perennial plants, my focus for this article is really on the perennials in the garden.  I will specifically talk about fruit trees. However, this will work on all perennial plants that may be giving you problems. Let me start […]

How to Use Worms for Vermicomposting

Worms for Fishing and Vermicomposting

by Brian Ford Well yes, in a sense worms can be farmed. Just as you would keep a few chickens or rabbits. My interest in worm farming (vermicomposting) goes back a few decades. Back then I would often hit one of my favorite fishing spots on the way home from work. […]

vegetable garden ideas for small spaces

Vegetable Garden Ideas for Small Spaces

by Jason Smith Living on the side of a mountain is nice, but it raises some interesting challenges to gardening. Since the land my house sits on was literally carved out of the mountain, the soil is blasted rocks and dirt, leaving much to be desired when trying to garden. My […]

raising rabbits

Can I Raise Meat Rabbits In My Backyard?

by The Mid-west Mrs. Can I Raise Meat Rabbits In My Backyard? Yes, You Can! I had rabbits when I was young but only as pets. Our children had rabbits growing up, again only as pets. We now have rabbits but they are for food. You have most likely a basic […]

Can I Keep Chickens In My Backyard

Can I Keep Chickens In My Backyard?

by Nate Smith If you have made the decision that you would like to try your hand at keeping some chickens in your backyard, there are a few considerations that you might want to make first, and although you have probably thought of some of these, there just might be a […]

best foods to grow for survival

What Are The Best Foods To Grow In A Survival Garden?

by Jason – It’s generally considered blasphemy these days to be a survivalist and not garden.  Food is the most important survival consideration next to water for the survival minded.  It makes sense to be at least somewhat self-reliant when it comes to food production for you and your […]