Greenhouse Gardening Tips – Growing Vegetables in a Greenhouse Year Round

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by Crazy Joe It is in the greenhouse that seeds are started so a larger seedling/plant can go out in the spring and increasing the chances of an earlier and better crop The larger scale greenhouses with their heating units, air circulation systems, automatic water sprinklers, and temperature controls are on a scale most homeowners could not afford or just …

Buying Used Canning Equipment (Buyer Beware)

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by Vickie from Frugal Canning Although I tout the virtues of shopping at yard sales for canning equipment, it is time to give some words of caution. Know what you are buying! All canning equipment (check out this selection of canning equipment at was not created equal. Hot water bath canners are fairly simple to examine. Hot water bath canners …

Survival Through A Home Business

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We survivalists AKA preppers spend a lot of time worrying about a national or worldwide collapse scenario, giving little thought to collapse on an individual level. The fact is many things can happen to send your life into turmoil creating a personal collapse. You can be laid off from your job or fired. Your employer could move or company close. You could …

Ten Ways To Keep Warmer This Winter

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Since I opted to turn off the electric heat this winter and use wood I have learned so much! First, it can be done. I not only have lowered my electric bill but I am getting exercise collecting, cutting, splitting and hauling in wood. It is true that there are other things that can be done to keep warm besides changing the source of your heat.


How I Made My Tiny Home Out of a Shipping Container

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Tips for building a cheap and easy tiny home from a shipping container. You can have a home with no mortgage or utility bills. I did it and you can too. I like living frugally. There’s a certain power that comes from knowing that you don’t ‘have’ to spend money.

How to Live in a Travel Trailer Full-Time

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Can you live full-time in a travel trailer? Yes, you can. The main drawback is limited space but with a few simple hacks and downsizing, you can definitely live full-time in a camper trailer or RV. How do I know… I know because I’ve done it and even wrote a book about how I did it and how you can …

Botulism and canning – the whys and wherefores

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by OhioPrepper I’ve been thinking about writing this article for a while, since I’ve explained all of this numerous times over the years, both here and elsewhere; but, when a recent comment on this forum mentioned canning Kale and the response was asking if it could be water bath canned, I knew that folks did not understand some very basic …

Raising Pigeons for Meat

Raising Pigeons for Meat [What you need to know]

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Pigeons are a cheap source of good meat. Pigeons also produce fresh meat during the winter months when larger animals were unavailable as a food source. The frequency of breeding is dictated by the abundance of food available to the parents. The eggs take 18 or 19 days to hatch with both parents incubating the eggs.

Can You Paint a Log Cabin?

Can You Paint a Log Cabin? [Please Don’t] Do This Instead!

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Can You Paint a Log Cabin? That’s a common question among log cabin owners and the answer is yes, you can paint a log cabin of course but you shouldn’t. Let me explain… Painting a log cabin will destroy the wood. You should stain it instead. If you own a log cabin house then you know the maintenance costs that …