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Bulletproof Survivor CD Program

Become a Bulletproof Survivor  If you are getting serious about becoming self-reliant then you must know these crucial homesteading and survival techniques! Knowledge is a powerful tool when it comes to prepping, homesteading, survival, or anything that you want to succeed at. The Bulletproof Survivor gives you that knowledge! Watch This Video to Find Out More In this massive CD program, you’ll receive thousands of pages of the best how-to-do-it homesteading, survival, and prepping information…...

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Homesteading and Preps For The Week: May 5, 2018

Well folks, here we are again. It’s been a beautiful week here in Tennessee with plenty of sun, however, according to the local weather forecast rain is on the way. I love the rain but not the grass mowing that comes after that last drop falls to the ground and the sun pops back out from behind the clouds. Growth rate looks like three or more inches in only a couple of hours after a rain. As...

Homesteading Progress and Preps For The Week

Hello everyone, I hope that you’ve all had a good week and managed to get some stuff done this week… we’ll get into homesteading progress and prep in a moment but first I want to ask you all a couple of questions…

First, what type of content and subjects would you like to see more of here at As you’ve probably noticed I’ve been writing and posting a lot of different ways to make extra money and or become totally self-employed.

I’ve been doing this because “a lack of money” has always been the number one response to the question “what is your biggest obstacle to prepping or setting up a homestead” so I’ve been doing everything that I can to give you ideas and ways to solve the problem that you told me that you had.

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Homestead Income: The Wonderful, Chaotic, World of Freelance Writing

by Sawyer S Whether you’re looking for a full-time career or a side hustle to make ends meet, freelance writing can offer anyone with a unique voice and strong work ethic a flexible, diverse, and engaging way to make money. Being a freelance writer means making your own hours, choosing your own projects, and working from anywhere. It can provide creatives with more financial freedom and can help aspiring writers cultivate a portfolio and platform...

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This Week On The Homestead

I have a new and FREE homesteading course for those of you who are interested you can get that here – Free Homesteading Course. Also, two other free courses that you might be interested in – Free Prepper Course and my Free Blogging Course. Yes, they are 100% free with no hidden catch attached! Well, folks, it seems that my switch from a “survivalist blog” to a “homesteading blog” was a great decision! The response...

The Prepared Prepper’s Cookbook

The Prepared Prepper’s Cookbook

Over 170-Pages of Food Storage Tips, and Recipes from Preppers All Over America! Food is one of the most valuable human resources. It’s also one of the least guaranteed resources to be available, as our world continues to tilt toward uncertainty. To ensure survival for you and your family through food security, you need three essential ingredients: storage, cooking, and prepping. While most books focus on only one of these crucial steps, The Prepared Prepper’s...

Dirt-Cheap Survival Retreat: One Man’s Solution

Dirt-Cheap Survival Retreat: One Man’s Solution

The standard survival retreat advice has always been to find a remote place in Idaho or Montana, with at least 20 acres, a 2,000-square-foot log cabin and a bunker underneath, a barn, pastureland, and a stream running through the property. But how many of us can afford such a spread without a crippling mortgage? If you can’t make the hefty payments on your survival retreat, the bankers will evict you, leaving you worse off than...

And this is when my allergy troubles started!

This Week On The Homestead

I spend a large part of this week getting my new FREE course ready for you all.

As you know I make my full-time living blogging and online and it’s great. No job, no boss, and I can earn as much as I willing to put in the time to earn all right from my homestead. Being self-employed is one the if the most important part of being a successful homesteader.

And because that’s so important I put together a FREE course to show you how to do what I do. It’s a seven-part course on blogging and you can sign up for it here – Learn How To Launch A Successful Blog!

This Week On The Homestead

This Week On The Homestead

Well, folks here we are another week on the homestead and another week working and prepping towards our goal of becoming more self-reliant. Nothing beats the feeling of doing something with your own two hands when knowing that the end result will be that you are less dependent on others. And that is the goal here at and that is to become less dependent on others, corporations, and government. And the most effective and...

118 Uncommon Uses for Vinegar, Baking Soda, Coca-Cola, Fabric Softener Sheets and Paper Towels

118 Uncommon Uses for Vinegar, Baking Soda, Coca-Cola, Fabric Softener Sheets and Paper Towels

by John M Household and Kitchen Hacks – 118 uncommon uses for Vinegar, Baking Soda, Coca-Cola, Fabric Softener Sheets and Paper Towels…When it comes to grocery store products, vinegar is liquid gold. People have been using it for ages – and not just for cooking and preserving foods. Vinegar’s versatility is virtually unmatched; there are literally hundreds of potential applications. Aside from its primary applications, here is just a small sample of all the other things...