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Well, folks, it’s pouring the rain here as I write this but I’m not complaining because, well, I like the rain. It’s relaxing and most of the time it has a positive effect on my allergies. So it’s a win for me… well until I have to mow my grass which grows faster after it rains and the grass messes with my allergies… I just can’t win…

Anyways, I’ve read a few comments (on another site) that suggest that I’m getting rich running a website, and even though I wish that it were true the reality is far from it.

Below is a pic of my earnings from Amazon… most days are in the $2 to $5 range…

And here is one for my book earning for the month (for all 4 books)…

Also, keep in mind that this is from two sites! I could make more money working part time at a fast food restaurant but I continue to do it because I want to share information that I hope will help someone.

Anyways, over to you what did you do to prep this week?

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I've been interested in prepping and homesteading topics for over 25 years. I’m the author of four books that you can find here. Five days a week (Monday through Friday) I will get up at 6:00 o'clock, drink a cup of coffee, eat breakfast, pour another cup of coffee and then head to my home office where I will scour the internet for the most 10 recent and important news and happening from around the world and post those in a ten-point list with my thoughts and options. Hope you enjoy.
M.D. Creekmore

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M.D. Creekmore

I've been interested in prepping and homesteading topics for over 25 years. I’m the author of four books that you can find here. Five days a week (Monday through Friday) I will get up at 6:00 o'clock, drink a cup of coffee, eat breakfast, pour another cup of coffee and then head to my home office where I will scour the internet for the most 10 recent and important news and happening from around the world and post those in a ten-point list with my thoughts and options. Hope you enjoy.

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  1. Thor1 says:

    First again LOL

    • Almost There says:

      Should we be surprised Thor1? LOL…. I think you have some sort of contraption that alerts you to when MD puts this out there…..

      • Thor1 says:

        AT, I have a friend in the NSA…….LOL

        • Thor1 says:

          Here is some great videos for firearm training.

          • Almost There says:


            How in the world could we sell a port to a Chinese Entity so we have no control of what comes in? This is past asinine. And the Chinese company managing the solar wind farms… What are we doing???? And to read of these empty warehouses being bought up by the Chinese is also frightening. As well as the “camps” being set up in Texas by Spaniards….

            • Thor1 says:

              AT, not only that but take in consideration the UN. Obummer signed authorization for the UN to come in to our country if there was rioting or civil war. Antifa is trying to promote that path now. Its only a matter of time, this is why all of these entities want our 2nd amendment taken away.

              • Almost There says:

                True Thor1. If Comifornia suceeds, they will be run by the UN. Jerry Brown is for this.

                I wonder if Trump is aware of all this? This needs to be changed and get these people the he!! out of our country. There’s Russian all over too. Alaska and East TN to name a couple of places. And there are Chinese military gathered to invade only 8 miles from the border… People are not aware of the evilness planned for us.

                MD, When I click on “Reply” from my e-mail, it goes to the end of all the posts instead of to the post I am replying to. It also doesn’t prefill my name and e-mail.
                I have to enter it every time. Can this be fixed?

                • Almost There,

                  For the auto fill of your name, you’ll have to allow cookies. If for example, your browser erases cookies when you close the browser then you’ll have to add those everytime.

              • Izzy says:

                Thor 1; Simply because Obamao signed something doesn’t make it legal. Even as the Commander in Confusion, he doesn’t have the constitutional authority to turn our country over to a non U.S. entity. In all seriousness, we need to get out of the UN.

            • Izzy says:

              Almost There; What do you think all that Bundy mess in NV was about? Both Reid, in conjunction with his son, and Hillary wanted the grazing land and a deal WAS in place to sell it to the Chinese. They stood to make HUGE profits by selling govt. land. In case no one knows, the Chinese bought out Smithfield Hams based in NC. They also own a large swath of land in ID.

  2. Thor1 says:

    Puppy is a real runner, he likes going outside and doing laps in the backyard at breakneck speeds…..LOL But hey exercise is good for him.
    He got up on the counter and stole a whole pan of fresh made sweet cornbread minus what had with a meal. The wife was so mad at puppy. Son didn’t get any cornbread. Maybe that’s where he got all the energy to run…..LOL

    Bought new tires for the BOV.

    Bought water.
    Bought 10 lbs of rice X 2
    Bought 10 lbs of sugar X 2

    Picked peppers
    Picked tomatoes

    Canned home made salsa X 7 pints
    Canned 6 1/2 pints of sliced jalapeño peppers

    I keep hearing about false flag attacks coming. With what is going on in the banking industry/ economic war with China & Russia,, everyone needs to be prepared.

    • Almost There says:


      Yes, Turkey, Iran and Russia economies are tanking. Not much in the MSM news about it… be prepared.

      • Zulu 3-6 says:


        China is struggling too. Trump can really put a spank on all of those countries if he wants to try hard.

        • Almost There says:


          But can’t China call in the notes we have, and we’d be done for?

          • Zulu 3-6 says:


            They can TRY to call them all in. Doesn’t mean they’ll get the money.

            • Almost There says:


              There is no money, and Obammer backed up all the loans with our land… Either way we are screwed.

              • Zulu 3-6 says:


                Once again, if Trump says no, what are the Chinese going to do about it? Nationalize our factories in China? Go ahead. Who is going to buy their tariffed to the max products? Americans will just have to make do until our own factories ramp up.

                The Chinese are worried that Trump would do exactly that.

              • patientmomma says:

                Almost There, Can you give us the source that says Obama backed our T-bills with land? I would like to read more about that.

                • Izzy says:


                  The ones that really have us over a barrel are the central bankers aka Federal Reserve. When they want to create economic chaos, they sell off to our enemies. Yup, they sold part of their debt/loans to China. Our congress won’t get rid of them despite the fact the Federal Reserve Act expired 5 years ago.

          • Thor1 says:

            Russia, China and Turkey are selling American treasury bonds……

          • Jesse Mathewson says:

            Almost and Thor, any default by the usa would end our nation immediately- the “full faith and credit of” would not exist and the dollar would no longer be supreme. So yes China should call in the loans…after all, what good is anyone who evades paying what they owe?

            Trump is no miracle, he is an anonymly, seriously, doesnt anyone else see what’s happening? His presidency “seems” to be causing havoc…the reality is simple and easily proven by looking at facts and not 30 second news clips.

            Trump has always been one world/anti gun/ pro socialism…no one changes overnight at 70+ no one.

            He is a political lightening rod allowing those running things the ability to initiate changes without protest by the right or left *all the same coin*

            Has he reduced the income tax? Or done anything more than window dressing?

            When any societies pendulum of political controversy and crap swings so large from extreme to extreme the end result is always the same.

  3. Gloria says:

    Got 9 doz corn and canned them into 53 pints. More than we need this year but having extra is a priority. This year’s corn wasn’t as large as in past, and a different variety was grown. Bought 45 lbs of onions for dehydrating and some for bottling in chicken broth. Canned 18 pints of carrots so far and more to do, made 2 crocks of dill pickles, and canned 6 pints of mushrooms. Today we’re doing peaches.

    Got another dozen used quart mason jars and 12 doz new snap lids cheap. Stocked up on computer paper on a good sale.

    At a farm estate sale, I got a nice old manure fork for $4, a hunk of black garden plastic $2, everything we need to wire up a trailer $2, Ryobi multi tool set for $6, and an old fashioned dual galvanized sink on rolling legs for $5. The sink is in very good shape, just needs cleaning so I can wash veg outside.

    • Almost There says:


      I am amazed at all the stuff you put up. How many is in your family? It’s just me, so I wouldn’t use as much as it sounds like you would. And I think I have enough jars… Well, maybe not… Can one have too many jars? The sink sounds awesome.

      • Gloria says:

        AT, we’re 3 at the house, one DS lives down the street and shops at ‘Mom’s’, another DS is in the next town but doesn’t use anything… yet. I can enough for all of us to get by for at least 2 years. As for jars, DH considers them a thorn in his side as he reaches for another jars of jam or fruit or whatever LOL. I use jars for both canning and vac sealing so there’s a rotation always going on. Size is another issue; one year I’ll run short of pints, another year I’ll wish I had more quarts, so I try to have a useful amount of both. Considering their cost new, the fact that more people want to get into canning (cheaply), and that I live near growing Mennonite and Amish communities, jars are like gold here and I snap up what I can as I feel I need them. DH isn’t sure he believes the coming climate change for the next 6 years, but I do. Anything that affects my ability to grow and store food I take seriously. I tell him if he loves me then he also has to love my canning jars.

        Yes, the sink is awesome, something out of the 1930’s. Next year we’ll set it up properly with a patio slab platform, ‘catch’ buckets and hose attachment.

        • Prepared Grammy says:

          We are empty nesters, but I prepare for my family of (soon to be) thirteen. My adult kids shop at my house too. Just last Sunday I saw them go home with pickles and fresh eggs, but who knows what else they took.

    • Moe says:

      An outside sink is a great idea. Sure beats what I do. I’ll keep my eyes open for something similar.

  4. Goatlover says:

    Canning okra still! Harvested the last of my sweet potatoes….have maybe 100 pounds of them curing on my porch. Will can the weird-shaped ones and save the nice ones for baking. I’ve been mashing up LOTS of avocados this week and freezing them in ice cube trays. A friend of mine has a very productive tree, so I am swapping soap for them. Been taking down the tomato cages in the garden….gotta get ready for fall planting in October and the Spring/Summer garden is a wreck.

    • Sirius says:

      Another thing you can do with the fresh Avacado’s is what my mom’s neighbor does… slices them in half, removed the pit, cuts the halves in half again so you get quarters. She leaves the skin on, dips them in lemon juice to help prevent browning ,and then puts them in a foodsaver. The skin helps keep them from getting smooshed during the vacuum process. They go into a freezer and whenever she stops by mom’s house she brings some. Mom trades oranges. It’s a win/win.

      • Gloria says:

        Sirius, did you happen to catch my comment last week about canning deer carrots? Many folk do.

        • Sirius says:

          I did, thank you. I didn’t respond there because I found it after Wednesday. Most folks tend to stop reading after that.

          It’s interesting the different colloquial names people have from different parts of the country. You call them “deer carrots”, probably because you have a lot of deer around where you live. In the Pacific Southwest we call them “feed carrots” because we have a lot more horses, cattle, etc. in the unincorporated areas. Oh and a hungry old Boy Scout on a budget.

    • Labgirl says:

      Goatlover, I will be doing the same thing in my garden.

    • Moe says:

      I have sweet potatoes growing in raised boxes and a lasagna garden. I don’t think they are ready to harvest yet. Once they are, how long do I leave them to cure?

  5. JP in MT says:

    We are having thunder storms around here. Unfortunately all they are doing is starting fires. Last night the side walk got wet, that’s it. We could use a good 30-60 minute rain to clear out the smoke.

    Gun stuff: My round-butt grips came in from S&W for the Model 69 and 686. Got in 2 inside the waistband magazine holders, medium speed loader pouch, and some practice fodder.

    Food: My order of Grits came in. (Interesting that to get grits up here in anything other than a small quantity, I have to order them.) Bushel of free apples.

    Comms: increasing out communications equipment. Finally got most of the parts needed to put the scanner and CB in the truck (an as-money-permits project). Got in 2 Baofeng BF-F8HP (8 watt) handheld radios to go with the 5-watt ones. Packed all radio parts in bubble rap and new ammo cans.

    Checked out the range in a neighboring town. Not much in the way of facilities, but I have my own bench and other equipment (these types of “ranges” also don’t have all the “rules” so I can use my steel targets). Now I have a place to shoot again, as they closed off the place just outside of town (again).

  6. Prepared Grammy says:

    People with no knowledge about a subject seem to be the ones who are the most vocal. I’m not rich either, but I love my job. If I made as much money as the public thinks I do, I would be a rich woman. I have over 22 ½ years experience teaching and a few hours beyond my second graduate degree in education. I bring home less than $50,000 a year and have to buy my own supplies for my classroom. The school did buy a new reading curriculum and writing paper for me this year, but I’ve had nothing bought the last several years. How many other jobs require the employee to purchase supplies for their jobs?

    I didn’t get any prepping done at home this week because of starting another school year. Yesterday I had a little boy in my class ask me what we would do “if someone bad tries to hurt us at school.” I always wonder how to respond when a little child asks about adult topics. I’ve always responded honestly and at the child’s level, and that’s what I did yesterday. We ran through different scenarios, without scaring them, and I feel a LITTLE better about it. I already knew one of my kids comes from a prepper family, but after yesterday’s drill, I can tell that others do too.

    I added even more supplies to my classroom. I want to be prepared to care for my kids when an emergency happens.

    The last eight days have been spent thinking about people I love going through the worst time of their lives. Three young families in less than two months have lost unborn children, and two of those were in the last week. Last week, two families we are very close to lost babies at about 22 weeks gestation. Both moms had to labor and deliver babies they knew were already gone. One of those moms was pregnant with twins. My heart is breaking for them as they come home with empty arms, pack up baby clothes, and tear down nurseries. I have prepared food and gotten other things to care for their needs during this difficult time. Please pray for J & A, C & E, and their families.

    Be prepared. Stay safe. He’s in charge.

    • Jack says:

      Prepared Grammy, May I say thank you for caring so much for the mini-people you Sheppard each day. I have noted before that this was the first year that DepEd (Department of Education) here in the Philippines requested that each school encourage every family to prepare a short-term emergency bag to be stored at school for an unexpected emergency. The bags are, in my opinion, wat too basic with “a change of clothing, a bottle of water and a canned good.” A few basic hygiene supplies such as a toothbrush and that was it. Still, I am NOT complaining as this was a start in the correct direction. This burden should NOT be 100% on your shoulders as a teacher. If each of your students had a decent 72-hour bag and with your knowledge and experience in prepping, they will likely do well through any emergency. Please, keep on keepin’ on.

    • Babycatcher says:

      Will do. That hurts my heart as well. Kudos to you for bring them food in their hour of need.

    • ShirlGirl says:

      This year our church took on the challenge of providing school supplies in backpacks to any kids in the community. Distribution day was like the scramble on Christmas morning. Maybe you could ghosthjnd some help this way.

      • Prepared Grammy says:

        Local churches and other organizations are great about supplying the kids with school supplies, but I am on my own when it comes to teaching supplies. I even have to buy hand soap and paper towels for my classroom. I have accepted that this is just a fact of life.

        • EthanHale says:

          Prepared Grammy, our parish does school collections twice a year for a number of schools in our area and local city. In the summer collection we get what would be considered regular “school” needs, plus tissues, paper towels, high lighters, etc. In the winter collection we again get the regular supplies, plus hats, scarfs, mittens and a few coats.

          Being in charge of the collections for a number of years what I found is that you need a contact(s) in the school, preferably a teacher and the school nurse to find out what people really need.

  7. Rocketmama says:


    I wish you WERE getting rich off this website. You work incredibly hard, provide fantastic and necessary information, and provide a forum to help the rest of us learn and figure out what we should be doing. Whatever little bit you make is nowhere near the value you provide, not even in the ballpark. So a huge THANK YOU for doing what you do. I’ve been following you for at least eight years now. Me and my family are much better off because of it.

    I was in your neck of the woods yesterday and thought of you as we drove through. What an absolutely beautiful area. I can see why you live there.

  8. Greg M. says:

    Got 4 oz of silver in bars. Spot price of silver so low right now that it’s hard to not buy silver. If the economy ever tanks, then barter and precious metals will be the trade currency, not the US $.
    Buying extra rice today too. Want to keep our stored rice and use new rice.
    Stopping by the swap meet, looking to see if something there we can’t live without.

  9. INPrepper says:

    Wow, $1.78. After all the taxes that’s probably what? Around a dollar. I agree, flipping burgers does look kind of enticing at that rate.
    On another note, zero prepping this week. At inlaws overseas and they don’t like to ‘stock up’ on essential things. It’s weird, I feel kind of naked knowing that I do not have some kind of stockpile close by. Also, since they do not allow weapons that utilize bullets, I feel weird not having O’l trusty close at hand.

  10. celtic13 says:

    Only some small preps this week, a new folding SOG knife and some more ammo.
    There has been a lot of focus from the Feds and States to focus on long term grid down preparedness ( I am with a midwest county emergency management agency). Makes me wonder whats coming since no matter how well EM is prepared for grid down it will not end well.

    • Moe says:

      Thank you for sharing. I keep doing what I can a little bit at a time.

    • Prepared Grammy says:

      I know people in the reserves, and they’re taking too. It seems that many more units than usual are training, and they’re training for a longer period of time and very different than normal. The talk is that they know something is up, they just don’t know what it is yet.

  11. mom of three says:

    Went to the fair last night and Hubby, got a Blue Ribbon, for his hobby and I recieved 8 Blues, 2 reds, I had my jars a bit to high so the two red ribbons… Harvested my kittys cat nip plant and will dry it and I will try some tea, out of it. The Hops have another month before I can harvest them to make more tincture. I’ll be picking up corn this weekend and I will make some homemade corn chowder, some to eat now and I will freeze some too my daughter, likes to have it during the school year as a quick lunch. Picked up 14 boxes of Annies Mac and cheese .88 cents a box I need to go and get another dozen the kids really like Annies. I need to dehydrate onions before our weather turns I have about 7 to do today will go and pick more up they are 2 pounds for a dollar. The fires still rage on in Canada, it’s really smokey in our area until next week before the marine air sweeps back through cooler days but still in the mid to high 70’s. Going to see if I can get another box of 2nd on Tomatoes under $10.00 a box nice to do more sauces up. I’m going to repot several herbs, and get a few more harvested some were bought because they were cheap not sure how to use some of them what type of foods, but am learning and I could not let plants just to die a couple of them almost look like they come from the succulant family. I just wish the stores would mark plants down earlier they end up dying or getting tossed out it’s such a waste. Cuban oragano, can be used as sage, it’s such a neat looking plant I need to chop it back I will try it as a sage, to see if we like it.

    • Jack says:

      mom of three, what to do with excess herbs, use as fodder for goats. In the Dominican Republic, the Spaniards let loose goats so there would be meat to harvest on successive visits. Descendants of those goats up in the mountains snack on a lot of wild herbs including CILANTRO. It really is true, you are what you eat. The meat from those goats is infused with the herbs they consume. If you are not a Vegan, UMM, UMM GOOD!!!!

    • Antique Collector says:

      mom of three
      Before I forget again.

      The dollar store carries Velveeta soft cheese in the foil package for mac & cheese. Found this about a month back an meant to tell you.
      When you posted the Annie’s mac & cheese for the kids thought I would let you know. I add it to the kraft we have here at the house and it makes it taste better since the powder cheese is missing something. Not as tasty as it once was….or maybe it is just me.

      • mom of three says:

        I’ve bought the velveeta, at the dollar tree, also it is good but I stopped buying it just because I like it so much I was eating way to much but I agree something is missing. I have bought the powder cheese off of Amazon, is pretty good I forgot the name but I always find it and get it by the 2 pound tub it’s called Big Daddy Mac, and it’s $11.99. But it’s been a year so it may have gone up in price but I would use it to make my own Mac and cheese.

  12. Labgirl says:

    MD, I do appreciate this blog. I look forward to it every week.
    I have a question for everybody. Do you think there is any other nation that has preppers in the percentage that the US has? I think there are a lot of governments that want the people to be dependent on them.

    The wildlife is still taking over in my yard. These is a big rat snake living somewhere on the carport so hopefully that will take care of the rats eating the chicken food out of the feeders. There was a tiny rat snake in my Okinawa Spinach this morning. Will let them stay but they must not come into the house. That will be a deal breaker.

    I cooked sweet potatoes in my Instant Pot. I ate one and froze the rest individually. It was really good. Very moist and the skin came right off.

    This week I bought: a pack of mushrooms on sale to dehydrate, a case of jelly jars, 3 boxes of canning lids and 3 more bags of cajun dried bean soup mix.

    • Jesse Mathewson says:

      Labgirl, actually many nations encourage having 3-6 months of food/water ready always. Switzerland is at the top of that list.

      Its important to remember that largely socialist nations are the idiots that promote absolute reliance in state.

  13. Antique Collector says:

    It has been a while since I posted anything of significance. It appears we are not the only ones being surrounded by smoke from the fires, we/I am wearing a mask when I have to venture outside it is that bad. Any projects outside are on hold until the fires are out an the air is breathable, as I detest wearing a mask for to long.

    A client in the TN area that I did the dowsing/divining for their well was still having issues with their potable water. A rare oddity for me occurred they had 6 streams of sulfur water entering into their livestream of water. Condition is rectified after tracking down each sulfur stream an removing it from their water source. The second clients were members of this blog, an now they have additional water in their well. Old story, the original owner had a well drilled an luckily hit water but after years of little rain fall the water source was dwindling down.

    Last week dh & were watching a movie when two large limbs from our oak tree came down. Thank goodness no critters(deer-rabbits-cats) were under the tree when it happened. At first I thought we were being hit by a large EQ due to the noise then the dust billowing up. The deer have their own feeding station clearing up all the leaves for quite sometime as we will not have the tree touched until fire season is over.

  14. GA Red says:

    Still harvesting from the garden. I’ve put up some tomato sauce and salsa along with a couple different kinds of jams/jellies. Been bartering some jalapeños which is working well so far. It seems to be one of the easiest things for me to grow.

    Need to make a Big Lots run and replenish the sugar along with some other items. Our children also go grocery shopping at mom and dad’s which aids with keeping things rotated.

    Running a website is not easy (I have one of my own) and making money off of one is even harder. The money made usually just offsets the cost.

    Prayers for all in need.

  15. Jack says:

    This week, the rain came on strong and many parts on Bulacan province here on Luzon is under water. We were fortunate to be above the high water mark. The national highway out front of our subdivision was fine and also our children’s school building. Still, there were too many flooded spots to send our brood to classes. When our 10-year old (Veronica) emerged from her bedroom, I jokingly informed her that we “are snowed in.” This became the first of several practice days for our two youngest. V’s new camp cooking kit was put to use. She filtered particles from the water Daddy “got from the toilet tank, so they were informed” and proceeded to cook rice. The almost finished pot of rice was placed in a cozy along with two sachets of the kids choice to warm up. They chose pork sisig and beef tapa as their toppings. More water was boiled and they selected Ovaltine sachets as their breakfast drink. We had completed our big monthly stock-up before the release of water from a dam up north which exacerbated the flooding. Maria took a few last minute items to her Mom. Unfortunately, my dear sweet Mother-in-law did have some water in her home as the flood crested. I have taught our eldest (12 year old Andoy) that when things go wrong “you have to man up.” and he did. The lad was a real trouper caring for his widowed Grandmother through the emergency. When Maria’s eldest brother went to help his Mom, Andoy worked tirelessly beside his Uncle to raise up furniture above water and later to clean up and sanitize the home. Kudos to the boy, I am proud of him. We used a few supplies from storage and had to draw down on some of the extra drinking water (no delivery possible). No big deal but again, our little ones have seen first hand the value of preparedness. Each week, our level of family security improves. Stay well and stay safe, Maria and Jack in the Phils.

    • Sirius says:

      It’s really great how you teach your kids. Not only skills but family and caring. I spent a little time in the Phillipeans at Clark AB, so I could see first hand how tough life can be. I didn’t get a chance to try all the food, but I did my best. I had to look up what pork sisig and beef tapa were. I now have 2 new recipes.

      I am curious about the sachets of the pork sisig and beef tapa. Did you dehydrate those before putting them in the sachets? If not, how do you store it? How long does it last? I’m really curious. Both dishes sound delicious and I could easily see dehydrating both after they were prepared.

      • Jack says:

        Hi Sirius, The sisig and tapa I mentioned come in an 85 gram mylar/foil packs. These are often sold at the local SARI-SARI stores that are on every street, except where prohibited inside gated subdivisions. Some supermarkets sell them, perhaps a Peso cheaper. The cost at South Supermarket is P16, approx 30 US cents at today’s exchange rate. Our packs purchased a while back, have an expiration date of January 2020. These are part of the kid’s 72-hour school EDC bags and the extra packs at home are for training purposes. We believe you need to train with the gear you will use in a bad situation or you may suffer. Trust me when I tell you to make these dishes fresh with top quality ingredients. Filipino food has a bad reputation because it is difficult to obtain quality ingredients here and the working poor can afford nothing but the lowest quality. My beautiful bride tells me that she “is NOT domesticated” but she is, in fact, a great cook. My theory is that Maria must have picked up some “domestic engineering” know-how from her Mom who is a professional recently retired from government service but also a SUPERIOR cook. Properly made with good ingredients, Filipino food ROCKS.

        • Zulu 3-6 says:


          I served with a Marine who was married to a Fillipina. She could really put out the Filipino food. I never turned down an invite for dinner at their place.

        • Sirius says:

          No argument there Jack. Filipino food does ROCK. I’m lucky that we have a huge Filipino community here in L.A. so getting quality ingredients or substitutions shouldn’t be that hard. Really, I just have to call one of my former co-workers and she can tell me exactly what store to go to for what.

          Now I get it, mylar packs. Star Kist came out with something a year or so ago… The “tuna creations”… basically tuna in a thick foil pouch. It’s actually surprisingly good. I got a couple of cases of this stuff from Amazon, some condiment packs and I could make my own tuna salad and no refrigeration required.

          The condiment packs are great. I had no idea the range of stuff they put in those little shelf stable mylar packs. Kraft Mayo, Miracle Whip, A-1 sauce, BBQ sauce, diced onion, relish, of course ketchup, mustard, tobasco sauce, Franks Red Hot, Skippy PB and Smuckers jam in those little plastic tubs.

          Make no mistake, I don’t get a penny from any of these companies. I just named them so you would know what I was talking about and that they are name brand and quality. I can vouch for the quality. I’ve tried each.

          I am able to put together lunches that I assemble myself, and they require NO refrigeration. I was actually kicking around an idea of putting together trail meals and possibly selling them, but the county health codes prevent me from doing that. I still make them for friends and family though. My cousins granddaughters LOVE the freeze dried ice cream.

      • suzy q says:

        Had to take a couple days this last week and do basically nothing – I guess you could call it mental/physical health days. Had a few too many 12 hour days in the last several weeks. Yesterday was lead at a pickling workshop. We did pickled green beans.
        Now I can concentrate on a different project. I want to put together a type of food swap where a group would get together with everyone bringing the dry ingredients, making kits and exchanging kits at the end of the day. Having never tried this before would be interested in getting ideas on making it successful.
        Today hopefully will result in my being more productive as I have lots to do.

    • Moe says:

      Sounds like the kids are growing up in the right direction. Kudos to all.

  16. Moe says:

    My garden continues to produce lots of peppers, beans, squash, tomatoes, cucumbers, melon, eggplant and tomatillo. Canning as much as I can and traded some cucumbers and eggplant for eggs.
    My DH isn’t very knowledgeable about the Carrington Event. I hope to find something at our library since he prefers books in hand.
    Stay safe everyone.

  17. MaineBrain says:

    Thanks for all your work on this site, MD, even at $2 a day! My only gripe is that, with the column on the left and the column on the right, by the time of the 4th or 5th reply to a comment, the reply is down to one word per line.

    I was poking around the interwebby this morning and found an article on one of the reputable cooking/recipe sites saying that we may be in for a flour shortage. The droughts etc in Europe and Russia are affecting wheat production there. There’s enough of a worldwide stockpile to get us through this year, but if crops are affected next year, we could be in for a shortage. Time to put a few extra bags in the freezer, I guess.

  18. Almost There says:

    Hi everyone,

    My brother sent me this link to excellent filters for the Berkey or the other one. These can be cleaned and reused. He has been using them for 10 years. They cost more, but at least they don’t get clogged up.

    • Moe says:

      Thanks for the link. Hope they get the portable sports bottles back in stock soon. I think at least one in each vehicle would be a good idea. I don’t like what I am using right now.

    • Always Forward says:

      Will check them out. Thanks! One of our next projects.

  19. Ray White says:


    Your earning are your business and I, for one, hope you do get rich, as the information you provide is priceless.

  20. Babycatcher says:

    Hi all. Just back from an emergency communications exercise. Interesting to see how different agencies communicate(or not) within themselves, or each other, or ham radio. Just an fyi, but many comms will be in the 700, 800 MHz range, and UHF And VHF, so you might want to have the capabilities to operate in those frequencies. It was an interesting time. I learned a lot. Kudos to you Jack, for training your children correctly! They will be a lifeline to you and others in the future.

  21. Celtic13 says:

    Gotcha Grammy, this needs to be watched.

  22. Almost There says:

    Haven’t been able to keep up with everyone for a while. Went to my dad’s memorial service at Arlington, and it was nothing but indescribable. My dad’s niece, by marriage, (our cousin) from MA came with her 2 sons and 3 grands. My cousin from my mom’s side came with her husband and 2 grands, my nephew with his wife and son came, my sister and her 2 grandkids and her step-daughter and her son, and then an old family friend came. Our crazy sister showed up and didn’t speak to any of us, or even her own son. It was still a great time. My mom is buried there with my dad, and unbeknownst to us, we didn’t know my mom was buried there with no service whatsoever because my dad didn’t tell us what was going on… This was back in 2008. So she got her memorial service too.

    I’ve been working with blueberries and canning blueberry lemonade concentrate, and boy it is good. I hand squeezed 90 lemons for the 11 lb of blueberries…. Took me a week to make since I had to do a little at a time after work. I still have 1 bushel of peaches to process and am going to make sugared citrus lemon peel from those lemons using Townsend’s recipe.

    I did buy 2 antenna’s and 2 microphone’s for my HAM radio’s on the recommendation of TOP, who sent me the ordering link. Those finally came in and look to be perfect.

    I bought a couple of herbal books last week – Herbs for Common Ailments: How to Make and Use Herbal Remedies for Home Health Care. A Storey BASICS® Title and Rosemary Gladstar’s Herbal Recipes for Vibrant Health: 175 Teas, Tonics, Oils, Salves, Tinctures, and Other Natural Remedies for the Entire Family.

    Prayers for everyone, unspoken requests, for America and for our President. Have a great week everyone.

  23. Mustang says:

    Finally got around to picking my jalapenos. Ended up with eleven pounds that I turned into Cowboy Candy. I’ve had some made by a friend a few years back and they were addictive! Each time I make them they always end up being scorching hot. Last night I prepped, sliced, and then rinsed the peppers in a colander. The fumes were spectacular. I was coughing, sneezing, and nearly blind from burning eyes and the cat raced out the dog door to get away. The wife and dog were upstairs and also started coughing and sneezing and went into the bedroom with the door shut. I opened all the downstairs windows and doors to vent the place, but effectively had pepper sprayed the entire house. Although not quite as bad as the tear gas chamber in GTMO, it was pretty close. I made a second batch this morning, but rinsed the sliced peppers out on the deck. Still coughed and sneezed, but not as bad. I did feel the heat later in the day while on my bike ride. As soon as I started sweating, the water from rinsing the peppers that got on my legs came alive and added a little burn to the ride. I’ll give the 19, 1/2 pints a month and distribute some to friends. They are great on pretty much everything and just to snack on if you can stand the heat.

    • Almost There says:

      Mustang, ROFL…. That’s the funniest story I have heard in a while…

      • Mustang says:

        Almost there,
        It must be the soil. I’ve had many other Jalapeno peppers, but none as hot. These burn your mouth and light your tail on fire! I even add onions and sweet peppers to the mix to try and modify the heat. But, their all good regardless and we enjoy them….just a few less at one time.

    • GA Red says:

      Mustang – my DH would say that pepper jelly does the same. I don’t really notice it unless I get a whiff right over the pot while it’s cooking, but he complains about the smell. Love how you tell your story though! LOL

  24. RoufusD says:

    Wow, Mustang, those are some strong jalapenos. I need to dehydrate some and I’m a wee bit leery of doing it. The dehydrator is set up in an unused bedroom next to the kitchen, which is part of a great room. I can see these clouds of peppers floating through the room and all of us ending up outside until it goes away.

    I did dehydrate some okra this week. It came out great, as did the Roma tomatoes, which are all gone now. All that’s left are the peppers. Yeah…

    Working on organizing some to stuff to get more room to store preps. Some of it the kids will take– they just don’t know it yet. (Family heirloom stuff.) Some of it needs to be sold/given away to folks who will appreciate it. And some just need to be tossed. (My grandmother’s 100 yr old horsehair mattress.)

    Also trying to get an autumn garden going. Nothing big– okra, zucchini, maybe root some rosemary. This has been an awful year for gardens. It’s been so bad only now are the big black and gold garden spiders coming out, probably because of the 4 day rain we had last week.

    Speaking of, I found a green lynx spider in the ivy by the wheelbarrow. Only the second one I’ve ever seen. She’s got a good set up going so I’ll leave her there.

    • Mustang says:

      The spiders are a little creepy, but pretty cool to watch build their webs. Sometimes I’ll help them along by adding a live insect to their web so I can watch them in action. Always hated finding them all over us after running through the tall grass at the end of the summer.

    • Moe says:

      I had to look up green lynx spider as I never have heard of one. Pretty cool looking. The wolf spiders are all over my garden. Fortunately no black widows so far.

    • G.Go says:

      RoifisD, you might check with your local Historical Society to see if they would be interested in your grandmother’s 100 year old horse hair mattress.

  25. RoufusD says:

    Mustang, I have nightmares about those garden spiders. I saw one once with a grasshopper in its web. Another grasshopper was jumping at the web trying to dislodge the first one. Alas, it got caught too and the spider spun them up together. Very strange.

    Moe, we’ve had fewer spiders this year than we have had in a long long time. There are still a few around but not many, nothing like last year.

    G.Go– thanks for the suggestion. I’ll look into that!

  26. Nsaneprepper says:

    MD…Does Amazon have anything like a gift registry where you could post a list of wants so any readers who wished to could purchase and have sent to you? I think this would be a nice way for the pack to show their appreciation for all that you do. I’m sure you have a list of items that most of us could afford to gift you on an occasional basis. Or maybe like that “other guy” does where people can send you ten cents a day to help with costs. Or mail you a silver US coin every month.