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Well, folks, it’s pouring the rain here as I write this but I’m not complaining¬†because, well, I like the rain. It’s relaxing and most of the time it has a positive effect on my allergies. So it’s a win for me… well until I have to mow my grass which grows faster after it rains and the grass messes with my allergies… I just can’t win…

Anyways, I’ve read a few comments (on another site) that suggest that I’m getting rich running a website, and even though¬†I wish that it were true the reality is far from it.

Below is a pic of my earnings from Amazon… most days are in the $2 to $5 range…

And here is one for my book earning for the month (for all 4 books)…

Also, keep in mind that this is from two sites! I could make more money working part time at a fast food restaurant but I continue to do it because I want to share information that I hope will help someone.

Anyways, over to you what did you do to prep this week?

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