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Well, folks, it’s one of those mornings… one of those mornings that I wake up feeling like I’ve been hit by a Mac truck with Hillary Clinton at the wheel and driving distracted because she was looking for a Trump Russia collision.

That’s the bad thing about living in Tennessee is the constant bombardment by some sort of pollen, dust, or mold spore. I love Tennessee but honestly, I’ve thought about moving to a different part of the country to find some relief from this allergy/sinus crap.

Anyway, enough complaining about that… by now most of you know that I have another blog, TN Concealed Carry and while that blog in less than two months old it is already getting more traffic than this one…

As for preps, I this week, not a lot of food or gear wise, however, I did buy a new Glock 19X a couple of weeks ago and it’s awesome!

Glock 19 X

Well, folks, over to you…

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  1. Jesse Mathewson

    MD, that’s a great prep – solid gun! How do you like it?

    I recently got a medical cannabis card in Arizona. Have been off all opiates/and any other normally prescribed meds for over 4 months while waiting for approval. *doctors refuse to work with patients who use medical cannabis in Arizona* thanks to Sessions and his stupidity eg , drugs -and the new rush to ban everything damn the results.

    Regardless, with other preps and camping trips this means I’ve been in more pain than usual with less time to be organized.

    Overall it has been fun!

    • Jesse Mathewson,

      I really like the new Glock! Cannabis is a lot safer than opiates.

    • High JM…….yeah the reason they don’t want to work with you is they might not get kickbacks from the pharmaceutical companies…..

      They are against natural cures too…..

      • Jesse Mathewson

        Thor1. Its actually federal law/eg ., Medicare reimbursements do not cover patients who are breaking federal law- because of gray area between states “rights” and federal; the win for me is drs dont care and most I work with encourage alternatives that work! Not this trend crap where cannabis somehow cures everything…simply isnt true.

        However, alternatives that work, are endorsed by drs I deal with and I deal with many –

    • Jesse:

      I have a friend that found the good results with 124 gr ammo.

      • Jesse Mathewson


        For carry

        Speer gold dot standard velocity 115 or 124 grn

        Federal premium hst standard velocity 115 or 124 grn

        And for practice 124 grn IMI/federal/speer lawman and aguila

    • Jesse, in Arkansas, the owning of a Medical can. card removes every gun in the household! Not worth it. I also refuse opiates for the chronic pain. I use Tylenol and pool therapy for now. Will not give up my CC!

      • Jesse Mathewson

        Docj thankfully Arizona is more forward thinking than that. Seems quite yankee of Arkansas to do that 🙁

    • Big mistake, there’s no need to inform your doctor or doctors that you have a medical is card.

      • John, all drs are required to test patients every month or so if they take opiate based medication, if my test popped with cannabis I would have lost all medicine ability/and was on heart meds/post poly bacterial infection where I was basically comatose for a week due to the infection against my implanted hardware along my spine.

        I really do wish people understood that this is exactly what you support when you vote. Not freedom but an extremely screwed up version of let’s smack each other about using politicians and cops.

  2. MD,

    My sympathy for your allergy problem. I can’t think of a place you could move to that’s allergy free. I live in Kingman, AZ, and the desert was reputed to be relatively free of allergens but it isn’t. The dust, which is pervasive carries mold spores, and a disease called Valley Fever that can be fatal to some. Everyone who has ever visited Phoenix while the wind was blowing has been exposed to it.

    Then there are all the desert plants that bloom and spread misery. Desert Broom is but one that plugs up my nose at least twice a year.

    That said, I do love living in the desert because I can grow food outside year round. The worst drawback, of course, is the lack of water. If TEOTWAKI comes it’ll be a toss-up whether heat stroke or dehydration kills us off first.

    • Ray White,

      Yeah, an allergy-free location is a dream but not completely realistic… the best that can be hoped for is a less allergen producing location.

      • I have a prescription for Fluticasone Propionate nasal spray, it really helps against allergens keep your nose open. You can get it over the counter but with my insurance the prescription is cheaper.

    • Ray, kingman is definitely more arid than where I live in arizona!

    • Ray, I sympathize regarding your allergies. Thankfully, I don’t have those, but I see it regularly in DW. We split the year between Phoenix and the mountains. Thankfully, we have an excellent well at the cabin, which is also our BOL. We have a full time stream and two lakes within a mile. Emergency water for short time is two 50 gal barrels full of water, a ShurFlow pump rigged to hook up to the house plumbing. Also, a catchment for those times when it rains. Anyway, it is perhaps the thorniest problem for us desert dwellers. Daddio is correct about the fluticonase propionate spray, aka Flonase.

      BTW, I understand there is a large population of wild hogs west of Kingman along the river. If you can find a way to hunt them, they are tasty.

  3. Prepared Grammy

    Gs are my favorite. My CC is a G23. I like the G19, but it’s too big to conceal on me. As far as allergies, the best I’ve ever been is when we were camping in the Smoky Mountains and when I go to Florida. Now that I’m home, I’m miserable again. I take an otc allergy pill, generic Allegra. It helps some, but it’s not a complete fix. I hope you find relief soon.

    This Week:

    -Home: We hired a man to do some work on our home. I can’t wait to see the results!

    *I’ve had to water the garden. It seems we go from mud to dust, with no in between.
    *I’ve canned beets and dill pickles, and given away a lot of cucumbers to a friend. She always plants a huge garden, but wasn’t able to do so this year. Her dad is losing his battle with cancer. Please pray for him.
    *Very few people here have had a successful garden. So I gave away my extra zucchini to friends who really like it, but weren’t able to grow any. I got more satisfaction from giving it away than canning or freezing it.

    -I’m sick and tired of all of the negativity. It’s everywhere I go. Let’s make this world a better place. I would like each of us to do at least one kind thing for someone outside our families and one thing for someone in our families each week. It can be a simple thing that doesn’t cost anything more than a few minutes of our time. Who’s willing to join me in this?

    Be prepared. Stay safe. He’s in charge.

    • Prepared Grammy,

      Thank you!

    • PG, I’m surprised you didn’t go with the G27 with an extended mag.
      I had a buddy that had one and he put a laser guide rod in it with the extended 2 round mag. It was a nice piece.

      • It’s more difficult for a small-framed woman to conceal anything very large, and longer arms hinder movement. Women’s clothes tend to be more fitted, making concealment a problem, especially in the summer when we don’t wear layers. I like my G23, but I do have other options too.

        • PG, the G27 is smaller and with an extended mag., it increases the grip by another finger.

          What you are comfortable with is always best….

        • Prepared Grammy; I know a lot of people…especially women don’ like the back holsters, but I really do. Just takes some practice to get use to the draw. I also use a cross draw. For me, it works better than carrying on my right hip.

          I’ve gone to wearing blouse “shirts”. They really conceal well as they are loose fitting.

    • Jesse Mathewson

      The glock 19 is the same frame size as the 23 maybe you were thinking 17? Which is an inch longer and taller?

    • We will join you gladly.

    • PG, already done mine this week for an old neighbor, unable.. and have a plan to go to her house again this week to complete another chore she is unable to do. Like you said does not take much and is not expensive.

    • Prepared Grammy; I agree on the pervasive negativity. It has reached epidemic levels.

      I had the greatest kindness extended to me yesterday. The phlebotomist that usually draws my blood offered her boyfriend and his pick up to tote my bargains home. A FULL pick up load. I was so very grateful. In return, I gave them a bunch of stuff I didn’t want or need. A veteran buddy and our old Chief of Police were there, I told them to take whatever they could use as I neither wanted the stuff nor had a use for it. They offered to pay me, but I was like share and share alike.

      “Do unto others as you would have them do to you”. 🙂

    • Jesse Mathewson

      PG. Big hugs!

    • PG – I’m with you on doing good things for others. I have most recently cooked for some of my co-workers and taken some of my overly abundant veggies to friends, family and co-workers.

  4. Spent last weekend shivering with fever and dehyration and had to go to the ER on Monday for treatment. Feeling better now but got nothing at all done as I’m still a bit wobbly.

    It did show me gaps I had in preps for treating fever which I hope to fix when I feel better.

    • Gloria, glad you are feeling better. Is something going around where you live up North?

      • Not that I know of, and the doctor hadn’t heard of anything. No idea how I got that fever and so quickly. Possibly a bit of infection from my drainage stent but blood work didn’t show anything. I’m just glad it’s over with and clearing up, albeit, slowly.

    • I’m glad you’re feeling better.

    • Glad you are feeling better. Hope you are much better now.

      • Thanks all. Each day is better than the one before.

        • Gloria – I had the flu back at the end of January and could barely move for most of a week. It took more than a month to get back to normal and I still have moments where I wonder if I have fully recovered.

  5. Last weekend took the fair entries in and yesterday found out most took a ribbon of some sort.
    Last night I discovered my cat, who I thought had marginal hunting skills, actually can chase a mouse. The mouse got away, I think, but the cat sure made the mouse work for it.
    My county had a small, 4 acre, fire this week but we had 3 or 4 fire departments respond and it was quickly put out. Apparently it was from an April slash burn where the fire had looked like it was out but had lain dormant.
    Hopefully next week will be better on the prep side.

  6. Puppy is so funny…..the wife was yawning on the couch and he walked by and stuck his nose in her mouth….LOL

    Bought more water
    Bought more dog food
    Bought more people food….LOL

    Freeze dried more green beans & mashed potatoes, next is roast beef and gravy……mmmmm

    Made 4 jars of pickles

    Doing maintenance on some 12v batteries.

      • I am hoping for that Thor 1. If we leave, it will basically fold because they couldn’t afford much without our dues.

    • I found this while trying to find out if you can freeze dry jerky…..

      Thought I’d share….

      • Thor1,
        I like that link. No, I take that back. I love that link. Thank you.

        I only have one question: Why TF would you want to screw up good jerky by freeze drying it?

        Let me know how the roast beef and gravy goes. Have you tried mashed potatoes and gravy at once or is it better to freeze dry each separately then add them together at the end after you reconstitute them?

        • Sirius, I was curious if you could make jerky with a longer shelf life.

          Puppy likes jerky too….LOL

          I know what I’m doing next week…. I saw a cooking show were the guyused Coke in jerky, I think I might try the DR Pepper recipe…..

          I usually make the potatoes, gravy and meat separately.
          I have different tubs for meat, vegetables and fruits.

          I have never tried fish jerky, have you ???

          • If you made fish jerky, you would have to do it outside because of the smell, and then every cat within a 5 mile radius would probably be in your back yard….LOL

            This could be useful to the Venezuelans for catching cats to eat……rough but a thought…….

          • Yes, as a matter of fact I have. We used to eat it at bars in Korea. Potato chips were a rare commodity, but fish jerky was plentiful. That and dried sea weed.

            Don’t get me started on the cats. I don’t remember seeing even one in Korea. A few dogs, but not many.

            And thanks again Thor1, now I have another song stuck in my head: “The Cat’s in the Kettle at the Peking Moon”

          • Thor1,
            It’s funny you mention “shelf life” talking about jerky. In my house, jerky and shelf life cannot be used in the same sentence. It just doesn’t exist. I love it, my mom loves it, my friends love it, my dog loves it. It just does not last that long.

            Re: Using Coca Cola as a marinade. Yes, it does work. The acids really help tenderize the meat and it leaves a nice caramel taste afterwards. Especially if you grill it afterwards.

            I appreciate the feedback on the freeze drying. I thought keeping stuff separate would not only be easier, but more visually appealing when you put it together. That said, I’m experimenting with mine to make freeze dried “cuppa soup”.

            I’ll let you know how it turns out.

            Talk soon

    • Thor 1; You need to be camera ready with puppy. You could probably make money off some of the photos.

    • Omg, that made me laugh out loud….but I bet the Mrs. Didn’t…

  7. M.D. I’ve lived all over the USA and traveled the world and there is no place without something you will become allergic to. When I moved from VA to Florida I thought my body would get a break but within 6 months I had developed new allergies to plants and trees common there.

    I live in TN now which is a high allergen state so every day, from spring to winter I faithfully take the following: In the morning at first light: FLONASE Allergy Relief Nasal Spray, Quercetin with breakfast and Fexofenadine (generic for allegra) in the evening. These control my allergies and keep the sinuses open, headaches and sore throats from starting. Also, my doctor recommended Zaditor Antihistamine Eye Drops to control the itchy eyes and it works better than all the other drops.

    Hope you can manage your symptoms and stay in TN.

  8. I find what people are buying is interesting and can sometimes prompt me to add something to my stash. What I find most interesting is what is going on at the homestead with projects or animals or even things in the kitchen. Too bad people can’t add A photo of their projects etc.

    • I would love to show off my dairy goats. I consider them a great addition to the homestead, especially since I’ve learned to make cheese. However, I’m guessing that if we were all permitted to attach photos, it would really get out of hand.

  9. I think adding photos would be awesome. I always enjoyed the photos that MD posted.

  10. Hello all, My beautiful bride and I celebrated our second wedding anniversary on 27 July. Near the end of our gathering with friends and family, a couple we are close with announced to us that we will be inheriting their beloved “Mitzu.” Mitzu is a 1993 model Mitsubishi RVR sports wagon. They purchased a brand new Toyota sedan because Dan is “mechanically challenged” and they wanted a new, reliable car for Dan’s retirement. This little project wagon will make a great “urban assault” vehicle. Our friend never took it into Manila and it has been babied since it was purchased new in ’93. There is a tad over 62,000 Kilometers (about 39,000miles) on the odometer. The unit is powered by a mechanically injected Turbo-Diesel engine with overdrive transmission. A reliable powerplant, immune to EMPs natural or manmade. A big bonus, Mitzu is 4-wheel drive! I will be going over her from bow to stern correcting the small “bugs” you have with an older vehicle. With the maintenance this old girl had, I should expect at least another 200,000 miles unless the unibody rots away first. Even so, I will still have that high-quality engine. What a super gift to a guy who loves to tinker. Stay well, stay safe.

  11. My car had to have the battery replaced this week. It died at home so at least I was not stranded somewhere. After my son jumped me off and Advance Auto traded out my battery, I stopped by Big Lots. I picked up a few things for food storage.

    My garden is still producing some tomatoes and peppers. My Seminole pumpkins keep running and making new pumpkins. I think I finally got a good strain that will thrive here. I ordered the seed on Ebay from someone in Florida.
    It rained yesterday, so I mulched the area the chicken tractor had been in. That should be ready to plant in the fall. I moved the chicken tractor also. They were so happy to get fresh grass and bugs.
    I did some dehydrating, peppers and okra.

    My sister shared some of her pears with me and I have a few pears on my tree. I plan to can them without sugar. Someone shared a way to keep them from browning with my sister that I had never heard of. Put your peeled, sliced pears in a bowl of salt water until you are ready to process. I had always used Fruit Fresh, which was not all that great. I am going to try the salt water. Anyone else heard of that method?

    I did some food prep organizing in my back room. After a while, the grocery bags on the floor start to add up. Then I vacuum packed tea and crackers.

  12. This last 2 weeks, I am back to canning anything I can get my hands on; meatballs and veggies. Dehydrating greens. Made a quart of powder greens to add to the meatballs before I baked and canned them. Trying to find ways to add nutrients to meals.

    Decided I want a second 22 quart weighted canner. Knocks out 14 wide mouth pints at a time.

    Have begun taking a quilting class one Saturday a month. Time to learn a new skill as I cannot work outside like I used to. Today was a different class on how to hand quilt. Next Saturday is regular quilting class. In a SHTF situation, hand quilting could be the only method available. Good to know how. BTW: I bought a Janome sewing machine that works on a treadle base. Again, no electricity needed. The machine allows straight and zigzag patterns.

    We have increased my water catchment collection; up to 800 gallons. We will have 2 trailer homes on this land able to hold up to 3,000 gallons each. More if I have my way.

    Still doing PT in pool learning my moves. Will be taking what I learn to the gym I go to so I can work out in that pool. I am at an age where the body gets very stiff and painful if I do not work on flexibility, strength, endurance, and balance. Age and rearend accidents do not work well together. Either one is bad enough! Together is for the pits!

    Have a great week.

    • Docj:
      Was the Janome a new model? If so which one? Hand quilting and sewing are great preps but take lots of time.

  13. Got our first ever chickens! Never raised chickens but so far so good. Got them 2.5 to 3..5 months old. 10 hens and a rooster, Cogburn.

    Added 20 lbs salt
    Paper goods

    Hot and dry so been busy watering everything, thank goodness for a well.

    Oh yes and we added grandbaby #9 to the mix.

    • Prepared Grammy

      Chickens are good, but grandkids are great! Congratulations!

    • I have a Mr. Rooster Cogburn as well..a RIR… he was in first group we got home… as a baby chick. Now have 9 Polish+ 1 roo,( Einstein) 4 sex links+ roo..( Dumplin’)
      Congratulations on #9 grand baby…

      • Ours is a silky serama, very small and fun for grandkids. And 2 RIR , 2 Olive Egger, 2 Americana Easter eggers do 4 buff Orpington’s. An eclectic collection for sure.
        Thanks about the baby, he’s a sweetie.

  14. Blueberry picking again. Some to freeze and some for jam. Maybe another week or two left of this season. All prepped and ready to go canning first thing Monday morning. We are hoping to each get 27 qts. or 54 pts. We are canning vegetable beef soup, our favorite. So nice when fall and winter come. Ordered more shampoo and bought more TP. You can never have enough! Received a couple additional essential oils that I have been wanting for a while. Whacking that mortgage down at a high rate of speed. Could pay it off if need be. Prayers for the Pack, our president, our country and our kids. It inspires us to read all your posts.
    Is there any good use for expired olive oil or cooking oil?

    • store olive oil in freezer… to keep it fresh…
      Old Oil uses…Oil lamp make for pint jar and peice of wire( to hold wick) and t shirt.(string., twist to be the wick.)

      • I found an old, missed bottle of olive oil and I relabeled it on the shelf for lamp use only. Same for some old used cooking oil.

  15. Can’t wait until the oldest son’s wedding is over! Second wedding we’ll have attended this summer and I hope to never attend another. I’m sure I can come up with some lame excuse next time we get an invite.

    Tending to the garden and providing lots of fresh veggies to the neighbors. Just haven’t had enough time to pick up bulk produce at the produce action and do some canning. I might try some sweet corn next week and freeze some and can the rest. 60-70 ears of fresh picked corn for $4.00 beats buying at the grocery store!

    Still working on the physical fitness stuff with regular bike rides (30-60 miles) while carrying BOB and HK. The hikes all are around 8-14 miles and are pretty miserable in the heat and all the bugs when traveling off road.

    Installed a Yeasu FTM-400 XDR in the truck (replaced the FT-2900) so I have a cross-band capability. Nice clean install and works well with the HT. I can now use the truck as my personal repeater so I can get to the local repeaters withing 30-40 miles.

    • Mustang:

      I just got back from my friend’s youngest daughter’s wedding. Nice, backyard service (2nd marrage for both) done well without spending a lot of money.

      Nice looking radio unit. As we get a better handle on our location preps, improving comms is high on our list.

      • JP,

        I could only wish for a nice back yard affair. Son is marrying a Greek girl and her family is all about BIG weddings….over 400 expected to attend and over 60 for the rehearsal dinner. All happening in Annapolis MD. We’ll be bringing the Bunt cake for a centerpiece at the rehearsal dinner.

  16. MD, love that first paragraph. Thanks, I needed a chuckle today.

  17. Preps have included adding water and filters, thanks for the article this week! The garden is producing at a fantastic rate. Some squash bugs to battle but not as bad as some years. Canning peaches, green beans, and beets.
    Finally received some rain. Two different days and almost an inch and a cool down in temperature.
    I do have some black wasp-like creatures in large numbers on my front porch near the new cedar railing that I have not been able to identify. Anyone have an idea? They aren’t building nests like the regular wasps we have.

  18. Hi,MD. Great new piece. Is there a piece of code missing that is producing the very narrow comment section? It makes it difficult to read. Looks like it’s only one third of the page wide. Thanks!

  19. Right off for M.D. Take “Turmeric Curcumin: every day. It has really helped with my allergy problems. In fact, it has really helped with everything. I also take Zinc every day. It is nature’s healer.

    For me: I hit the jack pot at an auction. Weeeeee! I bid on several lots and finally won what I wanted. A stationary bike, an elliptical machine, a ton of outdoor tools, a ton of other stuff in the lot….all for the bargain price of $23. Another lot for $21 that was loaded with hand tools, gun cleaning tools, gardening supplies and some antique toys stuffed under the counter. Lastly, two brass lamps (Stiffel) and 1 Torchiere with a remote, brass planter and brass kindling bucket….all for the bargain price of $24. The Steiffel lamps alone run $200 plus each. All things considered, I got over $2,000 in goods, most of which I can use and most are prepper items as most of the tools do not require power nor does the sports equipment. I feel blessed.

    I also added more Spam, rice and water to my supplies. More paper products and batteries. Needless to say, I have a LOT of shifting to do today.

  20. MD, get some local honey and take a tablespoon each day to combat the allergy to pollen. It really works. I don’t know if it will help against mold and spores but the pollen allergy will definitely be reduced.

  21. New post on my other site – Carrying A Long Gun In Tennessee And The Snap Rack –

  22. Hubby, and I have been out on the other property, this weekend, kid’s are old enough to be home plus taking care of the cat. We finally cut up the old hot tub, and took it to the dump $23.42 later it was GONE YES!!! So now we have a big corner of clean up Ivy, and cedar leaves, so get it cleared up and back under control… Last week I canned 6pints of Tomotilla salsa, and6 pints of pickled green beans. I’m cutting back on what I’m doing we’re not eating as much as we we’re 10 year’s ago. I will borrow my dad’s truck to take the yard waste to our green clean, for free. We have decking, that needs to be chopped up into smaller pieces we will do that on another weekend. I’m hoping August, and even into September, will be nice here. Wildfires in Vancouver BC, are making it hazy, but not like last year. We did go out on the water, with friends who own a boat, it was so nice to feel the wind and cooling off the waters. Time to sit on the beach, reality is coming to head home, and do any catch up that the kids did not finish.

  23. MD, I have no further issues with sinus headaches. Averaged a sinus infection every six months and spent more time on antibiotics than I care to remember. All that ended after a vacation in Iraq. Blew out both ear drums when a RPG detonated two feet from my head. Although I’m 2/3 deaf, repairing the eardrums wouldn’t help my hearing so I just carry-on, although the tinnitus can get pretty irritating. Every shower in the morning and evening gives me a full sinus flush! Another benefit is that I don’t have to “POP” my ears when I fly!

  24. Got the DW’s ATV back from the shop. If this is the way they run with a new fuel pump, I may put one in mine!

    Got the 8′ copper ground rods out of the “flower bed” in the front of the house (South facing). Moved them to the back yard shadowed area to ground the house again. Now I have to do a little prep getting the grass that grew in there waiting for this, then in go the blueberry and raspberry bushes and wild strawberry plants will go in the “west-side” of the front yard (found some out camping). Both will require only weeding and will live through our winters.

    Added the DeWalt 20V impact driver to my drill as it was on sale (now I need the attachments). Got in some #10 cans of FD cubed meats. Got in another Lankey sharpening rod and some more ATV accessory parts.

    My friend’s youngest daughter got married this week (2nd for both). So they did it at his house, asked for no gifts but had a potluck food buffet that fed everyone multiple times with leftovers! These 2 are much more compatible with each other than they were with their 1st spouses (both of which bailed on them). Blended families are always interesting, but they will do fine.

    With everything that happened this month, we had a good month financially anyway. Put away over $1000 and paid off the truck. If they would only all go that way 😉

    On the G19X: Although I have not really got to “wrung mine out” I really like mine. The G17 frame fits my hand better than the G19. The night sights are nice, but I may put TFO’s (fixed tritium fiber-optic) (that I have) on it. Moved my CTC light to this one off a G17 (which I sold). The brown finish on mine is a little more of a 2-tone and took a little getting used to; but I like it. The way mine is set up I need to get a new holster made, but I’m willing to do that as it has taken me 10 years to find a gun I am truly happy with all around.

  25. Izzy,
    Thanks for the news story; I love stories like this. With all the negative stories given media time, it’s great to read a story about people helping the animals left behind. This is one brave guy.

    • You’re welcome skye. I agree, he is one brave guy as rescuing horses in fires is risky, tricky and dangerous. He must have the touch to gain the horse’s trust…especially trying to trailer them.

  26. I’ve been picking peppers, cucumbers, squash, okra and tomatoes for weeks. Over the last two weekends, I’ve made about 27 pints of salsa, two batches of plum jam, one batch of fig preserves and two batches of spaghetti sauce. I’ve also dehydrated figs and okra, but the okra doesn’t make a whole lot and doesn’t last long. The first batch of spaghetti sauce is gone and the second got split with the daughters – part of it is in my freezer though. I’ve also done some freezer and pantry cleaning by rotating items out to the daughters. I found some things in my freezer that I couldn’t find just a few days ago. I also sent a lot of veggies home with one daughter so she can make pickles before she goes back to work. It really helps that she can do some canning since I’m still working full time.

    MD – I hope your sinus issues calm greatly and soon. Allergies are such a PITA and repeated sinus infections are why I chose allergy therapy. They are better and I’m not sick all the time. I also have a friend who swears by a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar mixed with an Airborne daily – she hasn’t had a sinus infection since starting that regimen. May you find something that works for you.

    As always, prayers for those in need.