Identifying and Harvesting Wild Berries for the Homestead

M.D. Creekmore

I've been interested in self-reliance topics for over 25 years. I’m the author of four books that you can find here. Over the years, I’ve learned a lot about prepping, homesteading, and self-reliance topics through first-hand experience and now I want to share what I’ve learned with you.

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  1. mom of three says:

    I read that you don’t need pectin to do Raspberry Jam they have it naturaly, I did not get many black berrys, due to not enough rain, but enough to make a couple of pies. I did get enough raspberries, to do jam I usually do a big batch now because I pick and freeze for several weeks. I need to plant my Elderberries, in the grown just in a big pot is not enough room for them to grow and produce.