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Well, folks, as they say, it’s better late than never… well, yeah, they (people in general) do say that and it’s true sometimes but not always but then that’s another subject all to itself. Anyways, I should have posted this at the end of November, but things got in the way and I got lost with other projects… namely my other sites that I’ve started.

Why did I start other sites you ask? Well, that’s a good question and let’s talk about that a little right now…

Over the last couple of years, the interest in prepping has taken an immense downturn. Several things have caused this downturn in interest despite the fact that we are in more danger now than we were two years ago… you ask, how’s that? How are we in more danger now than we were two years ago?

After all, Donald Trump is in the Whitehouse and everything is just peaches and mega awesome! We have nothing to worry about now and there isn’t any need to prep anymore because absolutely nothing is going to happen with President Donald Trump at the controls and even if it does he will personally come in on his white horse and rescue you and your family, so you don’t need to prep anymore.

Just take it easy and relax… drink beer, watch the ball games, and go spend your dollars on fancy expensive dinners and shiny trinkets because all is well on the Trump train. Let’s just forget about the nearly twenty-two trillion and growing national debt.

And let’s not forget about the EMP threat… yeah, the threat is still there. Oh, yeah, and the threat of a second Civil War, a war that according to U.S.A. Today a third of Americans think is coming

And, guess what…Russian hackers are still probing the U.S. power grid as are other nations… and I’m sure that we are doing the same thing to them. Please, read Ted Kopple’s book Lights Out: A Cyberattack, A Nation Unprepared, Surviving the Aftermath!

And, let’s not forget that a hundred years ago, the 1918 H1N1 pandemic swept the globe infecting about a third of the world’s population and killing 50 million to 100 million people… and according to people in the know, it will happen again. Yes, it will happen again, think about it! Common sense people – just because a Republican is in the White House doesn’t mean that all is well and that you can just stop prepping – that’s foolish.

But most people don’t want to think about any of this or they want to pretend that it can’t or won’t happen and even if it does they want to think that they have a savior in the White House that will swoop in and save them before it gets too bad so all that they need to do is sit on their butt and watch the ball games, drink beer and eat potato chips.

People don’t want to think about this stuff because it’s scary and it’s easier for them to convince themselves that nothing is going ever to happen… eat, drink and be happy… all is good. Well, reality check… all isn’t good!

Yes, I voted for Donald Trump against Hillary, but I have enough sense to know that he isn’t Gsome superhuman or a God and really doesn’t have much if any control over most of the threats that could send us spiraling into TEOTWAWKI. Yet, when I talk to people it seems that many have put the man on a God status pedestal when in fact he is only a man and when I speak up and say that and that we still need to be prepping no matter what people give me “that look”, you know the look…

If you stopped prepping because Donald Trump was elected president then you need to pull your head out of your rear-end! All of the threats are still there and other threats are emerging and or becoming more likely to happen! And let’s remember that the presidential election is less than two years away – will Donald Trump win the White House again, will he even run again? I don’t know, but one thing is certain and that is if Donald Trump doesn’t win come November 2020 that a far left liberal or socialist will. Then what?

If anything the election of Donald Trump might have bought us a little more time to prep before the balloon goes up and that’s all… maybe… maybe, not. But the fact of the matter is that the balloon is going to go up and it’s going to pop hard! Will you be ready?

Sadly many have decided to not use this time wisely and instead are sitting on their butts doing nothing to prepare themselves or their family for what is coming. Sure, it’s scary… sure it’s hard… sure you have to get up off the couch and do something, but you had better get with it or suffer the consequences of your laziness and inaction.

And then there are those who stopped prepping because they don’t think prepping is “cool” anymore. When all of the prepping reality shows where flashing on the TV screen nearly every evening some people watching decided the prepping must be cool and so they decided that if it’s on TV and others are doing it that it must be cool and as a result, they themselves started prepping…

Well, after a few seasons those reality TV prepper shows stopped coming on and now not even reruns are being aired. I’m not sure why the shows stopped airing, maybe they couldn’t find anyone else that wanted to have their preps shown over on national television, maybe, it was because the rating slumped, or just maybe “the powers that be” saw that the shows were causing an increase in awareness and that growing awareness was causing the “prepper movement” to grow and they wanted to stifle it.

I’m not sure why the doomsday preppers type shows ended… but it is kinda suspicious that nearly, all of them ended at approximately the same time, however, I do know that it caused a huge decline in interest in preparedness. But that doesn’t mean that the threats and need to prepare aren’t there still. The threats are still there and I think that we are in worse danger of a major SHTF even than we were two or three years ago.

Even when prepping was the “cool and the thing to do” far too many people were “pretend preppers” who liked to read all of the prepper blogs and comment about this that and the other thing, while not really doing anything or very little actual prepping. It’s easier to pretend and or procrastinate than to actually do anything but that doesn’t make the lack of preparation any less dangerous.

Okay, now back to my starting point… why haven’t I been updating this site ten plus times a week like I used to? Because the interest hasn’t been there, so why spend hours and hours every week writing and editing content that few will read? So, I decided that during this “prepping interest slump” that I’d use the time to work on a couple of other projects that I’ve been wanting to work on namely my concealed carry blog at Concealed Carry Today and my newest site Knife Law Insider.

Anyway, things change and I’m starting to see an uptick in traffic and more interest in prepping over the past month or so and that’s great, hopefully, some folks are beginning to wake up once again and that’s great. The more folks who prep the better off we will all be when the balloon goes up… but I have this nagging feeling that time is running out. We might have another year before things start to get really bad and then a domino effect into total economic collapse.

But I digress, sorry that I went on a “rant” of sorts but some things need to be said, or at least I needed to get it off my chest take it for what you want… as they say chew the meat and spit out the bones. Anyways, what have I been doing to prep over the past few weeks… well, let’s see…

As you know I had natural gas hooked up at my house last month… and now I have this heater heating the upstairs…

My hens finally started laying...

My hens finally started laying…

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Okay, that’s about it for me this month besides some random food storage items and replacing items that have been eaten… One more thing before I end this post… I plan on updating this site regularly and the best way to know when I publish a new article is to click on the bell that is in the lower right corner of the page and allow notifications, that way whenever I post something new you will be notified…

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