The Lost Ways Book Review

the lost ways book review

The Lost Ways Book – A Guide to Real Life Homesteading and Survival Skills From Our Past That Work!

Legally I have to tell you if I have received the product or any compensation for writing this review. This product was received without charge to myself, it was received as a gift without the need to review. I am choosing to review it because it is simply THAT DANG GOOD!

Everyone enjoys having knowledge that others deem to be special, necessary or unique. Some of us understand that the knowledge necessary to start a fire with sticks or rocks is something most humans do not have anymore.

In fact, even our military elite cannot survive without their massive supply chains and chemically stable Meals Ready to Eat. The Lost Ways is a book, that does something many other books have tried to do, but in an extremely well put together package bound together in a way most books haven’t been in decades now.

As an avid reader and practitioner of many lost arts, I can honestly say that I have read so many “survival” books that I have become jaded with them.

I own and can recommend the following books, all of which offer something special for your use! Off Grid and Free by Ron Melchiore, Basic Butchering of Livestock and Game by John Mettler, Emp-Hardened Radio Communications by William Prepperdoc, The Prepper’s Guide to Surviving TEOTWAWKI by our M.D. Creekmore, Beekeeping for Beginners by Aileen Brosnan, Foraging for Beginners by Kenneth Miller, Beekeeping: A beginner’s guide to beekeeping by Nancy Ross, The Working Chicken by Anna Hess, Solar Power DemystifiedMedicinal Plants by Nathan Sempers, Preparedness Gardening by Jeff Fry and many more some older than the United States!

Among these books are my favorites, the Foxfire series is hands down the single most important series of books anyone can have, who is truly serious about their desire to emulate the old ways in their homestead. (They now have a 45th-anniversary single book combining some of the many things into one).

how to make pemmican

In the book – Learn How to Make Pemmican The Ultimate Survival Food.

This being said, if you could only have one book to help you remember many very important things that would allow you to continue living a life of relative happiness and prosperity regardless what may happen in the world; that book would be The Lost Ways. This book is not carried in paperback on Amazon except by some entrepreneurs who have it listed for $90+ which given the information included is not a terrible deal.

What this book does is guide you through the more advanced aspects of frontier living. It will not teach you 5 ways to build a fire or 150 knots every boy scout should learn! In this respect, I can easily see this book becoming my chief go to for the more involved aspects of long-term water storage without modern chemicals or making the perfect long-term survival foods.

This book will fill the need for a basic guide to edible/medicinal plants and includes the “folk remedies” as suggestions as well as the proven benefits to suit all flavors in approach! It won’t show you the best techniques for skinning a deer but it does guide you through tanning it, and then how to make charcoal as well!

In the book – Similar to Morphine: The Best Natural Painkiller that Grows in Your Backyard

This is a book for the individual who already has some basic knowledge and or a small library or access to basic knowledge. It is my strict opinion as someone who has done many of the things that are outlined in this book, and in many cases searched for years to gather the information for things like pemmican balls and smokehouses; this book gathers many of those things together into an easy to read option for your consumption.

It does all of this without pretentious airs and honestly bullshit claims of being the only way like so many others do. Rather, the book itself is presented in a well-made book that will stand the rigors of use and time and easily be passed down to loved ones.

My favorites parts of this book include information I can verify as valid because I have used it myself for years. “How to sharpen a blade like a samurai”, “How to make hardtack biscuits”, “how to render lard”, “how to make activated charcoal pills”, “how to make gunpowder the old-fashioned way.”


In the book – How to Start a Self-Feeding Fire That Lasts All Night Long

Are all amazing bits of information with detailed explanations and practiced uses! Each one of these approaches works and works well. This is an amazing book that is easily worth the $22 it costs, for myself it is a book I can gift to others and am planning on doing so this Christmas season.

Now for the downside, and there is one! Some of the information is somewhat incomplete, going from hunting a deer to tanning the hide and missing the skinning portion for instance. Or trapping, beaver and muskrat but leaving out the fact that using the same traps and similar but dry land methodology you can trap hares, rabbits, squirrels, fox, coyotes and more.

These are minor issues, after all it is a single book and I’ve never found a single volume of any literary type that successfully covers the entirety of the subject at hand without being simply too large or absolutely impossible to read, (ie., War and Peace).

This being said, I can easily recommend the purchase of this book and in fact would go so far as to suggest purchasing two, one for reading and absorbing and one for the shelf.

So there you have it, my review this week and one I am truly happy to be doing! If you’re interested in getting your own copy of The Lost Ways then you can find out more at the author’s website here.

Free the mind and the body will follow…

Jesse Mathewson

Arizona since 86', lifetime prepper, camper - criminal justice advanced degrees, numerous certifications, 1+ million rounds (shooting for decades), prior contractor, instructor, current volunteer, disabled, honest, father of two husband of one - all budget and prepared. Jesse Mathewson reviews because regular people need someone in their corner as well!

32 Responses

  1. Leonard says:

    Bought a copy of this book about 2 years ago–it IS all that! Good post!

  2. Oxymoran says:

    Your review has convinced me to get this book.
    I have debating it for a while. now you have tipped me over the edge and I am ordering it right now.
    thank you, Oxymoran.

  3. JP in MT says:

    I got this book last year, bound. I just put the 45th Anniversary Foxfire book on order, thanks for the info.

  4. JeanineS says:

    I just got this email in my box today and followed the link to buy the lost ways kindle version and it says that it is not available!!! Any idea when it will be??

    • Jesse Mathewson says:

      Jeanine, I linked it last week. Maybe it was moved or switched – I know they give a digital copy with the printed version if you buy that

      Otherwise I dont know apologies

  5. Goatlover2 says:

    Thank you SO much for this book review! I’ve seen it advertised via FaceBook, but couldn’t find anyone that I knew who had read it. I was skeptical, given that it just popped up in my FaceBook feed…now I know it’s worth buying!!!!

  6. dennis miller says:

    1st off I like a lot of what you write about but why did you close down and let someone else take over its control with some over site so you now would have two sites instead of one.If this interest you any just put a notice about on this site for I check this site daily

    • dennis miller,

      No one else has taken control of the other site.

      • dennis miller says:

        That’s cool would you like someone two do so? I have two amitt I’m not the best at computers and such but I’m willing to learn and I’m not the best at spelling and all that but if I got one of those talk and it spell that would help a lot.

  7. Mike T says:

    Thank you very much foe thr review, decided to order just now. Very interested to read it during my R&R.

  8. Speed says:

    I have both of these books the lost ways 1 & 2 I use the info in in these books for many things if you ever need to store meat with out refrigeration these books may save you.
    There is so much info in these books they are my #1 go to.

  9. Carolyn says:

    I tried to order it last night and it was blocked. It still is.

  10. Babycatcher says:

    Thank you for reviewing this! I had considered it, but didn’t know whether I needed another homesteading book or not. Methinks I do, now. Can’t have too much knowledge on hand. J

  11. Crazy Joe in South Jersey says:

    Greetings All ! ! !

    ……….. AT JESSE …. enjoyed the book review . In 1974 I got out of the Army with the ” Dome Book ” under my arm and ready to go . College in 1975 and I was introduced to the new release of ” Firefox 2 ” . Most hippies wanted to play back to nature but at least some learned something . 1976 was ” Firefox 3 ” . This series has always been a favorite of mine . Most , if not all , are now online in PDF form to download . Most are 500 pages or so which means a lot of paper and have another ink cartridge ready .

    When it comes to a good , basic source of outdoor knowledge I keep the Boy Scout Manual handy . I prefer the smaller ( less weight – ounces add up in the backpack ) 1954 version to my 1967 new and improved larger version . It got me to Eagle Scout in 1971 . . The older version is more outdoor oriented . I can only imagine what they are teaching Boy Scouts now .

    ………… CREEKMORE ………… Is this a non smoking site as well ? Will be outside with a Marlboro . Liking this new place .

  12. Crazy Joe in South Jersey says:

    REGARDING ” THE LOST WAYS ” ………… I never heard of it . I left here and went and read the reviews , chapt by chapt critiques , all the topics listed , free downloads on Facebook and YouTube , etc . . Our network looked at Williamsburg , Virginia 40 years ago as a standard of good living that we should learn and emulate . So many of us learned what our ancestors were doing right in 1720 . Seems Claude Davies , author of The lost ways , gives a more pioneer viewpoint and standard of living . I do love roasted squirrel but I prefer a warm muffin with jam with my eggs in the morning .

    If memory serves …… An old English movie about the Boer war ( in color abt. 1969 ) had one of the greatest lines ever ….. The Captain is dry shaving , the young Lieutenant asks why shave out here in the African bush , The Captain replies ” even out here if we cannot maintain civilized behavior then there is no civilization ” . Butter on my muffin before the jam .

  13. G.Go says:

    I bought the book but found that I had to scroll through a bunch of ads to get to the part that you click to actually complete the order. Now I am getting a newsletter and more ads for his other content. All I wanted is the book.

  14. Howard D. Lisech says:

    Will all your articles eventually be available at MDCreekmore? I am doing a prep seminar in a couple weeks and am referring to several of your excellent prep articles with their links to your old site.

    Just wondering if someone goes to that link in 6 months (or a year) if they will be able see that article or will it transfer to that same article hosted on your new site.

    You have some great essential and valuable material!

  15. Col. D says:

    I agree with your take on the foxfire books, I wrote articles for a sister magazine out west back in the 70;s. I also like the Encyclopedia of Country Living by Carla Emory,
    I’m not as familiar with The Lost Ways but sounds like a great addition to the library.
    There are several really good trapping books available out there.written by real trappers.

  16. G.Go says:

    I just received the book that I purchased threw the link in Jesse’s article. The book I received was not hard bound. After a quick look I found it to be very interesting but wish the photos where in color especially the photos of the edible plants.

  17. Gerald says:

    I’ve considered getting it before, but your review convinced me to get it. And so I have.
    I got the digital version and the hardbound is on it’s way.