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Mountain House Classic Assortment Bucket Review

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Mountain House Bucket From

Mountain House Bucket From

Over the last few decades, I have been more invested in long-term supplies for survival and prepping. After all the evidence shows that it is not a matter of if an event will occur but rather when. By event I mean; flooding, wildfire, home fire, windstorms, hurricanes, earthquakes, mudslides and even the dreaded fabled collapse of our current society. ¹ Now it should be noted that I have invested many thousands of dollars over the years in long-term storage foods, specifically Mountain House. I was contacted to review Mountain House brand foods and sent two packages of food recently. So this review is a mixture of paid and not, the latter being far greater in quantity.

Facts and data, regardless of what we want to believe facts and raw data is always what it is. It is only when we interpret these things that they become “evil or good”. My goal with the reviews I have done is simply to interpret the data and facts I have regarding products I use and either like or dislike.

Mountain House brand foods are hands down the best I have personally tested.

It should be noted that I have tasted and tested several other brands as well, from Wise through Augason Farms and have always come back to Mountain House foods for my personal and family use.

So why do I choose Mountain House foods for my family and self,

  • Ease of preparation (each container is effectively its own serving or dinner dish just add hot or cold water and mix)
  • All of their products are peanut free in fact, entirely nut free (except for coconut which is an ingredient in some meals)
  • Mountain house offers a vegetarian menu as well!
  • Each meal is set up to provide a maximum amount of beneficial calories for the ACTIVE individual, if you are eating these while hiking, camping, and “surviving” they will be quite healthy for you!
  • Cost per meal is actually very good considering what it is you are buying and getting as a benefit!

What are the drawbacks of Mountain House foods and other similar freeze dried meals and long-term food options?

  • High in carbohydrates, unless you are active I would not suggest eating these as a regular meal!
  • Cost per meal is around 50% to 100% higher than meals you could prepare yourself depending on where you shop.

Why do I prefer Mountain House foods over the others, it is simple for me personally. Some of the others do not offer REAL MEAT in their meals, Mountain House does. Taste is also an extremely large concern as well as serving size and amount per sealed container.

I have a family of four with between 2 and 4 other people always joining us. Other manufacturers make much smaller size portions, Mountain House packages full meals for 2 – 4 people per package and the overall package size is still similar to the sizes offered by their competition. Taste of these is considerably better in my opinion than Wise foods for instance. While I carry spices and at a minimum salt and pepper, I prefer to not season my pre-packaged survival/ camping foods.

As with Augason Farms, the large cans of food from Mountain House must be used within a week to 2 weeks after opening. For myself this is never an issue as again, we have 4 – 8 people at all times in and around our house and or campsite! If you are an individual or person preparing for yourself and one other the smaller meal packages will be your best approach to long-term storage and use.

They are easy to use and work well for one or two people! I find that when camping (and yes I have tested and tasted many brands while camping and while at home) Mountain House individual meal packages work great for me and my daughter. We rarely need more in a single sitting meal. As we are relatively active, for instance, we have learned gold panning, trapping, shelter building and much more on our expeditions, higher carbohydrates do not pose a great issue. Again, I would not suggest eating these if you are sedentary (not extremely mobile or active).

Would I recommend these to my friends and family?

Absolutely and without reservations, I highly recommend purchasing one of their Classic Buckets for one person which will work great for two people for 36 to 48 hours if you stretch it. The bucket runs $77 on Amazon and I personally purchase one every 3 or 4 months to continue adding to my selection and replenish used materials. Use my personal approach as someone on a fixed income for prepping your homestead!

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Free the mind and the body will follow!

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