Can I Raise Meat Rabbits In My Backyard?

M.D. Creekmore

I've been interested in prepping and homesteading topics for over 25 years. I’m the author of four books that you can find here. Five days a week (Monday through Friday) I will get up at 6:00 o'clock, drink a cup of coffee, eat breakfast, pour another cup of coffee and then head to my home office where I will scour the internet for the most 10 recent and important news and happening from around the world and post those in a ten-point list with my thoughts and options. Hope you enjoy.

4 Responses

  1. Mrs. B says:

    Good for you! I don’t think I could do it! I could in a pinch I suppose-under duress! I raise chickens. I eat a lot of it along with fresh fish. Being in the MidWest, there is an abundance of food that can be obtained relatively cheap. Excellent article! Thanks for taking the time!

    • teresa klein says:

      My Father raised meat rabbits in town in the back yard and knowone had a clue. We put a bucket under the cage, rabbits poo in the same spot. The poo went into our vegetable garden. We gleened apples from a local tree that sat out in an abandon field. We had a lot of food.

  2. erehwon says:

    I have just dispatched our first litter of rabbits with a second litter currently being raised, nothing goes to waste, heart, head, liver etc to the dogs, meat for us and fur in the freezer to attempt to tan later. Rabbit cooks up lovely either slowly on a spit or in a dutch oven over an open fire.

  3. Bob Boskey says:

    The Fibonacci sequence is expressed in nature in many ways such as the arrangement of seeds in a giant sunflower pod. Also the number of rabbits produced by a single buck and a single doe from 12:01 AM on New Years day until 11:59 PM on December 31 of the same year.