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As you know I’ve been writing (and making YouTube videos) about prepping and prepping related subjects for years, about 14 years to be exact and during that time I’ve seen a lot of changes. The most recent major change was right after Donald Trump became president.

After the election, there was a huge drop in the number of people who were actually prepping. It was obvious that they thought that their savior had arrived and that there was no longer any threat or need to prep because Donald Trump was up in the White House.

I didn’t get it then and still don’t and if really bothered me that people, people who had called themselves preppers could be so naive and gullible that they would think that one man getting elected to president of the United States of America somehow solved all of the world’s problems and that they were then safe from all threats and so no need to keep prepping of learning.

But a few days ago I started thinking… I do that sometimes, yes, really! It was a really strong urge or feeling came over me saying get back to teaching others about prepping, survival and emergency preparedness. Stop worrying about those gullible idiots that stopped caring and stopped prepping after Trump was elected. 

It’s their choice and not my responsibility, let them suffer, let them die because of their inaction and gullibility. Stop worrying about them and start worrying about those people who are still interested in prepping.

And that’s what I’m going to do! Since I don’t have time to run several sites, I redirected (301 redirected) my concealed carry today site to send all of the traffic to this site.

Also, if you want to help support this site then please use my Amazon Affiliate link when you go to amazon to do any Christmas shopping. I will get a small commission and you pay NOTHING EXTRA. It’s a win for everyone. Please save it and bookmark it and use it every time that you go to Amazon. It’s greatly appreciated. 

On another note, since another blog took my idea for the weekly “what did you do to prep this week” I’m looking for a new name for this segment… a couple that I came up with are Saturday Prep, This Week at The Homestead, and Open Forum Saturday. Or should I just go back to using the old “What did you do to prep this week”?

The same blog also started using my group name “The Wolf Pack” and so I decided to rename it The Creekmore Crew. What happened is that a could of my former readers got their little pink panties in a bunch because they didn’t always get their way here and I would not let them run my blog so they went to another blog and did everything that they could to insult and destroy this site, and you know what happened. Nothing.

When those few (about five people) left I saw no drop in traffic and no drop in earnings but what I did see was far less aggravation, whining and complaining about this that or something else. No more emails, “oh no… someone disagreed with my comment… MD you better ban them now or I’m leaving” bull crap. 

One of those who left publicly said they he purposely avoided using my Amazon affiliate link because he didn’t want me to get a commission on his order. This despite the fact that I pay for and gave him a place to troll and comment on every other comment posted by anyone else.

It takes money and time to run a blog like this one and people using my Amazon affiliate link helps me a lot and costs readers nothing extra and the thought that someone was such a jackass that they wanted to use the site but purposely give nothing back… even when it would cost them nothing extra to do so… leaves me shaking my head in confusion… 

Anyways, let’s get started with this “what did you do to prep this week” segment… it’s been a while but you all know the drill. I post my preps for the week and then if you want you can do the same in the comments section. This helps give others encouragement and ideas for their own preps. But please DO NOT post under your real name! And DO NOT post anything about your location or anything like that.

I ordered all four sessions of the canceled series “Doomsday Preppers” on DVD as well as the DVD “APOCALYPSE 101“… and while I don’t agree with everything presented in the DVD’s they are fun and interesting and are good to gain a few ideas from.

I also bought some canned fruit and a few other food items as you can see from the photo below… 

Okay, over to you all… what did you do to prep this week? 


  1. Some of the prepping I’ve been doing is shopping at Dollar Tree. You’d be amazed at what you can find there. Large bottles of Dishwashing Liquid (for $1) that I’ve used for years for doing my laundry. Though I ordinarily use Softsoap in the shower–it doesn’t melt like bar soap–when I’ve been out of that, I’ve used the Dishwashing Liquid in its place without ill effects. I also stock up on spices. Have you seen the price of Black Pepper in the grocery store? It’s only $1 at Dollar Tree–along with a host of other spices. Canned fish. Pasta. Soy Sauce. Nuts. Toothpaste, Tooth brushes. OTC medications. Pails, Aluminum foil baking pans, heat/cold retaining foil bags. Lots of stuff worthy of stocking up for hard times. Check it out…

      1. Safeway had great price on pasta , 49 cents a pound package ,with a dollar off the first two . Canned tomatoes , 49 cents a can , canned vegetables ,59 cents a can. Stocked up.

    1. Try the Gossner Milk, its shelf stable and usually has a ten to eleven month shelf span, I’ve used it in a pinch many times at home and in our travel trailer. It’s a QT, and I find it next to the cereal.

      1. Mom of Three,
        I bought some of the shelf-stable milk from Dollar Tree for my parents. They have no food in the house (They eat every meal out.), so I added it to a box of groceries for them to keep in the pantry in case they’re snowed in this winter.

      2. mom of 3,

        The Grosner milk is great and I’ve used it even after the date and it was fine. As long as it’s not opened. If in doubt, throw it out.. But it was good quite a few months after the date. I like testing these things out.

    2. Leonard
      I love Dollar Tree. I get most of my cleaning supplies there. When I update my hurricane bag for work, I shop there. I love to just go in and browse because you never know what you will find.

  2. Purchased another Ruger10/22,, more 22 ammo, .380 and buckshot, all on sale. My state politicians are taking another run at banning assault rifles, ammo sales restrictions and banning mags that hold more than 10 rounds.

    1. The People’s Republic I call home just banned all hunting and trapping in a popular waterfowl hunting area in the middle of duck season. Mandatory background checks are now the law, with a mandatory $30 fee. Next year, the law will require the seller to also undergo a $30 background check as well. The Dems are confident if re-election as they promise to legalize Marijuana…

  3. Lately I have been increasing my first aid and medical supplies this includes dental. One can not have enough books of various subjects. Reading is much better than watching the TV.

  4. I have followed you for quite a few years, although rarely comment. I don’t understand the mentality of people no longer prepping because any sort of emergency can happen that has nothing to do with economy, weather disasters or politics. For me it was health. After 2 months in the hospital, now on oxygen and disability, I don’t know where I would be if I had not stockpiled.

    I will continue to do so, although a little differently now. I have to think about oxygen and other meds, and finances have me shopping a little less, but it can still be done.

    MD, I’m sorry someone stole your ideas. Saturday Preps sounds good… or Saturday Stockers?

  5. M.D. I’m truly sorry its been a rough year for your blog, I follow you on Facebook, too I’m on it because my step son, lives around the Oakridge area of Tennessee, one day his dad and I want to come back and see him its been 7 year’s since we last saw him , and because we are three hours different it’s easier to see what going on with him . I come to your blog at least twice a week to see what you have up but I agree to many people, I know have stopped Prepping. I haven’t stop Prepping, but I have slowed down tho hubby, has been getting item’s, like a propane heater from the Home Depot, it’s from Dewalt Company, to have on job sights, and here at home if needed. All our propane tanks are full the last price I saw for the weekend pricing only is $1.49 a gallon, Yesterday, I did look at what was put away dry items rice, white flour, wheat flour, and canned water, yes I can filtered water , my kid’s think I’m weird but they understand:) . I need to get oatmeal, I just used my last jar of it in my Monster Cookies, yum, yum. I do oven can my dry foods, I’ve read into it and dry foods I can handle. But canning butter, or cheese, I won’t do that. My next project is my outside freezer, I have pork, butter, and hamburger, I need to get a list for that too . I’m really impressed with my self, not only getting it done but we’re not in bad shape food wise. I did find some powdered eggs, from Wise Food, based out of Seattle, my discount store received a couple hundred boxes of it this I believe came from Costco, since that’s the information I was able to find on them so I bought a box 6 bags, for $8.65 cents, best by date May 2020, so I made a breakfast casserole, it turned out great after whipping up the eggs, it looked just like store bought eggs, so I’m going to go back and get at least two more for my shelves, tho I will use them since I don’t know if they’ll go stale quickly or not. Have a great rest of your weekend we’re just going to stay dry it’s a rainy weekend..

  6. Thanks for giving the idea another try ! I have your book on the experience you had living in a camper trailer and so am putting that to the test myself. Had to scale down a lot but didn’t get rid of anything I had in the way of prepping just trying do do it smarter . I still have lots of room even though it’s a trailer .
    So although it’s not much I went and picked up a set of glass dishes of different sizes that can be used in the oven ,microwave and freezer, they have lids that go with them ,for $15 at big lots . Learning how to use cast iron , buying from the local butcher for fresh meat . And got a printer so I can print up information of the ideas to save that I come across to put in a notebook that I got from the dollar store. And also got a bow/arrows from the local auction as well as another fishing pole . And found an amo can .
    These things are what I did over the last 2 months but I’m going to keep adding as I go . Have 2 more things I’m adding this week that I’ll post next week .
    Glad you decided to do this again. I still think you should keep the name wolf pack and forget the morons who acted the way they did …Karma will catch up to them

  7. #1 MD, I like the This Week on the Homestead. You do not need acreage to have a Homestead. It is more a state of mind.

    #2 please put your Amazon link at bottom of every post. I use my iPhone to shop on line. It does not have a “Favorite” like a computer does. I buy a couple of hundred dollars worth of goods using Subscribe and Save. Half of what I buy goes to building up storage. I also buy single items which I could buy using you affiliate like books.

    #3 A list of activities:

    Buying oats and beans; black, small red, kidney, pinto, chickpeas, in 25 pound bags. I cannot find GMO free corn so I am buying popcorn in 5 pound jugs. Will make some good cornbread. Also buying lentils and quinoa.

    Garden was not good this year. Buying cases of green beans, carrots, seasoned tomatoes, etc.

    Canning new potatoes as we like roasted potatoes and other vegetables.

    Have fifty pounds potatoes to can or dehydrate. Do not count on potatoes being available this winter.

    Bought cases of tomato products; spaghetti sauce, salsa, and pizza sauce. Browning up grass fed hamburger and adding spaghetti sauce. I can the hamburger in pints to use in pasta dishes.

    I have been canning stew meat, chicken, pork tenderloin, meat balls, and sausage patties.

    I cannot use freezer for meat as a winter storm has and can cut electricity for three to four week. My hill is north facing so I will be confined to the house.

    Lately, I have been doing a lot of over the counter first aide stocking up along with OTC meds.

    Yes, I am still prepping for my family and neighbor’s children. Been retired for years. 79 years old. Celebrating big time in April!!!

    I see a lot of straw on the camel’s back. One of these days there will be one too many.

    God Bless

  8. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I can’t tell you how happy I am that you’ve started the site back! It may take people a while to rediscover it, so please try not to get discouraged.
    *I just used the Amazon link to order a couple of RV supplies.
    *I like “Open Forum Saturday.” It gives people the opportunity to give input or ask questions, in addition to telling about their week’s accomplishments.
    *”Creekmore Crew” I like it. 😉

    This week:

    -The only doe I bred miscarried one kid. I’m hoping she’s still pregnant with at least one more kid.
    -I cleaned out the henhouses, added a little straw to the goats’ stall, and got things ready for a wintry mix tomorrow.

    -I unhooked and emptied the hydroponics system from the greenhouse. I don’t have a heating system yet, and I don’t want anything to freeze and bust. I’m still getting lettuce and herbs that are planted in soil.

    *Prepping purchases/added a little to the stockpile: RV dump tank, laundry detergent, lots of extra baking supplies, disposable diapers for the grandkids, Gatorade, paper towels, paper plates, dry beans,

    -I had let the pantry get a little messed up, so I reorganized it.
    -I gave the go-ahead for our whole-home, LP generator. It should be installed in two to three weeks.

    -We processed a couple of deer that DH harvested. We learned to make summer sausage, and it was great!

    Be prepared. Stay safe. He’s in charge.

  9. I’ve missed your “What did you do to prep this week” posts and everyone’s comments. It’s too bad a few people caused so much stress. I’ll admit there was one smart-alec that annoyed me, but it was easy to just pass over those comments.

    I guess maybe I don’t really qualify as a “prepper”, but I’ve always believed in having extras of the things we use. Learned that from my mom & grandma. I grew up on a farm ten miles from town on sometimes iffy gravel roads. A blizzard or too much rain could keep us home for a while. My husband always plants a big garden, maintains way too many fruit trees and lots of veggies & fruit gets canned or frozen. He hunts deer every fall so that goes in the freezer or gets canned. I stock up on meats, butter & extra staples when they’re on sale. And yes, I love Dollar Tree too!

    I’ll be looking forward to the weekly post again.

  10. I am so happy that this forum is back. I missed it.

    My baby sister moved into the camper on land I purchased a couple years ago across the road from my home. She is from the big city and moved up here for a change of life and perspective. Her children are not happy, but she is learning about what passes as “hunkering” down and she is stubborn enough to get through this first winter. We had our first snow on October 29, and in November she learned how to get by without electricity (her only source of heat is a small portable electric heater since she is not familiar with the use of propane), and then we had a snow storm of major proportions that dumped almost 2 and a half feet of snow. Since there was no school the next day, there were also no snow plows until the second day. Her only complaint was that we got more snow in one dropping than her former city got all winter. She is learning how to stay warm when the wind chill is down to -15. She has two dogs and six cats (her babies) that help keep her warm and to conserve water which she has to haul from my house, she figured out how to use the snow to water her animals. When she needed to get some groceries, my daughter who was with her at the time, told her not to buy a couple of the things in her cart because I had them in stock in the pantry. That made me feel good about stocking up. My kids are noticing and I am getting phone calls when they go shopping to find out if they need to get me anything. It helps when they can pick up the can sale items and coffee that they know I keep in my pantry.

    I purchased some metal shelving for the pantry and am organizing it so that I can not only see the items, but don’t have to bend down so much to get what I need. I am also simplifying things and have bought more potato slices from Augason Farms and their potato gems. I organized the freezer, putting like items in their own plastic boxes. It helps when I need to refill the freezer.

    I like Creekmore Crew. A crew works together to accomplish a job and each brings their own particular talent to the job. God Bless.

  11. I’m very limited at to what I can do, but I found two brand new “Lifestraw” water filters at Goodwill and they were priced at only $5.99, so I just HAD to buy them. Rather than spend $20 a piece and for an item I might never use or maybe use months or even a year or so later, I got them both for less than the price of a new one at Academy Sports or Walmart and now I have them if I need them. They were both still attached to the cardboard packaging.

    Second thing was that tonight I found some paracord above my head at Academy and I stretched myself up and grabbed three bundles, one dark blue, one red and black and one three colored camo patterned. They had been selling them marked down for months. I checked them (Price checking machines) and paid only $1.98 each. This is why it pays it to REALLY look around no matter how often you visit local stores.

    I kind of made the decision to get my kennel building cleaned up and organized to serve as my “survival ready room” and after the death of two of our family dogs and other things that have been bothering me, I feel that getting some dogs and training them would be good for me and a productive direction towards being ready for a rocky future.

    Thanks for all you do and Happy Holidays M.D. from one of your “Crew”.

  12. MD, I am good with whatever you call it and will try to check in every weekend.
    I took advantage of Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales to add to my food preps. I made an order from Bob’s Red Mill for organic oats, corn grits and dry beans. I ordered bulk canning lids on sale from Lehman’s and made a small seed order.
    I am trying a new service called MisFits that ships organic fruit and produce that is not store quality. I get a small box every two weeks and have learned to prepare some vegetables that I have never had before. This, of course, is not sustainable but the price comes out to regular produce price rather than organic price in the stores. I don’t think I will be doing this long term.
    I just made an order from Vitacost for the first time for organic long term food items. First time to buy from them so will see how it goes. Free shipping at $50.
    My garden is doing well and I have 4 beds of different greens under row covers and my sub-tropicals are also covered. I had to cover my citrus trees a couple of times as we had an early hard freeze. There may be something to that Grand Solar Minimum that people on You-Tube are talking about. I think everyone will have to learn to work around the weather extremes. Row covers and drip irrigation are my back-up garden preps.
    I have been purging stuff out of my house. I took 12 boxes of stuff to Salvation Army. Lots of books that I would probably not read again, craft stuff that I can’t do anymore due to arthritis in my hands, and various stuff that serves no useful purpose. That enabled me to better organize my food preps.

  13. What did I do this week. I got another load of fire wood for next year1/2 cord will fit in my truck for 40.00. On the market place I got 2 dozen traps in good shape for 50.00. I got 2 tow chain’s 30 and 50 feet for 15.00. I got 3 truck loads of very dry pine scraps for a quick fire in the stove for a pay day of 30.00 a load. That is where I got the cash to but the other prep’s. I got 5 truck loads of mixed manure for the garden next year free.
    And added 40.00 worth of food stocks to the pantry. I think I did pretty good. Plus ran my bait shop all week. PS please keep up the good teachings. Pres. Trump will not always be there and it can change over night.

  14. Hi Everyone,

    MD, I like “This Week at the Homestead”.

    I suppose it was “tool” week around here. I found some things at the flea market yesterday. A boomer, Dietz lantern, small rubber mallet, 6-ton jack, hand sickle, square cast iron skillet, Bionic Wrench, battery operated lanterns. Someone at the flea market explained what the boomer was, and so I decided that since it was very heavy, made in America, and that it was something that if you needed it, you needed it… that I should get it, and so it will be added to the tool stash.

    Received a pair of Keen brand slip on shoes to try out. I really like them.

    Stocked up on some more meat and sugar.

    Have a great week everyone.

    1. What is a “boomer?” I would like to know if I should have one. All searches come up with children of the 1950’s, plus or minus a few years.

      1. Hi Salem,

        Look up ratchet chain “binder” or “boomer” to tighten a chain on a load. It has 2 hooks on it. It wouldn’t be a common item to have on hand, and this one is an old, heavy one. I have heavy chain already.

        1. Thanks. One site came up with a picture of those, but didn’t use the name “boomer” anywhere with it.

  15. MD Been a follower for many years, never took the time to comment. Wife and I are both well past retired and in reasonably good health. We live in the beautiful Shenandoah Valley in a small community. Our home is not large and our storage capacity is the same. For a couple old folks we are as prepared as we feel necessary. Food, water, guns and ammo. A small RV trailer and a 4×4 to pull it. Don’t plan to leave home–we’ll make our stand here. I enjoy your stuff and appreciate the time and effort that goes into it. We do have a good library for all occasions with info on most topics. I think we just need to encourage you to keep on keeping on. Trump may be a pause in prepping many will live to regret. This week we purchased three pre 1920 cook books. Our little wood stove may soon become a useful item again.

  16. I like the idea of an open forum , where people can not only discuss what they have done the previous week, but also ask questions and advice of other preppers.

    I like the Dollar Tree’s shelf stable milk. I also like the little rib-eye steaks they have there for $1.

    I’m considering getting another EDC knife. I don’t like to spend a lot on an edc knife, because it will get abused and could potentially be lost. I’m looking at some $30 and under Eafengrow knives with D2 steel and G10 handles. Has anyone here had any experience with them?

  17. Nice to have you doing the what did ya do to prep thing again, really missed it. On retirement funds now, so watching the expenditures, though one of your books found its way into my purchases recently. Still picking up necessaries as we can. Yes, still keeping prepping a solid part of our lives. Good deal on a bigger generator, needed to run our well, plus odds and ends for comfort.

  18. M.D:
    I enjoy your videos but have missed the weekly forum. Thanks for bringing it back.

    Getting ready for Christmas with practical and prep related gifts. Also staying out of the cold!

  19. MD I like the Creekmore Crew but it doesn’t really matter to me what it’s called I have been a follower for many years What did I do to prep this week wellllllllll lets see I dehydrated several containers of mushrooms slices, plus some mushroom powder, I also have in the dehydrator 2 pineapples (smell’s so good) , made beef jerky, for our family christmas party. I’m always prepping and storing. Have been at it for a long time. I love what you do and stand for thanks for staying the course, even tho it’s been a hard year.

  20. Glad to see you back at it. Call it whatever you like, you are the draw and people will come to the “what did you do to prep this week segment”.

    Long time prepper and follower.

    My full time home (where my job is and where I would no longer choose to live) is stocked with all I could ever need….doesn’t mean I am not prepping…looking at sorting some deferred maintenance there.

    Also working on what I need at the future retirement home 1400 miles away. I ship things there, my mom brings them back, lol. However it’s much better suited to a civil war or breakdown of society….so working on what needs to be there is my new normal.

    Water there is plentiful, so started with generator and minor food stores. Need to increase those food stores. Deer is plentiful, so need to get a bow as the season is longer…

    I am a Trump fan, but I know that chaos could ensue. Take care y’all.

    1. Patti,

      Do you know if the state your future retirement home has Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD) in the deer?

      Personally, deer would be off my list of meats because of it. I think are states that haven’t discovered it yet. It’s only a matter of time that it spreads to those that haven’t reported it yet.

  21. Learning different ways to cook deer. I grew up eating it but never cooked it myself. FH stocked the freezer up with his buck, so I’ve been busy! This week I made venison meatloaf, Italian beef, and FH made deer burgers. Next step is learning how to make our own jerky.

  22. I’ve still been checking this ‘new’ site every week. I’m not much for videos, I can read content about 3x faster than someone can speak it. But I did watch the whole video on your background. It made me think.

    I don’t think it’s fair to say the features from your old site were “stolen,” since you did sell them the URL, and the buyer might reasonably have assumed everything else about the site came with it. But without any language in the agreement either way, I don’t see why you couldn’t continue to use the same names, unless you think any new ones are better. Your choice.

    The past week was mostly spent doing research, and ordering Christmas gifts. I did order a soap bag from Lehman’s for myself, which is supposed to let me put all the small slivers of old bars into it and use it to scrub in the shower, instead of tossing the pieces out. I’ve got a lot of them saved.

    1. Author


      All they bought was the URL no content or anything else. Just the URL. As for using the same names, yes, I could but would like to differentiate from the other as much as possible. Plus I don’t want people who don’t know the history to think that I’m stealing it from them.

  23. Glad to see this back up! I missed it too.
    I hate to admit that I’ve slacked off a bit too since Trump got elected (or it may have something to do with fighting lymphoma). But things are back to what passes for normal around her now. I’ve noticed an uptick in talk about recession, inflation, quantitative easing, you name it. Also noticed big jumps in prices. So stocking up seems like a wise move for many reasons.
    I was gifted 20 gallons (4 five gallon cans full) of granny smith apples awhile back and just got around to canning it all up as applesauce. Made 20 quarts and 18 pints.
    I was shopping a sale today to stock up on some things we were low on. Any money spent now on sale items is money saved later with the higher prices.
    Got a kitchen window garden going with some things I dug up out of the outside garden before it hard freezes: aloe, peppermint, celery, walking onions. And started some tomato, lettuce and chard seeds. So far they are all surviving.
    Can’t help but feel that it’s gonna get serious next year. Yeh. I know, I know. We’ve been hearing that all our lives.
    I also searched out the LDS store when I went to the “big city.” Went to the wrong place, their clothing store instead of the food one. A nice lady got me info on the food store, but it was not open that day. So next time I go to the big city, I’ll make sure it is on a day they’re open. I’d like to check out their dried food in #10 cans.
    Also culling the crud. Getting rid of old stuff and giving away or selling and getting money that way to buy what we need.
    Thanks again for restarting this . It is appreciated.

  24. Good to see this back. Thank you. Screw the other site. Change can be good. This Week at the Homestead sounds good, but you have the last word. Recently had a new tranny installed in my pick up, new tires. Still working out a few bugs, but good to have it back in working condition. DS and DGS have recently move in for an undetermined amount of time. Extra hands do make light work. The deer had a buffet this year in the garden, so canning and freezing did not go well. Wonder where they went when the season opened.

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