Scientists attempting to open portal to a parallel universe

‘Could 2019 be the year humans open the first portal to a shadowy dimension which mirrors our own world? 

Scientists in Oak Ridge National Laboratory in eastern Tennessee hope so, and have completed building equipment they are to test this summer which may allow us the first glimpse of a parallel universe which could be identical in many ways to our own, with mirror particles, mirror planets and possibly even mirror life. 

That is according to Leah Broussard, the physicist behind the project, who described the attempt to reveal a hidden shadow world as “pretty wacky” in an interview with NBC last week. 

The discovery of a concealed mirror world may sound like science fiction from the Stranger Things series, but it has been repeatedly suggested by physicists as a tempting means of explaining anomalous results. However, as yet, hard evidence such a realm exists has refused to manifest itself. 


One set of anomalous results, and the ones which inspired the research, date back to the 1990s, when particle physicists were measuring the time it took for neutron particles to break down into protons once they were removed from an atom’s nucleus. 

Two separate experiments saw the neutrons broke down at differing rates, instead of decaying and becoming protons at exactly the same rate, as was expected. 

In one, the free neutrons were captured by magnetic fields and herded into laboratory bottle traps, and in the other they were detected by the subsequent appearance of proton particles from a nuclear reactor stream. 

Those particles fired out in the stream from the nuclear reactor lived on average for 14 minutes and 48 seconds – nine seconds longer than those from the bottle traps. 

It may sound like a small difference, but it has troubled scientists. 

But the existence of a mirror world offers a credible explanation: That there are two separate neutron lifetimes, and it could be that around 1 percent of neutrons could be crossing the divide between our reality and the mirror world before crossing back and then emitting a detectable proton. 

The new experiment will fire a beam of neutrons at an impenetrable wall. On the other side of the wall, a neutron detector will be set up, which normally would expect to detect nothing.’ 

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  1. Must be looking for the thermostat to turn down global warming.

  2. Jim Lindsey

    And here we all thought the TV show “Fringe” was fiction! Haha

  3. Have you heard of CERN and the large Hadron Collider? I may have missed you covering it in the past….but they are really trying to let something in there.

    • M.D. Creekmore


      I have heard of those but not covered it yet. I’ve been focusing on more of a how-to aspect with this site – however, I’m starting to move towards a site that covers the news that other sites and the mainstream media don’t.

  4. Jack King

    When do scientists open a portal. That they need to close yet can not close it back or can not close it fast enough. Due to something completely unforeseen unexplained uncontrolled unplanned happens.

  5. Owl Creek

    There have been many cases where scientists developed something that they weren’t sure what the results would be. A good example would be the atomic bomb. When they detonated the first one, they knew there was a chance that the whole thing might go completely out of control and destroy the planet. But they were pretty confident in their research and of course it behaved pretty much as they expected. If there is an alternative universe, it might even be a key to time travel or almost instantaneous “worm hole” travel in space. Sounds pretty far fetched but so did the atomic bomb and landing a man on the moon.

  6. Maybe they can send all the politicians to that parallel universe. I get tired of hearing about them and their nutso ideas.

  7. Jerry D Young

    Hopefully, they will do the work inside a containment structure so even if something unexpected happens they will have at least some chance of preventing a huge disaster.

    Just my opinion.

  8. How about spending all that time, money & brain cells trying to find solutions to the problems in THIS universe?

  9. Do a little on line research folks. There are a large number of instances where Sci-Fi has or is becoming Sci-Fact. For this story MD if you have the time read Heinlein’s novel The Number of the Beast and hope the first one they try to open is not portal 666. My favorite “story” is the UK Wireless world article by Arthur C Clark describing sun synchronous communications satellites some 10 years before Sputnik. Shame he never managed to get a patent on the idea!!

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