Review: Slime Self-Sealing Tube for Bicycles

In Gear Reviews by Jesse Mathewson

Here in Arizona, we enjoy bicycling, we also enjoy one of the densest populations of spiny flora on the planet. This combination is absolutely terrible for bicycle tubes. This is a review of one product I have found for my bicycle that works quite well and allows us to maintain pressure even when we encounter the inevitable patch of cacti or mesquite laying across a pathway. As with most of my reviews this product was purchased by myself and has been tested for several years with my children and self.

First, let’s get the downside out of the way, these tubes cost on average $15 for two depending on size, we as a family have 26” x 1.75-2.25 tires on our bicycles. We chose mountain and beach style cruisers over road bikes for several reasons, the largest being the lack of maintained roads in many places where we regularly travel. Using M.D. Creekmore Amazon link you can find them here! Now, if you are a regular bicyclist you will know that these tubes are actually not that expensive when you look at what you are getting in return.

Extended use alone makes these a valuable investment. They are not great for road bikes or competitive bicyclists simply because they are heavier and can seem unwieldy after installation. Personally, I have never noticed balance changes. While they are somewhat heavier again, the benefits outweigh these perceived negatives. The company warranties them for up to 2 years after installation. Honestly, I can say that prior to using these I was spending $5-9 every other month on new tires, even with patch kits, which can still be used on these if necessary. Given the sheer amount of unseen thorny threats, these have paid for themselves several times over.

We keep a full set available at all times just in case, and I have a full sized 200psi hand pump that will work in a pinch for vehicle tires as well. I also have a small hand pump and toolkit with patches that sits next to the small trauma kit under my bicycle seat. I should mention I got all of our bicycles for little or no money, two were purchased from local pawn stores for under $30 after a little elbow grease both work great and two others were either gifts or were added on by others in trade. So if you ever see our family riding “designer” bicycles, remember, “designer” can be had for far under new pricing if you are willing to look!

I can highly recommend Slime Self-Sealing Tubes for your bicycles! We enjoy them as a family and yes, I do ride a bicycle, after all, you have to stay in some type of physical shape and this is a lower impact approach.

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