This Week On The Homestead

Well, folks here we are another week on the homestead and another week working and prepping towards our goal of becoming more self-reliant. Nothing beats the feeling of doing something with your own two hands when knowing that the end result will be that you are less dependent on others.

And that is the goal here at and that is to become less dependent on others, corporations, and government. And the most effective and productive ways to do that is via homesteading, prepping, and a home business.

Okay, now let’s get into this week on the homestead…

My Homestead
This week I planted two more dwarf apple and two dwarf peach trees.

These are the apple trees that I planted and these are the peach trees

I also added a thick mulch of straw around my other dwarf fruit trees. These are ones that I planted last spring.
Chicken coop
Cleaned out my chicken coop to get it ready for the new chicks to be transferred into it. (This is before cleaning.)
Coop after cleaning (several days after) and 12 new Golden Comet chicks added.

This week I also ordered the book – The Blogger’s Simple Guide to Taxes: A Guide to Saving Time and Money, however, I’ve not received it yet.

Well, folks, that’s it for me on the homestead this week – feel free to add what you did on the homestead this week or what you did to prep this week in the comments below…


  1. Looks good. Suggestion: Might pull straw back an inch or two from the trunk of the trees. Mice like to live under mulch and eat bark on young trees.

  2. Nice coop. I have some chicks due for delivery in a few days.

    This Week:

    We had tornado damage in my area, but we were spared. The local news stations are reporting, “at least four tornadoes touched down.” Thankfully, no one was injured. You never know what your TEOTWAWKI will be.

    **We had a gift basket silent auction at church for a youth group fundraiser, and I had the top bids on a couple of baskets. The Mexican food and Watkins Products baskets contained lots of items, including the following prep items.
    Large tin of cinnamon, large tin of garlic powder, 11 oz. bottle of vanilla, 3 packages of gravy mix, 2 seasoning packets, bottle of taco seasoning, bottle of pure orange extract, bottle of pure lime extract, hand cream, lip balm, dish towels, dish cloths, potholders, measuring spoons, measuring cups, small containers with lids, and a couple of nice baskets.

    -Added to the stockpile: flour, spices, trash bags,

    -Goats: Got enough feed to last for about 2 months. Cleaned out the barn, put in fresh straw, and put the doe due to kid soon inside. Last year she kidded outside and lost two. I don’t want a repeat in this cold weather we’re supposed to have.

    -Chickens: When we went outside on Easter to hide eggs for the grandkids, we got an unpleasant surprise. The Basset Hound wanted to play with the little chicks so badly that she tore up the newly repaired henhouse to get to them. We had a ‘chicken rodeo’ and gathered everyone up and put them safely in the coop again. DH made more repairs to the coop. It is our smallest coop, but I still like it.

    -For the house:
    *Still cleaning, purging, and organizing. I’m currently working on my sewing/craft room. I also have a few things stored there.
    *We met with a carpenter to get bids on building a sunroom and large porch on our house.

    -Homestead: Met with a man about building a large front porch and an informal back sunroom on the house. The sunroom will double as a greenhouse until I get one…hopefully.

    -Garden: Seedlings are doing very well. I can’t wait to get them in the ground, but it’s still too early.

    -Information: It seems that every time I sit down to read, something comes up and I don’t get much done.
    *Reading fiction, putting myself in the characters’ places, and thinking about how I might react.
    *Still reading our host’s book. I highly recommend it. It would also make a good gift.
    *I bake a lot of cinnamon rolls, but haven’t made loaves of bread in quite some time. (I buy homemade bread from a local Mennonite store.) I’m back to baking my own bread again. I think it’s important to keep all of our skills honed.

    -Health: I’ve been considering LASIK for quite some time. I went for a consultation this week, and I’m scheduled for the surgery on April 20. I’m looking forward to it.

    Be prepared. Stay safe. He’s in charge.

    • Prepared Grammy,

      Looks like you’ve been busy… I love cinnamon rolls!

    • PG

      I would reconsider LASIK. I worked for an opthalmologist group for a number of years. I am nearsighted and was offered LASIK for FREE. After reading a great deal and discussing this with some other doctors I decided against it. Sure I could go 20-30 years without glasses and that’s a great inducement. What I discovered was eyes change over time and shape basically determines whether one is nearsighted or farsighted. If I had the procedure I would need glasses to read later in life. I only wear glasses now when I go out and do not need them to read.

      TEOTWAWKI tip: find Rod Serling’s Twilight Zone episode with Burgess Meredith. I would not like to find myself in those circumstances for any price.


      • I would not even think about Lasic surgery. We had one of our state senators who was having vision problems so people talked him into Lasic. After several surgeries he is almost totally blind! I’ve heard nothing but bad reports about the process. Look up Denny Rheberg, FROM Mt..

    • I would definitely recommend lasik.
      I have always been very near sighted and as I got older I couldn’t see to read either. It got to the point where I had headaches all the time and couldn’t see anything close up.
      The doctor did the surgery with the goal of one eye for close and one for far, and I love it!
      I see everything for the first time in my life.
      If I need a pair of glasses down the road to see well, it will be a minor adjustment.

    • You would love the Bregdan Principle series by Ginny Dye. I think there are 12, but we have learned a lot and there are many situations where you can think of what you would do.

  3. I had a productive week on my homestead!! Bought 2 Florida Gold peach trees and added them to the permaculture section of my garden. The second batch of ham and navy bean soup is in the pressure canner (used the leftover ham and 2 ham bones from Easter dinner.) Splurged and ordered the entire Foxfire Series of books! As an avid reader, this makes my heart very happy. I plowed up the easternmost side of my garden twice so far, preparing to plant pigeon peas for the goats and chickens. Should get the seed planted this afternoon. Last, but most important, we paid off the mortgage on our house.

    • I dearly love the Foxfire books! And I learn from them.

    • Congrats on the mortageless house! That’s a biggie!

    • Goatlover2 ,

      Splurged and ordered the entire Foxfire Series of books! As an avid reader, this makes my heart very happy.

      I purchased the first 6 books back in the 1970’s when they first came available. #7 as I recall was all about various mountain religions that didn’t interest me, so I purchased no additional books after #6; however, the information in those first 6 books is amazing. I tried recipes for different foods, many of which I had already eaten, growing up in the Appalachians, and even made some black powder (gunpowder) from scratch from one of the recipes. I sent off for plans for a dulcimer that IIRC were something like $1.00 and a business sized SASE and managed to construct a working, if a bit crude instrument. I think the entire set now contains 12 books and I suspect you will really enjoy them all.

      I plowed up the easternmost side of my garden twice so far, preparing to plant pigeon peas for the goats and chickens. Should get the seed planted this afternoon.

      Unfortunately we’re still a week or more from plowing or tilling anything, since we just had another thunderstorm and have had a total of 4.8 inches of rain in the last week. Our last frost date is May 15 and hopefully it will be dry enough to do something by then.

      Last, but most important, we paid off the mortgage on our house.

      Congratulations. We paid ours off more than 20 years ago; but, I still remember the freedom it gave us, both financially and emotionally.

    • Congratulations on paying off the mortgage, Goatlover. I’ve got another 10 years to go.

    • Congrats on mortgage free! Can I move in witchu?

      • LOL! Are you strong in the medical field? That’s my weakest link in self sufficiency. Got the food system pretty much squared away!

    • Congrats on paying off the house. I have three of the FoxFire books with the remainder on my shopping list. I do have the benefit of being able to purchase them locally if I choose to do so.

    • That is awesome that you paid off your mortgage. We have really doubled down on payments, plus pay every two weeks. Love the FoxFire books as well. I think it’s the first five that are the best, but they will easily sell on Amazon or eBay if you find you don’t need them all. Really a renewed interest in them. I would love to have some of those old folks with knowledge as neighbors. I guess that’s partly why they started the books.

    • G2, congrats, I plan on paying mine off soon, but was thinking maybe the 1st of 2019. Get one more year of write offs. I can pay it off right now but……

      Do you have screaming goats ??? The Mrs loves thoughts………

      • I have Nigerian Dwarf goats, which are a miniature dairy breed. They ARE very vocal at times—like when they are in heat, or when they are being weaned. I have 4 kids being weaned at the moment, so milking time in the evening is pure torture…the kids are screaming like someone is skinning them alive! After I milk the mamas, they get to spend the night with their babies. All is quiet in the morning because they’ve had mama’s milk through the night! LOL

  4. Happy to see you are consolidating your sites.

  5. Again, we really didn’t add much to our stocks this week.

    Free Stuff: a 16.9 oz. water

    Nearly free stuff: $.99/lb. whole chickens @ 50% off.

    We got a letter, dated 3/21 received on 3/31, that our family doctor is leaving the medical center we use. Not sure what is going to happen next. No major problems that I knew of, but who really knows.

    DW wanted to start getting the local paper again, so we now subscribe to the e-news addition. It’s definitely easier than the paper addition for us, no disposal issues, and with the elections coming up, we will be a little bit better informed. The e-edition looks and reads like the regular newspaper.

    Paid our taxes; Federal, State, and vehicle.

    Major acquisition of the week: I got my “politically-correct, home-defense rifle”, a Ruger PC Carbine in 9mm. No muzzle break, no pistol grip, and if I paint it, it won’t be black either!

  6. We celebrated 16 years of marriage this week. We also ordered and received row cover plus we started our okra seeds. The garden is now 30’ by 50’. Taxes also got filed.

    That’s about all. Prayers for all in need. Looking forward to seeing what’s on the new site.

  7. I put an offer on a house yesterday. I’m trying to get out of my apartment. It’s very limited what can be done to be self-sufficient in an apartment.

  8. I love all what you have done and Peaches, are so good. Another rain system is moving up the coast line and we are being hit hard we will see how many power lines go down or if we loose power at all. I restocked all my baking supplies, and topped up spices that were getting low all bulk items from Winco. Hubby, bought two cases of water on sale for his work van, I bought two cases at a different store on sale to keep one in the car and one in the house. I found some wheat flour and dry canned four pint size jars, and filled up two quart jars with more rice and dry canned them too. I put oxgyn absorbers, in two quart jars of dry mash potatoes, to use later on I plan on doing the same with powder milk. Still to wet to plant but I’m getting my potato patch ready to plant, raspberrys are leafing out so are the Elder, and blue berries, replanted three Strawberry plants, they are thriving in their new plot. Harvested my aloe plants put the aloe in a mason jar with a plastic screw on lid on and put it in the fridge I bought the rice at the dollar tree, they have a new package the rice comes from the USA, 2 pounds for a dollar “Windmill rice Co” out of Arizona, I believe the rice they had before was 1 pound and was imported can’t remember where I never bought it I only buy USA, or Canada. Have a bless weekend 🙂

    • mom of three,

      Thank you. Altogether I have four peach trees, two pear, and seven apple trees.

      • MD, I’m curious.. what varieties did you plant. Just an FYI on the peaches- I’ve had a horrible time east of you trying to grow peaches. They only stay small and hard before they fall off or are taken by squirrels. I found out that our local Farmers market brings their big juicy peaches in from Georgia!! They aren’t supposed to do that. I’ve had my peaches for 10 years. Elberta, Hale Haven, and and another freestone type. Thanks for any info you care to share.

        • Babycatcher,
          I ordered the peach trees from Amazon because I could not find any dwarf trees locally. Hoping that they grow good.

          • That’s a good price for a dwarf anything. They are going for 25-35 here.

          • If u can find a Rural King, they have many dwarf fruit trees, all about $25 each. Or, order online?

            • We got ours from Stark Brothers Nursery via mail order and they have the best quality plants. It was bare root trees and dwarf size.

              • All,
                I’ve been told that the semi-dwarf last longer in years than the dwarf. I bought mine last fall at Lowe’s when they first came in. They are all doing well except the fig tree. My peach tree looks exceptionally good. At least it did before this weather. Haven’t checked it today. Hoping for the best.

                • AT – are you sure you’re in Fig zone? I can grow them where I am (several neighbors have them), but they don’t do well just a little north of me.

                  • GA Red,
                    I’m in zone 6b. These figs will grow in my area. Osborn Prolific, Blanche, Desert King and Verte. I will have to find the tag for it… You know they sell stuff at these places that just don’t make it. I have my receipt, so if I need to, I will dig it up and take it back.. Going to a nursery and getting my plants, I am sure I would have had one that was guaranteed to grow here. Sometimes it’s worth paying for their knowledge. At least you know something will grow, and I think that’s who told me about the semi-dwarfs.

                    I just went out and checked, and it is still ok. Just not as big as I thought it should be, and only has 2 small branches. Will have a better idea in a couple of weeks I suppose…

                    • We have issues with the local Home Depot selling stuff that’s not suitable for our area so we’ve located a nursery in NW Georgia that has more detailed information on their website about growing zone compatibility. I also do further research on the University of Georgia Extension website to verify varieties and get even more information about them. It was a big reason we planted plums instead of peaches. While I love peaches, they are a PITA to grow due to insect and wildlife issues. Someone the DH works with grows peach trees and only does it because he loves the spring blossoms. He has never been able to get fruit because they are either bug eaten or the deer steal them.

                  • I have Celeste, zone 6b also. My first fruits last yr. Had Brown turkey, but the location wasn’t good and after three years it died.

  9. Quiet on the prepping front.

    Read up some more on gold. Forbes magazine has a worthwhile comparison of three bullion dealers here:

    The writer seems to put a premium on ease of setting up a custodial account rather than taking delivery. My guess is that most preppers prefer to have PMs in hand rather than sitting in a private vault company hundreds or thousands of miles away, so the evaluations should be read with that in mind. I have been very happy with both APMex and JM Bullion, haven’t used HAA. Other people’s experiences may vary, of course, so you should look around for evaluations of any company you deal with.

    Forbes on spotting fake gold:

    Also came across a dealer’s educational site comparing different major gold coins for investement purposes. They come down some strongly in favor of government issued gold coins, especially US gold Eagles and Canadian Maple Leafs. While they may be influenced by what they sell, they may also sell only what they believe in the most. I think they have a good point.

    I prefer to think of precious metals as wealth protection or wealth insurance rather than an investment because PMs don’t pay dividends, interest, or rent. There is an opportunity cost to buying and holding them. They aren’t for everyone, but if you are interested these articles are worth a quick read.

    More here:

      • “Curse of the Bradford Pear” With all the comments about fruit trees, some people might be interested in this column. Not being a fruit tree person I have no opinion on the matter but this guy sure does: ‘cut them all down.’

        • They smell awful too!

        • Didn’t know they are wrecking the environment. They are just awful. They are constantly breaking off limbs. They do not produce any pears. Ornamental only.

          Funny story… I planted a Bosc. A year or so ago, a friend of mine and I were out there looking at the pear tree and she said “that’s a Bradford pear berry”…. Low and behold, it was. My Bosc had been grafted with a Bradford pear. Since it had been planted around 8 years ago, there were 2 large trunks growing together, about 10” each for each tree. Totally weird…. Never noticed that all the pears were growing mostly on one side. I had my yard guy cut the Bradford pear off… Now, my Bosc is tilted. Last year I got no pears due to the late frost. It had blooms on it the other day, but I haven’t checked it lately…

          • Pears, I’ve been told,( and my experience bears this out) are a 3 year tree- one year you will get a huge harvest, then the following year about half, then the third year very litte( I’ve been told they are resting) then the next year after that- whammy! Pears all over the place. And the cycle repeats. I’ve had my pears( Bartlett, Douglas and Kieffer) for 10 years, and that has been the pattern here. YMMV.

            • Our pears haven’t even blooomed in two years. Not sure why either.

              • GA Red
                I have had a pear tree for 15 years and this is the first year I have tiny pears on it. I have threatened to chop it down for years and it finally got the message. Fruit and nut trees are a gamble. Sometimes they bear and a lot of times they don’t. That’s why everyone should plant a lot of different types and varieties if they can. The one thing I always have, however, is blueberries.

                • We have pears, figs (this year), crabapple, apple, mulberry, almond and plums (this year). Our grapes that didn’t die, muscadines and scuppernongs are looking for a new home to be replaced with blueberries.

                  • Wish I lived closer, I would add them to my vineyard!

                    • We are trying to make arrangements to give them to one of the hubby’s cousins or our son-in-law. Hopefully, one of them will be able to take them soon so we can get the blueberries started. Our last attempt at blueberries was a serious failure, but we also planted them in a location that probably didn’t drain well.

        • I totally agree with the author! When we moved here, there were 6 of them in the yard. Now there are 4, because the two we took out( so far) had those thorns he was talking about and they were right next to the garden! We had 11 punctures in our tractor tires that first season! I’ve never seen anything like it. And the babies, oh, the babies they drop! Each berry dropped turns into a two foot tall tree with 18 months! It’s hell on my flower beds! Eventually the ones in my front yard will come down, but because I’ve pruned them properly for 12 years, I’ll probably have them another 10, at least. They are almost 30 feet tall, at least that wide, and are 28 years old. You ought to see them sway in a windstorm! And yes, they do stink. Not as bad as Ginkgos, tho.

        • They’re not actually “fruit” trees. They produce no fruit. And they truly do not live long. They produce beautiful fall foliage, but there are lots of trees that do so AND produce FOOD. NO ONE has ever told me the threat they are to ecological balance, however. Good to know.

  10. That is a nice coop..

    Puppy kept trying to get around the chicken wire fence while i was in the garden. He loves me…. LOL

    Received all of my solar panels and connectors for the Kodiak generator. Funny thing it came in 2 shipments on the same day. First 2 100w panels showed up and the later the other 100w panel with the connectors showed up. The sun passed over my area already and today is cloudy… 🙁

    Been running test on the Kodiak with the 46″ TV , DVR, clock,phone and an LED light. Then used a sandwich griddle, woo, that used some power. Last ran the coffee maker and it worked great.

    Made mashed potatoes, green beans,scrambled eggs and of course more strawberries…… In the freeze dryer.

    Painted siding that had peeling paint on the house.
    Changed oil in the pressure washer and washed the out building.

    Planted some of the tomato plants and more garlic.

    Bought another propane tank.

  11. Here in the great white north we have had about a foot of snow over the past week. It barely makes it to 32 degrees during the day and is in the single digits at night. This has, of course put a major dent in any kind of outdoor work. Once the snow is gone we still have to wait for the frost to leave the ground, which turns everything to mud.

    I did order some seeds and expect any day. The rest of my garden plants I will get from a local green house next month.

    A very good friend and neighbor seems to be getting into prepping as his wife is giving him a bad time about stocking up. They are great people, but I can see where she would be thinking it is a folly. I am trying to figure out a way to broach the subject with him when she is not around….

    Have a good week folks and pray for our country.

    Carl in the UP

    • I hear you about the snow; we got more last night in Nova Scotia. I finally found some luffa seeds, ebay) and got them planted…about half of the 2 dozen I planted are up, so I hope I will have a long enough season to get some sponges. I found a woman who is setting some Cream Legbars eggs next week, so have let her know I would like 3 pullets when they hatch, to add to my little coop. Not a lot of anything else done, but DID sign up for Creekmore’s prepping notes.

      • Hope I can remember this one. Man comes into store and buys 50 chicks with a guarantee. Week later comes back to store saying all 50 chicks died. Gets 50 more chicks free and leaves. Week later back to store ” all 50 died again.

        By the way, do I plant them heads up or heads down.

  12. This week I picked up a old geiger counter , and a 19″x15″x8″ ammo box , signed up to go get my restricted gun licence , which in Canada means I could buy handguns and Ar’s

  13. Preps and weekly additions and or changes, well that is easy for me this week…

    Was able to run sight in drills and ensure all of our firearms were functioning 100% and on target as needed.
    Rearranged my selected book list (the books that will be passed on to my children that contain collected knowledge from many millennia of experience.)
    Tested two new barrels for the Glock 19s and found that one in particular that allowed for sub 2 inch groups at 10 yards (15 rounds in 10 seconds) this may not sounds like much but, it is.
    Lost some weight and have been able to up my workout considerably compared to this time last year.
    Currently working on some more articles, reviews and otherwise. Hope everyone is doing well!

    • Way to go on the weight loss!! It makes a huge difference in energy levels, enthusiasm, and strength. After two years, I’m holding my goal weight and have developed what I call a FOUR-Pack of abs! LOL Lower abs still need some work…..but, I’m turning 60 this year and people just raise their eyebrows when they hear it. Makes this grandma feel pretty proud of myself. Keep up the good work.

    • Jesse:

      My buddy just bought a Glock 19X, same as I did. He had a chance to start breaking his in (snow has kept me away from my “range). He said sitting at 25 yards he was shooting 1″ groups with the new factory barrel! I’d love sub-2” for me.

      • JP, awesome. They really are very solid as is! *I tend to shoot my barrels out, or at least a bit “loose” comparative to new.

    • JM,

      Thank you so much for doing all these reviews for us. You are awesome. 🙂

  14. I could wish to garden and the green grass you have MD. I live in Canada, north of Edmonton and the saying here is six months of winter and six months of tough sledding. We have had the coldest first week of April in fifteen years. Minus 35 Celsius including windchill some days. At minus 40, both C and F are the same, so cold. We have had no melt yet, so can’t even begin to imagine gardening or planting trees! They are promising some above zero or melting next week. Also glad to see the consolidation of sites. I am more of a reader than a poster. Enjoy the comments and the continued prepping.

    • Northern Gal,

      More grass means more mowing, however, the longer growing season is great for growing vegetable.

      • There are a lot of “medicinals” you can grow in place of grass, M.D.!

        • LivintheDream,

          Yep, but that kind of grass is illegal here in TN>

        • LivintheDream ,

          There are a lot of “medicinals” you can grow in place of grass.

          Or instead of mowing you could stake out a goat or two and move them around as necessary; however, goats do leave little presents when they are in an area for a while. OTOH, the presents will help you grow yet more grass to feed more goats. It’s an almost self sustaining proposition.
          Also, if you only mow and don’t do the weed & feed, you can often get dandelions and clover to draw in the bees and the dandelion greens are another salad ingredient.

          • Unless you have coyotes, wolves, feral dogs, then a goat on a chain is a sitting duck. Just saying. Have had to repair a ripped goat.

  15. Cliff in Douglasville

    Paid off my federal income taxes last week and end of the week got my state refund. The refund did not off set the federal by a lot so had to do some restructuring on the with holdings for social security, my military pension and my regular job income. Hurts a bit but we will survive.

    Got gifted 25 pounds of dried pinto beans. They are in original bags but seem fine. We’ll check them all (said triple washed on the bags) and vacuum seal them and put them in 5 gallon pails with oxygen absorbers. Will add that to the larder.

    Received a new belly band holster from an ad on facebook. Took 2 weeks to come but holds my sig saurer p-239 and two spare magazines with no problem and rides it all above my waistline. It velcros together and has extra pouches for bear spray, tacital flashlight, knife and handcuffs if you are inclined. Trying it out now with just the pistol and extra mags. Feels comfortable and stays in place and rides better than the old IWB holster clipped to my belt. Still waiting for the first trip to the bathroom and dropping my pants to make sure everything stays in place.

    Lots of church activity coming up in the next few weeks with major yard sale and cooking BBQ and hotdogs to sell to the hungry shoppers.

    Lots of bad stuff happening down here in Georgia. Nazi party is having a rally in a nearby town in a couple of weeks. Not sure why they chose that town but most businesses are closing down early on Saturday before the event. Hope it all stays quite and peaceful.

    A good week to all!

    • Cliff, the Nazi party is probably the left/antifa dressing up with trump hats as an act…..LOL

      • Cliff in Douglasville

        Thor1 you are probably right. I think their proper name is Northern Socialists Party and they were able to get a permit (the current leadership is afraid to trip over any PC potential request to let anyone march. There will be some counter marches but the locals only expect 400 or 500 people to show up. It’ll either be a massive clustermess of people or no one will go out and pay attention as they hold their goose stepping march and then go home.

        • Cliff in Douglasville ,

          I think their proper name is Northern Socialists Party and they were able to get a permit (the current leadership is afraid to trip over any PC potential request to let anyone march.

          The original NAZI’s were the National Socialist Party and as socialists, are on the left, even though they are often portrayed as the conservative right, so the moniker Northern probably works for them in trying to obfuscate who they really are. Antifa (the Anti Fascists) are yet another obfuscation of who they really are, since their tactics of push out and beat down are what the Fascists really do.

          There will be some counter marches but the locals only expect 400 or 500 people to show up. It’ll either be a massive clustermess of people or no one will go out and pay attention as they hold their goose stepping march and then go home.

          Perhaps I’m just a trouble maker; but, I suspect if I were there I would get some friends to join me and very obviously take photos of each of them as they goose step by. Since these photos are taken in a public place, they could then be posted with applicable comments on social media to see if these folks are really proud of what they do. Often when the bright sunlight is shined upon dark places, the roaches are inclined to scatter.

    • Cliff,

      Before you seal all those beans, you might want to check a few to see if they are still viable after soaking. Beans do get hard and stay hard even after cooking if they have gotten old.

      • Cliff in Douglasville

        Thanks for the tip. I’ll check them out with an over night soak to make sure I’m not wasting my time.

        • A good way to test any bean or legume to see it’s still viable? SPROUT THEM. Then, u’ll have “almost instant” healthy food, too! Sprouting is easy, and u do need special equipment – a jar, cheesecloth & a rubber band will do. all kinds of instructs online.

  16. Karl Bradley, wNC

    This week was spring break for me- 30th year in the classroom!! We ran 440 ‘ of #10 cable x4 from an outside box through the hayfield up to the pasture through conduit to a box we put in the edge of the pasture. Plan is to use a heated waterer for the cows next winter. We has a couple below 0 nights and a week below freezing for the high this winter. Got tired of carrying water when stuff froze. Cleaned up the feedlot and made a huge pile of organic material, hay and mud. Had a local friend move it in his dumptruck. Waiting on spring to finally get here- don’t feel quiet a bad after reading some of the other posts today!!! Calling for our last night in the 20’s tonight and then 4 days of sun and “normal” April temps. Hoping to turn the potato patch on thursday, disc friday and finally use the tiller plow followed plant sat am. Big fan of this site 🙂

    • Karl Bradley, wNC,

      We ran 440 ‘ of #10 cable x4 from an outside box through the hayfield up to the pasture through conduit to a box we put in the edge of the pasture. Plan is to use a heated waterer for the cows next winter.

      How do you get water to the waterer? Is it hauled or piped? If it is piped, there is an low energy way to keep water for the cows that doesn’t freeze in the winter and stays relatively cool in the summer. Our neighbor has a cow barn (dairy cattle) adjacent to our property for which we provide both electricity and water. The water is pipes from the pump in our basement about 250 feet to the barn with the pipe being well below the frost line. At the barn it enters the bottom of a large heavily insulated urethane container via a float valve, with watering holes along the top sides. Each hole has a ball that floats to keep the holes shut that can be pushed out of the way by a cow needing water.
      As the cows drink, the float valve opens to replenish the tank with water that stays around 50° year round, with no power required to keep the tank thawed out in the winter.
      If however you are constantly hauling water, then your heater is probably the best option.

      • Karl Bradley, wNC,,
        While this is not the exact model of the ball watterer, it give some details and photos of a similar unit:
        MiraFount Two Hole Livestock Watering Tank

      • Karl Bradley, wNC

        The water source is a spur line off a main water line leading to the existing waterer- two hole ball waterer deal with float valve as has been described. We put the line a full three feet below ground and have a 24″ flue pipe over it leading up to the waterer trying to maximize the geothermal- I should have been more clear in my first post. The cables run and the “box” in the pasture will allow us to plug in a heater unit set on a thermostat for the traditional two hole waterer we have. The plug will also allow a traditional plug in electric fence instead of the solar and battery deal we have now.

        • Karl Bradley, wNC,

          The water source is a spur line off a main water line leading to the existing waterer- two hole ball waterer deal with float valve as has been described. We put the line a full three feet below ground and have a 24″ flue pipe over it leading up to the waterer trying to maximize the geothermal- I should have been more clear in my first post.

          OK, that all makes sense; but, I’m not sure why the 24″ flue pipe. With enough flow, meaning a minimum number of cows drinking to keep the tank replenished with fresh 50°ish water in temperatures that can easily get to -20°F, there has so far been no need for a heater; however, this waterer is inside a three sided building and does not suffer any wind shill, only basic cold or hot temperatures.

          The cables run and the “box” in the pasture will allow us to plug in a heater unit set on a thermostat for the traditional two hole waterer we have. The plug will also allow a traditional plug in electric fence instead of the solar and battery deal we have now.

          A plug in electric fence makes a lot of sense, especially since we now have an automatic standby generator; but, prior to that, we plugged the fence into an inexpensive computer UPS unit. That did the trick at a lot less expense.

  17. This week, paid taxes, weeded in prep for mulching and planting, and selling some extra things. Prayers for the Pack. Nice site, MD, I will go thru the archives and read, since it’s raining today.

  18. M.D. – you have a BEAUTIFUL homestead!

  19. Frankly, I was a little startled to go on the old website and see a big red CLOSED. I am glad you are keeping this weekly thread as it is my favorite. So, as long as this is still in existence, I am happy and you can do as you like with you site(s) otherwise. 🙂

    Did my weekly shopping and added to my grocery stash as usual. I actually went to the store twice this week, with the second visit dedicated to the stash.

    Did some adjusting in my bedroom closet and made room for some food storage bins. I think I can get three put in there. Filled up one bin from stuff currently in my kitchen cupboards, freeing up a lot of space there. I also had a shelf loaded with Mountain House freeze dried meals. So, I put them into a 13-gallon plastic bag and stored them in my bedroom closet. Now I have a good-sized shelf available for canned goods.

    Picked up four more 1-lb bottles of propane at Wally World. I have a nice supply of tanks but will get some more. I also have a couple of backup stoves, including a rocket-type stove.

    I ordered and received four Mountain House freeze-dried meals for my stash, plus a ten-pack of P-51 can openers to put in my barter bin. I don’t plan to depend on the freeze-dried meals for my primary dietary needs in SHTF, just as a change of pace. One or two a week kind of thing.

    Granddaughter had croup early this week. #1 daughter knew what it was immediately from her sibs having it when they were little. Kicked hubby out of bed and they took baby straight to the ER (it was the middle of the night as is usual with croup) and baby girl got an oral dose of steroids. It worked just like it’s supposed to. She skipped a day at my place, but sick babies do much better with their mommies in my experience, especially breastfed sick babies. #1 posted a Facebook photo of baby looking miserable as all get out at the ER. But I understand some of that misery was from the gown she had to wear. Hated it! Who doesn’t hate a hospital gown though? She spent a couple of partial days with me, so her mom could go in to work and get some stuff done and because baby tends to nap better at my place because I will nap with her. Spoiled her, I guess. She was back to 100% by Friday but made her daddy sick with the adult version of croup. I started on elderberry syrup and tincture as soon as I heard baby had croup (as it’s a virus) and so far, so good. #1 daughter has been taking the syrup and she’s doing OK too. Won’t take the tincture because of the vodka base while she’s still breastfeeding baby doll. SIL thinks the tincture moderated the course of the crud he picked up. He gets within 100-yards of a sick kid and he catches whatever the kid had. His cross to bear, I suppose.

    After reading Jesse’s article on handgun ammo, I reconsidered the Hornady Critical Defense ammo I carry in my 9mm. I did some further research, including reading the nicely done ammo tests by Lucky Gunner, and some other sources, including the FBI. After all that, I ordered some Hornady Critical Duty ammo to replace my current load. I’ll save the Critical Defense for backup. As I wrote in a reply to Jesse’s article, shot placement is the most important thing in a self-defense shooting, but a good bullet load helps a lot too.

    Just before I posted this, I got a text from #1 daughter. She passed the final exam for her senior NCO course and is now eligible for promotion to master sergeant (E7). Hopefully she will sew that on in a month or two. That will tie her for my last rank and she has a very good chance of outranking me in the future. That’s perfectly fine with me. She’ll out rank her mom, who is slightly annoyed about it, but still proud. 🙂

    • Zulu –

      Ive raised my children to seek to be better than I am, so, here is hoping they become doctors in several fields !

      \An aside for yourself or others, sgammo has a deal right now on Federal HST 124 grn (with gold dot my hands down favorite) 19.99 for a box of 50- that being said ive never had a critical duty fail (eg they work well) the critical defense is another story so good selection!~

    • A thought about breastfeeding and elderberry tincture. Since one dilutes the tincture in water, I don’t think the alcohol content will hurt the baby. There’s probably more alcohol in a beer, and they used to advertise beer for nursing mothers! ( and some Midwives/ docs still recommend it!)

      • BC,

        #1 daughter quit drinking (what little she did) the moment she learned she was pregnant. I agree that the tincture is diluted in the water or tea, and if in hot tea, the alcohol tends to be evaporated. But, Granddaughter is her baby and that is what her own mother did when PG and nursing. Refusing to drink adult beverages when PG or nursing can’t hurt. I often defer to her desires in child care as Granddaughter is not my baby.

        #1 won’t go to indoor shooting ranges either while PG or nursing.

      • Babycatcher – I’m going to disagree with u. I’m no authority on anything, but the science reports I have read in the subject state that alcohol DOES NOT “fully” dissipate from heat application. An infant should NEVER be given any amount of alcohol, in any form, IMO. It cud also land u in legal trouble, depending on where u live.

        • and “diluting” it wud certainly not dissipate alcohol content entirely

        • Livingthedream,

          I fully agree with my daughter preferring not to drink while PG or nursing. I saw too many kids affected by fetal alcohol syndrome as a police officer and paramedic. Granted, a minor amount of a tincture in a tea, periodically taken, isn’t going to cause FAS. But any mother who chooses to totally abstain isn’t going to get any criticism from me.

          Likewise, I don’t blame any PG or nursing mom who chooses to stay out of indoor ranges due to airborne lead dust concern, as unlikely as it is in a well ventilated range. Her baby, her choices (if they’re healthy choices).

          I’m proud that my daughter made these choices for the health of her baby, regardless of the low probability of harm. Although I’ve made it clear she’ s going to the range as soon as she stops nursing. 🙂

          • Love ur ‘tude, dude!

          • I am glad to be talking to a cop or former cop. I want to tell you that I keep running into people who were diagnosed with FASD, but also admitted that they were shaken as infants – and thought they were shook until they passed out. Doctors need to do a brain scan to see if they can tell the difference between just FASD or FASD with Shaken Baby Syndrome. In my case, the real issue WAS Shaken Baby Syndrome and NOT FASD, like we thought. 1 drink at 9 days of pregnancies, isn’t going to do it – especially a light drink where mom didn’t even finish it (about 1./2 or so was drank). My mother remembered that day well and was mortified when she found out she was pregnant. She was not pregnant longer than 9 days, but could have been less than 9 days.

            However, she also remembered shaking me as an infant, in frustration (and PTSD). I went from MENSA (according to 3 people who work with FASD chilidren as educators) to 112 IQ (according to an IQ test).

            I wanted you to know this because more parents should probably be charged with Shaken Baby syndrome then are being charged. However, I don’t know if medical science in most hospitals can determine the difference between FASD and Shaken Baby syndrome. Whiplash is a very poor indicator as it doesn’t really indicate that someone passed out or now. It is the passing out that actually does the damage to the brain such that intelligence is lost. A research paper (whose names I’ve forgotten, otherwise I’d post that here) said that whip lash doesn’t cause damage in most cases. [And now I will try to remember I’ve told you this. I don’t know if I said this before to you or not.]
            signed someone who is disability and never got justice due to circumstances beyone my control way back when (1970, the soonest I could have gotten justice). The foster care system was so bad that it was safer for me to keep mouth shut and not out my mother to the authorities. My speech therapist and my pastor both knew the facts about the foster care system and discussed it with me. Thanks!

            • kytriya,

              I have also dealt with shaken baby syndrome cases too. Unfortunately, it’s hard to determine what you’ve got except on autopsy, or if a neurosurgeon, reviewing CAT and MRI scans makes a diagnosis.

              I put the wife of a sheriff’s deputy in prison for shaken baby. The baby lived through the assault, and was transported to a major trauma center where the staff called the police. The pediatric neurosurgeon told me that it was the worse case he’d even seen and with the baby still alive. The doctor said there was no way the baby was going to have a “normal” life even if it continued to live.

              Sadly, the baby eventually died about a year later, but the circumstances of the death were suspicious. The death occurred in a different city, so I was not directly involved. It appeared to be a smothering death. The local cops tried, but couldn’t put a murder case together on the grandparents, who were the legal guardians at the time. I gave them everything we had, for whatever it was worth. Very sad case. Very cute baby.

              • I’m sorry you had to deal with that. It’s sad that the lovely baby didn’t make it. It’s so hard to know where a safe place is for a child.

                In my case, my grandfather murdered grandmother when my mom was 9, My mom’s PTSD, came from that. It was officially documented as a car accident so that the children would be adopted and not orphans. My mom is now in a nursing home with Alzheimers.

      • I threw up .056% aldcohol that used to be found in Delsym cough syrup. They make it without alcohol now. A chef once cooked and stirred a dish for a full 45 minutes to cook out all the alcohol. I still threw it up. Thus, the answer is no to alcohol and babies no matter what the doctor allegedly says.

  20. I did a major stock up at Aldis for the pantry–canned goods, spaghetti sauce, etc. We also hit Walmart for hygiene supplies and pet supplies. Hurricane season is fast approaching and I want to increase our short-term supplies. We are expecting another very active hurricane season.

    I discovered a rather odd essential item for the medical kit–a tuning folk. In the absence of X-ray or MRI the best way to detect broken bones or stress fractures is a tuning folk. I am going to order one today. This is actually how doctors back in the day diagnosed stress fractures and broken bones.

    We had lightening strike a tree in the backyard. It look out a very large limb. So my dh spent much of the morning yesterday cutting that up and hauling it off the property.

    I had an accidental recipe discovery. The freezer door was left ajar last week and everything in the door thawed out. So I had several packages of andouille sausage to cook up. I made chili. I didn’t have enough stewed tomatoes for the amount of andouille sausage, so I dumped in several jars of spaghetti sauce. This is the best chili I have ever made. I put in six pounds ground beef and six pounds of andouille sausage. I added sauteed onions and bell peppers, and several cans of stewed tomatoes and spaghetti sauce. I put up 12 containers in the freezer.

  21. Accidently discovered a young rat in the breezeway so on the alert to any signs in the house. Also decided that the current mouse control officer is probably too well fed. He has other attributes though so I’ll have to decide on a new position for him. Picked up apples, carrots, celery, mushrooms and potatoes. Most for long term storage either canning or dehydrating. Ordered but not yet received the solar battery pack as well as a couple of other items. They should be here by the 12th.

  22. We got about ten inches of snow this week, so most of what I wanted to do didn’t happen. I added a pound of tea to our preps. It sounds like a lot, but it lasts less than six months. I also made some soap, and did some sewing this week. I am recovering my beat up old couch (bought by my mom in 1992) with cast off jeans, so I may work on that today.
    It looks like our homeowners insurance will be going up soon, so I have been looking into other options. Our local insurance company was bought out, and they are a lot more expensive than before. My property taxes are up too.
    M.D. that is a really nice coop. Your chicks are looking good!

    • Every time a neighbor has a “storm damage” roof claim I cringe because that just adds to the cost of my homeowners insurance. Most of them just don’t want to pay for a new roof and the insurance companies go along with it.

      I’m sure our rates will also increase from all the claims from the hurricanes that hit within the last year.

  23. MD, I like the goals that you have for this site. Those are some good looking chickens. Are they all hens?

    I set out my pepper plants last weekend after weeding that area of the garden. I added layers of oak leaves and potting soil to my two potato buckets. Cut back some branches that I was tired of ducking under to get to my back raised garden beds.Hoping my green beans will come up after the rain last night and this morning. When it stops raining today, I will be back out digging out weeds and setting out more seedlings. I wanted to ramp up my garden production this year but I might have gotten carried away with the seed starting.

    I bought three more large bags of potting soil to pot up the sub-tropicals I got in the mail.

    Bought to replace storage items: 3 packs of different flavored tuna and 2 cans of olive oil spray.

    I have had trouble with my AC/Heating system for two weeks. I finally was able to get off work early enough for the repair man. It was something wrong with the fan motor. The part was under warranty but the repair was $100. That was my main prep.

    • Labgirl,

      Thank you. They are supposed to be hens but I’ll know for sure how many are in a couple months…

      • Golden Comets are sex linked. They are good layers of large and very large brown eggs. The only down side for me was that they are rather aggressive. I switched to Black sex linked and they are not so aggressive but not the big egg layers either.

        • If u want heavy layers & good meat birds with pleasant (easy to handle) dispositions, choose Australorps. Really sweet hens. Roosters are roosters, but A’s are far less aggressive than many other breeds. IMO, any bird w/red in it is more difficult in nature.

  24. I love that the site is more ‘homesteading’ focused because we really need to be more homesteading focused in order to be more self-sufficient and independent of others.

    • Terra, I SO agree with you! After actively prepping for about 6 years now, I find that 95% of what I do is adding to my little eco-system/farm so I can feed the family in the long haul. There are many days that I do not leave the farm and play a little personal head game about what it will feel like when I CAN’T leave the farm. Making my farm my whole world is my goal. Getting used to being somewhat isolated takes practice!

      • Goatlover, That’s exactly what I told my husband tonight! I want to raise everything we need to survive. It’s a process.

        By the way, I’m watching and waiting for our first kids this spring. I can’t wait!

  25. Mine, too – so I get it! I’m never gonna have any “extra money” again, as it all goes into building our homestead! And that’s ok.

  26. Hello Everyone,

    Don’t know what to say, but we have had another crazy weather week in middle TN. More cold rain, storms that took out the power for 4 hours and a dusting of snow today. If MD still accepts articles, I may write up something about lessons learned for the power outage from my point of view. Next weekend weather is looking good, but gotta get through this next week first. People that planted stuff early are wishing they hadn’t. My garlic is still looking good. Probably will be all that I plant so I can get this purging, organizing done, including of getting rid of the storage units since that is money that could be used elsewhere. It was necessary due to the water damage in 2015, just need to keep plugging away…

    Book purchased – “Comfort for the Burned and Wounded” by John Keim. It’s a book of tried and true natural remedies that will help with various medical issues. My friend has it and he gave it a 5 thumbs up.

    FP MP – Picked up 25 more lbs of bees wax, this time for a friend, and 12 more lbs of honey. The guy said he won’t have any more beeswax until January. I want to make up some salves with it.

    While I was in town today, I stopped at the milling store and bought a 8qt bucket, 2 Eagle 7 mouse traps (the guy working the register said they really work, we will see). They also have some 24oz raw honey, and I inquired about a larger size. He said that is also comes in 48 oz, but they can’t keep it in stock… Will have to call the number on the ones I have at home to see when more will be available…

    Cleaned out freezer a little bit and had to throw away some meat that had gotten freezer burned. It was from 2016 anyway. And I used the food saver vacuum seals, but they don’t last forever. I was able to salvage one rib eye and it made 2 meals. Very good with my steamed baked potato and sour cream.

    Made some of my famous spicy Ritz crackers and dip for the Spring Gathering up at the antique place I have a couple of booths at. I use the antique place to get rid of stuff. Hoping to close down the booths this year.

    Read the first chapter of my HAM study book. Need to get the 2nd chapter read and understood by next Friday.
    I rented another, smaller, storage unit to have both units in the same place, and where the people are local and friendlier. The one place is owned by folks in Colorado and aren’t so nice, and are only on the grounds a couple of times a week. Very impersonal. Got some more purging to do in order to get stuff to fit in that one, and get rid of some more stuff out of the other one since I am moving from a bigger unit to a smaller.
    Sent in my amended tax return. I was unaware that we could take off the federal return for the TN sales taxes paid. This filing I used the standard deduction, but I’ve been saving my receipts for everything just to see how much I really pay, and maybe next year will use the real amount. I am allowed to go back 3 years for amended, and so going to redo those as well since it was worth the small effort it took for this go round.

    Thank you everyone for the hugs and prayers for my family. My sister seems to be holding up despite all the things that are happening. Her other son had surgery on Monday for a shattered heel. He came home to her house, in which is now living at since he and the daughter-in-law have filed for divorce. She has kept her younger son’s ashes, my mom’s ashes, and now will have her husband’s ashes to bury. We will bury them all on the 26th. Shockingly, she has said that she can’t go on like she has been. Grieving about her son’s death since 2008. He was only 26 years old and died from melanoma. I am so glad she is willing to move on. Purchased my plane ticket for the flight down. Prayers and hugs still appreciated.

    Prayers for the pack, for unspoken requests, for the President and for America.

    • MD,

      Do you know that we have to keep putting in our information every time we post? It’s not saving our information. Do we have to click an icon for it to use our e-mail, FB, twitter or WordPress account information to fill in the information? How does this work? Will try gmail account. It’s not connecting… I’m not sure what is wrong.

      Also, do we have to click the notify buttons every time?

      Also, when we post, it doesn’t take you back to where you were, but back to the top, and we have to scroll down again to where we left off reading.

      I really like your house. You may made it look brand new.

    • Almost There,

      Yes, articles are welcome.

    • Almost There,

      Book purchased Comfort for the Burned and Wounded by John Keim. It’s a book of tried and true natural remedies that will help with various medical issues. My friend has it and he gave it a 5 thumbs up.

      Thanks for mentioning the book that has been added to my list. As I often do with books, I typed the name and author into Google along with the keyword “pdf”, and although I didn’t find this book, I did find some useful and interesting pdf documentation about using Burdock leave for burns, as practiced by the Amish.

      Cleaned out freezer a little bit and had to throw away some meat that had gotten freezer burned. It was from 2016 anyway. And I used the food saver vacuum seals, but they don’t last forever. I was able to salvage one rib eye and it made 2 meals. Very good with my steamed baked potato and sour cream.

      We’ve never thrown away meat, especially when only 2 years old. What we do is thaw it out, and cut or grind it after eliminating the worst pieces. While the texture may not be great for grilling, when used in a stew or ground and used in a loaf it is fine, safe to eat, and still as nutritious as any frozen meat.

      Read the first chapter of my HAM study book. Need to get the 2nd chapter read and understood by next Friday.

      Good luck there. Last week on the 28th of March we tested 17 people, with 2 failing and 2 upgrading to General class. That left 13 who passed ranging in age from 14 to mid 60’s. When we checked in the morning (the 29th), they all had their new call-signs and could go on the air, with several checking into our Thursday evening net. Their call-signs were in the systematic range from ke8JHI through KE8JHP.
      When you are ready to test, make sure you and the other students go to the FCC ULS (Uniform Licensing System) website and get your FRN (FCC Registration Number) and you’re new assigned call will probably fly through as quickly. The FRN and the amateur license is free, and once your call-sign is assigned you can go to the ULS site and download a pdf of the license to keep on hand or print.

      • Almost There,,
        Here is the FCC ULS website URL:
        You can search by a combination of call-sign if you know it, or name, state, city, county, etc. When I searched for one of the kids that were assigned a new call, I used his last name and the state and county to find it. I already knew the name and address; but, could also double check the address since his dad comments here as BlackBQI. This is the one reason hams on this forum are sometimes hesitant to list their calls, since once you know that, you can look up their real name and address.

    • Yep, even here in west area of the volunteer state we have had 3 nights of deep freeze warnings… think my radishes turnips and beets have survived with light cover.. potatoes not so sure ,since i cut them for only two eyes per set… but back in the sunshine today , will be warm for several days.
      we brought home 10 more chickens today… about 9 months old, most will eventually make it to the instapot., several layers will get a reprieve…. now got to go finish their night time quarters..

  27. MD,
    Here’s hoping that your new site works out. I do however have a few comments.
    This site does not have the formatting controls like the old site and when I made a post that id not become a moderated post, I received no subscribe] email, nor have I received any follow-up emails, although I did check the boxes.

    We awakened this past Monday (April 2) to 4 inches of heavy snow. It was only on the vehicles, the bushes, and the grass, and was gone by mid afternoon. Then on Tuesday (April 3) we awakened to thunderstorms and yet more rain. Between the snow melt and the rain we’ve added yet one more layer to the mud. At this rate we’ll never get our garden tilled, let alone planted.

    This past week we did and acquired the following:
    1. Received “Westinghouse 10 ½ inch seasoned cast iron griddle”. Quantity 3 from (< $9.00 each)
    2. Continued cardiac rehabilitation with harder and longer workout times and still doing fine.
    3. The DW is now accompanying me to the rehab facility and doing many of the same exercises and since neither of us are getting any younger, this will hopefully help both of us get into better shape as we gracefully head into our more seasoned age, LOL.
    4. Ordered 8 Granny’s Giant Blueberry Plants from
    5. Received a Gibson Sarahland Double Beverage Dispenser from This is a nice metal (made to look like cast iron) stand that holds two 1 gallon glass jars with lids and spouts. Each also have a pieces of slate on a chain to mark the contents and will give a nice homey look to our summer kitchen. It’s only kind of prepping related; but, it is attractive and was only $20.00 and the two 1 gallon heavy jars are well worth that alone.
    6. Received a teeth care kit from that includes a new high frequency electric toothbrush, plus probes and mirror. They shipped this by accident instead of the plasma lighters I ordered. Since they are out of the lighters, they refunded the cost and told me to just keep the tooth care kits. This will go into my dental care section of our FAK.
    7. Helped disconnect a donated 30 KW propane / natural gas fueled Kohler generator set for transport and installation at our new county EMA headquarters. This was a gift to the county from a decommissioned cell site, so all we have to pay for is transport and setup at the new site.

    • theohioprepper,

      I’m going to add those to the comment form here…

    • I do love Woot. There was an apsclusive this morning for some OK flashlights from Streamlight. I ordered six for stocking stuffers.

      • GA Red ,

        I do love Woot. There was an apsclusive this morning for some OK flashlights from Streamlight. I ordered six for stocking stuffers.

        Do you mean the: Elite 800 Lumen Tactical Flashlight 2-Pack for $12.99? If so, I have some I purchased a few weeks back and although they are not Streamlight or at least are not marked that way, they are a fine little light. They run on 3 AAA batteries in the included cartridge or you can use a single 18650 rechargeable lithium ion cell.
        I assume you know that if you have Amazon prime you can log in with those credentials and the shipping is free instead of the normal $5.00 flat rate.

        • GA Red ,
          OK, I see the one you mentioned; but, it is already sold out and can only be purchased with the woot app
          Streamlight 66318 Microstream Pocket Light
          My problem is that I cannot use a small screen like a phone or a tablet and thus cannot use the app. The DW does use an iPhone and I could get her to make the purchase I guess; but, this is one of those things that sites like often do that shuts out those with a disability. I have a ham radio acquaintance who is totally blind and she runs into this kind of thing all of the time. There’s a potential entire market that some of these sites are ignoring.

          • Yes. That is the one. And even I have some issues reading on the phone sometimes. It’s only 45 lumens but I thought they’d make good stocking stuffers. They also have the dual-sided clips so you can mount them to the bill of a hat or clip it on your pocket.

            • GA Red,

              Yes. That is the one. And even I have some issues reading on the phone sometimes. It’s only 45 lumens but I thought they’d make good stocking stuffers. They also have the dual-sided clips so you can mount them to the bill of a hat or clip it on your pocket.

              Those are currently sold out; but, they still have the Army Gear Elite 800 Lumen Tactical Flashlight Set with Carrying Case 2-Pack $12.99
              They must have had a bunch of these since I ordered one on March 23rd, received it on March 30th and they still have some left. They use a CREE XML T6 high efficiency LED module that can be powered with 3 AAA batteries or a single 18650, and are really a good deal for the price.
              While they have no clips, they do come in a nice carrying case and have sleeves to keep the 18650 batteries from moving around in the light when in use.
              LED lighting has gotten amazingly inexpensive and is significantly better than lights of just a decade ago.

          • the snap on guy sold stream light products. I think highly of them. The price is hi to go with it but it is worth it.

  28. “And the meek and prepared shall inherit the earth” or what is left of it!

  29. MD Nice change. I sort of consider it an “upgrade.”

    Just when you think that Mother Nature is done, winter sets in again. We have more snow coming this week. Although, the short range forecast says that we will have rain by the end of next week. Since spring still looks to be taking its own sweet time, I decided that I will continue to sow seeds and get my cardboard boxes and feed bags ready for porch planting and new hugelculture beds.

    My granddaughter and I sorted through the stored potatoes and I now have over 100 to plant. I know that I can get three planted into a feed bag that holds #50 of feed so my front yard will look like its been invaded by the bag fairy this year.

    I have decided not to get new ducks and chicks this year. Instead, I will be making some changes to the chicken house, bringing my current ladies closer to the house to avoid going through snow and ice to feed them in the winter. That also means a change in where I store the feed. It will make my job a little easier and more organized.

    Have a great week, everyone.

  30. MD, I like the new site. It’s unfortunate, though, to think that all the good content at the other site might be lost if you don’t renew the domain. Do you have plans to migrate content over to here?

    For those who are retired military, Military Living (dot) com is ceasing publication of its books and moving all its content online. As a result, they’re having a “warehouse sale” of their Camping & Recreation, Space-A, and other guidebooks. Our old camping guide is copyright 2003, so it was time for an update. I have no connection to the company, just wanted to give folks a heads up in case there’s interest in acquiring the physical books.

    Hubby had cooked two hams for his Masonic meeting Thursday night and only 8 people showed up, so he took a ham and 5 lb of leftover mashed potatoes to his VFW club yesterday and gave the veterans a free lunch.

    Not much prepping this week, busy at work. We got 3″ of snow last night, but the sun came out today and most of it has melted. Itching to get out and start some yard word but it’s still cold.

    Keep on keepin’ on, all.

    • MaineBrain,

      I’m not sure what I’m going to do with the other site at this point.

      • MaineBrain ,

        It’s unfortunate, though, to think that all the good content at the other site might be lost if you don’t renew the domain. Do you have plans to migrate content over to here?

        I can point out a few things here. In a private email I was told that the hosting provider is the same one I use and that arrangement allows multiple domains to be hosted for the same basic yearly cost, so as long as one of these sites is active, the other should continue to at least have the data preserved until specifically purged. As for renewing the domains, the old one seems for the moment to be safer than this one. Registry Expiry Date: 2019-07-28 T18:32:41Z Registry Expiry Date: 2018-05-27 T16:42:15
        Also, assuming that all are with the same provider I use, the data migration should be rather simple.

    • Cliff in Douglasville

      MaineBrain you mention your Hubby’s Masonic Lodge having few people attending. I seem to be seeing a lot of that going on. My home lodge went dark due to lack of participation (and dues paying members). I pay my dues to the Grand Lodge and visit around and I’m finding fewer and fewer Lodges with enough people to open on scheduled meeting nights. Supper, chit chat and then go home and hope for more the next time. At age 67 I am often one of the youngest people in attendance. It does not look good for the future of this august organization as it does not attract the younger people like it used to and since one can never ask another person to join then I fear it is on a downhill spiral.
      Tell your hubby that I send Fraternal Greetings and hope things turn around so that those hams get eaten at the next meeting. Down here in Georgia the usual supper staple is a big pot of beans, jalapeno cornbread and sliced onions. Good eating.

  31. Your new site looks really, really nice. We would be suffering withdrawal if you were gone forever. You have a special way of communicating and attracting normal, helpful folks.

  32. Great site as always, set out 200 asparagus roots- 100 jersey supreme, 100 mary washintons. Grading yard down trying to get ready to sow grass, and plan for outbuildings. Keep on prepping. …

    • That’s a lot of asparagus. It’s one of our favorites.

      • I put out a bed of asparagus, too. Then DH manifested gout. No more asparagus. Oh, well…

        • Livinthedream ,

          I put out a bed of asparagus, too. Then DH manifested gout. No more asparagus. Oh, well…

          I also suffered from gout; but, since my diagnosis in 2012 I’ve been on a daily prophylactic dose of Allopurinol (150 mg) and while I can’t go crazy, I eat moderate amounts of shrimp, liver, asparagus and other “forbidden” foods without incident. I think our cost runs around $4.00 per month. It might well be worth a discussion with your primary care physician.
          We are BTW still nursing our asparagus bed which like the rhubarb, has for some reason been a target of the local raccoon population that keeps digging it up.

        • Try corn silk capsules for his acid build up, it cleared my DH of kidney stones…

  33. MD, thank you for all those years of running the old site. It was one of my favorites, & I’m sure this one will be too. I have all your books. You have a lot to offer preppers.

  34. Pots lots of them for tomatoes plants. Hubby now has soft neck brace on and wanting to start gardening.. No big one this year’due to health. Tree inspection is the main concern before hurricane season.. We have one fat wood tree that needs to come down if it goes over it will take out the new fences that are in the process of being built. Since we literally live in the woods fire roads around property are a must thank heavens we are getting rain now. The reserve next to us does a controlled burn every year to promoted new grasses for the endangered turtles that live around here.. Horses don’t like the fire and smoke. when they do a burn.. Starting spring cleaning.of course it’s a slow process.

  35. This stuff needs to stop!!! We the people are the government. We the people are the military. The Dems just don’t get it.

    • Thor, it’s the majority of Gov, and its support…not just “dems” sorry but, even Arizona has traitors in congress and Senate/ not to mention the idiots who literally only vote party line and all of em vote to ensure only their own way of life…”usa was founded on principles of freedom…” not “my way or the highway”

    • An aside, “infowars” is almost worse than CNN for its lies.

    • Thor1,

      This stuff needs to stop!!! We the people are the government. We the people are the military. The Dems just don’t get it.

      For once, an Alex Jones piece that actually hits the mark.
      As for the Dems, they get it quite well. They keep screwing the people and enough of the people keep voting them back into office. It is said that one definition of democracy is 2 wolves and a sheep voting on what to have for dinner, and at least in that one Illinois town, that appears to be the case.

    • I wish it were just the Dems. I stopped looking at the parties as Democrat and Republican a long time ago. Each politician needs to be labeled as a conservative or progressive. Unfortunately we have just as many progressives in the republican party that want to move us further away from The Constitution and the liberty we love and crave. I almost puked when Romney ran for president, just as progressive as Gore, McCain as well.
      The elite in Government and the Banks want us disarmed, it’s clear.
      I go on InfoWars a lot, they do put a lot of information out there that is muffled by the mainstream. One can not believe anyone entirely, but I do believe InfoWars puts out a lot of good information that is usually backed with video or other proof. His summery isn’t always in-line with my thoughts, but a lot of the time it is.
      The best way to get the news is to watch all sides, decipher fact from opinion, look for audio/video proof and decide for yourself.
      “To the Republic!”

  36. We’ve just been getting daily chores done. The weatherman wasn’t very cooperative during the spring break week, so some of the things I wanted to accomplish this past week have been put on hold. Chief among them is constructing plant beds for our gardening this year.

    The tax man cometh, so any extra purchases to add to our storage have been put on hold. The hens don’t know quite what to make of the squirrelly weather, egg production is like a yo-yo.

    I like the focus on homesteading, MD. I think it more aptly describes what most in the group are doing.

  37. Allan D Douglass

    Hello I have a question i’m new just starting out I have myself and my two kids 9 and 14. I live in commiefornia In an apt/condo ($2400.00) a month. What should my focus to start single Father started a small business rough right now eating up savings. Should I move into a house first, I lost mine when my wife got sick passed away due to cancer three year’s ago. I have been putting it off and off but no longer.

    Allan D

    • Allan,

      Email me with more details and I’ll see if I can give you some advice.

    • Allan D Douglass,

      Hello I have a question i’m new just starting out I have myself and my two kids 9 and 14. I live in commiefornia In an apt/condo ($2400.00) a month. What should my focus to start single Father

      I would start by really analyzing all of your income and expenses, after which you can look at trimming the fat, if any exists. Without a lot more detail it’s too hard to make a good well thought out recommendation; but, cutting any expense that is not really a necessity would be where I would start. Purchase basic food stuffs like flour, inexpensive cuts of meat, and learn to cook from scratch for you and the kids. For treats, baking simple cookies or cakes are easy and inexpensive to make.

      started a small business rough right now eating up savings.

      I’ve started a few business ventures also and while all made money, your situation is rather typical, since getting up and running can take a while.

      Should I move into a house first, I lost mine when my wife got sick passed away due to cancer three year’s ago. I have been putting it off and off but no longer.

      By move in to a house, do you mean rent or purchase? If you can find a house that can beat your current rent, it’s probably a good place to be; but, consider all expenses that include taxes and maintenance, since a plumbing leak is on you and not fixed with a call to the landlord. You also might want to preserve some of your savings for future problems; but, any time you can purchase in bulk, that can over time cut your expenses. Bulk might also mean looking for BOGO deals or clipping coupons. You seem to be in a tough spot; but, coming here shows at least the right attitude.
      Good luck.

      • theOhioprepper

        Thanks you also have been very informative and I appreciate it. I am fine with rent or purchase probably rent at first to feel things out then go into a purchase. I have analyzed everything you said of course and I would be saving a rather large amount of capital freeing up in a lot of areas. I can and plan to keep it open out here just travel when I need to. And do the same thing I do out here over there (not worried about not having market for it) Yes I am well aware but it is like I am just shitting out dough for something I don’t own. I would rather do that (like said way less) for something I own. If when I buy a house fully gonna buy it off no mortgage. Not something I could say out here at all. 3/4000000 gets you some fixer upper that is on a crap side of town on a corner lot by the freeway.

    • Allan D: So very sorry about ur wife & all that u r going thru. MD can share better privately, but I’d like to try to help. First is ALL of ur family in that area? Is that family ur support system?

      What if u relocated bizness, kids, etc. & made a fresh start,? How about in a healthier, more balanced environment,?

      I highly recommend the TN Valley – which is Southeastern TN, NE MS, & North AL. ALL are excellent choices, for many reasons.I f u want land, it’s very affordable. There are some cities and lots of rural areas.

      U cud rent a very nice place for half (or less) what u now pay. Cost of living is extremely low. Taxes r very low. If u don’t want to give up all of “city life”, look closely at Huntsville, AL. It is quickly becoming the science & technology center of the country. Excellent schools. A beautiful, young city.

      Mazda/Toyota is building a huge new facility nearby in Athens, AL, a very nice community. Projected employment is 4000.

      Climate is generally mild, with long grow season. About 6 hour drive from East Coast ur in Appalachian foothills – mountains & freshwater lakes. Gulf Coast & FL panhandle r a 6-7 hr drive south. LOTS of options. Cud u relocate ur biz?

      Just wanted to give u “another option”!

      • Livingthedream

        Thank you I appreciate it I am already going over and researching I have decided that the Huntsville, Al is the best choice. I don’t want to shock my kids (city slickers) lol at first. I would buy a spread in not too distant future you can never have enough rental properties. I am going to leave my division open out here leave a great person that knows my vision (of course I keep involved) and just do the same thing in the new city perhaps just branch out with current license. I’m excited because I will saving so much money. I am probably going to rent but I love the home prices the new constructs seem to have tiny land amounts just like here. But the older homes have some spread from what i can tell.Plan is for over the summer when kids are done with school .Have a son about to start HS so that’s tough and daughter going into 4th grade she cares not lol. I am going to go for like a couple of days at least three to see things for myself in person check out all options etc. Thanks again you were’are a big help!

    • Do your financial homework. There is a time when rent continuously going up costs more than buying a house. However, the flip side is will you be able to qualify for a house? If you can get a home in a good location whereby you can rent out a part of that home, then you’ll have income towards the mortgage. Getting into the rental business is risky, but rewarding when it works. Owning your own land is very useful, but becomes most useful when you live in the right part of the country where HOA rules and silly local rules don’t hinder prepping and growing what you need to live off-grid, when SHTF happens. Personal experience that I knew would happen, but could not avoid. Townhome, HOA with silly rules.

      Verticle Gardening is your friend! How so? It is possible to garden inside an apartment. They have special rooms you can buy that are waterproof. I’ve not the room so never bought one. If you have a balcony or patio, then brilliant, you can vertical garden outside.

      Food: I would definitely prep rice and beans as that is the cheapest. If not allergic or opposed, then I would definitely take up deer hunting and fishing as a sport and get your max amount to help with the food budget. Rice in bulk at costco is brilliant! However, do check out prices at Asian stores, as sometimes you can get 25 lb or more bag of rice cheaper than what Costco charges.

      Housing: If you can afford to do so, it might be worth it to move to a cheaper location in the USA (but not where they get snow). You get more bang for you buck that way and can get more land. Best wishes!

  38. Congratulations on this new site. I loved the old one and I think this will be even better. Now I need to get busy and go through the articles and print out what I don’t want to lose. I don’t post often, but I read everything and learn from all of you. ID has been windy and rainy for a couple of weeks. Lost a large limb from one of my 30′ barrier trees on the west side of the property. It is still hanging but missed the house by about 10 ‘. Another smaller one from the east side which fell partially out into the roadway. A neighbor pulled it out of the way and my yard guys will take it away next week. Hopefully they can manage the huge one as well. It is way to wet and nasty to even try to work the soil yet. But I was fortunate enough to find a local young lady who was willing to come and clean, plant and maintain my flower beds that I have set up for the bees and butterflies. I am physically unable to do very much now (always hopeful for future improvement) but even in my senior years I love and appreciate the beauty of flowers. Now that I have someone who will keep the weeds at bay, I look forward to lots of flowers to brighten my day, along with the vegetables and greens in my GrowBoxes.

  39. I like the new theme. I never considered myself a survivalist, just trying to be prepared. Currently, power outages are the greatest month-to-month risk, not being in tornado alley, nor near enough to the ocean for hurricanes to have full force.

    I do not like having the most recent comments on top, though. In order to read chronologically, I have to start at the bottom, scroll up past the indented replies to an original comment. Then read down though the comment and any replies to the comment. Then scroll back up again to the next original comment.

    Others may like this new way better, I don’t. Just my 2 cents.

    And I hope you are able to migrate old content to this site if the old site goes offline A lot of wisdom has been shared, some of which I hope to look up gain.

    • I absolutely hope the old site will be saved and not disappear. There is a lot of wisdom there. Is there a way we can contribute (pass the hat) so that it won’t disappear? When is the site hosting for the old site due to be renewed, if you desire to do that? (So we knew what the window is for printing or saving the content we’d like to keep.) Thanks for all you do here.

      • Carrie Ann,

        I’m not going to lose the content. I may save the site to a thumb drive and make it available for purchase.

        • AWESOME!!! Thanks!

        • MD, Was about to drop you a note along the same line as Carrie Ann. I too would like to echo how much I enjoyed the Survivlistblog site and also the comments. It was/is a great resource and I have dozens of the pages bookmarked over the years and would hate to lose that resource. I’m sure you have the capability to backup the site and make it available as you mentioned. Will be looking forward to seeing the announcement for that site, and in the meantime following this one.
          Thanks again

    • I totally agree with the reverse order comments. The other way was perfect!

      • Always Forward,

        This commenting system should be exactly the same as that on the other site.

        • Hi MD,

          Allow me to explain what we are talking about with the new comment order.
          When someone makes an initial new post, it goes to the top instead of the bottom.

          In order to read comments on previous posts, we have to scroll down to the beginning of the posts, and work our way backwards up to the most recent.

          We are used to reading the latest posts at the bottom of the section.

          • Almost There,

            That’s strange because it’s using the same system as the other site with the same setting… I’ll see if I can figure it out or use another commenting system.

  40. Well this backward posting just doesn’t work for me so I will forget trying read what’s already posted . started getting a headache from all the back and forth .
    Canned up 40 lbs of baby back ribs .taught a cheese class today . Worked on plans for big meeting in October to be held here in Hohenwald Tn. Did manage to work in garden some in spite of the rain.

    • Fixit – looks like u r in TN Amish country! Those folks grow some good veggies!

      • This area is loaded with Amish,Mennonite, Plain Christians and even plain living off grid SDA’s .I don’t normally get vegetables from any of them as I grow some and get so many for free . If you have watched my post you have seen me say I have come home with amounts of produce and meats from time to time like the 500 plus lbs. of Roma tomatoes a few weeks ago. I never talk about everything I bring home . Had to make phone calls last week to fine homes for 15 cases off organic bananas last week as i already had all I could handle . Still had 2 cases that went to the hog farmer along with 3/4 of a galore box of sweet potatoes . I do buy my milk from those areas .

        • Fixit – my sister gets free stuff all the time from people where she works. It’s a good thing too because she says she has a black thumb. She also forages in her area since her property backs up to either national or state land. She manages to get blackberries pretty frequently in spite of the local bear population.

  41. Home Depot had their garden center sale so I decided to see if I could find anything useful. They had all kinds of plants but I had to limit myself to what I could take care of. I got 4 sunbelt grape vines for $9 each. This is a concord type grape that will grow in the South, we’ll see. My land clearing efforts last year stopped up my drainage. One of the pear trees I planted three years ago drowned. I am going to wait until next year to get any more trees after I get the land in shape.

    I figured it would be great to have a half acre of tilled land to garden this year. So far I have had mixed results. I decided to see how much of my old seed supply was viable, answer, not much. On top of that something in the soil is bad for okra, half the plants got three inches high and then turned crispy brown. The last two crops the farmer planted were potatoes and corn. My sweet corn and sweet potatoes are fine as is the squash that came so I will plant the fresh seeds I bought.

    I can’t plant anything in my newly cleared land next to the woods because the deer will chew it to the ground. It will take $2000 worth of fencing to keep them out.

    • If the fencing cost stops u right now, try doing all ur “pee-ing” around the garden perimeter. My men do this and it has worked! The deer have found a new “route”! U cud also collect urine, such as in an old-timey bucket & carry it out. All of this, and we have 3 full bathrooms! But it works.

    • I also bot sunbelt cultivar concords. After reading about them, I’m excited! My concords are doing very well here. Unfortunately, they are a magnet for Japanese beetles. But traps, DE, and organic sprays take care of those devils!

      • Livinthedream,

        My concords are doing very well here. Unfortunately, they are a magnet for Japanese beetles. But traps, DE, and organic sprays take care of those devils!

        We’ve had those beetle attacking nearly everything including some of the fruit tree leaves. A light dusting of Sevin on the leaves in the early spring took care of the problem

        • I do not use Sevin dust, or anything in that order. I try very hard to grow “clean” food. Jap beetles overwinter in soil. Those fat white grubs w/brown noses? Yup. Tilling the garden late fall can help kill them off, but they’ll still show up from all around. I use organic sprays – sometimes homemade – w/Diatomaceous Earth applied after ever rain, and hanging JB traps in trees. I also pick off by hand if needed and drown them in soapy water. Keep grasses away from base of plants (trim grass), as this helps. I had a bumper crop of concords last year! Made yummy “jelam” (jelly/jam), enjoying daily.

          • LTD – hopefully you don’t use the beetle traps until you start seeing beetles. It’s my understanding that they can actually attract the beetles to your location.

            • Yes, the traps WILL attract JBs – they work by pheromones. I hang them invtrees near concords @ first sign of the devils. On the other hand, u have the stage @ which they resemble a lady bug, except they are orange & have more dots I’m all about killing them @ every stage!

    • I would trade veggies for a freezer full of deer meat.

    • “Irish Spring” hand soap, cut into slivers and dropped around the garden, flowers, etc, will repel the deer. I have also cut the slivers, expanding the amount of soap, placed in cans with holes drilled in the top or side to allow the smell to get out, Tying those to a fence or stake, makes the soap last much longer.

      Finally, mark your territory: Spread your urine around the outer area deer will typically not cross or enter the area. Will need to be renewed after evaporation and/or rain.

    • Some people have had success in using dirty, sweaty human hair.

      Another idea is to see about a cheaper fence. Sometimes you can find chicken wire at reuse stores. Wrapping those around wood posts would help.

    • Okra problems prob from round up ready corn residue left in soil… avoid that area. or put in big containers in that area… like those 30 gallon tubs feed supplements come in,

  42. MD

    Always enjoyed your other site, looking forward to this one now
    Great group of people

    Thanks again

  43. Bad weather for us too. We got some Nasalcease for bloody noses and some Hyland’s Arnica, kind of a homeopathic aspirin. Started buying things in two’s. We love the Sharpie pens that are fade resistant permanent markers. We use them for marking just about everything. They even stay well on canning jars. A new idea is to write the price of stuff on the bottom so if we ever have to barter we’ll know what we paid. On other stuff for us it will help in reordering to know if there’s been any inflation. We’re trying to wrap up annual doctors’ appts very soon. Taxes are done. We are making violet jelly this week while they are still blooming. It’s been hard to get out and pick, though. A few sales on eBay still trying to get rid of stuff. Sometimes it takes awhile, but then, boom, it’s finally gone. We try to put that $ back into useful items.
    Prayers for the Pack, our President, our Nation and especially our schools.
    No planting yet. Another freeze tonight.

    • I use Sharpie’s to mark/date the lids on my canning jars. It also helps me remember when a lid has already been used for canning since it won’t wash off in the dishwasher (easily). I keep used lids for other things.

  44. From CVS I got a tube of toothpaste for 60 cents and 3 bottles of dishwashing soap for 25 cents. I’m stocked up pretty well on both those items. I got 5 empty deodorant type containers to put my hand lotion in.

    Garden wise, I’m planting beets, turnips and spinach. I was able to pick a small salad’s worth of lettuce. I got antsy awhile back and planted some lettuce under 2 liter bottles.

    I was at a fast food place getting a soda and it suddenly occurred to me, what a great way to spread disease. Everyone that buys a drink has to push the pour button. Probably hundreds of people a day use that machine. What was wrong with the old machines where you push your cup against a lever. Just something to think about. I hope to be able to read everyone’s comments tomorrow.

    • Those r not nearly the health threat as are the keypads u push every time u use ur debit card. Take a close look. Many are CRUSTED with germy, sticky, dirty grime. Trg whipping out a wipe to clean them off & see how quickly some people get “offended”! But, clean it off, anyway. Or, use a sani-wipe after using! (Do not use sticky goo to sanitize – science has proven that is worse than doing nothing at all).

    • Thorn ,

      I was at a fast food place getting a soda and it suddenly occurred to me, what a great way to spread disease. Everyone that buys a drink has to push the pour button. Probably hundreds of people a day use that machine. What was wrong with the old machines where you push your cup against a lever. Just something to think about.

      Locally we seem to have two types of soda dispensers.
      One uses a touch screen to make your selection and then allows you to pour or dispense ice or your drink with a single touch. I have seen the employees come out on occasion and wipe down the touch screen. We also still have the units where you push the lever with the cup and them the tea dispenser with the little handle you pull. Keeping wipes on you and using them is not a bad idea; but, perhaps one of the worst places is the handles of the shopping carts.
      If you have to enter a PIN for your card, that too can be another germy place; but, most places now used the “chip” card with the built in smart card and don’t require you to touch anything.
      Your observation however is a good one and leads me to another I’ve noticed in the men’s lavatories. I notice that many of the trash receptacles for the paper towels are located near the door which allows us to dry our hands and then use the towel to open the door, dropping it in the trash as we leave.
      Situational Awareness does not just involve watching for predatory people.

      • TOP,

        Just predatory germs…. LOL.

        Kroger has wipes for the grocery carts. I always use them. I also wash my hands a lot even when out and about. Saving my wipes for when a sink, soap and water isn’t readily available.

        • Walmart supposedly has wipes for cart handles, too – except they’re usually out of them. BTW, in the south, shopping is done with a “buggy,” tho I still call it a “shopping cart”. Where I am from, the baby was in a buggy – or the horses pulled it!

          • I personally despise antiseptic hand gels and soaps. When Dial first started selling the liquid hand soap, it was all the rage and my hands started having dry/itchy/rash-like areas – apparently, I’m allergic to it. Since then, I’ve learned that all these items are contributing to the anti-biotic resistance of many common ailments. I’ve also learned that allowing our bodies to build up natural resistance to common viruses and bacteria is actually a lot healthier for us. Sure, we need to do everything we can to avoid getting sick, but we don’t have to be complete germaphobes.

            • fAgreed, insomuch as a HEALTHY person with a NORMAL immune system does not need to be “germaphobic”. Those with long-term compromised immune systems,, however – DO.

              • There are healthy options that can be made from essential oils and witch hazel w/ water… highly effective. and no long term bad effects.
                Use your search engine to find what you need… put in DIY in front of the product you desire to make…example “DIY home made hand sanitizer.” there are several different recipes and can be modified for what you have on hand and your preferences.
                I have stopped buying anything that is labeled anti bacterial…. and other personal care products… don’t need more aluminum. thank you very much…

    • Forget the germ on the button and worry more about what is in that drink. high Fructose Corn syrup and other corn made food stuff, has been proven to dumb us down a bit. I bring my own filtered water, as I know whats in it, and know that it is corn free, fluoride free and chlorine free.

      Concerning wipes and antibiotics stuff: We over use them to the point where we have a real superbug problem. I don’t use them. I avoid antibiotic soaps too when I can. OTOH, I do react to alcohol, so can’t use those hand sanitizers and wipes anyway.

      • For those on a septic system, DO NOT use antibiotic soaps, etc. They wil destroy the healthy ecosystem necessary in the septic system, and ur septic will not function as it should. Avoid filling it with harsh cleaners (such as bleach) for the same reason.

        • My ex-MIL used to put buttermilk down the drain every few weeks to keep the septic system healthy.

        • That is very true. The person who worked on my dad’s septic system told us this.

        • Livinthedream ,

          For those on a septic system, DO NOT use antibiotic soaps, etc. They wil destroy the healthy ecosystem necessary in the septic system, and ur septic will not function as it should. Avoid filling it with harsh cleaners (such as bleach) for the same reason.

          All true. We’ve been on a septic system for 33 years and have only had it pumped out once. You also don’t want to put lots of things with cellulose like vegetable scraps in it, such as that which goes through a garbage disposal. Those scraps should be composted or fed to livestock instead.
          Also, the only time we had to get the tank pumped was when the DD stilled lived at home and the two “ladies” in the house (DD & DW) had clogged the thing with toilet paper. Switching to Scott Single Ply took care of that problem since it’s more easily digested than the multi-ply like Charmin.
          Finally, if you have a leach bed diverter, be sure and swap it now & then.

      • Kytriya,
        Can you use “witch hazel” for making products? I was just trying to brain storm what else could be used for someone as allergic as you are….
        Have you used coconut oil to make required lotions and personal care products..It is naturally antibacterial.. any thing you mixed an essential oil with mix in a 3cc of the coconut oil, will require less essential oil and then blend by putting in small amt warm water in a small spritzer… for room sanitizer…hand sanitizer… shelf life mixed with water will be approx 25-30 days…If you tolerate witch hazel will increase shelf life over adding water.

        • Coconut Oil I can use. Witchhazel I might be reacting too. I used a product just one time (a sample) that had oats and witchhazel in it, and had a reaction. I can eat oats though now. Thanks for the suggestion! I’ll definitely use coconut oil.

  45. wow! I was shocked by the closing of the other site. Im relieved to see all is well and only relocated. It has been a busy week. I have been planting everything from peanuts to roses. This crazy weather has my animals acting up and the ducks chickens and turkeys off their laying. I thought i was finished with baby goats and sheep this spring but i suspect that I have one more goat due. Other than that just killing rats literally. Had cotton rats invade my washroom and found one lurking in the bathroom on that end of the house. They must have moved in after the storm a few weeks ago so I have been setting out traps. Got a good deal on timothy pellets at TSC so stocked up for the herd. That’s all I can remember but I know there was more. Everyone stay happy,healthy and homesteading!

    • Get a sweet little terrier dog for an “inside pet/companion”, and u won’t have to worry about mice, rat, snakes, etc in ur house (and I’ve had them all!). This is what they were bred to do, and they’re very good at it. They also make great friends & alarms.

      • yeah, sure! “Terrier ” is right. .. they can be terrors, so get a young one you can train to be what you need it to be, not an old one that is someone else’s problem… the problem will just change houses and it wll be yours.
        Rats,/vermin in the house, that is why they make air rifles and poision. just burn them when you find them.

      • We have a terrier mix, and got her as a puppy- absolutely right and she kills cucarochas as well / she loves hunting and refuses to be quiet when someone she doesn’t know is coming. Definitely glad to have her! *even taught her to leave chickens alone so it is possible

  46. Hello All,
    It has been some time since I posted, still recovering from my first round of back surgery. MD, glad to see this site, enjoyed the other one as well. So even being laid up, I have been reviewing all of our preps and seeing where improvements can be made. Also, still debating on wether or not to apply for a FFL. So this week I purchased the following: 500 tablets of Aquatabs of AQT100 water purifcation, 350 rds of 9mm, and a Ayyie Solar Charger Power Bank, We also had to pay the GOVT this week which always sucks. Apparently my wife and I make to much money…go figure. Other than that, not much this week other than rest and relaxation. The weather has been crazy here in PA, snow the other day so I think our garden will be delayed a bit this year. The wife and I are eager to get it up and running, so hopefully the weather will break.

  47. What did I prep? I didn’t. I did rethink my vertical garden that I want to do, and decided to go the ultra cheap route and only use what I have on hand. I intend to eventually scrape together enough wood to make vertical gardens out of wood and then use pots to put the plants in. Why did I cheap out? I’m hoping to get lucky at a garage sale, or somewheres. Plus, Mr. Stacky may not work well for most of my veggies. Plus, it is expensive, and needs more material to get it to stay up, and I can’t put anything in my land.

    Anyone who thinks they can do a vertical garden using pallets, what you really want to do is take them all apart and rebuild them so that pot can actually fit in each slot. Then, you only fill the pots with dirt and seed. Why? pallets not using pots, take a lot of soil and always dries out. You can’t keep the soil moist. If my dad still had pallets, I would be doing this, but alas, he got rid of all wood suitable for making vertical gardens out of. 😛 He burnt them for pleasure in his backyard.

  48. What did I do this week?Well, I had to work in town most of the week. Went out to the range on sunday afternoon. We had a family get together at our son’s place after church, so I didn’t get an early start. I tied the 45/70 that I’ve been working on down, and tried a couple of fairly stiff rounds through it, on a blank target at 25 yards. I’m shooting 500 gr. Barnes solid copper bullets. The gun is an old Siamese Mauser, with a new 26″, tapered octagon barrel The two shots hit side by side at the correct elevation, and ejected easily ( I loaded 40 gr. of IMR 4198 ) Then I tried a couple of shots at an old stump at 200 yards. The drop was about 18″. (fired from the shoulder, with iron sights) not too bad! That was all the ammo I had brought, for testing, so I set it aside, and fired some old surplus ammo through my Springfield 03-A3. It did about what was expected. Then I took up my M-1. It was re barreled a few years back to .308/7.62 and I had some newer military loads (lc-08) I just popped a few off, getting the feel of the gun again, and then fired the last three into a target at 100 yards. Just resting my elbows on the bench, no sling, they were all touching in about 3/4″ Wow, I have not been able to shoot iron sights that well, since the army days! I’m going to have to concentrate on doing some more work with that gun. I’m 77, and my eyes ain’t what they used to be.

  49. Hi all. Sounds like many of you have made some serious progress in your gardening endeavors. This year I plan to CLEARLY mark mine as a garden so it won’t get weed whacked again! lol Aside from getting 4 new blueberry bushes planted at the Escape Plan, I haven’t accomplished much. I did this over spring break and during that time, there was a lot of other things going on in our family.

  50. This week I ordered 3 months food from and dehydrated 2 bundles of bananas. I also ordered 2,400 more rounds of 5.56 M855, and 9,000 rounds 22LR CCI Tactical.
    Continue to be debt free, I recently charged a BBQ grill after ours kicked out it’s last BTU but I immediately paid that off on pay day. It surely is a great feeling not living in debt, and I love how the banks seem to hate it so. I receive at least 5 Card apps every week and have to constantly tell the company I do have a card with to quit raising my limits. This world is truly obsessed with debt.
    We have also tried and failed to make time to do a long term food inventory. Maybe this weekend lol.
    I did buy two more Morakniv knives that Jesse reviewed. I owned a few before that were handed down to me, but since it was written about by Jesse I figured an Eldris would be great for my tackle box and a Craftline Pro S would go into the trucks toolbox. (Thanks for the review and reminder to buy them Jesse.)

  51. Petticoat Prepper

    Well, I just landed at the new site! I feel rather out of the loop but super glad for the link to here!

  52. Petticoat Prepper

    Hi all, just landed here. What a surprise! Looks good and I’m going to spend some time just poking around today!