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Well, folks here we are another week on the homestead and another week working and prepping towards our goal of becoming more self-reliant. Nothing beats the feeling of doing something with your own two hands when knowing that the end result will be that you are less dependent on others.

And that is the goal here at and that is to become less dependent on others, corporations, and government. And the most effective and productive ways to do that is via homesteading, prepping, and a home business.

Okay, now let’s get into this week on the homestead…

My Homestead

This week I planted two more dwarf apple and two dwarf peach trees.

These are the apple trees that I planted and these are the peach trees

I also added a thick mulch of straw around my other dwarf fruit trees. These are ones that I planted last spring.

Chicken coop

Cleaned out my chicken coop to get it ready for the new chicks to be transferred into it. (This is before cleaning.)

Coop after cleaning (several days after) and 12 new Golden Comet chicks added.

This week I also ordered the book – The Blogger’s Simple Guide to Taxes: A Guide to Saving Time and Money, however, I’ve not received it yet.

Well, folks, that’s it for me on the homestead this week – feel free to add what you did on the homestead this week or what you did to prep this week in the comments below…

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