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This Week On The Homestead

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Well, folks, it seems that my switch from a “survivalist blog” to a “homesteading blog” was a great decision! The response has been overwhelming in support of the change and most have said it is a great improvement.

One concern that many readers of my old blog ( did express was about the loss of the content on that site when it is taken offline and asked for a CD or thumb drive with that content archived.

Well, that’s a good idea, however, I think that a better idea would be to pick and choose the very best articles and then combine those into an anthology and make that available in paperback! What do you think about that idea?

Let me know what you think of that idea in the comments below and also if you have favorite articles from then, please mention those with a link to the article in the comments below.

Also, let me know if you have any ideas for other free courses that I can put together for you all, article ideas and or any other improvements to this site. I want this to be the best homesteading blog with a prepper twist that’s online…

Okay, now what happened on the homestead this week…

I cleared up an old dead tree that fell on my property, repaired some fencing, planted some roses, organized my tools in my shop (still not finished with that), and a few other small jobs.

Unfortunately, my biggest plans this week were thwarted by a garden tiller that refused to run.

Now, that the threat of frost is over (I hope!) I had planned to till my garden area and start planting, unfortunately, my tiller which is only three years old refused to run long enough to get the job done. So I’m taking it to have it repaired today.

garden tiller

My tiller loaded and ready to go… to the repair shop.

Hopefully, it will be fixed by next week and I can get to moving some dirt and planning some seed.

Okay, that’s it for me this week… what about you?