This Week on The Homestead: Homesteading Progress and Preps For The Week / June 23, 2018

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Good morning everyone… remember…

Morning is wonderful. Its only drawback is that it comes at such an inconvenient time of a day.

Anyways, we are all up and awake and that’s great, however, I do have some bad news to report…

After days of my brain not registering the fact that my email load had dropped from an average of 100 emails a day down to 15 or 20 at that those emails that were being sent were sent directly with my email address and not with the contact form of my contact page.

Well, once it finally did register I started looking into it and to my dismay, I discovered that my email contact form was broken and NOT sending me any email. So if you have sent an email using my contact form and I’ve not answered, then, please don’t think that I’ve been ignoring you… I’ve simply not gotten your email because the form was broken…

But the good news is that it’s fixed now, so if your email was really important then please resend it and I will get back with you as soon as possible… thank you for your understanding.

Okay, if you look closely you’ll notice a few changes to my blog design… look closely… there have been five changes to the design over the past few days… the first person to describe all five changes in the comments below will get a new Lifestraw Personal Water Filter!

I also made a few changes to my recommended must have prepper gear page but we won’t include those in the five design changes mentioned above. Now let’s see who has been paying attention… Good luck.

Okay, now let’s get on with our homesteading progress and preps for the week…

My main homestead expensive/progress for this week was that I received my Swisher 10.5 HP 44-Inch Finish Cut Trail Mower. I had to order the mower through because, unfortunately, no one in my area is a dealer for that type of mower.

I have some hillside on my property and mowing it with a typical riding mower was dangerous and exhausting. Once that I finally got the Swisher 10.5 HP 44-Inch Finish Cut Trail Mower unloaded and uncrated, I checked to make sure it had been filled with engine oil (it had) and then I filled with 100% gasoline as I prefer to not use gasoline that has had ethanol added.

I gave it three cranks and it started up and after letting it run idle for about ten minutes I hooked it up behind my side-by-side UTV and proceeded to mow my hillside in record time.

This mower is great for mowing on hillside land if you have a UTV or ATV and it can also be pulled behind a regular riding mower while off-set to the side to mow two times the normal area in one pass which cuts mowing time in half. However, if you’re pulling it behind a regular riding mower then you’ll need to stay on level ground.

Well, folks, that’s my main homesteading for the week… of course, I did other stuff like gardening and removed the suckers for my tomato plants and fed the chickens several times but I know that you probably don’t want to hear all of the details about that…

Now over to you…

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